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Hi, I’m Lorraine, an intuitive word-whispering magical Earth angel here to spread a message of love. 

Living my brightest life means showing up every day with integrity and vulnerability, while simultaneously digging deep and working on my energetic vibration at both a conscious and sub-conscious level, in order to allow creativity and passion to flow through me.

I wake up every day excited and curious about the potential possibilities, connections and ideas I might be gifted with in any moment. 

Co-creating magic with my amazing clients is one of many things that lights me up.

I’ve been told that I create a beautiful safe space for people as they share their passion, concepts and goals with me. As they speak, I listen to their words, absorb their body language and sense the unspoken energy that sparkles within. 

One of my many natural human gifts is to be able to transmute that energy into words that help my spiritual sisters to shine brighter, feel more confident in spreading their message and to create the impact they desire.

Authentic, raw, soul-filled copy that deeply resonates on a human level. 

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Lorraine Pannetier about me

And the personal stuff:

I’ve been writing my whole life. From childhood stories to silly poems, and magazine articles to recipe e-books. Writing and creativity always came so naturally to me that I didn’t stop to think I could channel that energy and light into something that would truly support others on their mission to impact other people’s lives.

I’m now also a published author  with The Unbound Press alongside my writing soul sisters in the curated book: #2020 Vision – Unbound Perspectives From A Year Like No Other.

ANNNNNNDDDDD! Exciting news! In the spring of 2021 I signed a publishing contract with The Unbound Press to publish my own book – Raising Wild Birds. This is a book about living from a place of pure unconditional love and overcoming our inner fears, told through stories and personal experiences. It’s going to be the kind of book you can open on any page to receive guidance and inspiration in that moment, as well as being a book you can read from cover to cover over and over again, using the journal prompts and inner reflections to help guide you deeper into remembering who you truly are and who you came here to be. It will be released in 2023! So excited, so blessed, so grateful.

And a little more about me…

I have an almost-30-year professional background in health, fitness, food and nutrition, an Open University degree in English Literature and Creative Writing,  diplomas in Management and Human Resources, a certificate in Adult Education teaching and have been inspiring people to Eat More Plants since the 1990s! 

I’ve written for magazines, newspapers, blogs and created millions of words of copy for some amazing soul-filled entrepreneurs, lightworkers and heart-centred businesses.

I weave together my professional skills, word-whispering talents and a giant serving of love into my copywriting and content creation business – The Soulful Word – so that I can support like-minded creative, curious, driven individuals and businesses to up-level their copy so that they naturally become magnetic to their ideal clients and create long-term, sustainable businesses that support their own lives and have a positive impact on the world.

I’m a mum of two beautiful daughters, a ridiculously fluffy house bunny and a cat called Luna who has an obsession with catnip-filled knitted hedgehogs and lap cuddles. 

I live on the stunning island of Jersey, a tiny little rock of paradise between England and France with a population of around 110,000. It’s just 45 square miles and there are stunning beaches all around me. I’m guessing the Universe brought me somewhere so beautiful over twenty years ago so that I could totally immerse myself in healing, light working and creativity. I do feel totally blessed!

When I’m not writing or walking in the countryside, I love to make delicious chocolate-peanut butter smoothies, perfect my raw carrot cake recipe (trust me, it’s luscious) and learn new languages (currently Italian and Spanish with an occasional dip into Hebrew because I feel deeply connected to the symbols!).

I’m also passionate about living a mindful, sustainable, plant-based lifestyle and when I’m not at my computer or reading in the garden, you’ll probably find me with a basket full of jam jars in a bulk store, gardening with my hands in the soil or sitting on the back step with a matcha watching the bees on my new echinacea flowers!

Come and follow me on Instagram for regular words of wisdom! See you there! 

With love, 

Lorraine xx

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