Book Babies

Welcome to Book Babies 2022! My 1-1, one month coaching and mentorship programme to help you to design, create,  promote and sell your first ebook!

I’ve been writing ebooks for about 6 years and have sold (or gifted) hundreds of copies all around the world. I’ve always loved sharing my wisdom and magic through the power of the written word (alongside great design) and I decided that it was finally time to share my expertise  so that more people can create the impact and income they desire.

What is book babies all about?

Book Babies 2022 is a one month, one-to-one coaching and mentoring programme that covers all the elements you need to design, create, write, promote and sell your very first ebook.

Included in the programme:

  • Initial Zoom chat – brainstorming ideas, how the book fits into your business, your long term goals and more about you, your story, your brand and how everything weaves together
  • Creating your ebook idea – get clarity, focus and excitement around your ebook idea
  • Designing a writing strategy – How much time can you commit? How much is already created in notebooks? Together we’ll design a plan that suits your lifestyle and energy.
  • Motivational support, accountability and mentorship via private messaging – so you never feel alone on your ebook writing journey.
  • Support with editing and proofreading – I’ll proofread your ebook for you and suggest edits and changes so that your ebook is clear, concise and on-brand
  • Helping you get started on Canva so you can create a beautifully branded ebook – Canva tutorial session (if needed), plus 1-1 help if you get stuck while creating your ebook.
  • Front cover design session – We’ll chat on Zoom about your front cover design and I will offer support in helping you design the best cover for your ebook
  • Support with marketing and promotion of your ebook – We’ll discuss all the ways you can promote and market your ebook organically.
  • Celebrating your ebook success – Once your book baby is birthed into the world we’ll have a little celebration and set intentions for its success.

Book Babies 2022 is £555 (payable in advance) and covers everything detailed above taken over a four week period. 

There are only FOUR of these mentorship programmes available in January, so don’t miss out! Reserve your spot with me for January 2022.

YES! I want to create my Book Baby!

The global ebook market is growing exponentially

The global ebook market is growing substantially and this trend is set to continue. According to Business Wire, “The global e-book market was valued at USD 18.13 billion in 2020, and it is expected to reach USG 23.12 billion by 2026.”

Whether you create an ebook for the mass e-reader market or simply want to create one to share with your audience as a way to boost your credibility and expert status as an online business owner, it’s fair to say that ebooks are a brilliant and simple way to create impact and additional income.

what would extra income, new clients or new opportunities mean to you?

Once your ebook is launched into the world, all kinds of incredible opportunities will come your way! Whether it’s additional income from sales, amazing new clients that appear seemingly out of nowhere, a growing email list or opportunities to be a guest speaker, a retreat co-host, or other great opportunities you can’t even begin to imagine now!

PLUS, your confidence will be at an all-time high which will mean that everything you touch will radiate with a very special kind of magnetic energy.

Once you share your expertise, magic and wisdom with the world, doors will open for you. 

let me be your mentor on this new ebook writing journey

love helping  passionate, heart-centred business owners, lightworkers and brands with soul to step into their truth and share their brilliance with the world.

Through my work as an Intuitive Copywriter, I’ve supported many of my clients in other areas of their businesses – with social media strategy, creative strategy, branding, pricing and so much more. None of this would be possible without my own 25+ year journey as a small business owner. I’ve been on this road since before the internet was even a thing (who else remembers promoting their business with trifold paper brochures?!) and long before social media became the greatest transformational tool for entrepreneurial leaders and visionaries.

Are you ready to get started? Let’s do this!

Lorraine xx

Ps. Still got questions? Pop me an email and we can chat…

If you’re not interested in one-to-one mentoring, check out my ebook ‘How to Create Your First eBook’ available for £22 in my bookshop.