Hi, I’m Lorraine – writer, author, lightworker, Starseed and visionary. I love creating and writing books that inspire change and bring forth transformation. Over the last decade I’ve written numerous plant-based cooking and recipe guides from my 20+ year career as a fitness & nutrition professional, as well as multiple short eBooks about intuitive writing for online business owners, lightworkers and brands with soul.

I know in my heart that a little bit of synchronicity or serendipity brought you to this page, so please, come on into my bookshop, have a little browse and feel into the titles and descriptions that sing to your soul.

If you’re interested in ways to improve your copywriting skills and attract more clients, then choose from one of the copywriting or creative writing titles from the list below …

Or, if you’d like some delicious plant-based recipes to spice up your weekly dinners and packed lunches, or perhaps you’d love to learn my home cooking hacks that help you to save money, waste less food and nourish your body, then scroll through the food & nutrition titles below…

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Lorraine xx

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