Engage Your Childlike Curiosity

When was the last time you went exploring for no reason other than you simply felt like it? ⁠

There’s a childlike curiosity in all of us, but we’ve spent years pushing it down, believing we should be ‘adulting’ instead! ⁠

This week, I invite you to tap into your inner child and get outside in nature for impromptu wild adventures.

Any kind of exploring is great! ⁠

What beauty might be close to where you live that you’ve not yet discovered?⁠

I’ve lived on a tiny island for 25 years and yet I still find new places I’ve never visited before!

Even in the places you know well, how could you see them through new eyes? 👀⁠

For example: ⁠
🚗 Park in a different location⁠
👣 Walk somewhere new or in a different direction
🌅 Visit at sunrise or sunset⁠
✨ Lay down and look up⁠
📵 Switch your phone to airplane mode, leave your headphones at home and simply be present⁠

Lorraine xx⁠

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