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Intuitive Copywriting and Content Creation

Are you ready to sprinkle some sparkle on your copy and illuminate your message?

You’re a heart-centred entrepreneur, lightworker, healer, energy practitioner, creative or soul-filled brand owner and you’re on a mission to create an impact around the world, or in your community.

You’re passionate and driven by the heart.

Your message is clear in your mind but you’re having trouble getting that message out in to the world and gain the traction you desire to have the impact that means so much to you.

Perhaps you just don’t like writing or simply don’t have time to create the amount of content you dream of putting into the world. Or maybe you don’t see yourself as a wordy or creative person. You might be brilliant on live video or even on Instagram, but when it comes to writing copy – whether that’s for blogs, social media posts or promotional materials, you feel stuck and always seem to procrastinate about getting it done!

You’re fed up with playing small and are ready to take a quantum leap so that you finally create the life and business you dream of. 

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Hi, I’m Lorraine and I’ve been playing with words since I was about 2! 

I’ve written articles for magazines, created website copy, social media posts, brochures, online courses, eBooks and hundreds and hundreds of recipes! Wayyyyy back before I set up my copywriting business, people were always asking me to proofread their work, give my opinion on their shiny new PDF or ask for guidance on their business plan or CV.

And so, creating The Soulful Word was a simple extension of my previous two-decades’ work as a food coach, plant-based cooking teacher, personal trainer and writer.

If you’ve read this far, you’ll know by now that we’re on the same beautiful wavelength.

I’ll understand and appreciate your mission – whether it’s to teach people how to eat healthy, share your spiritual or psychic gifts, start a global fundraising initiative to eradicate child hunger or poverty or you’re a new therapist or coach looking to reach more clients and get started in the online world (or the real world!).

Your mission is very important to me, that’s why I really enjoy getting to know all the amazing, dream clients that I get to co-create with.

It’s not just about me writing your blogs or creating website copy for you, it’s about truly understanding why you’re so passionate about your cause or service and how I can play a small role in supporting you on your journey. The ideas and dreams that women like you have simply astound me. You’re all amazing, and I feel privileged to walk a little of the way with you.

So before we get started, I’d love to ask you this: What truly lights you up?

Pop all you fears and worries to one side and focus on the dreams and passions that make you feel alive and bring butterflies to your tummy when you start to talk about them?

And then, as an entrepreneur or business owner, you need to ask yourself:

  • What point are you at right now?
  • Where do you feel you need support?
  • Are you ready to invest in the support you need in order to move forward and achieve your goals?

Remember, I can’t do the work for you. You have to already have some clarity around your ideal client, your audience and your mission. You need to be clear on exactly what you want to achieve. Your goal should be very real in your mind and you’ll probably have a vision board that you’ll be excited to share with me.

You’re someone who’s ready to do the work needed to make a difference in the world and you recognise the need to build a network of support around you so you don’t end up burnt out, stressed and feeling like it’s one step forward and two steps back!


Intuitive Copywriting + Content Creation

Where you’re at right now:

You’re driven to make a difference, create an impact and you have many years (or lifetimes!) of wisdom, experience and knowledge to share.

You’re in the process of creating a new 1-1 service, group course, membership, website or transformative programme and are ready to start talking about your heart-centred offerings in the online space to build interest, attract dream clients and start making sales.

You know in your heart that what you’ve created is potent, transformative and deeply needed right now.

You also know that burning yourself out trying to do everything on your own isn’t an option! You’ve been there before and it wasn’t pretty…

This time around, you’re ready, willing and able to outsource copywriting and content creation elements of your work to an expert so that you can focus on the elements of your business that you love most.

When we work together:

Once we’ve made an initial connection and are excited about the prospect of co-creating magic together, we’ll set up a Zoom call to discuss your bespoke project. (approx 60-90 minutes)

Together  we’ll explore your unique gifts and expertise, your brand, your story and your business goals before diving deep into the specifics of your copywriting and content creation requirements.

After our Zoom call, I’ll spend the next few days magically weaving your energy and magic into sparkly new irresistible words that help you achieve your goals.

Included in all projects:
  • 1-1 Zoom call to discuss the details and goals of your bespoke project
  • Ready-to-use intuitive copywriting, plus design notes where applicable (e.g. website page)
  • 2 rounds of editing (if required) for all large evergreen projects, 1 round of editing for small pieces of writing (e.g. social media posts)
  • Support with creative strategy, communication and marketing

Your projects are as unique and beautiful as you, which is why there are no set prices for my intuitive copywriting services.

So whether you’re looking for someone to write one or two blogs a month, or you need a complete website makeover or materials for a 6 month mentorship, get in touch with me today and let’s chat! 

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Do you want to write your first digital ebook in 2022?

Let me guess….

You have soooo much juicy information, wisdom and knowledge to share but it’s just sitting in your mind, in piles of notebooks or on your laptop! 

Now is the time to set it free, transmuting your love and energy into a digital product that will set minds alight, inspire change or create transformation.

Creating a value-packed ebook to sell, or a shorter ebook to gift  to your audience as a way to build your email list, is a brilliant strategy that will help you grow your business AND be of service in a way that feels good to you. 

I’ve been writing ebooks for many years and love sharing my wisdom and writing expertise with others to help birth more beauty into the world! 

Would you like my support on your book writing journey?

I would be honoured to guide you through the process…

  • Initial Zoom chat – brainstorming ideas, how the book fits into your business, your long term goals and more about you, your story, your brand and how everything weaves together
  • Creating your ebook idea
  • Designing a writing strategy
  • Motivational support and accountability via private messaging
  • Support with editing and proofreading
  • Helping you get started on Canva so you can create a beautifully branded ebook 
  • Front cover design session
  • Support with marketing and promotion of your ebook
  • Celebrating your ebook success

Investment starts at £555 and includes 4 weeks of support, strategy and calls to help you design, create and sell your first ebook.

OMG! Yes!!! I’ve been waiting for you Lorraine! Please help me with my ebook!

Are you ready to create some magic together?

Then let’s do this!

Lorraine xx


Words of Kindness about my Intuitive Copywriting, blogs and eBooks:


“I absolutely LOVED working with Lorraine and could not recommend her more highly. Her clear understanding of each brief felt so supportive. She was excited about each project which inspired me too. Her intuition made her copywriting very unique and special. At times I was unclear on exactly what I wanted and Lorraine was patient and helped me to define my requirements. 

The end result was beautifully written copy that felt authentic to me, my brand and my offering. I desired authentic, heartfelt copy that would inspire and motivate my audience and Lorraine’s work did just that. 

Lorraine is a joy to work with – passionate, creative, thoughtful and connected. She is super organised too! I can’t wait to plan more projects with her!”
Katie Phillips – Founder – The School of Self Love 
“I connected and resonated deeply with the pocket book “The Light Worker’s Guide To Showing Up Online With Conscious Intention & Love” by Lorraine Pannetier. The inspirational soulful words permeated on all levels. The content is life-giving, enlightening. It pinged and dinged my “wow spot”. An enlivening read with umpteen magical nuggets to support the journey of a Lightworker. I’m so grateful for this, it aroused clarity, penetrated some shadow layers, and sparked me onto a part of my journey I had been apprehensive to activate.” – Allyson


“Absolutely beautiful Lorraine. You’re always so honest and share your experience in a way that genuinely gives deep insight into your struggles in a really open and vulnerable way while honouring your sacred privacy.” – Anna

“So beautiful Lorraine Pannetier, your story and your writing ; it moved me to tears.” – Patsy

“Thank you so much Lorraine for your beautiful guidance! … It seriously just felt like your post and your book was “sent to me”.” – Hanna

“Wow, you wrote this so beautifully and I felt the emotions.” – Andrea

“Thanks Lorraine!! I like the cosmic covers… Your ebooks are always super handy and a joy to read appreciate you xx” – Emma

“Looks fabulous, gorgeous cosmic vibe and delicious font. l look forward to reading, thank you beautiful.” – Allyson

“What a beautiful, soulful, heart touching story.” – Cristina


“Lorraine has a unique talent, to understand what you want to say – even if you are not 100% sure what you want to say. She has oodles of experience under her belt in writing, which probably helps very much, too. But the way she extracts the message from all that you are saying and brings it to a point is fantastic. Even with unfamiliar content or subject, like mine – systems and automation – she knows how to make the copy warm and inviting PLUS exciting. What can you want more?

I have more for you: She is fun and easy to work with. Having those calls with her to set the strategy and content goal etc. was fantastic. I will definitely be coming back to her.”

Anuschka Ollnow – Business Efficiency  Architect, Contoured Consulting & The High Efficiency Business Mastermind

“Honestly Lorraine, I’m speechless and crying again! … This is what I’ve needed and been yearning for but just missing! There’s not a single word that grates. I actually want to hire myself! … Thank you. You are exactly who I needed.”

Kerry Davey – Transformational & Intuitive Life Coach,

“First, I am over the moon delighted with what you’ve created for my sales page. I totally want to buy it!!! LOL!

I have been feeling a little stagnant this week and second-guessing the value of what I created, but seeing your words has completely re-energized me and I am so, so grateful.”

Leah Cherry Kent – Intuitive Coach, Tarot reader, Healer, and keeper of sacred space

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Lorraine Pannetier.  I reached out to Lorraine recently and asked her to weave some Lorraine magic through the copy on my website.

The result is fantastic and I’ve already had people asking to book in with me and commenting on how much the website resonates with them.

If I’m honest, I was never keen on booking a copywriter before because I was worried it wouldn’t feel like my own work or capture my personality. How wrong could I be!

Lorraine went the extra mile to capture my voice and personal style and to fully understand what I do and why.  Not only did she interview me she also watched my live videos and took the very best of my posts and comments and weaved them into something that I’m really proud of. Her writing style is so intuitive, she really listens and translates your passion perfectly.

I’m now in the process of updating my social media profiles and adding in my sales page. Whoop, whoop!

If you are struggling to pull your thoughts and wonderful ideas together then don’t even hesitate to book in with Lorraine! ❤️”

Josie Louise Brocksom – Solution-focused hypnotherapist and coach