Want to take your health and wellness expertise into the corporate world to create impact, income and lasting transformation?

If you’re a health coach, medical professional, nutritionist, personal trainer or expert in areas such as resilience, mindfulness or wellbeing but NOT currently offering your services to corporate organisations, then you’re missing out! 

In the last 5-10 years, the corporate world has shifted dramatically, now placing a far greater emphasis on employee health and wellbeing, and seeing organisations investing significant portions of their budgets into programmes, events and services that directly benefit their employees.

A third of organisations (33%) have increased their budget for wellbeing benefits as a consequence of the pandemic.’ (Health and Wellbeing at Work 2022, CIPD – Link)

Organisations are now far more likely to bring in experts to deliver trainings, talks and workshops instead of doing these in-house. And with the switch towards remote or hybrid working, experts can deliver both in-person and online – which opens up the possibilities for you as the health and wellness expert to work locally, nationally and internationally. 

Ask yourself this: How could my knowledge and experience help corporate organisations to support their employees with physical and mental health and wellbeing to create a tangible difference to both individuals, teams and the company’s bottom line?

In the current financial climate and post-pandemic world, stress plays a huge factor in people’s health, happiness and work-life balance. According to Champion Health, ‘data shows that 76% of our professionals are experiencing moderate to high levels of stress – a percentage increase of 13% compared to data from 2022… and 35% of employees report that the stress they experience at work is having a negative impact on them.’ (Link)

In addition, their data reveals ‘that 60% of employees feel anxious and 56% are experiencing symptoms of depression. Poor mental health is also cited as a factor that impacts productivity for almost 1 in 5 employees, contributing to costly levels of presenteeism (on both a personal and business level).’

  • If you’re reading this as a health professional or well-being expert, don’t sit on the sidelines and expect companies to approach you. Be proactive, build connections and reach out to organisations you believe would be a great fit for your expertise.
  • And if you’re reading this as an employer, don’t wait until your teams are at crisis point before implementing health and wellbeing strategies.


If you’d love to offer corporate trainings, workshops, talks or coaching services in 2024, you need to start compiling materials and creating compelling proposals and presentations now! 

I can support you in creating high quality digital PDF proposals and PowerPoint presentations that are slick, on brand and professionally designed for impact and transformation, allowing you to charge premium prices and deliver with confidence.

Hi, I’m Lorraine and I LOVE creating content that brings together words + design to create a ripple effect of transformation to individuals across organisations, communities and around the world.


With my content writing skills and Grammar Police OCD you can be guaranteed of a slick presentation that expresses your concepts concisely and eloquently and is free from typos.

I’m a Canva nerd and use it for almost everything! I’ve written, designed and sold hundreds of ebooks and created many types of presentations, proposals and content designs for my clients.

In my previous life as a lifestyle, nutrition and fitness expert, I presented talks, delivered workshops and offered ‘lunch and learn’ style sessions to multiple corporate organisations. I’ve walked the walk and love sharing my expertise with others.


OFFER #1 Existing presentation makeover

I’ll take your current presentation and revamp the design and layout to better align with your brand values and support increased engagement in the boardroom.

This is perfect for ‘lunch and learn’ style sessions, awareness talks or online webinars and trainings.

Prices start at £250 and increase according to the number of slides and the amount of content.

OFFER #2 Create a new presentation

You’ve got notebooks packed with ideas and information, or documents with bullet points, but the content hasn’t yet made it into a streamlined structure.

We’ll start with a Zoom call to discuss your business goals and how corporate training will support your mission. From there, we’ll co-create an outline for the presentation and discuss key points and benefits to the audience. Then I’ll create your new presentation design and layout, which will be delivered in PDF and PowerPoint formats as well as giving you a Canva link for future edits as your sessions grow and evolve. 

Investment starts at £750.

OFFER #3 Creative strategy + Business support

Stuck on all the above areas and need some hand holding to kick start your corporate revenue stream? I created this for you!

We’ll start with a creative strategy session to get clear on your vision and goals to identify the best way forward. From there, we’ll brainstorm topics and themes, co-create a presentation structure and identify the key benefits to the organisation. Once we have everything in place (and are feeling so excited!), I’ll get started on the design. You’ll have a presentation you can use again and again and the confidence to shine.

Investment starts at £1250.


Ready to co-create something amazing? Drop me a DM or email lorraine@thesoulfulword.com to schedule a chat.

With over 25 years of small business experience and writing expertise, I can support you RIGHT NOW to stop procrastinating and start making the difference you crave in your community and in your bank account!

I currently have a few spaces available for OFFERS #1 and #2 before Christmas and for all three services from mid-January 2024. Book now to secure your space for Q1.


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