Intuitive Copywriting + Content Creation

for visionary leaders, lightworkers and Brands with Soul

Is writing your own content difficult, time consuming or simply not the best use of your time?

Do you feel stuck when it comes to finding the ‘right’ words to attract your audience?

Do you want to promote and sell your services in a way that feels authentic and not ‘sales-y’?

Have you been sitting on a half-finished website for months (or longer!) because you can’t seem to find the ‘perfect’ words (or the time and energy to get it written)?

It’s time to leave the stress behind and move forward with your heart-centred mission to share your passion, impact lives, lead a conversation and create lasting change. 

Hi, I’m Lorraine.

I help people like you to bring their passion and mission to life through a combination of professional writing, design and magical word whispering that connects directly with the very people you desire to attract into your world.

I realised, not so long ago, that my talent is writing but MY GIFT is truly seeing people (on an energetic level), or seeing the world from another perspective.

The real sparkly, planet-shifting magic happens when I weave that energy into words to create a shift in consciousness for my clients, their audience and for the readers of my own writing as an author and blogger.

If you’ve been struggling with building an engaged audience, getting traction from your posts, or just simply feel that the time is right to build your business by investing in support and professional services, then let’s chat! 

Working with me will help you to:

 ♡  Boost your credibility, visibility and become known as the expert in your field

 ♡  Further your mission, projects and goals to create the impact (and profit) you desire

 ♡  Become magnetic to your dream clients and build an engaged audience

As an Intuitive Copywriter, I infuse your unique energy, voice and tone into the pieces of content I create for you.

Together, we can co-create word-whispering magic that enables YOU to shine through on your website, blogs, magazine articles, social media, e-books and other projects.

Visit my Work With Me page to find out more about my bespoke offers.

I spend a lot of time getting to know all my new clients – many have been Facebook, Instagram or real life connections for months and have grown to love my style, my nature, my personality and my genuine love for helping others to shine brightly.

If you’d like to connect, come and find me across social media (links below) or schedule in a quick chat so you can share your passion, message or mission and we can see if we’re channelling the same high vibe as like-minded, heart-centred women and business owners who feel a genuine desire to lift each other higher.

Send me a quick hello email and let’s chat!

Lorraine xx

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