Intuitive Creative Strategy Sessions

‘You’re so much more than a copywriter!’

‘I’ve learnt more in the last 2 hours than I have in the last 12 years!’

‘You’re such a natural coach; you bring out the best in people.’

‘You should teach people this stuff!’


Just some of the incredible things clients, friends and biz besties have said to me in recent months.

*heart filled with gratitude*

So, why am I sharing this with you?

Well, because it’s helped me see that in addition to doing copywriting and content creation (which I LOVE), I’m also in a brilliant position to share 22+ years of small business knowledge and 10+ years of social media strategy, content creation and design.

I’ve coached hundreds of people over the years in fitness, cooking and nutrition, and more recently I’ve shared my wealth of biz knowledge with overwhelmed small business owners who feel stuck trading time for money and need someone who can break everything down into bite sized pieces so they can actually take action and move forward and achieve their goals.

I’m now offering Intuitive Creative Strategy sessions to small heart-centred businesses and solo-preneurs who are feeling lost in a world of social media channels, websites, blogs and a never-ending demand for fresh, new content that they just can’t keep up with.

I’ll help you to TUNE INTO your inner wisdom (because the answers are there already), get CLARITY on your mission, UNDERSTAND the connection between you and your brand, ILLUMINATE your magic within and help you to DESIGN a new strategy so you can feel a sense of calm excitement and enthusiasm and begin taking daily action towards achieving your goals.

If you run your own business on a blend of passion, integrity and love (with a side helping of coffee), then I’d love to help you to step up to the next level.


Lorraine Pannetier | Intuitive Copywriter | The Soulful Word

Intuitive Creative Strategy sessions:

90 minutes – £250
3 hours – £500


  • Pre-session questionnaire
  • 90 minute or 3 hour session
  • Post-session written plan (via email within 24 hours)
  • 4 weeks of email support


  • 10% discount on future sessions
  • Special 30/60 minute Intuitive Creative Strategy sessions to build on our initial session or to cover other areas of your life and business
  • 10% discount across all copywriting and content creation done-for-you services

If you’d like to get in touch to schedule your session, or would like to speak to me first, then please pop me a quick email to get started:

Are you ready to let me support you on this (not so easy and glamorous) entrepreneur lifestyle?

I can’t wait to help you shine brilliantly!

Lorraine xx