Create a better future

Standing in your truth and staying strong in a messy world

Planet Earth has become a pretty crazy place to live in recent years and it’s probably fair to say that we’ll be seeing even more craziness in years to come. With this in mind, I’ve been thinking about the skills that we’d need between us to pull together and keep our community running smoothly, providing everyone with food and shelter, emotional support and health care.

I’ve jokingly said to many people over the years that my dating profile should emphasise the need for a man who can grow vegetables, make a fire and build a home! A Patrick Dempsey lookalike who would come in from the garden with large handfuls of organic kale…. Hmm, I digress! 

In all seriousness, if we were thrust into a difficult global situation where normal life as we know it was to end, what would you do for yourself, your family and your community? How would you remain strong physically, emotionally and spiritually? What resources would you share? What would you grow, produce or create? Would your resilience stand up to significant stress? How would your personal values be challenged and would you be able to stand in your truth?

I’d like to think that I’d have plenty to offer and would be able to support many people using skills I’ve learned over my lifetime alongside my intuitive gifts of energy work, compassion and love. If the internet disappeared and my copywriting services were no longer needed, I’d definitely become the village ‘wise woman’ and cook, making meals from limited (plant-based) locally grown ingredients and keeping everyone healthy and well fed! What would you do?

While I’m 99% certain we’re not going to end up in a post-apocalyptic style world anytime soon, I do believe it’s worth reflecting on the ways in which we can live a more sustainable, nourishing and deeply satisfying life while simultaneously reducing our impact on the environment.

Here are 7 areas in which we can all play a role in creating a better future for ourselves, our community and our planet:

  • Growing your own produce

    If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, or at least a patio area or balcony, then growing vegetables and fruit is a no-brainer. You don’t have to become 100% self-sufficient (this is almost impossible), but learning to grow food successfully and harvest seeds without the use of harmful pesticides is a vitally important skill for human survival. We’re so far removed from our food at present, buying most items in packaging from supermarkets, and this needs to change. If you don’t live in accommodation with outside space, you can support local growers by buying from farm shops or individuals, or team up with friends and use an allotment space.

  • Taking care of your health

    If the recent pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that being fit and healthy is a priority (for physical and mental health) and that our medical ‘health care’ system is really a ‘sick care’ system and isn’t really that interested in supporting our wellness journey. If we were all more active outdoors every day, ate less processed food and more fresh produce, spent less time on our phones and computers, spent less time isolated indoors, cooked more meals from scratch, consumed less alcohol, drugs and cigarettes, and took steps to improve our relationships with people, money and nature, then we’d see a huge improvement in health markers across all demographics.

  • Using less fossil fuels and petrol

    With the rapidly rising costs in home fuel bills, food and petrol, we need to be practising mindful consumption while also thinking creatively and finding innovative solutions for the future. What if our government paid for every house to have solar panels fitted? How many jobs would that create and what would it mean to not rely on power from France? What about creating energy through wind and tidal power? We need to start taking action now not create a plan for improvements by 2030 or 2040! 

  • Re-using pre-loved items

    Up-cycling furniture, buying or swapping pre-loved clothes, finding innovative ways to use waste materials in the building process and creating a circular economy that considers a product and its packaging for its entire lifecycle. 

  • Up-skill yourself

    Learning new skills is great for your mental health, brilliant for your earning potential and could bring new opportunities you’ve never considered. What would you love to learn more about? Which physical skill would you love to perfect?

  • Find your tribe

Too many people are held back through lack of confidence and courage when they feel like no-one in their immediate circle understands them. Use the internet to find people who have the same goals, dreams, beliefs and values. Talk about the things you’re passionate about and trust that the right people will see and hear your message. 

  • Stop eating meat, animal products and using items made from animal skins

    Even if you’ve never considered a vegan lifestyle, our planet is at a crucial tipping point. (Watch anything by David Attenborough if you don’t believe me!) It is imperative that we all make changes to support the future of human life on Earth. Wouldn’t it be an absolute travesty if thousands of years of incredible human history were entirely wiped out due to one greedy generation who couldn’t give up chicken, steak and ice cream? A few billion people who cared more about their insatiable appetite for consumption than this incredible planet rich in billions of species of animal, insect and plant life…

Now is the time for action. 

While it might seem tragically overwhelming at times, we’re actually incredibly blessed to be living in this era. I’d love to see us all go down in history as the generation who saved the planet from global warming; the generation who struggled through immense chaos to bring forth a ‘new Earth’, where humans created and lived with nature rather than against it.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to know that in a thousand years, elephants and tigers were still roaming the lush plains of Africa, whales and turtles were swimming happily around clean oceans and the coral reefs had returned to their bright, beautiful colours?

Lorraine xx

*This article was first published in The Jersey Life magazine – Spring 2022 edition.

Time to Start Living The Good Life?

This article was written for The Jersey Life magazine and first published online on 13 January 2022.


Time. It appears to be ever present and yet it’s invisible. We have clocks and calendars to measure time in a linear fashion, and yet every passing day feels different to each of us. There are moments of panic, stress or grief when time stands still, and there are moments where the hours just disappear as we get lost in creative passions, a new romance or the simple pleasures of life. 

Time is a perception created in our own minds. All we ever have is this moment right now and it’s up to us what we make of it.

Pause for a moment and take a deep breath. And another. Close your eyes and place one hand on your heart.  Gift yourself the magic of simply BEing in the present moment. You are worthy of your most generous love and attention. 

Life in a global pandemic has gifted us opportunities to slow down, appreciate what we have (or who we have in our lives) and the chance to create a new lifestyle that feels like a better ‘fit’. A way of life that feels more aligned to our values, our hopes and our dreams. 

Perhaps Barbara and Tom had it right all along?

The famous British 1970s sitcom ‘The Good Life’ centred around a married couple who dreamed of living a sustainable lifestyle on their own small suburban plot of land but were inevitably faced with endless challenges and disasters and were frequently ridiculed by their wealthy materialistic neighbours, Margot and Jerry. 

In an era of rapid industrial growth, the average 1970s family life was changing due to new time-saving and labour-saving appliances and household items such as washing machines, kettles, vacuum cleaners, disposable nappies and teabags. Suddenly life was becoming easier – which only made Barbara and Tom’s lifestyle choices even more absurd. Why would you choose to make life more difficult for yourself when you had a choice?

I think the joke has been on us …

On an overheating planet with an endless list of hugely important environmental issues, the time has come for more and more of us to grow (at least some of) our own produce, find more sustainable alternatives to plastic and fossil fuels, to reduce our intake of processed foods, meat and dairy, and make the switch away from diesel and petrol fuelled cars. 

In the 70s and 80s we naively bought into the ‘need’ for this new way of life. The average person had no idea about the future impact of their choices on the planet. We became whores to materialism and happily overfilled our trolleys every trip to the supermarket – which of course saved us even more time as we swapped the greengrocer and the baker for the lure of buying everything under one roof. 

1970s humans didn’t know any better. But we do. 

We’re now armed with all the facts, statistics and information. We’ve watched David Attenborough’s documentaries, we’ve listened to Greta Thunberg, we’ve watched Seaspiracy, Cowspiracy, Gamechangers, The True Cost of Fast Fashion and Leonardo DiCaprio’s Before the Flood. We’ve given up plastic carrier bags and bought paper straws. But it’s not enough.

The Earth cannot feed almost 8 billion people and feed over 60 billion animals each year. Something has to change. 

We need unity.

And right now, there is separation, fear and division.

We’ve become a ‘them versus us’ society.

We are so judgemental and quick to label people that we’ve forgotten the true essence of human beings: that we’re all completely individual and unique. Our fingerprints, our irises, our personalities. All biochemically individual and beautifully unique. 

In Jersey, I believe we’re perfectly positioned to step up as a role model for the world. But only if we come together as one. Each playing our small role as part of a collective goal. 

We live on an island with a great climate and lots of green space for growing produce. We have the money, infrastructure and technology to make more homes solar powered. We have the potential for energy powered by wind and waves. We have land that can be used to create allotments and community gardens. We have a huge wealth of practical and creatively skilled islanders. It’s not beyond the scope of reality to suggest that we could become a sustainable island where everyone has the chance to eat locally grown, organic produce, lead an active, healthy lifestyle free from poverty and have access to first class medical care. 

It’s easy to romanticise the sustainable life, but to live 100% sustainably as an individual family in Jersey is difficult. Probably impossible. But if we never try because we believe it’s going to be impossible, then we’ll never get anywhere! 

The truth is, no-one wants to give up their comfortable life. But what does a comfortable life actually look like to you? And do you want to live just a comfortable life, or do you dream of wild adventures, excitement and constant expansion?

I think that this is why so many brilliant ideas never get off the ground – because we’re always looking at what we might lose and not what we will gain. We live in a society where the default mindset is to perceive that someone is always out to get us or make life difficult: the taxman, the ferry company, the slow cyclist in rush hour. But, just as time is a perception of the mind, so is this mindset that makes us cling on to what we know and to stay in our comfort zones. We’re greedy, impatient, selfish and self-centred.

It’s time to let go. 

To take a deep breath in and to let it out with a long, audible sigh.

Regardless of your viewpoint on the main topic du jour, it’s time for us to come together with less separation, fear and division. We need to find common ground instead of driving wedges, creating labels and putting people in boxes.

It’s time for love, compassion and kindness.

It’s time for us all to stand side by side with the shared goal of a more sustainable way of life that’s kinder to the planet, kinder to animals, helps bring people out of poverty and encourages everyone to be the happiest and healthiest version of themselves. 

Are you with me?

Lorraine xx

Intuitive copywriter, author and digital content creator

If you’d like Lorraine to write blogs and articles for your business, please email lorraine@thesoulfulword.com

lady gardening

Big dreams start with small, consistent action steps

Big dreams and goals can be a great source of motivation, inspiration and excitement. But NOT achieving them within your ideal timeline can be an enormous source of stress, anxiety, overwhelm and unhappiness.

How often do you read, watch or listen to inspiring content, get all fired up and set intentions, only to come crashing down to earth with a bump just weeks later?

Honestly, I’ve lost count of the  number of times I’ve been on this roundabout!

I have notebooks and journals filled with scribbles, ideas, plans, goals, calculations and spider diagrams. Any one of those ideas could have fundamentally been a huge success.

Now, I could talk about how the spontaneity, creativity and big-picture thinking  that dominates my astrological make-up simply doesn’t make me a good fit for sticking to a rigid plan or schedule, preferring instead to align to my feminine, cyclic nature and create with ease and flow when inspiration strikes.

And I could share how inner fears, self-sabotaging habits and old belief patterns can shatter dreams before they’ve even begun.

But this morning, while on a short walk after my journalling and home yoga session, I had one of those big a-ha moments that got me thinking not just about my own personal patterns of setting big goals and failing to achieve them, but how this is a fundamental issue for many of us, particularly in the online world of self-help, transformation and running an online business.

Before I share this thought with you, I want to say that ‘a-ha’ moments don’t actually come out of the blue. They’re always a culmination of experiences, thoughts, ideas, discussions, practice and failure. Most inventors throughout history didn’t just one day pull an idea out of the sky that changed the course of evolution or technology. Each and every one of them worked on ideas, processes and inventions over and over again. Tweaking, changing, adapting. Scrapping ideas and starting afresh. Trying. Failing. Trying. Failing. Over and over again.

As a business owner and entrepreneur, I’m well versed in the trying and failing cycle. In fact, I think my long term success is mostly due to the resilience I’ve built throughout this journey over the last 25 years. Sure, creativity, innovation, enthusiasm, curiosity and a never-ending quest for knowledge are important too. But failing, and learning from those mistakes, is the number one way to improve resilience and ultimately to succeed.

behind the scenes…

Over the weekend I watched ‘A seat at the table’ – a series of YouTube videos by Jack Harries, a young British filmmaker and climate activist. His series is beautifully filmed and edited and shares stories from around the world that left me both upset and angry that we’re still having the same climate change conversation and nothing has really changed!

I got this crazy idea that it would be great to start some kind of local, community project for the 100 or so homes close to me where everyone would be encouraged to ‘re-wild’ their outdoor space, planting more local species of bushes and plants, growing vegetables to share and setting up communal composting spaces for those who don’t have a garden.

I get these grand visions every once in a while, but more often than not, they stay in my mind, or at the very most shared with my journal or my daughters.

Now, about that a-ha moment…

As I was walking past all these houses this morning, I realised that before I could succeed at a huge project like re-wilding a whole estate of 100 houses, I needed to re-wild my own garden. And before I could do that, I needed to re-wild myself.

And that’s the point…

We get these incredible visions for the future but forget to look at what’s happening closer to home.

We get fired up about creating a six-figure business, making a million dollars by a certain age or having 10k months – but we’re not consistently creating much smaller amounts on a daily basis. Nor are we looking at our spending habits, our numbing-out with things that cost money, or our money mindset and financial stories carried from childhood.

We dream of getting fit or losing weight, having a specific body shape, shiny hair, flawless skin and a wardrobe filled with clothes that makes us feel amazing – but we’re not consistently taking the small steps every day to make those dreams become a reality. We’re not investing in our health and wellness.

And the same is true with the climate change issues. We all want the Earth’s temperature to NOT increase beyond 1.5 degrees celsius because we don’t want excessive wildfires, raging storms, enormous rises in sea levels or the polar ice caps to melt. We don’t want half the Earth’s surface to become uninhabitable with forced migration on a massive scale. We don’t want extreme shortages of food, water or space. And we definitely don’t want the fighting and death that would accompany all those issues.

In order for all those terrible outcomes to NOT happen, we ALL have to take DAILY steps to reduce our consumption of fossil fuels, meat and dairy, plastic, fast fashion, air travel and so much more…

And the fact that we’re not doing those things is the reason we’re still having the same climate change conversation, despite warnings as long ago as the early 1970s. Yes, we can blame governments and major corporations for not doing more sooner, but ultimately, if every single citizen of the world (particularly the developed world) consistently made changes to their daily life choices, then we’d be out of this mess much faster.

Helping you make changes and achieving the success you desire

Now, the main point of this blog was not to have a rant about climate change (although if it struck a chord, triggered you or inspired you to find out more, then that’s a good thing!), but to use it as just one example of how taking daily, consistent, regular action and small steps towards your goal is one fundamental factor for success.

The second factor, is that everything starts with YOU.

  • If you want to attract in the romantic partner of your dreams – you first have to love yourself more and treat yourself the way you desire to be treated.
  • If you want to change lives or change the world – you first have to make shifts and changes in your own life.
  • If you want to make a really big income – you first have to do whatever you need to do to consistently bring in a smaller amount of money.
  • If you dream of building an investment portfolio that brings in 5k a month in ‘passive income’ – you not only have to learn about investments but firstly you must make investments in yourself, your family or your home.

It all starts with you.

Love yourself.

Invest in yourself.

Treat yourself with love, kindness and respect.

Let go of everything that no longer serves you. Release. Surrender.

Trust. Have faith that once you start working on yourself, everything else will fall into place.

We get caught up in the pain of not achieving the big goals and are blind to what’s in front of us

We’re so invested in the big picture and stress out when we don’t make it, but remain oblivious to the fact that our success lies in mastering ourselves first.

Have you ever seen the movie ‘The 100 foot journey’? It’s a beautiful film starring Helen Mirren as the owner of a well-established French ‘haute cuisine’ restaurant (in France) that feels threatened when an Indian family move to town and set up a restaurant opposite hers. There’s a part in the movie where they talk about learning to make sauces to perfection first before progressing to work in the French Michelin-star kitchen. In essence, they’re saying that if you can’t make a great béchamel sauce, then you’ll never get to work with all the other ingredients. And that a great sauce really ‘makes’ the dish and the dining experience.

Using this as an analogy for everything else I’ve written about today, imagine that learning to create a perfect béchamel sauce is like learning to master yourself. Learning to love, nurture and nourish yourself every day, learning to treat yourself with compassion, create healthy boundaries and invest in your personal growth and ongoing learning or expansion.

You can’t jump straight to owning and running a Michelin star restaurant in France without first taking steps to learn about cooking, running a food business or learning French. Sure, you can take a leap of faith and move to France and buy an old building or take over an existing restaurant, but you’ll still have an inordinate amount of steps to take before succeeding in the way you visualised it.

(And it’s worth noting here that it’s always the journey that is far more enjoyable and rewarding than actually achieving the end goal.)

If you’re feeling frustrated about not yet achieving your big goals…

If you’re feeling frustrated, I get it!

I hear you. I see you. I feel you.

A wise coach recently said ‘frustration is a mixture of anger and sadness’. So if you’re feeling frustrated, reflect on what you feel sad and angry about.

Write it all down. Let it out.

It doesn’t matter if you feel stupid for thinking or saying those things, but trust me, opening up to your true feelings makes life suddenly feel far less stuck, overwhelming and heavy.

it’s time for you to take action…

  • Write down your big goal at the top of a piece of paper.
  • Consider how many times you’ve set similar goals and not achieved them.
  • Reflect on your daily life – what are you doing every day that is supportive of that goal?
  • What are you doing every day that is the opposite of achieving that goal?
  • Spend some time thinking about what emotions and blocks might lie beneath the surface level action (or non-action). Make a few notes and ask yourself questions. (I always find asking myself questions triggers a ‘download’ of channelled wisdom from somewhere deep within.)
  • Then move your body. Go for a walk, dance around the lounge, do some stretches, hop on your bike, do handstands…. or maybe take a shower or a bath, being in water helps this process too.
  • Come back to your notes after movement or later in the day or after a night’s sleep. What other thoughts have popped into your head? What else needs to come out now? What thoughts or ideas did you have? Any lightbulb moments?

As I said right at the start, big juicy dreams and goals are inspiring, motivating and exciting. But they have to be driven by internal, intrinsic factors rather than external ones.

I do believe 100% in the power of manifestation and the potency of visualising yourself as a future version of you living your dream life. But, that isn’t enough by itself.

get clear on:

  • Exactly what you want to achieve and WHY. What will it bring you? Why is that so important?
  • What are your primary motivating factors? Are you driven by what you see on social media or what others in your peer group are doing and having? Or are your goals entirely motivated by your inner desires. If you recognise that some of your desires are coming from outside influences (and clever marketing)
  • The connection between your BIG goal and your EVERYDAY LIFE. Are your everyday actions supporting or opposing the success of your dreams and goals?
  • Everything that’s blocking your path to success. Your own unique stories, experiences, habits and beliefs that prevent you from truly shining as the most brilliant version of you.

As for me, I’ve realised that the huge community project I thought of is a great idea – and if you want to take it and run with it in your area, please go ahead! But I can’t implement a big project like that until I’ve taken smaller steps to manage my own outdoor space. I want to grow my own vegetables, salad and berries, and create a much greener space around me with local species of plants. On a daily basis I need to take the time to nurture those plants and do all the boring or difficult jobs that come with having a vegetable garden.

Re-wilding myself means more stepping out of my comfort zone. I can’t say that I’ll always take action, but I know that the more often I do, the more it will become a daily habit and the more likely I will achieve my personal garden goals.

And who knows, one day I may just start that bigger project too!

Lorraine xx

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two women chatting

So you want to be a coach? 10 reasons why this could be your best move!

If you’ve been active in the online business space for the last 5-10 years, you’ll have witnessed a huge rise in the number and variety of coaches. Beyond fitness, nutrition and life coaches, we now have coaches for money mindset, wealth building, property management, relationships, sex, astrology, public speaking and so much more. If you want to learn how to do something better, there’s a coach out there for you.

But what if you’re the one who wants to become a coach?

Do you believe you have the skills, experience and passion to make it in the online space (or in the real world)?

As an intuitive copywriter and content creator for the past 5 years, I’ve had the privilege of working with some incredible women who make a living through coaching. I’ve also invested in my own personal growth by joining programmes, masterminds and working 1-1 with coaches. I’ve learnt so much from each of the coaches I’ve worked with and also from each of my clients.

Before switching into copywriting, I ran my own food coaching, personal training and massage therapy business for 20 years, so I’m well equipped to share my thoughts and loving guidance on coaching.

So, what is coaching?

Here’s one of the best definitions I found online:

“Put simply, coaching is a process that aims to improve performance and focuses on the ‘here and now’ rather than on the distant past or future. … Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.”


Being a coach is different from being a teacher or a mentor.

While there is much overlap, a coach will guide a person to find their own answers, whereas a teacher will share information and teach and a mentor will act as a guide or a role model.

Being a coach is also different from being a registered/licensed psychotherapist, counsellor or other mental health professions. The coaching industry itself is not regulated, which is both a positive and a negative.

On the positive side it means anyone can use the skills and experience they have, take a coaching certification, set up their own business and start working with clients immediately. On the negative side, an unregulated coaching business means coaches can essentially make their own rules, are accountable to no-one and in some cases can even be dangerous to their clients’ safety and wellbeing. And of course in any industry there will be those who use it as a ‘front’ to scam people out of a lot of money.

Everyone you meet in the coaching world will know someone who knows someone who’s been hurt financially or emotionally by a bad coach. Behind the scenes there are court cases and lawsuits and disgruntled students joining together in WhatsApp groups.

But I’m not here to talk about this negative side to the coaching world. I’m here to share all the ways that coaching can be a great career that brings you increased wealth, happiness and fulfilment.

10 Reasons Why Coaching could be your best career move!

      • Freedom

        Working for yourself gives you unparalleled freedom in terms of your daily commitments and life goals. If you want to spend all morning walking, practicing yoga, home schooling your children or cooking for your local food bank, you can! You’re free to create your own schedule, working at times that best suit you, your family, your commitments and your energy levels. No-one is stopping you from staying in bed til 11am, creating Reels and TikToks at 1am or living in a camper van by the beach! #youdoyouboo


      • Financial Freedom

        In a corporate 9-5 job, you’re limited to a certain pay ceiling. If you’re in a profession with clear pathways for progression, you may get the promotions and pay increases you deserve, but you’ll always be trading time for money. As a freelance coach you’re free to create an equal or higher income than you would ever make as an employee. (Please note: Higher salaries are not guaranteed and may take a while to build up. So always create a safety net before letting go of a regular salary. This section is about sharing the possibilities available to you as a freelance coach primarily in the online space.)


      • Improved mental health

        If you’re stuck in a job you hate where you feel your talents aren’t recognised, there’s no scope for promotion or the company culture is draining your life force every day, then stepping out on your own could be a great move. Of course, there’s a lot involved in working for yourself and it can be just as stressful never knowing when you’ll next receive a payment, but if your mental health is suffering, investigating a career as a coach (maybe alongside a less stressful part time job) might be worth your time and attention.


      • Following your passion and purpose

        As a coach running your own business you get to live the dream and follow your passion and purpose every single day! Of course, there are behind the scenes elements to being a freelancer or company owner that might not excite you, but every time you meet with a client or your own community, you’ll feel a sense of satisfaction, gratitude and love.


      • Improved connections

        Working for yourself brings you the beautiful opportunity of creating your own inner circle of trusted, inspirational peers. There’s no need to put yourself through the gut-wrenching anxiety of in-person networking events to meet people. Instead, you get to show up online from the comfort of your own sofa (PJs optional!), to make new connections, build relationships and create an empowering circle of incredible business owners all around you.


      • Using your innate gifts

        While there is much to learn about being a professional coach, a huge part of your work will be driven by your intuition, your sixth sense, your innate gifts. This is what makes you different. There may be a seemingly saturated coaching market but no-one else can offer the coaching you offer in the exact way you offer it. Remember, your differences and natural talents are a blessing.


      • Using your life experience

        Many people who get into coaching do so because they experienced specific challenges and learnt how to overcome them or change their lives in some way and really want to help others to do the same. Perhaps you got healthy, overcame an eating disorder, learnt to run marathons, or discovered the key to creating deep intimacy and fulfilling relationships after a decade of bad dates and failed romances. If people are always asking you how you did it, it’s probably time to share your experiences with the world. (And if you’re not ready to work as a coach yet, why not start a blog or a free community? Who knows where it might lead?)


      • Making a difference

        As a coach you get to make a difference to people’s lives. You offer a way forward, a kick start to transformation, a supportive pillar as your clients break, heal and grow. Never underestimate the power of changing even one person’s life. For every person who steps forward into their healing journey, there is a ripple effect of transformation all around them. The mum who raises her children differently once she’s let go of the pain. The woman who opens up to let her man truly see her, hold her and support her after healing the trauma of sexual abuse.  The man who gives up alcohol, heals his relationship with his father and shows up differently in his marriage.


      • Giving back

        Making a difference to individual lives is a wonderful feeling. But when you work for yourself and start making a really good income, you’re able to give back to your family, your community, your country, the planet. Whether it’s helping your parents pay off their mortgage, donating to charity or setting up your own charitable organisation, helping a third world country build schools, wells or hospitals, you’re able to use your additional time, money and connections to create impact.


      • Raising the standard of the coaching industry

        If you’ve got this far through my blog, I’m pretty sure you’re one of the good ones, with integrity, passion and love running through your DNA! The world needs more great coaches, and if you’ve been looking for a sign to take that next step, perhaps this is it!


OK! I’m in!! Where do I go from here?

From what I’ve seen over the last 20+ years in the online space, there are A LOT of coaching certification programmes available. These range from low cost weekend courses to 3-6 month courses and 2+ year professional, accredited courses.

If you’re in the corporate world, you may have had access to coaching  programmes funded by your employer. While these courses give you a recognised, valued qualification, you may not actually feel prepared to coach others. Coaches need to have been coached too; to have let down their walls, been cracked open and been given the opportunity to sit in their discomfort. Learning the theory is entirely different to dropping into your heart space and feeling your emotions.

Personally, I would avoid the cleverly marketed ‘be a coach in a day’ type of courses if you’re looking to build a career in coaching. These courses might be useful to get an idea of what’s involved in coaching – you may even learn a valuable technique or two – but they will not prepare you to hold space for a client and be able to handle a wide range of traumatic issues. Use these courses with caution and as more of a ‘taster’ session before investing in a more tailored coaching course based on your area of expertise or passion.

Learn from a Master Coach

If you’re looking to become a coach in the online space, it’s a good idea to learn from a Master Coach, someone who has been coaching individuals for many years with great success and who can demonstrate a proven track record and positive testimonials.

Note: Having a large social media following, a snazzy sales page and an expensive coaching certification programme does not necessarily equate to being a successful, professional coach with integrity who can help you get from A to B and start the business of your dreams. 

Planet Earth is seeing a surge in ‘awakening’ as well as an ever-increasing need for mental health support. It is for these main two reasons that I believe we need more experienced, compassionate coaches who can truly help people to transform their lives.

Let me introduce you to Shannon

I first met Shannon Conway, a US-based Master Coach a few months back through a mutual friend Tara Jackson, founder of Empathpreneurs. Shannon and I immediately felt that soul sister connection, sharing many of the same life values and personality traits. This is the kind of connection I love so deeply and one that is present with almost all the clients I work with as an intuitive copywriter, content creator and strategist.

Shannon has been training women to become coaches for 6 years and has been coaching individuals for 10 years. She’s run her coaching certification programme in various forms nine times with the tenth group beginning on 6 January 2022.

What makes Shannon’s coach training so special and unique is a combination of her integrity, wisdom and humour. She never takes more than 12 women on a course and the programme runs for 6 months with an optional in-person event near the end. Her coach training covers not just the fundamentals of safe and effective coaching, but the business essentials required for anyone stepping out into the business world for the first time.

New coaches will leave armed with the confidence and capabilities to launch their new business, while existing coaches will have the chance to deepen their skills, enhance their practice and grow their business and services to the next level.


I’m very proud to be able to support Shannon in the launch of her next round of Coach Training and hope that you’ve been inspired by this blog and are excited to learn more about Shannon’s programme. At the time of writing there are still spaces available. Is there a seat with your name on it?

Yes! Tell me more about Coach Training with Shannon

If you’d like to get in touch with me about intuitive copywriting or if you have questions about working with Shannon, please drop me an email or hop over to IG and slide into my DMs 😉

Lorraine xx


How are you?

How are you? Such a simple question but one we so often shy away from truly answering.

Certainly in Britain, we tend to respond with a quick, almost automatic, ‘I’m fine thank you’, before launching into things we’ve done, or things that are happening in our lives rather than addressing our real feelings.

I noticed this today, when I checked in with a friend who suffers with anxiety. I get in touch from time to time simply to ask how they’re doing and to allow them the chance to share as much or as little as they wish. At the end of their beautiful, honest reply, they asked me how I was.

It wasn’t until I was a few sentences in, writing about various things in my life that were going well, I realised I was writing about all the things I was DOing rather than how I was BEing.

This awareness is a key part of personal growth.

So, I admitted that while I was happy with so many things, there was still a sadness and longing that’s been walled up inside me for decades. It feels freeing when you actually admit how you feel to someone who you know cares about you and who can hold space without trying to fix or find a solution.

What’s even more beautiful is when someone truly sees you. Someone who sees beneath the words, the facial expressions, the body language. This was what happened to me recently on an amazing course called Listening to Life, led by Nicky Clinch.

Nicky has the most profound sense of intuition and perception and could see beneath my ‘happy’ exterior and my big smile and asked me more about that sadness. To feel seen and heard in this way is an experience I’ve rarely had in my life before.

My smile is genuine. I’m a happy person and I always see the positive or the opportunity in every situation. I have never felt like it’s a mask. But being in Nicky’s presence allowed me to be honest with myself that I still have healing to do on the ‘inner’ me. It allowed me to drop into my heart space and see myself with compassion and love.

ThIS experience led me to wonder…

Have I really felt like no-one would listen to me if I opened up?

Have I avoided deep conversation because I felt as if the other person couldn’t handle my truth?

Or is this all a story I’ve made up – possibly way back in childhood – to protect me from scary situations?

And if so, is it actually true that the people around me can’t handle my truth or is that just a story that’s protected me from being open to deeply intimate relationships? (Of all kinds, not just romantic.)

Are we all walking around, like wounded children in adult bodies, desperate to feel less alone, less sad, less angry?

While it would be amazing if everyone had access to high quality, professional coaching with trauma-informed coaches, (perhaps in 10 years time it will be possible!), in the meantime I’d like to make a suggestion….

First, that we all spend a little more time tapping into what’s really going on inside our bodies. To understand what we’re feeling, where we’re feeling it and how that affects the relationships we have with others.

For example, that knotted feeling you get in your gut every time you’re in a situation where you have to speak up – maybe in a meeting at work, a presentation at school or sharing a sensitive topic with family or friends who may have a different point of view. That horrible churning, stomach-wrenching pain might stem back from a time when you were 5 years old and had to speak in front of the class and everyone laughed at you. Or maybe you answered a question in maths class and it was wrong and the teacher belittled you. In that moment, 5 year old you made up a story that speaking up was scary and made you feel bad.

As the mind can’t distinguish between real and imagined events, every time you were in a similar situation after that, the brain brought up that memory and attached the two together. Now, as an adult, all you know is that you ‘have a fear of speaking in public’ or of sharing your truth with those closest to you. Your story has become your identity. The way you live your life is now driven, in part, by avoiding situations where that fear is going to come up.

Unfortunately, avoidance is never going to help us heal the trauma and move forward. Neither is numbing – where we use anything to shut out the pain. This could be alcohol, drugs, sex or gambling, but might also be excessive shopping, exercise, a strict diet, Netflix binges or any activity that distracts us from the inner pain.


Second, I would like to suggest that we all begin to listen to each other. Not simply hearing and formulating a response while the other is still speaking, but to truly listen. It’s not as easy as it sounds, particularly if your ‘story’ is being the person who fixes other people’s problems and is therefore needed, wanted and loved through the act of fixing.

Before we can ever feel safe enough to share our problems, however big or small, we need to feel safe in someone else’s presence. It need not even be someone you know well, but simply someone who allows you to feel safe, heard, seen.

Practice the art of listening every day.

Speak to the check out person at the supermarket, speak to the taxi driver, speak to your colleague at work, speak to your children. And then allow yourself to simply listen to their words without judgement or needing to fix or respond.

And the next time someone asks ‘How are you?’, you have the choice to stay small and stuck in your story with ‘I’m fine thanks’, or to be honest and open a new line of conversation and new possibilities.

Who knows where that might lead?

With love,

Lorraine xx


Disclaimer: **Please note, I am not a trained coach. Everything I write about has been gained from my own experiences of life or of being coached, either in group or 1-1 situations. If any of this resonates with you and you’re ready to start healing, please find a reputable coach with experience that relates to your personal trauma or issue.**

When was the last time you celebrated YOU?

When was the last time you celebrated YOU?

And when was the last time you shared that celebration with others?

Not your children’s successes, your husband’s promotion or your friend’s fitness challenge, but YOUR OWN wins, achievements and Woop-Woop moments, however small and seemingly insignificant?

My guess is… not often enough!

The made up stories in our heads

One of the most important things I’ve learnt on my healing journey of growth and transformation over the last few years, is to notice and acknowledge the power we give the made up stories in our heads. Once we see the connection, we set ourselves up to begin releasing all the limiting beliefs, fears and negative behaviours around those stories that we’ve accumulated since childhood.

Let me share some examples which might resonate with you too…

During a recent visualisation/regression session with Tara at Empathpreneurs, I remembered occasions at school where I was proud of doing something well, but then quickly being told I was ‘square’ for being too clever or made to feel like I was bragging. Over time, I made up subconscious stories in my mind that sharing my success, feeling proud or being too clever meant that something negative would happen, and so I began to dim my sparkle to fit in.

Another part of the regression took me back to a hotel job when I was about 20 or 21 when I applied for a reception supervisor position and was lucky enough to secure the new role. Unfortunately, my outward expression of pride and joy was short-lived as the unsuccessful candidate – a receptionist colleague – was obviously disappointed and her attitude towards me and the job changed and ultimately she chose to move on. Of course, who’s to say I would have acted any differently, but the story my subconscious mind made up was that succeeding publicly meant being disliked (or liked less). Moral of the story? Be humble, stay small, don’t shout about your success.

Signs and synchronicity

Over the past couple of days, I’ve heard or read the words ‘celebrate yourself’ multiple times – which for me is always a little nudge from the Universe!

I realised that in life, love and business, I hold back a lot about sharing my successes, the things I’m proud of and my achievements. Subconsciously those made-up stories from early life are still showing up and preventing me from living fully in my joy and achieving in more amazing things. Even as I write this sentence, I can feel tension and fear build in my tummy. Will people think I’m bragging in this blog? Will I be liked less? Will someone unsubscribe or say something negative?

The trouble is, when we stay in this fear-based mindset, we literally create the energetic environment that attracts the one thing we don’t want!

In every moment, we have a choice. And my choice right now is to squash those fears and step into the light and share my truth. Every. Single. Day.

Because our vulnerability is our greatest strength. 

It’s so easy for me to share other people’s amazing wins and I love to do it frequently. There’s barely a day goes by when I don’t share someone’s post to my Instagram Stories or comment on their post with a huge ‘Congratulations’ and lots of emojis! I love lifting other people and will never stop spreading the love.

But at the same time, I need to celebrate me!

And I’d love you to join me in making a conscious effort to celebrate YOU and your wins throughout July. #CelebratingMe

(After all, the general consensus is that it only takes 21 days to form a new habit!) 

With today being the 1 July, it’s a perfect moment to start this new way of being; to actively choose to acknowledge our fears, expose our made-up stories and replace them with beautiful celebrations.

I want you to step into the energy of celebrating everything…

The new clients, the successful launch, the income milestone, the distance you ran, the weight you lifted in the gym, the day without alcohol, the day filled with self-care, the extra portions of vegetables, the stepping away from a toxic relationship, the day without junk food, the day you stepped out of your comfort zone and did something super scary…

Or the seemingly tiny things… the way you chose to not react to your toddler’s tantrum, your partner’s comment or someone’s Instagram ‘perfect’ life and instead chose LOVE in every moment.

Choosing love over fear always wins.

My commitment to celebrating ME

Every day throughout July over on Instagram, I’m going to share something I’m proud of and will be inviting you to do the same. Remember, this is about you celebrating yourself. It’s natural for us to see a celebratory post and either jump in and say ‘well done!’ or to scroll on past if it triggers one of those pesky made up stories in our heads!

Of course, I encourage you to continue supporting your friends, family and online connections, and definitely keep working on those fears, stories and limiting beliefs as they arise, but ultimately, this is a challenge that aims to inspire you to celebrate you!

I’d love you to comment on each of my Instagram posts (or IG Stories) with your celebration of the day so that you can get into the habit of sharing with others. If you’re really not up for publicly sharing, then at least begin a notebook page, numbered from 1-31 and write a few words for each day. Maybe after 31 days of writing you’ll notice the energy shift and will share your experience with me and the world!

We’ll be using the hashtag #CelebratingMe

If you choose to create your own posts as an extra way to celebrate yourself, please tag me @thesoulfulword and use our special celebratory hashtag #CelebratingMe.

Let’s see how much of an energy shift we can feel collectively over the next 31 days!

With love,

Lorraine xx



Focus on mindset, healing and personal growth to achieve greater creativity, abundance and flow

As a business owner, entrepreneur or freelancer, do you ever take time off work just for you? I don’t mean for family holidays, mastermind retreats or training courses, but time devoted specifically for you and your wellbeing?

Here’s the thing I’ve learnt over 20+ years of working for myself…

When you focus on your own mindset, personal growth, inner healing and transformational work as a priority, this produces a knock on effect that skyrockets your creativity, flow, productivity, sense of abundance and, ultimately, your ‘success’. 

Instead of striving, pushing, struggling and forcing things to happen in your business, you simply need to step back and focus on the foundations: you!

It’s like pulling back on an arrow to launch it forwards.

If your cup isn’t full (in business, life or relationships), how can you possibly ever give your best to someone else and create the impact, financial success or ripple effect you desire?

Why taking time out is so important

When you create space by stepping away from the hustle, switching off social media and letting go of to-do lists, you free yourself up emotionally, physically, energetically and spiritually to allow yourself to tune into your own inner wisdom.

It’s in those moments of stillness and calm in your home, or relaxed time in nature, or beneath the flow of water in the shower, that you gain the opportunity to truly listen to the answers that dwell within.

And while those short periods of quiet, connected time are perfect for receiving the words, thoughts or ideas you need in that moment, taking longer chunks of time away from your work will bring you incredible ‘downloads’ of information, concepts and designs for your business and personal growth.

take 3 days

3 days – just for you. No prior planning beyond ensuring that you’re comfortable, well nourished and in a place where you know your intuition will be strong and your creativity high. Perhaps somewhere away from home in a beautiful AirBnB by the sea or a log cabin an ancient forest, a camping trip in the countryside or a luxury spa hotel. Or simply just 3 days at home while other members of your family are away (or at least out all day!).

Over these three days you indulge in all the things that make you feel relaxed, uplifted, vibrant, alive and abundant. Connecting to nature and to your body are key.

Perhaps you dine in a Michelin star restaurant one lunchtime, or take your homemade salad to the beach. Perhaps you meet girlfriends for cocktails one evening, or book a massage therapist to come to treat you in your own home (or hotel room). Perhaps you book an outdoor adventure session, a group hike, a cooking class or go shopping for a pair of designer shoes.

You get the idea…

In between the treats, experiences and adventures, you simply take time to get quiet and tune into your inner voice; to remember the ancient wisdom inside and create the space for your own innate power and creativity to flow through you onto paper, into your computer or into artwork.

free flowing time and space

It always amazes me how much growth and transformation I feel when I simply stop rushing around trying to do allll the things, and instead focus on looking within.

Take this week for example…

I hadn’t planned to take a week off, just one day for my birthday on Tuesday, but here we are on Friday morning – still diving deep into my inner world, feeling huge transformational shifts and getting the best, most creative downloads from the Universe.

It all started with a free ‘Meet Your Soul Mate’ challenge from Monday hosted by expert love coach, Katie Phillips, founder of The School of Self Love.  I made a commitment to myself to get the most out of this challenge by showing up to all the live videos everyday, reading the worksheets and doing the tasks. I’ve lost count of the number of challenges I’ve signed up for in the last 8 years or so and then never completed!  But at some point in my journey, I realised that I had to actually do the work.

I had to dig deep, face my fears, confront my shadow and step into a higher, brighter version of myself – someone with better boundaries, more ease and flow, more abundance, more love, more opportunities.

On Tuesday, I enjoyed a gorgeous day for my birthday, filled with beach trips, a beautiful sunset, family and delicious food. Feeling high on this combination of warm sunshine, deep inner work and birthday celebrations, it simply ‘felt right’ to do more of the same on Wednesday and Thursday!

And this is what I meant when I said earlier: ‘No prior planning.’ Allowing your time to unfold in a way that feels good rather than trying to stick to a schedule. This is a very feminine way of working, of being, of doing – and it always feels so much more expansive, spacious and fruitful to create and live in this way. Yes, we need to take action in order to get things done, but doing them in a way that feels aligned to your heart, soul and deep intuitive, feminine knowing, is always a winner.

watch the magic unfold

This week has brought me some magical experiences that never would have happened if I’d had my head down in ‘work’ mode and not indulged in this space and time to focus on inner growth and transformation.

Over the course of the 5 day challenge, I’ve experienced numerous shifts around my own limiting beliefs, patterns and behaviours, peeling back more and more layers and uncovering more hidden truths. I’ve had beautiful conversations and numerous ‘nudges’ from the Universe!

The biggest breakthrough, however, was this morning. 

I suddenly felt even more clarity around who I am, my essence, my message and the books I’m writing and planning for the future. The words flowed, the energy was high to the point of fizzing in every cell, and I felt a sense of euphoria flood my body.

When we’re so caught up in the busy, overwhelming rush of everyday life in the modern world, we don’t even realise that this level of clarity, focus and creativity is even possible.

Just like when we eat and snack constantly we never feel that sense of hunger and therefore never appreciate food in the same way as that first meal on a rumbly tummy!

But I can’t take time off!

Some of you reading this may be thinking: ‘It’s alright for her, but I can’t take time off just like that!’, or ‘Who’s going to pay the bills next month if I don’t work for a week?’

But here’s the thing…

I’m not special or different from you. I don’t have a high income, a partner to share bills with, the opportunity to eat out in a Michelin star restaurant or rent an AirBnB.

But I do have one thing that maybe you don’t have (yet)…

Faith and trust.

I have complete and utter faith that in making my personal growth a priority, I gain transformational mindset shifts that uplevel my vibration and allow me to bring a new energy, focus and clarity to my work, life and potential relationships.

In essence, I’ve filled my own cup first and from that overflowing cup, I can give to others.

You have to believe in yourself

Remember the bow and arrow analogy from earlier?

What if taking time off was the equivalent of pulling the arrow back? It’s pulling backwards, creating tension and potentially about to launch you into the unknown. Which all sounds a bit scary. (And fears are what hold us back.)

But what’s also happening is a build up of energy – energy that’s going to be released into the world. And you get to choose whether it has a positive effect on you and others, or not.

As you release the arrow and it arcs into the sky, it’s a beautiful reminder of the possibilities ahead.

What if, instead of earning, say £500 each week, you suddenly made £2000 in one go?

The truth is, that most people are too afraid to step out of the struggle and into the land of opportunity. Most people feel safer earning a little bit of money regularly than taking a risk – which is why so many people stay in the relative security of a 9-5 job rather than following their heart and their passions.

Whoever you are, whatever ‘work’ you do, wherever you’re at in your life in terms of financial, romantic or lifestyle ‘success’, remember to keep in mind what I said at the start…

When you focus on your own mindset, personal growth, inner healing and transformational work as a priority, this produces a knock on effect that skyrockets your creativity, flow, productivity, sense of abundance and, ultimately, your ‘success’. 

I’d love to hear if you take some time out (maybe even over the weekend) to focus solely on your personal growth and mindset and what kinds of beautiful messages your soul brings you that will help you to take a huge step forward…

With love, Lorraine xx

sunset on beach

Space and Light – Simple Concepts For A Better Life

Laying in the garden feeling the warm June sunshine against my skin, I suddenly received one of those magical ‘downloads’ from the Universe in the form of two simple words…

Space and light.

In an instant, I saw the connection between space and light visually and energetically, why we’re getting it all wrong, and how we can make changes to bring in more ease, flow, abundance, love and joy.

I’ve always been drawn to beautifully designed architectural spaces, stunning landscape photography and brilliant graphic design. In fact, I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve researched ways to study architecture, photography or design over the years, only to realise that it’s not another qualification I need, but simply to share my unique thoughts, perspective and concepts with the world through the magic of writing.

This blog focuses on the power of creating more of the right kind of space in our lives to allow the light (i.e. energy, positivity, abundance and love) to flow in and through without being blocked.

How are space, light, energy and flow connected?

Architects and interior designers create spaces that evoke powerful feelings within us: comfort, love, safety, peace, rejuvenation or joy. Photographers capture scenes that can make us feel connected to nature, love and compassion for other humans or a desire to travel, explore and experience new cultures. Graphic designers create branding, packaging and adverts that reconnect us to childhood, motivate us to buy or inspire us to change an aspect of our lifestyle.

One powerful thread that runs through all these examples is the use of space and light to create flow and tap into our energy – the feeling, sensing energy that often bypasses the conscious mind.

In a building, an uncluttered, well-designed space feels energetically uplifting, whereas entering a cluttered family home or being in an overgrown, junk-filled garden would probably leave us feeling drained, low or irritated.

If we get stuck in traffic we may find our mood change, our stress levels rise and some may be prone to anger or ‘road rage’. This is in stark contrast to the relaxed sense of enjoyment we get from the freedom of the open road in good weather with no cars around for miles!

When our desk is messy or our computer is cluttered digitally and its performance is slow, it’s easy to get frustrated, but when we take time to clear away the dirty tea cups, organise our computer files or upgrade our technology, suddenly the energy shifts and our creativity and productivity is heightened.

Applying this concept of creating space to allow light to flow through is fundamental to enjoying a calmer, happier and more fulfilling life and a more successful, abundant business. 

In our modern lifestyle, we typically have a lot of things going on all the time – whether physically in our lives, emotionally in our minds or energetically in our subconscious. In order to move forward and leave our limiting beliefs, negative behaviours and ‘stuckness’ behind, we have to start using this concept of creating space to allow the light to flow through and bring forth the love, abundance and opportunities we desire.

I believe that there are three main areas where we can benefit from spending time decluttering in order to feel a healthier flow of energy:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Digital

Physical decluttering is probably the easiest to understand and something we’ve all done from time to time and have noticed the energetic benefits. Physically clearing space may involve tidying areas of your home or garden, redecorating, getting rid of unwanted items, having a spring clean, rearranging furniture or worktop counter space and bringing in items instead that you love, value and feel good energetically when you use them or view them.

Emotional decluttering is perhaps the area most of us shy away from. It involves us having to dig deep, get up close and personal with our fears and step into our courage and vulnerability. Endings are usually painful, but are always followed by a new beginning or a rebirth of some kind. This is a huge area of personal growth and transformation that can’t be covered here in a couple of paragraphs. But if you are feeling stuck in old patterns and desperately want a life that looks or feels different, I invite you to explore this in more detail, finding the concepts, coaches and organisations that most resonate with you right now.

Digital decluttering can be the most time consuming given the amount of files, apps and data we all store these days! Honesty is really important here: how is your digital behaviour stopping you from living your dream life? If you’re addicted to social media, spend hours messaging unavailable people or simply can’t give up Candy Crush, it’s time to acknowledge your behaviour and make changes that involve deleting apps or taking a digital detox. (Be firm with yourself. You can do this!) Other easy changes involve unsubscribing from Facebook groups, turning off notifications to social media apps, unsubscribing from email newsletters and removing time-wasting apps from your phone.

I recently shared my thoughts around creating space physically, emotionally and digitally in a live Instagram chat with Josie of Worry-Free which you can listen to here.

I invite you to take some time to journal around the areas I mentioned above, and have added some questions and prompts below to guide you into further exploration:

  • Which areas of your life or business currently feel stuck, difficult or challenging? (E.g. financial issues, health problems, relationship struggles.)
  • What have you already done about these issues? And did you stick to your changes or slip back? Why?
  • What one thing could you do today to take a small step towards solving these challenges? (E.g. contact a credit card company, book a GP appointment or speak to a nutritionist, have an honest chat with your partner.)
  • Looking at each area of your life in turn (e.g. career, love, health, money), create a vision for how you’d like it to feel. Spend lots of time on this, perhaps over a few days, and create a full vision of how your dream life looks and feels. (E.g. When I’m with my man, I feel alive and vibrant, loved and respected, adored and safe….) If you’re not keen on writing by hand, you can also create audio notes or film yourself speaking your desires aloud. Sharing your visualisation with others takes it to the next level, but will help you to take action, stay committed and create the positive outcome you desire far quicker.

By letting go of whatever is holding us back, staying clear in our desires and taking regular action in moving forwards, we make it easy for the Universe to deliver our dreams to us quickly.

I’d love to hear how this feels for you and invite you to share one of your desires below.

With love,

Lorraine xx

Creative Clarity + Intuitive Strategy 1-1 Sessions

**NEW** In addition to my intuitive copywriting and content creation services, I’m now offering a limited amount of 1-1 Creative Clarity + Intuitive Strategy Sessions.

These are designed to help you see your own brilliance, understand your value and get you excited about the possibilities and opportunities available to you now and as you grow your business.

Sessions are 90 minutes in duration and include a follow-up PDF document that helps you take those all important next steps on your transformational business journey. 

Ancient wisdom and intuitive gifts meet business strategy and mentorship

With so many of my new clients, online business connections and ‘real life’ friends setting up their own businesses or freelance work, it’s fairly obvious to each and every one of them (and to me!) that I have a wealth of knowledge about working in the online space, including:

  • How to spread your message and mission with integrity and authenticity.
  • Which platforms and apps will best suit you at the early stages of your business (and which you should not waste money on now!).
  • The endless opportunities and possibilities for creating evergreen content, building an engaged audience and getting your messaging just right to attract your ‘dream’ clients and customers.
  • Pricing, market positioning and money mindset /transformational inner work.
  • Social media – everything from planning and creating content to scheduling, building relationships, photography, imagery, graphics, hashtags and more…
  • Using Canva to create beautiful graphics and Later to schedule your social media content
  • Building an email list, creating a ‘free gift’ to attract subscribers and creating automated email nurture sequences (funnels) to up-sell clients into paid programmes, 1-1 sessions or products.
  • How to create evergreen content and why it’s important.
  • Designing gorgeous PDF branded documents for courses, 1-1 client reports, admin (e.g. invoices, contracts), free gifts and e-books to sell.
  • And so much more..!

Think of me as your big sister / business mentor / psychic goddess who is here to sprinkle a little magic and sparkle on your journey; someone who truly sees you, hears you, understands your struggles and really, really wants you to succeed! 

The origins of an idea…

‘A’ came to me as a copywriting client for website content but it became clear very quickly that she had no idea of the potential of her ‘big dream’ and was completely stuck in taking any of her plans forward. It was a classic case of ‘playing small’ and following the path she believed she had to take to fit in in the online space. We completely shattered all those illusions, came up with numerous different ideas and paths for her to follow and allowed her to go off for a few weeks to let the information and ideas to percolate before she invested any more time, money and energy in her business. I wanted her to have complete clarity and feel that what she was doing felt aligned to her big dream and financial goals.

‘B’ came to me as a fellow Starseed connection and we simply got to know each other over a Zoom chat. What became apparent really quickly for her was that I was sitting on so much gold that she’d never even considered. She felt she was at a crossroads in her personal life and in her job and had a few ideas but no real clarity. Using my natural intuitive gifts and wealth of ancient wisdom, I instantly sensed that she was really holding herself back and had so much beautiful experience to share with the world. Through our Zoom chats, I helped her find clarity, focus and to truly believe that all these options were real, concrete possibilities. In essence, I gave her the confidence to step forward into the next level version of herself. (And she told me that I should definitely be offering this as a paid service! – So here I am!!)

‘C’ is a friend who was just starting out on a holistic career a few years back. On our beachfront walks as she shared all the skills she was learning on various courses and with her first ‘guinea pig’ clients, I could sense the incredible potential she had to help so many people to transform their lives after trauma. I shared so many of the possibilities available to her in the online space at that time and over the years it’s been beautiful to watch her rise up and create some serious magic in the world.

Everything you need to know

These sessions will bring you clarity, confidence, calm and creativity – giving you permission to step into the next-level version of you and gain tremendous excitement around the possibilities, potential and opportunities.  Everything we discuss will be funnelled into a beautiful strategy that feels aligned to your values and will support your big, juicy dreams and goals. 

What you’ll receive:

  • 1-1 session of 90 minutes (please allow at least 2 hours so you have time to journal and reflect after your session)
  • Follow-up PDF document that will include a summary of points we’ve discussed, an outline of the possibilities and the action steps you can take, and any other information that I believe will support you as you move forward.
  • Exclusive option to invest in further 1-1 sessions (60 mins).

The energetic exchange for these sessions is £350, payable in advance.

To book your session, please pop me an email and I’ll send you the next available dates/times and payment details. Thank you!

I’m excited to support, guide and inspire you on the next stage of your journey. 

With love,

Lorraine xx

Past Life Regression – Messages From The Past To Shape The Future

Have you ever tried a past life regression session? It’s something I’ve wanted to do for over 25 years as I’ve always felt a strong connection to past lives, people and places. When Tara Jackson, founder of Empathpreneurs appeared in my life through a circle of amazing female writers recently, I knew this was the Universe nudging me to uncover messages from the past to help create my future.

I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of past lives – perhaps you have too? I remember as a 19 year old that cooking and exploring with new herbs, spices and ingredients came so naturally to me that I always joked I’d been a chef in a past life! And then there were all the times I flew to Greece and felt totally at home – as if this place was already in my heart and I just had to open up and feel it again…

Travelling back in time…

And so, it came as no surprise that in my session with Tara, a past life visualisation came through from Ancient Greece. White pillars, stone and sandy, dry scenery. The heat of the sun against my skin. I looked down and saw tanned feet in leather sandals and the hemline of a long natural coloured gown hanging just above my ankles. I was aware I had a brown beard, so must have been a man in my 30s or 40s. I felt relaxed as I looked out towards the sea before two friends from my ‘circle’ of like minded thought leaders came to join me for a discussion.

As I travelled deeper into that lifetime, I was stood at the lectern in the centre of a circular outdoor theatre, looking down at ancient Greek letters carved into stone. Lots of people were listening to me as I spoke and I felt a sense of being respected for my work; my thoughts and perspectives turned into words to share with the people.

Bringing a new perspective to the world isn’t always easy or safe

The next lifetime I visited was more recent, perhaps 1790s based on the knee length trousers and jacket I was wearing and a subsequent bit of internet research! Sat at an old sloped writing desk with a quill and inkwell in a dark room lit only by one small oil lamp, on the first or second floor of an inner city building, I was aware of a deep fear inside me. I knew that at any moment I’d hear footsteps clomping up the wooden stairs of angry men who wanted to kill me.

Somehow, I managed to escape into a forest (somewhere in northern Europe) where I met my guide who was tall and wore a long, dark red cloak, and insisted on telling me that I couldn’t keep on pissing people off for sharing my truth. I only heard the words ‘you can’t keep’ over and over again, but the underlying sense of the message was definitely one of stop it to stay alive! Later, meeting myself as a young man just before my execution was a painful moment and one where the tears started falling. As I held him tightly and let him know he was loved, I knew that he deserved me bringing his strength and boldness into this lifetime; to make a difference and share my truth in an era where it’s safe for me to do so.

Messages from the past to shape the future

The contrast of these two experiences was beautiful to see: the revered writer/speaker of Ancient Greece who had the opportunity to share his learnings, and the wild, untameable young writer whose passion and determination shone through to the end, even when those around tried to silence him for his beliefs or difference of perspective.

I feel I’ve been blessed with a renewed sense of inner strength and resilience as I work on this next stage of my life – bringing my book Raising Wild Birds into the world while I grow my business to reach a larger audience and create the impact I know is possible and needed.

Skeptical about past life regression?

Regardless of whether you believe in past lives or not, entering into a meditative or hypnotic state to connect to your inner wisdom is an fascinating journey where you can ‘hear’, ‘see’ or ‘feel’ messages (from Source/God/intuition) that will help you in your present life. Over the past few years I’ve used various guided meditations to visit my Akashic records, to attempt to astral travel and to visit past lives and they always gift me messages of some kind – not always in words, but often in a feeling. Doing these before I sleep brings me the opportunity to clear out the clutter in my mind and wake up with a renewed sense of clarity, balance and focus.

I’d love to hear whether you do anything similar? Do you use guided meditations or visualisations to connect with the past, the future, faraway galaxies or parallel universes? I feel so immensely lucky to be able to live in a time where we not only have easy access to so much information but that we can also connect with like-minded souls on the other side of the planet.

If you share a similar passion for personal growth and are equally fascinated by all the opportunities for learning in this lifetime, then please come and connect with me on Instagram @thesoulfulword or over on my Facebook page. (The Facebook algorithm isn’t very kind to small businesses so giving me a Like and adding me as a favourite in your newsfeed preferences would make me a very happy girl! Thank you!)

With love,

Lorraine xx

Ps. Did you know that I’m now a published author? I wrote a piece for a gorgeous collaborative book curated by the Unbound Press. #2020Vision – Unbound Perspectives From A Year Like No Other is available in both Kindle and paperback formats from Amazon. If you buy your copy using the link below I may receive a (very small) commission! Thank you 🙂

Perspectives on 2020 – A story of courage, vulnerability and love

Exactly one year ago today, an amazing man decided he was ready to step into his vulnerability and tell the ‘intriguing’ blonde just how much he liked her.

Little did she know that he would turn out to be her twin flame; a fellow Starseed with matching soul chart planetary alignments…

This is a story of courage, personal growth and transformation. 

A story that may not have a Hollywood happy ending, but one that has nonetheless changed both our lives forever. A relationship that forced us to go deep within, to acknowledge our shadow side and to do the work required to release pain, fear and sadness and to live life from a place of pure unconditional love. A relationship that truly opened our hearts in a way we’d never felt before. 

The Universe always sends us what we need, not what we want. It’s always for our highest good. And while relationship endings can be painful, sad and feel totally wrong at the time, ultimately we grow into the person we’re meant to become: the best possible version of ourselves.

Looking back, as the woman I am one year on, it’s no surprise that my man showed up as the sun moved into Aquarius, at the dawn of the Aquarian age. And equally no surprise that our first day apart after our relationship changed shape was 11/11, the moment portals opened, planets shifted and the world breathed a sigh of relief as it inched its way closer to 2021. 

There’s so much to this story, to my story, and to the part it played in reconnecting me to my empowered feminine; remembering the essence of who I am, what I came here to do and who I came here to be. In fact, there’s so much I’ve learnt that can be shared to help, support and inspire others, I’m finally writing my book! My experiences, both in this unexpected and magical relationship and other aspects of my life’s journey, will become someone’s handbook for life; something they can learn from, play with and use to empower their choices and raise their vibration. 

While my book is being intricately (and slowly) woven together, I want to share this piece (below) I wrote for a collective book curated by The Unbound Press. It’s a beautiful collaboration by twenty incredibly talented writers and artists who each bring a slice of their wisdom and unique gifts to the table. It’s called#2020Vision – Unbound perspectives from a year like no other’ and can be  ordered from Amazon UK. (#soexcited) Launch date 25 February 2021.

(Please note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)

Grab yourself a drink, get cosy, and read my perspective on 2020…

If you don’t experience life, you can’t write about it.

2020 was the year that brought me back to life.

The year that gifted me the most profound, transformational gift possible to any human being.

The gift of pure, unconditional love. 

And yet, this isn’t a simple romantic story of falling in love, with a Hollywood cliché ending.

It’s a story that goes beyond the depths of space and time to reunite a Starseed soul with her true purpose. 


Meeting my twin flame didn’t happen overnight. A chemical reaction took place at some point in the history of the galaxies. Planets collided, stars exploded and atoms split. 

A spark. A slow burn. A flame.

At the end of 2019, I broke my ankle whilst settling my daughter into her first year university accommodation. With an insignificant slip on a damp pavement, a loud crack and an instant feeling of nausea, something in the Universe shifted as subtly as the bones in my left ankle.

In the weeks that followed, stuck indoors with an inflatable boot, crutches and a never-ending creativity in how to make food while balanced on one leg and then transport it to the lounge, I decided I was ready to give up the struggle.

I’d had enough.

I’d spent over eight years as a single parent, only ever making ‘just enough’ money to make ends meet. A rising cost of living meant that the luxuries had slowly been eliminated. No more chiropractic treatments, massage or nice moisturiser. While much of it had been an essential and exciting budgeting learning curve, it left me with a deep-rooted fear of truly looking after and loving myself. 

I no longer enjoyed the playful nature of clothes shopping or the curiosity in discovering this season’s make-up colour trends. I stopped dancing around the house. I lost the joy in washing my hair. And I rarely went out – partly through a lack of money but also because I’d forgotten how to enjoy social situations.

I was lost.

Or rather, I had lost myself. 

And so, breaking my ankle forced me to sit still, accept help and truly embrace my vulnerability.

I decided in that moment that it was time to put me first again.

To nurture the beautiful soul within me and the human body that craved sensual touch and abandoned excitement.

I wanted to hang out with the wild woman within me. This gorgeous goddess that held the key to my ability to truly savour everything this lifetime had to offer.

I was ready to let love into my life in every corner of my world and every facet of my being. 

Within mere moments of setting the intention, the Universe showed up with the support I needed: a sisterhood of women in a monthly membership group, connections to new, beautiful souls and then, just a few weeks later, my twin flame showed up.

Except, I didn’t know that at the time. Neither of us did.

He made his way firmly into my heart within days of our deep, intimate online chats. He was ready to get to know the real me. He wasn’t interested in the superficial and he definitely wasn’t playing games. He simply wanted to peel back the layers and reveal my fears, my insecurities, my joys and my passions.

With every soft, delicate layer he removed, our connection strengthened.

For the first time in my life, I’d met a man who showed up consistently, every single day. Always a good morning and a good night. Humour, interesting conversations, stories about his day and random GIFs. Digital dating at its best. 

Flights were booked to meet in person in early March and our first meeting was laced with a powerful, yet gentle curiosity. We touched hands. We laughed and smiled. We walked in the wind, and took selfies by the sea. We drank tea on the sofa and talked about life.

Twelve hours after meeting, we had our first kiss. My feminine intuition allowing him to lead our connection wherever it wanted to go.

Within days of our first weekend together, the world shut down.

Coronavirus swooped in and threw us all into a new paradigm; a new way of being.

Parents battled home-schooling their children. Office workers struggled with technology. Restaurants and bars closed their doors. 

Suddenly everyone knew about Zoom.

For me, little changed. I continued to work from home and my youngest teenage daughter settled back into home learning. My eldest returned from university and we got into a new routine of food shopping deliveries, doing our own cleaning (or not!) and the occasional Indian takeaway to break the monotony. 

My man was my rock and my saviour throughout. He was always there with deep understanding, kindness and humour.

There was no need for me to ever doubt his feelings – and yet of course, I did. Twin flames are sent as a mirror to help us grow, learn and transform.

The misunderstandings felt like drowning in a black swamp of goo. 

In truth, we were both triggered by random words that struck us like an arrow to the heart. For me, this brought up old wounds, old patterns, old behaviours.

I never liked the version of me that reacted in this way. The ‘me’ who got scared about him meeting someone younger, slimmer, more wild, more of a water baby, more of a dog lover, more into snowboarding. Someone without kids, a house and bills to pay. Someone who could fly to Bali for epic adventures at a moment’s notice.

All negative, fear-based thoughts that triggered me to over react or back off.

And yet, every time I backed off or went quiet in a Facebook Messenger conversation, he’d be there with a hug. It was like he instinctively knew what I needed. I never wanted to push him away. I wanted him to hold me close. And never let go. 

As lockdown restrictions eased in July, we enjoyed a long weekend in a lush AirBnB property in a beautiful forest. It was everything we both needed. Cosy fireplace chats and wild sexual chemistry. The kind of intimate connection that opens you up to new levels and brings a sense of coming home amidst the ultimate freedom. 

Over the summer months, we enjoyed more weeks together with beach trips and new experiences. Watching the moonrise over the horizon, on a clear, star-filled night, sat on the beach wrapped in blankets was definitely one of our highlights.

At my home together, we worked on client projects while sharing intimate kisses and cups of tea at random moments. We showed each other it was possible to run a business and enjoy a healthy, satisfying relationship. It never had to be one or the other.

We gave each other hope.

We showed each other love in ways we’d never experienced before.

We filled each other’s lives with small moments of joy; little pockets of happiness in a crazy world. 

And it was beautiful.

But just as dark clouds pass in front of the sun, so twin flame relationships ignite something in us that we can no longer ignore. 

For many years I’d experienced a deep sense of longing and could never quite get to the bottom of why I felt that way. 

The Universe knew I needed something that would shake me to my core – and it had to be unexpected and delivered from a place of pure, unconditional love.

It had to be something that would transform me forever.

It might leave me temporarily bruised, battered and broken, but ultimately stronger, more beautiful and more filled with love than ever before. 

He had to leave. 

It wasn’t a break-up in the usual sense, just a deep-rooted knowing and intuition on both sides that we’d come to an impasse. We had no idea whether to go up, over or around – we just knew we were stuck.

It happened so quickly, so suddenly.

As the tears flowed and we held each other tight, we said ‘I love you’ face to face for the first time. 

And we both knew it was the absolute truth.

Our hands held each other’s faces and we sobbed messy tears.

I love you.

I love you. 

It was an ending neither of us expected, and yet in our heart-breaking, gut-wrenching pain, we knew somehow that it was the right thing to do. 

He flew back to the UK that morning and while he navigated planes, trains and somewhere to stay, I flitted between moments of deep clarity and dark moments of untamed sadness.

The next morning in the shower, and for the first time in years, it all come out. 

As the water ran over my naked, curvy body that had been held so tightly, romantically and sexually the night before, the tears began to pour out.

All the fears, struggles and challenges I’d faced, I let it all go.

 I sobbed.

It wasn’t pretty.

And yet I knew it was what I needed.

As the gratitude for this moment I’d been given rolled in, I realised this was my ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ moment.

I surrendered to the universe with an inner knowing that I’d be ok.

Except, I knew I didn’t want to be ‘just ok’. I wanted to thrive. I wanted to fly.

In the days that followed, we talked about what we were going through. We shared our feelings, our love and our gratitude for each other.

The love hadn’t gone anywhere, we just changed the shape of the container it was in. 

And then he wrote me a story…

A story where a struggling human had been able to find his heart through the love I’d shown him. That he had been opened up to love after being closed for so long. That he could now feel and had been given hope, light and a reason to live. 

He’d been given the gift of true love, entirely unexpectedly.

It would be easy to think that this was the gift I’d been given. To know that I’d helped someone to experience that kind of love.

Except with a twin flame, it’s never that simple.

And the love goes both ways.

He continued his story with a twist…

Unlike in the movies where the little Starseed would morph into that bright star she is and fly off into the sky as the film ends, giving the viewer a warm glow and a contented feeling of a journey completed, that wasn’t about to happen.

Instead, what the Starseed had missed was that this was actually her journey all along – not about the human she’d given her gift to. 

Her human had come all this way to be with her at this exact moment in time where he could give her his gift and watch her fly.

She felt for the first time like she actually belonged and knew her purpose. She opened her heart to the full experience of being human.

She cried and laughed simultaneously and felt this heavy weight lifting from her shoulders.

She knew then that she wasn’t here to do just one thing. She was given the gift of a human life to experience even more such moments by being her brilliant, beautiful, bright self.

The little Starseed realised she was enough. Always had been and always will be. 

All she ever needed to do was to fully embody the little Starseed inside this human form, shining bright.

She realised she could stop trying so hard, give up the struggle and just be herself. 

This was the Universe’s plan all along. A story of her transformation.

A transformation that would set her free, to transmute her gift in exciting ways to reach out and touch people. Seeing this, she was set free to create and turn her gift into limitless possibilities.

She finally saw the light in herself radiating outwards, filling her soul with everything she’d ever need and an abundance to share with as many people as possible during her time on Earth.


As I sit with this story today, I know in my heart that 2020 was so much more than a new chapter.

It was a complete plot twist that would transform life forever. 

I’ve been given a gift that will have a ripple effect around the world as I play my small part in shifting human consciousness. 

Where my story goes next, and what happens in 2021, no-one knows.

And yet, somehow, I’m filled with more love, peace and lightness than I’ve ever known before.

I’ve got this.

You’ve got this. 

And so it is. 


I wrote an eBook to support light workers at this time of overwhelm, noise and stress online.

Click here to download your copy of ‘The Light Worker’s Guide to Showing Up Online with Conscious Intention and Love’. 

(Choice between two covers so you can download the one you feel most drawn to.)

stones balanced on beach

Creating long-term brand value and embracing digital minimalism

It’s time to communicate deliberately; to forge deep connections, create long-term brand value and embrace digital minimalism.

This year I will contribute by creating space, not adding to the noise.

In my work as an intuitive copywriter and content creator for heart-centred, soul-driven entrepreneurs and business owners  I will be focusing on supporting people ready to deliberately devote their time and energy to  building their brand and sharing their message to create long-term impact and lasting legacy.

It’s time for creating words with purpose and meaning, designing content that has a long lifespan, not simply creating pieces for the sake of a generic marketing strategy.

You’re unique, and your business is too. 

If you’re like me, you’ll feel driven by a deep desire to create transformation in people’s lives; to inspire, engage and empower your audience. And when you’re led by the heart in this way, the ‘old-fashioned’ way of doing business, marketing and sales simply won’t feel aligned any more.

You want to create an impact, leave a legacy and most importantly, create value in all you do – whether that’s a 1-1 service for a client or a conversation with a stranger.

You’re not here to make a quick buck and jump straight onto the next trendy thing. You know longevity is the key. You have natural gifts, talents, expertise and experience and you want to share that with the world.

And you definitely don’t want to get stuck on the content creation treadmill – you’ve been there before and you don’t want to be there ever again!

How to show up in 2021

Showing up in 2021 is about bringing value to the table; ensuring your words convey your message, passion and story in a way that empowers your reader and supports them in creating the space they need to be the happiest version of themselves.

After the global pandemic and associated challenges throughout most of 2020, everyone has grown weary of the noise in the online space.

If your inbox is anything like mine, you’ll have noticed a surge of emails over the last 3 weeks as we ushered in a new year.

But here’s the thing…

You have a choice

You have a choice what you choose to allow into your life.

People. House stuff. Digital stuff.

It’s all a choice.

On a recent podcast episode by The Minimalists, someone asked how to stop the clutter coming back into their home after a period of decluttering. And the lighthearted initial response was: ‘Stop going to the store and bringing stuff home!’

This same principle can be applied to the digital space: 

  • If you want to receive fewer emails, start unsubscribing and deleting.
  • If you want to be interrupted less by your phone (and therefore free up more headspace to get into the ‘flow’ of aligned creative work), turn off notifications, put your phone on silent or airplane mode, or even leave it in another room.
  • If your energy is dampened by the negative energy of news reports on TV or radio, switch off.

(I haven’t watched the news on TV since about 2013 and it’s honestly been the best thing for my creativity, flow and alignment to my inner truth.)

Creating content with long-term brand value

I love to create content that lasts. 

And there’s a beautiful win-win combination here: creating content that people can access over and over again for years to come means that you have the potential to reach a large number of people through one piece of work. So whether you’re selling something or simply sharing information, you’re creating a greater return for the time, effort and money you invested at the outset.

For example, if you’re a home cook, nutritionist or wellness advocate, a recipe eBook may take you a few weeks to put together, but when it’s done you can share it with the world and potentially touch the lives of thousands (or even millions) of people.

(I started writing eBooks back in 2015 in my former life as a food coach and plant-based cooking expert and always do a little happy dance when I make a sale of one of my recipe eBooks through my website.)

connections and collaborations

If 2020 showed us anything, it was the power of human connection. More importantly, the negative effect on our mental health and wellbeing when we’re deprived of meaningful connections with our loved ones.

In the business space, I’ve always felt as if truly magical things are created when experts bring their knowledge, expertise and passion together with a shared high-vibe energy.

In my work as an intuitive copywriter, I’m blessed to be able to birth some incredible pieces of content into the world. Throughout 2020, I completed various projects for a client (a high level coach and self-love and relationship expert) using a technique known as…

repurposing content

Repurposing content is when you take one existing piece you’ve written or produced, and use some of it (or all of it) to convert it into something else of value for your audience.

For example: a Facebook live video could be used to create a blog. The blog could include a ‘top tips’ section. These top tips could then be made into a separate PDF download to be used as a way to attract people to sign up to your email list. All of that from one initial 15 minute live video to your Facebook audience!

Of course, there’s an element of work involved in creating these additional pieces, but the key factor is that you’re not starting from scratch! No staring at a blank screen wondering what to create! (Note: if you are staring at a blank screen and feeling the need to create, go back to the start of this blog and feel back into alignment and flow.)

Investing in professional support

If you’re already maxed out on time in your business (or you’re stuck in lockdown, trying your best to home-school young children, look after the pets, feed everyone snacks at 15 minute intervals and the wifi keeps crashing), then investing in professional copywriting or content creation support to repurpose your content could be one of the best investments you ever make.

With one of my client’s projects last year we started with a very broad brief: To create blogs, social media snippets and a ‘coaching process’ document from four 1-1 coaching case study audio recordings. (All the coaching clients involved gave their permission for the recordings to be used in this way.)

From approximately eight hours of recorded footage, I produced four blogs, four sets of case study notes answering specific questions, multiple ‘Teachables’ that could be used across all social media platforms or as a starting block for future ‘How To’ articles, and a coaching ‘process’ document that showed my client’s incredible expertise in a way that filled her with gratitude and illuminated just how amazing she is at the work she does with 1-1 clients.

In a later project, I wrote 65 short 250 word pieces to accompany small videos which had been edited from a week of Facebook live challenge Q&A sessions. If my client shared one per week, she’d have over a year’s worth of social media content!

This is the power of repurposing content.

I see it as… Repackaging your brilliance!

No more mindless consumption or soulless production

2021 is the start of a global shift in values and mindset.

While many of us have been feeling the positive energy of this new dawn (the Age of Aquarius) since 2012, it’s only now that the energy is truly shifting towards love and human connection.

There’s been an element of competition, hustle and achievement over recent years that has paved the way for a more gentle approach to online business.

It’s time to stop chasing numbers, mindlessly consuming everything in sight (every course, every podcast, every live video…) and producing endless streams of bland content just because you think you ‘should’.

This paradigm shift ignites the need for sustainable business, more self-nurture and kindness, more intuitive connection and meaningful communication.

What we all want now – both as creators and consumers – is less clutter and less noise.

Be part of the solution, not the problem.

Create space for yourself, and in doing so, you’ll create more meaningful content that has the impact and longevity you desire to drive forward your brand while ensuring you spend less time working and more time living life to the full.

Follow your heart, tune into your soul and do what lights you up the most. 

With love,

Lorraine xx

I wrote an eBook to support light workers at this time of overwhelm, noise and stress online.

Click here to download your copy of ‘The Light Worker’s Guide to Showing Up Online with Conscious Intention and Love’. 

(Choice between two covers so you can download the one you feel most drawn to.)

Ps. Fancy creating some magic with me in 2021? Pop me an email or slide into my DMs over on Instagram.



girl by beach

Deliberately, consciously and intentionally choosing how I use my energy

After a hugely transformational year in 2020, I’m going into 2021 with a level of clarity I’ve not felt for a while.

It was the word ‘deliberately’ I saw on an innocent Instagram story that got me started…

More than a lightbulb moment, this was like a New Year’s Eve firework display! My body got excited, my mind sped up, I felt tingles all over and couldn’t write my thoughts down fast enough!

(When I feel this way I know that it’s an important download I can’t ignore.)

I realised that I wanted, needed, desired even, to be far more deliberate about what I do, how I spend my time and how I use and share my energy.

The online dictionary definition of ‘deliberate’ is: ‘Done consciously and intentionally.’ I knew in that instant that this was to be my theme for this year (or word, if you like).

To deliberately, consciously and intentionally choose how I use my energy. And to do that with grace, gratitude and devotion.

(Hey, I’m a writer, I can’t have just one word!)

It got me thinking about all the times I’ve said I’m going to prioritise my self-care but in reality I’m multi tasking…. Like taking a bath and watching a self-improvement video, or reading a book but constantly picking up my phone to message or reply to someone special, watching a movie and playing on Pinterest on my phone. You get the idea…

In that moment, everything became clear.

It always amazes me how we never realise how stuck we are until we get that thunderbolt of clarity.

In the few days since this new energy took over, I’ve chosen to consciously focus on ONE thing at a time. And while I don’t always succeed, on the whole I’ve managed it well, feel like I have 50% more hours in the day and also feel more happy with what I’ve achieved, more contented, and maybe even a little smug!

Even seemingly small things, like taking the time to call someone, send an audio message or write a letter rather than going back and forth with instant messaging or email can make such a difference in terms of focused versus scattered energy.

I’ve noticed already that when I’m deliberate with my intention and consciously commit to one thing at a time, I feel more calm and centred.

Of course, I’ll be taking this beautiful new energy into my intuitive copywriting business too.

After working with an incredible long-term client in 2020, I’ve realised exactly the type of work that most lights me up, whilst also bringing the most value and impact into the world.

I’ve explored deeper into that magical crossover between my clients’ passion and expertise and mine, and how bringing the two together consciously and collaboratively results in the creation of a truly transformational gift.

I’ll be sharing more about this in another blog, but in the meantime, if you’d like to deliberately create meaningful content with purpose in 2021 and would love a little of my intuitive copywriting magic thrown into the mix, drop me an email or DM on social media.

Lorraine xx

I wrote an eBook to support light workers at this time of overwhelm, noise and stress online.

Click here to download your copy of ‘The Light Worker’s Guide to Showing Up Online with Conscious Intention and Love’. 

(Choice between two covers so you can download the one you feel most drawn to.)

How to write creative copy that attracts and inspires

If you have a passion to inspire others, create personal transformation or raise the vibration of the planet, then at some point you’ll need to learn how to write creative copy that attracts your ideal clients, builds an engaged audience and inspires people to take action.

While you may wish to outsource some elements of your business to a professional copywriter (e.g. for website copy, building a sales page or editing a book), you’ll still have to write thousands of words of your own (across social media or via email) as you build relationships, share thoughts and build interest in your products or services.

If you’re driven to make a difference but aren’t seeing results then it’s time to take a step back, look within and see how much of what you’re doing in your business on a daily basis is truly aligned to your deep core values.

Ready to jump straight in and start writing better copy? Download my How To Effortlessly Write Heart-centred Copy Workbook here

As a small business owner, creative or entrepreneur, it’s easy to get caught up in the struggle of everyday life.

Perhaps you are so fully booked with 1-1 clients (which often happens with therapists and coaches) that you never feel you have enough time to devote to creating or developing your own business content. Or perhaps you have too much time on your hands and not enough clients and you’re simply flitting from one social media platform to another without a plan and still never achieving anything even though you seem to spend all day every day attached to your laptop!

Whatever your current situation, the most important thing is that you’re ready to commit time, energy and effort to your business in order to achieve your goals.

Here are three things that I’ve found to be most helpful over 20+ years of running my own businesses:

  1. Batch create content. Stop jumping from one thing to another and simply schedule time to get ONE thing done. In a world that covets multi-tasking as an aspirational lifestyle, it’s like taking a breath of fresh air when you finally slow down and simply enjoy creating one thing at a time. (Do you need a content strategy?)
  2. Make a (small) plan the night before. Sometimes we can wake up with the best intentions and then be thrown off course by one small thing – an emotional phone call, reading/hearing something sad on the news, being distracted by clutter around the house or simply the normal ups and downs of being a parent to young children. Making a small plan the night before helps to refocus after those morning distractions. For me, the days I’m most productive is when I have just 1-3 things on my to-do list – it’s less overwhelming and easier to get started.
  3. Start your day with activities that help you to feel centred, calm and focused. Whether that’s a walk, a meditation audio, a yoga session, breakfast in the sunshine in the garden or pulling an oracle card and doing some journalling, taking the time for YOU to step into the present moment and focus on raising your own energy levels is the most important. (How can I be the best version of myself?)

The reason I’ve shared this first is because too many online business owners are stuck in a rut and need a gentle nudge in the right direction first before they can truly write the magnetic copy that will attract their ideal clients and help them to build an audience of raving fans.

… now onto copywriting! 

core values

As I share in my How to Effortlessly Write Heart-centred Copy Workbook, the first step is to realise that as a solo business owner, creative or entrepreneur, you are your brand!

Everything you do, say or write must be aligned to your deep core values.

If the life you’re living doesn’t really match your beliefs and values, then you’ll feel constantly in a place of struggle, as if nothing you ever do really hits the spot.

Bringing Joy

One of the first questions I ask any of my clients (and other people I meet at networking events or dinner parties!) is ‘What truly lights you up?’ What are the things that bring you joy and make you feel alive and vibrant?

If we make a commitment to bringing more of that joy into our businesses first then writing copy simply becomes an extension of sharing that effervescent energy. It’s much easier to write about something you love than something you feel you ‘should’ write about.

This is when copywriting begins to feel effortless and the words seemingly appear to be channelled rather than coming from conscious thought.


When creating engaging, magnetic copy, the key is to build a connection with your reader.

You reader wants to know that you understand their problems, empathise with their situation or can support them through the transformation they desire.

However, I meet far too many incredible business owners, creatives and entrepreneurs who have lost sight of their brilliance and therefore aren’t sharing the right kind of energy that attracts their dream clients or helps them to build a more engaged audience.

This is why I created the How To Effortlessly Write Heart-centred Copy Workbook because I wanted to help people just like you to remember who they truly are and to reconnect to their unique gifts, skills and talents.

It’s the first step to take before you start creating new content; to tune back in to your own connection to your inner voice and to feel focused, grounded and excited to share this with others.

Once you begin to write from this space, everything will fall into place.

a few words about Writing style

Many people struggle with writing copy because they’re stuck in an old-fashioned style of corporate report or university essay writing. Writing in the online space hinges on personal connection and creating a style that your reader resonates with.

It’s fine to use colloquial terms, abbreviations and ‘chatty’ language because it feels more personal; as if the two of you are sat together in a cosy coffee shop with warm mugs of your favourite drink! (Cake optional)

Shorter sentence length and lots of line breaks are great in the online space because so many people are scan reading, scrolling through their phones and multi-tasking. You want to make the most important words stand out.

and a little note about grammar and spelling

If you struggle with dyslexia, are trying to write in a language that isn’t your native tongue or know that you’re bad at spelling, punctuation and grammar, please know that you’re not alone!

Too many people self-sabotage their business-building efforts because they’re too afraid to show up for fear of being criticised. Honestly, if someone has nothing better to do than point out your wordy errors then they really need to get a life! Belittling others only serves to highlight their own need to be right.

There are many tools available (like spellcheck, thesaurus.com and Grammarly) that can help you to proofread and edit your own pieces of writing before you put them in the online space. For important items such as web copy, course materials and eBooks, I’d definitely suggest asking word-savvy friends to take a look or invest in a copywriter or copy editor to ensure you have a polished finished result.

Download your copy of the How To Effortlessly Write Heart-centred Copy Workbook (for Creative Entrepreneurs) today and bring new joy into your writing.

No more overwhelm staring at a blank screen, no more ‘shoulding’ yourself into creating more and more bland copy just to adhere to a specific marketing technique and no more going off in ten different directions and confusing your reader!

Buy your workbook and start creating the copy that truly illuminates your brilliance.

Why is this so hard? A story about vulnerability and strength.

Sometimes you climb all the way to the top of one mountain only to find the next peak is even higher with more difficult terrain. And at that point, even with the beautiful sunrise view from the summit, you start thinking ‘Ugh! Why is this so hard? And is it ever going to get any easier?!’

That’s how I’ve found the journey of running my own business and the journey of life!

Just when one area seems to fall effortlessly into place, another falls apart. And you wonder, why can’t it just all come together at the same time and allow me to simply sit back and enjoy the ride?

But if this human life experience has taught me anything, it’s that I have enormous amounts of strength and resilience. I’m adaptable, positive and start every day with enthusiasm and a smile. I can see the good in (virtually) every situation and I’m incredibly good at bouncing back after struggles.

And… I’m also pretty good at not sharing how I really feel inside; presenting a neatly edited version to the world and even to those closest to me.

Over the past few months, I’ve learnt something really valuable and important: the power of vulnerability. Of stepping into my divine feminine energy and trying my best to share the fullest expression of myself.

It’s not easy.

In fact, it’s really, really hard!

Especially for those of us who’ve been independent single mums for so long. Struggling for year after year, whether that’s emotionally, physically, financially or a combination of all three, toughens you up. It makes you put up your walls in an attempt to cling on to the small amount of control you have.

You also get really bad at asking for help and opening up to receive help.

It becomes a totally alien experience.

That’s where I was when I broke my ankle last September. I’d single -handedly spent three days carrying endless (very large and heavy) shopping bags around Leeds city centre and up flights of stairs to my daughter’s university accommodation and I was exhausted. We’d had fun of course, it was exciting setting her up in her new little living space. But to do it all ourselves in one weekend without our own car was a lot of work.

And so it was no surprise that the Universe gave me a big wake up call!

Healing from a broken ankle physically is the easy part! I did my exercises religiously and spent every night listening to a bone healing meditation and sending that area of my body lots of love and light. Like I said, that was the easy part.

But opening up to receive help and allow people to support me was a more difficult task.

We’re so conditioned as women to use well worn phrases such as ‘I’m fine’, ‘It’s ok’, ‘No, don’t worry, that’s out of your way, I’ll manage…’ that it takes a lot of strength to breathe in and announce that, actually you’d love some help.

This same dynamic also exists in business and romantic relationships.

As an online business owner, I’m brilliant at supporting other women. I’m very, very proud to share my friends’ accomplishments, products and services, boosting their audience and illuminating just how amazing they are at what they do. This comes so naturally to me and I thrive on lifting other people up and sharing their brilliance with the world.

But when it comes to asking for help or getting the support I need, I tend to stay much quieter. The notion of needing help is deeply entwined with a perception of weakness.

I need help therefore I’m not good enough.

Of course, nothing could be further from the truth.

As every successful multi-million dollar CEO knows, the key to success is building a team where everyone can bring their unique skills to the table in support of your passion and mission. The CEO’s strength is in their ability to create a network of support so that they can spend more time doing the things that really light them up.

Not everyone wants to be CEO of a multi million dollar business, of course, and not every business owner needs a really big team – they may simply need to outsource certain areas at certain times: building a website, hiring a brand designer or copywriter, getting a Facebook ads strategist or a social media manager.

Either way, understanding the need for support, having the courage to ask for it, the willingness to invest in it and the energy and mindset to receive that support with love and vulnerability is crucial.

Ditto for relationships.

And so, if you’re reading this as a woman who’s struggling to show up as the fullest expression of herself, in her divine beauty and feminine energy because she’s so stuck in a place of struggle with an inability to ask for and receive help, love and support, I’m here to tell you that it’s ok.

And that I completely understand how you feel.

I’ve been there too and will be there again.

Personal growth and transformation is never a straight road – it’s filled with twists and turns and unexpected challenges.

But here’s the key…

In order to peel back the layers that are holding you back, you have to let go.

You have to surrender.

Show your vulnerability.

Cry messy, snotty tears if you need to.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, stepping into the feminine energy of vulnerability isn’t weak, it’s a true sign of strength.

And in the same way, using our masculine energy to fuel our drive, planning and organisation is powerful and helps us take action.

We all need a balance of both energies, and when things feel too tough and that mountain looks insanely high and insurmountable, that’s when we’ve tipped the balance too far and need to bring it back into harmony.

You, my beautiful reader, possess all the skills you need to climb the rocks in front of you. 

Open your heart to receive love, support and guidance from others and you’ll soon be striding ahead and ready for the next incredible view from the top.

Lorraine xx

If you’ve enjoyed this blog, you might like the first in this series about Connection, Surrender and Alignment here: How to Surrender to the Flow and Ignite your Inner Voice.

A lesson in listening to your intuition

Sinking into your self.

Following your heart.

Listening to your intuition.

When was the last time you truly did something JUST for you?

Something unexpected, spontaneous and entirely driven by a desire to simply do that thing just because it’s what you felt in the moment?

I feel these desires all the time.

Sometimes they’re full on and noisy – you can’t miss them when the voice in your head is literally shouting: ‘Go to the beach’, ‘Read a book’, ‘Turn the music up loud and sing along’.

Other times they’re small, fun things that make me smile: kicking a pile of autumn leaves as high as I can, drawing a word or a shape in the sand, making a paper aeroplane, arranging fruit or vegetables in the kitchen into erotic shapes (oh come on, I know you’ve thought of that too!).

And then occasionally, like this morning as Storm Alex raged outside, my soul gently suggests that I stay in bed; to appreciate the warmth and cosiness of my surroundings.

While I appreciate not everyone has the choice to take a duvet day, what’s important here is the tuning into what your body, mind and soul truly need.

It might be that you’ve set yourself a goal of going to the gym four times a week after work, but tonight what you’d really love is to snuggle up on the sofa with a big furry throw and Love Actually.

It’s not about being lazy or avoiding adulting.

It’s about listening to your inner voice.

Because she really wants to be heard.

This morning, as I snuggled in bed, hugged by pillows and cushions, with the beautiful purring of Luna curled up alongside me, pressed against my leg, I was aware of the deliciousness of the moment. Of what seemed like indulgence but was in fact a pure example of tuning into your true self.

What followed, in the two hours I stayed warm and cosy, was a rush of creativity, a desire to look inwards and a few big realisations.

With yesterday being a full moon, I grabbed my copy of Moonology and began writing a forgiveness list, followed by a gratitude list.  This activity is all about letting go of negative energy that fills our cells and replacing it with lighter, higher vibration energy.

This exercise led me on to some more personal journalling and those beautiful breakthroughs that help us to see how far we’ve come.

Who knew you could get so much out of a duvet day?!

My little piece of wisdom for you today is this:

Tuning into your desires and listening to your inner voice is not a pretty, fluffy little add-on for  a better life. It’s a fundamental part of who you are and the amazing light you’re here to share with the world.

From this moment forward, make a promise to yourself that next time you feel drawn to do something that you know is coming from deep within, don’t shut it out with logical reasoning or step in with a fear-based excuse.

In the words of Nike – Just do it!

This blog forms part of my October series. Read the FIRST blog here: How to Surrender to the Flow and Ignite Your Inner Voice

Lorraine xx

Need some help writing copy for your heart-centred, soul-led business? Grab the  ‘How to Effortlessly Write Heart Centred Copy’ workbook here!

How to surrender to the flow and ignite your inner voice

Have you ever wondered why it’s so difficult to anchor your thoughts for long enough to turn them into words that connect with your reader? In this blog I’m sharing my recent experiences along with some tips to help you surrender to the flow of your intuition and ignite your inner voice, so that you finally write the book, create the online course or finish the sales page!

Do you ever get a flash of inspiration – the kind that swirls inside your head giving you a complete mental image of something you feel drawn to create instantly?

You know instinctively that all the information is there. The words, the images, the sounds, the smells, the feelings. And yet the minute you pick up your pen and paper to write it all down, it begins to float away…. just like dreams, smoke and clouds.

One minute your thoughts are as vivid as they can possibly be, and the next they’re transforming, swirling, disappearing.

This happens to me all the time.

My Gemini mind is like mercury – fast, fluid and ever changing. So my ability to hold onto those thoughts and ideas and channel them directly into a container every time is almost impossible.

Of course, not every idea or thought that ever pops into our minds needs to be acted upon. Far from it in fact.

But every now and then you’ll get that one thought that leaves you fizzing in every cell in your body. And just like meeting your soulmate, you know it’s the one.

So, what can you do to harness your effervescent energy and insatiable ideas once they jump into your mind with more bounce than Tigger?

Here’s what I’ve learnt over the past few months that might help you to feel more connected, aligned and ready to anchor those thoughts into tangible words so you can create the impact and ripple effect you desire.

First, feeling frustrated when you can’t get the words out onto paper isn’t helping. You need to take a step back and look at the situation from a new perspective.

There’s probably a lot going on in your life and in your head (if you’re anything like me!), so step one is to SURRENDER.

Allow yourself to fully let go of all the plates you’re spinning.

Some might smash and fall, but that’s ok.

They’re probably plates you didn’t need anyway.

Remember that you are a human being – not a human doing.

You are enough simply by showing up in the world as the fullest expression of your self.

Allowing yourself to let go of the noise around you is the next step in being able to create the space and calm you need to birth your creations into the world.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re the kind of person who needs to schedule in ‘quiet time for connection’ into your daily diary or whether you’re (like me) someone who just needs a few minutes’ space to breathe and pull an oracle card to feel centred and realigned.

Either way, creating stillness, calm and space around you, and within you, is an essential part of this process.

And I’ll be honest, as a classic multi-tasker with at least 30 tabs open in three different browsers at any one time (sorry Virgo readers, I know how much this pains you!), truly taking the time to create real stillness and space is something I jump in and out of way too fast. Which is probably why it’s taken me a longggggg time to get here!

But equally, those of us who have been on the most challenging of journeys have so much to share. If you’ve been struggling for years too, know that all of your experiences have shaped and moulded you into the beautiful person you are today – filled with so much to share with the world.

Once you’ve begun to create stillness and space, you’ll find it easier to allow those thoughts and ideas to flow through you and onto paper (or straight into your computer).

When it comes to writing, every writing coach will tell you that you need a daily writing practice.

And while committing to a daily practice will definitely help with focus and productivity, there’s also another part to the picture that’s really important…

Connection. Alignment. Remembering.

In my Write Effortless Copy Workbook I take the reader on a journey through the things that resonate most with them: what lights them up, what makes them feel energised, their talents, gifts and unique skills, their values, the people who inspire them, and so much more.

It’s a great exercise to repeat again and again a couple of times each year as it enables you to anchor in to what’s truly important in your world. This helps you to build on the connection you have with your inner self: your intuition, your inner voice, your gut instinct, your soul.

Living each day in alignment with these connections to your soul brings in its own kind of lightness, serenity and focus. Suddenly, all the things you didn’t think you’d have time to do seem possible after all. And doing those things creates a new buzz of energy that’s motivating and inspiring in itself.

The notion of remembering ties into the ancient wisdom that lies within many of us, particularly those who resonate with terms such as lightworker, Starseed, healer, psychic and empath. But it’s not all about far away galaxies or ancient lands of Lemuria or Atlantis, there’s also the wisdom we possessed as children; the innocence, playfulness and curiosity we were naturally gifted before adulting, pain and trauma got in the way.

Remembering is about tapping back into the true you inside; whether that’s your inner child, your early life experiences or a deep cellular memory of long-forgotten worlds.

Once you’re feeling aligned, sitting in the stillness, with mental space freeing up channels for connection and remembering, then those ideas and thoughts that flash into your mind in a nano-second will have a far greater chance of being released onto paper and out into the world where they can inspire, support and transform other people’s lives.

Never underestimate the power that lies within you.

You are capable of creating magical things without ever needing a schedule or a planner! All you need is what already exists inside.

The power of community, interaction and support from others will also play a vital role in your evolution and growth.

Need a little help? Say this affirmation out loud or write it down multiple times a day…

Every day I commit to a more conscious practice of connection, alignment, remembering, stillness, space and surrender.

With love

Lorraine xx

Ps. Need a smile? Go back and press the Tigger link! (You know you want to!)

Help for freelancers during Coronavirus

Are you a freelancer or small business owner who is looking for ways to strengthen your business behind the scenes, while your resources (time, energy and money) are being temporarily diverted into other areas during Coronavirus?

Fact: Your audience are sat at home right now looking at their phones! Not only are they spending more time online, but they’re also connecting more with other people via video call and messenger and local communities are joining together.

Which means that people are potentially talking about you and your business services (or products). 

And we all know the power of word of mouth recommendations! 

  • 90% of people trust suggestions from family and friends.
  • 74% of consumers identify word-of-mouth as a key influencer in their purchasing decision.
  • 91% of B2B buyers are influenced by word-of-mouth when making their buying decision. 

But given the current Coronavirus pandemic and lockdown situation, you may well be feeling scared, anxious and stressed about life, business, money and health.

  • There are bills to pay and mouths to feed, and your savings won’t last for long.
  • Juggling homeschooling, childcare, cooking, cleaning and working from home is overwhelming. 
  • Your emotional well-being is being pushed to the limit as you and your family are confined to your home almost 24/7.

However, if you’re anything like me, you may have already started seeing some positives to this enforced ‘stay-at-home’ period.

  • More time with your children. Sure, they drive you crazy at times. And yes, they eat snacks every 45 minutes. But despite all the financial worries bubbling beneath the surface, your kids will look back and remember the board games and the picnics in the lounge; the summer mummy was home every day to play with them and help them with school projects and art work. 
  • More leisure time. That’s more time to read, learn a new skill, join an online community, finish that course you started, get outside for daily walks… 
  • Less time stuck in traffic or commuting (and less money spent on petrol and train/bus/taxi fares).
  • Less money spent on ‘habit buys’ – like coffee on the way to work, sweet treats after school, that pretty dress you couldn’t resist….
  • Plus, no alarm clock needed, no ironing school or work clothes and no forgotten PE kits!

As business owners, creatives, entrepreneurs and freelancers, we understand the importance of staying mentally and physically healthy.

We know that when we feel our best, we bring more energy and vitality to our business. (And how that magnetism and energy attracts the right clients – our dream clients!)

Right now, the best three things we can do for ourselves and our businesses are:

  1. Look after your body, mind and soul. Get fresh air, exercise and eat well. Meditate, read and learn new skills. 
  2. Support your online and local community by investing in other small businesses. Even if you can’t afford to pay anyone right now, share their social media posts, add uplifting comments or send a personal message telling someone how their words brightened or inspired your day.
  3. Build connections by taking conversations to the next level; meeting for Zoom coffee dates and group ‘business parties’. 

How can I help you?

Throughout April (and probably for May too!), I’m switching my services away from large projects and offering smaller, low cost pieces of copywriting and editing, so that I can help more people to stay in business and come out the other side of Coronavirus relatively unscathed. 

My services will enable you to:

  • Strengthen the back end of your business – ensuring the emails, paperwork, funnels and freebies you send to your clients are typo-free, engaging and achieve the desired result.
  • Create a reservoir of new content to build an engaged audience over the coming months.
  • Spend your limited ‘work’ time with your 1-1 clients and be free to enjoy quality time with your children, partner or online friends. 

Just some of the ways I can create engaging new content for you without you having to do anything…

  • Take your old blogs and refresh them into new ones.
  • Take your old blogs and repurpose them into social media posts, PDF cheat sheets or email/newsletter content.
  • Take a short (under 10 minute) video from your website/YouTube/Facebook and repurpose into a blog, social media post, PDF cheat sheet or email/newsletter content.


I will proof read new web copy, email funnels, freebies, launch posts or other content and make minor edits to ensure it’s free from typos and can be read easily online and appeals to your audience. 


£60 for small pieces of work (up to an hour).

£100 for pieces of work up to 2 hours.

If you’d like some behind-the-scenes help to ensure your business rides the Coronavirus wave and that nobody gets lost at sea when things become choppy, then get in touch today via Facebook or Instagram DM or email: thesoulfulword@gmail.com

Lorraine xx

(Statistics from: https://www.getambassador.com/blog/word-of-mouth-marketing-statistics)

Stay present in times of stress and anxiety

In these difficult and uncertain times of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, there is only one thing we can do to feel less anxious and stressed: Stay Present.

Easier said than done though, right?

I’ll admit, things got to me over the weekend. 

And I’m pretty sure I won’t be the only one feeling this way…

A dark cloud of overwhelm and fear appeared out of nowhere.

Just a day or two before, I was looking forward to my daughter’s birthday, excited about a blossoming relationship and the signs of spring were everywhere, bringing nature to life with vibrant splashes of pink, purple and yellow.

Then up popped an insatiable combination of anxiety, fear and stress for the coming weeks that started to eat away at me until I barely recognised the words jumping around in my mind and spilling out of my mouth.

Will I have enough money to be able to feed my family and pay basic bills? Will there be food and supplies in the shops? Will I have the energy to take on this additional stress? Will I be able to cope? What if….? How…? 

Suddenly it all became too much and I needed to retreat. 

In those quiet moments of reflection last night I realised I’d slipped back into a destructive habit; one where I single-handedly decide to take everything onto my shoulders.

As a single parent, I’ve done this for years – feeling like I have to do everything and be everything to everyone. It’s damaged my physical health and well-being and led to irritability, fatigue, mental exhaustion and an overriding sense of wanting to run away to a cottage in the middle of nowhere (or at times a galaxy far far away).

Thankfully, after years of inner work, it doesn’t take long for me to get that lightbulb moment and realise where I’m going wrong. (If you’re not at that point yet I highly recommend starting with The Gratitude Diaries by Janice Kaplan.)

As I shared my feelings with someone close, I was reminded that the best thing (the only thing) we can do in any situation is to stay present. 

When this quote landed in my Facebook Messenger inbox, I smiled. 

I breathed. 

I felt a sense of relief. 

I let something go.

And I felt a warming sense of gratitude wash over me.

The practice of staying present will heal you.

Obsessing about how the future will turn out creates anxiety.

Replaying broken scenarios from the past causes anger or sadness.

Stay here, in the moment. – S. McNutt

This quote, together with my friend’s wise words, helped pull me back from slipping into old habits and behaviours and into a more positive energy from where I can sparkle and shine again.

I realised that I don’t have to do everything alone and there is always something or someone available to lighten the load. But you do have to show up and embrace your vulnerability as you ask for help. 

Before going to sleep I set the intention to start my working day today with a meditation by my amazing self-love coach, Katie Phillips. Her ‘I am present’ meditation was the perfect antidote to my temporary blip of darkness. 

Katie’s beautiful meditation reminded me:

  • To breathe. 

Sounds simple but it’s amazing how many of us breathe slowly and shallow when we’re going through a period or moment of stress and anxiety. Breathe deeply, hold and release. Allow yourself to let go of tensions and relax.

  • The past is not who I am. 

In every moment we have the opportunity to leave the past behind and start afresh. Nothing that’s happened before really matters now, only how you choose to be in this present moment.

  • To ask myself which thoughts are of service to me.

When we worry about the future and feel like we’re losing control, that can be scary. But it’s useful to tune in to those worries and notice how our bodies feel. Our thoughts create our reality so if we’re worrying unnecessarily, we create physical change in our bodies. At this point in time we all want to be as healthy as possible, so worrying and staying fearful will not help on any level. 

  • To remember that I AM ENOUGH.

This moment right now is really all we have. So embrace being here and knowing that you are absolutely enough.

‘I am here. This is it. And it is enough.’ – Katie Phillips

Lorraine xx

Katie Phillips has generously offered to share her I Am Present meditation for you to try. Click here to listen.

If you enjoy the meditation, please do pop back and leave your comments below. Thank you. <3

Find out more about Katie Phillips and the School of Self Love HERE.

girl sat on rock at sunset exuding feminine energy and wisdom

Now is the time to show up as the hero of your own story

The Storyteller card reminds us to be the hero of our own story; to show up as our true selves in all our wild, messy beauty. 

In every oracle card, number pattern or synchronicity you see, the Universe is giving you a gentle nudge to reassure you that you’re on the right path, or to trigger a transformation that will allow you to seek out a better situation.

As I pulled this card earlier today, I felt a deep wave of appreciation for the journey I’ve been on over the past few years. 

Time often doesn’t feel linear and there are occasions where we want to show up vibrantly in the world, and others where we crave quietness, solitude and gentle inner work. 

Perhaps you’ll resonate with my story…

Back in 2016 and 2017 I was drawn to a deeper exploration of the spiritual realms and spent many a warm summer’s night sat under the stars and full moon contemplating my connection to other galaxies and pondering my place here on earth. 

At times I felt somewhat disconnected from this human life, and yet this spiritual journey brought me some incredible connections with women around the world who were also on a personal journey of awakening. 

All the inner work I did around this time enabled me to channel love, energy and light into the social media space and allow others to feel like they fitted in too; that their thoughts and fears were valid and real. 

This spiritual work gave me the confidence and inner knowing that it was the perfect time to follow my heart and start copywriting for other like-minded business owners. Within a very short space of time I realised that my natural intuitive gift was a big part of my work and how I made others feel. 

And then, in a heartbeat, my life changed. 

A combination of events including losing my beautiful, lunar-loving, feline soulmate Bumble and having to move house and work through some stressful financial issues led me to a new perspective.

I felt a deep desire to create a more grounded and solid base in my life; to build a better foundation from which I could truly thrive.

By focusing on financial stability and security, I naturally called in a more earthy energy.  

After a while, I finally felt like I belonged on Earth again, and not on some faraway planet where beings communicated with love and light language.

In tuning into this energy I began to notice the dark cloud of financial anxiety and stress slowly lift and move away. At the start of 2019, I made the decision to create new, long term money habits and over the year these habits snowballed into something beyond my wildest dreams. 

What started out as a subtle shift in mindset became a quantum leap in terms of personal growth. 

With these new, strong foundations in place, I knew at the end of 2019 that it was time to start working on a different part of my life; a part that would drive me to share my vulnerability, accept help and, ultimately, to call more love into my world. 

I believe that everything happens in cycles.

As women we’re cyclical beings, our bodies dancing in tune with the moon’s powerful energy and our emotions waxing and waning with our own female cycles. 

In order to get the best out of ourselves, we all need the support, guidance and love of people who’ve walked the path before us. 

Over the past few months I’m so grateful to have found some wonderful women who are helping me to step up as the best version of myself; to truly stand in my wild feminine energy.

Firstly, a shoutout to Katie Phillips, whose love and magical energy are allowing me to believe that my wildest dreams really can come true and creating space for my inner wild child to feel safe enough to come out to play. 

Secondly, to Emma Gaywood for keeping me connected to my inner wisdom and spiritual energy and supporting my personal growth through beautiful meditations and crystal energy. 

Thirdly, to Cora Darlington for helping me to see that anything is possible and that huge shifts can happen virtually overnight when you relax and truly believe… 

And finally, love and gratitude for an amazing soul, Helen Packham, whose recent confession about ‘highlighting’ which, in her own words is ‘when your business necessitates that you show up, but your content isn’t reflecting what’s actually going on right now’, was the trigger for my writing today.

Just as Helen shares in her article (which you can read here) it’s important for us all to be honest about what’s really going on in our lives so that we can get the support we need or help others along the way.

Sometimes, in sharing our struggles we help other people to join the dots and feel like they’re just a little bit less alone. 

My message for you in today’s story for you is this…

It’s ok to show up as the real you in all your messy beauty and wild, crazy thoughts. 

It’s also ok to keep things private, as long as you ask for help and connect to those who can offer support, love and connection. 

Remember that you are the hero of your own story.

So practice self-love first, be honest about what you need, show up as the real you and let your vulnerability out – because asking for help when you don’t need it is even more powerful. 

Lorraine xx

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tropical beach covered in plastic

How to step out of your plastic comfort zone

It may not be easy, but I believe we must all join together and step out of our plastic comfort zone. It’s time to reduce our consumption of plastic in all its forms, today!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, you’ll be well aware of planet Earth’s plastic crisis.

David Attenborough’s beautiful documentary series ‘Blue Planet II’ highlighted the damage we humans have created in the oceans today.

If we don’t start taking more responsibility for our plastic trash, soon our seas will contain more plastic than fish. A pretty scary thought.

We managed to reduce cigarette consumption, advertising and promotion…

When I was a little girl, I remember seeing cigarette adverts on television and in magazines, and on posters at bus stops.

Characters smoking in movies and TV shows was commonplace – as was smoking in offices, restaurants and aeroplanes.

And then throughout the 1980s, prompted by medical and scientific research, ‘we’ (the public consumer) began to realise that smoking was bad for human health.

Slowly, images of blackened lungs and long lists of health complications filtered into our lives on a daily basis.

At school we learned the negative impact of smoking cigarettes and consequently made different choices to our parents’ generation. 

The same thing has happened with sugar, alcohol and stress related illness.

We’re more aware of the risks and actively take steps to protect our physical and mental health.

So, if we can make such substantial shifts with cigarettes, sugar and stress, why is it taking us so long to change our plastic habits?

Is it because the results aren’t seen and felt within our own bodies? 

We’re bombarded with photographic images of floating plastic islands and third world populations living in squalid conditions surrounded by dead lakes and rivers; water suffocated through plastic pollution.

And yet we still don’t make a change.

We were horrified by video footage of a turtle with a plastic straw stuck inside its nostril, and yet, beyond cutting out plastic straws and plastic shopping bags, still we continue along the same path that will result in irreversible environmental damage.

A grim future for humans and many species of animal life. 

It’s as if we don’t really care enough.

We know you can’t quit smoking by having ‘a couple’ a day, nor reverse diabetes by indulging in sugary processed snacks every evening.

Equally, we cannot solve the plastic pollution epidemic by just dipping our toes in and out when it’s convenient for us. 

It’s time we pulled on our big girl pants (or superhero cape) and stepped waaaaaaaay out of our comfort zones to really make a difference. 

We have to stop and consider our choices every time we make a purchase.

Even if that means missing out on our favourite snack or spending more money on a more durable (or recyclable) option.

Or learning to be more patient while we source a better, non-plastic choice.

We’ve reached new levels of destruction…

On a short trip to mainland England last year, I witnessed the level of destruction we’re causing to our beautiful planet through our bad habits and incessant use of plastic.

On various train journeys across the country, I saw large sections of railway line littered with old plastic items. These weren’t simply bags and bottles that blew here on ‘dustbin day’ a week or two ago, these were items that have been laying there for years.

Their colours faded but their shape still very much intact.

As I watched plastic bags caught in trees, forlornly blowing in the wind, I felt a sense of sadness, as if they were waving for help that would never come.

This has to stop!

I’m calling time on plastic.

Now, it’s fair to say that the majority of people who read this article will already be somewhat aware of the plastic issues and will be actively making a difference.

I know I maybe preaching to the converted: you carry a reusable water bottle wherever you go, take food to work in your stainless steel lunchbox and you do your grocery shopping with cotton bags. 

But, even as an advocate for intentional living, I realise that I’m not perfect and it’s time for ME to step up MY game.

 I feel like you and I are missing many parts of this complex equation because we …

  • Focus on just a tiny part of the plastic problem (i.e. straws, bags, coffee cups).
  • Do too much of it alone instead of collaborating and connecting with others.
  • Don’t commit 100%.

So, what can we do TODAY, this week, this month and this year to truly step up our game and be part of the change?

  • Learn more. A lot more. While there are statistics available, it’s up to us to dig deeper, do the research and contact manufacturers. We must write to politicians, make connections and share knowledge. A world with less plastic and less plastic pollution is the only way forward. 
  • Stop and think before you buy. Do I really need this item? Is there a non-plastic alternative? Will this item be delivered wrapped in plastic? How will I dispose of this item when I no longer need it? Can it be repaired?
  • Commit to a life with as little plastic as possible – particularly single use plastic but also larger items such as garden pots and storage containers. (Use swap groups and second hand sites to ensure we use the existing items in circulation rather than creating demand for new ones.)

I believe that life is a beautiful journey; that we receive the information and opportunities when we need them in order to progress to the next stage.

BUT…. at some point you have to stop playing small and step up your game.

That’s the point I’m at now. 

I’ve had enough of sitting quietly and doing my thing. It’s time to make the ripples in the world that I’ve been talking about for so long. 

You see, I’ve been here before.

I was an early advocate of plant-based eating but I played small through my own fears of being judged and lack of action taking. I only managed to engage a relatively small audience of around five thousand people and sold a few hundred copies of my plant-based e-books. 

(They’re on sale HERE if you’d like to support me on my mission to make the world a better place for all of us and future generations.)

It wasn’t enough. 

And my plastic action-taking isn’t enough either.

Are you truly doing enough? Could you do more? 

Don’t leave it any longer. Today is the day we must all embrace the challenge and step out of our plastic comfort zone.

Lorraine xx

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How to edit your life for increased happiness. White flowers in vase on wooden side table next to white covered bed.

How to edit your life for increased happiness

‘Could I do with a little Life Editing?’

This is the question posed by Graham Hill in his TED talk ‘Less stuff, more happiness’.

It inspires us to take a closer look at what we have, why we have it, how we live and, most importantly, how we dream of living.

When life is weighing us down with physical clutter it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, exhausted, burnt out and ready to quit.

So, what is physical clutter?

If you say the words ‘physical clutter’ aloud, what images spring to mind?

You might visualise a hoarder living in dark, dingy accommodation packed from floor to ceiling with ‘stuff’, or a garden filled with old bikes, broken fence panels and a rusty fridge.

Of course, this is an extreme case and probably only enters our minds because of television shows we’ve seen. 

Perhaps you visualise an older person surrounded by years of memorabilia, photos, hundreds of books and a shed filled with bric-a-brac that’s sure to ‘come in handy one day’. 

Or maybe you picture a large family home with each room bursting at the seam with endless toys and games….

A kitchen filled with every gadget and electrical item.

A garage so full that the car can no longer enjoy its rightful home.

Bathrooms packed with multi-coloured plastic bottles for every body part, for each member of the tribe. 

And it’s not just physical clutter…

In this digital age, we’re bombarded more and more with data clutter. Newsletters, sales emails, special offers and messages all enticing us to ‘sign up NOW!’

We have multiple tabs open on every device; not to mention upgrading these devices every 18 months just to keep up.

It’s time to stop cluttering our lives and instead enjoying more freedom and joy.

In his TED talk, Hill primes us with the notion of the joys of less.

When you’re travelling and only have an overnight bag in a hotel room, how do you feel?

I’m guessing…

Free. Relaxed. Creative. Enthusiastic. Calm.

How do you feel when you walk back through your front door and straight into the noise, clutter and chaos? 

It’s draining.

Like your life source is instantly sucked out from within you and leaves you feeling weak, tired and numb or stressed, angry and impatient for change.

So, what can you do? 

In addition to considering living ‘smaller’ and more efficiently in a multi-functional space that suits your needs, Hill suggests we should ‘edit ruthlessly’.

This is not just about getting rid of stuff, but reducing the flow of new items into your space and being far more aware of what you buy and how it will make you feel. 

(Read more about my personal journey in this blog ‘Why I love thrift shopping’.)

Bea Johnson, author of Zero Waste Home, suggests a similar first stage to living a more efficient, joy-filled life by learning to REFUSE and REDUCE the quantity of goods you acquire. 

Simply recycling and selling or donating what we have isn’t enough.

This is about a complete mindset shift towards being aware of how we act as consumers and the intention in how we live our everyday lives. 

Still not convinced? 

In America the average family has three times more space they had fifty years ago and commercial storage units have become a $22 billion industry! 

We’ve now each got more debt, a higher carbon footprint and considerably more stress than ever before. Plus, we’re not even as happy!

I believe that now is the time to take drastic action and begin living a life that feels aligned to your soul and good for your family. 

It’s the time to live happier lives with less stuff, more experiences and more of the important stuff that actually makes your heart sing. 

We must make a pact to live intentionally and to share that knowledge and experience with others.



Because it’s time to live the life you deserve and the life you truly dream of; a life filled with joy.

Are you ready to edit your life for increased happiness?

Lorraine xx

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How to write better blogs by lorraine pannetier

How to make your blog attract more of the right clients

If you’re a small business owner, creative or personal brand who’s struggling with visibility and would love to learn how to write better blogs to improve your reach and attract more of the right clients, then read on!

Let’s start at the beginning…

Having a catchy title that conveys power, emotion, action or success is a great place to start. Although, it’s often best to write your article first and then find a title that best fits your content.

(Just like your English teacher may have suggested you write your essay conclusion before the main body of the essay. It’s a great tip as it keeps you focused on what you’re really trying to say and not going off on a tangent… like I am right now!)

How to choose a great title…

In the past I’ve relied on my word whispering wit to choose blog titles, but while they may be quirky, funny or unique, they don’t really get me the high viewing stats I could be getting.

And when you write for a living, that’s kind of disappointing… and really stupid!

So I began researching ways to up my game and came across the Headline Analyzer tool by coschedule.com. It’s a free tool that gives you a score out of 100 for your headlines and allows you to easily make tweaks to your words to create the best, most attention-grabbing headlines to attract those dream clients or a bigger audience.

In the picture below, you can see I started with the title: ’10 ways to boost your blog’s performance’. It scored 71, which is within the ‘green’ band of potential success.

As a general rule, if it’s in green it’s good to go, but amber needs work and red is a no-go zone! However, being the eternal perfectionist I’m never happy with just being in the green so always play around as much as possible to get a score of 75+.

Anything over 80 usually has me dancing around the lounge to Jessie J’s ‘Masterpiece’.

Swapping ’10 Ways’ for ‘How to’ instantly upped the score to 78, while ‘How to make your blog attract more clients’ pipped it at the post with a fantastic 79.

Being specific with the type of clients I want to attract helped me get this title up to a whopping 83/100. (And yes, I’m actually listening to Jessie J right now!)

Note how switching from simple language to something a bit more ‘fancy’ actually reduces the score. KISS! 

Subheadings are the shizzle!

Ever heard of title tags and H1, H2 headings? No, neither had I…

But once I started doing a little bit of research I found out that search engines (like Google) have specially trained bots that scan your blogs for information to check that you’re human, not spam and delivering what you say you’re delivering.

Based on their clever technology, you get ranked higher (or lower) depending on your content, which is what helps you become more visible when people search for the service, product or solution they need.

(Ok, that’s in really basic terms! Feel free to geek out on the technical wizardry in your spare time…)

In a nutshell, placing subheadings throughout your blogs not only makes it easier for your consumer to read (’cause everyone scan reads these days), it also makes your blog more likely to rank higher in Google SEO terms.

When you use WordPress (with the new block editor), it’s easy to tweak your text to use the H1 and H2 tags throughout your writing. Here’s a screen grab from WordPress that shows the heading above as an H2 …

While we’re talking tech, keywords are pretty important too…

It’s probably the reason someone named them ‘key’ words…

But we get so used to hearing these digital terms that we never stop to analyse what they really mean or how learning more about them might be useful to our online businesses and blogs.

Keywords act as a bridge between your client or audience and your blog or online business.

There are short tail keywords like: blogger, writer, copywriter.

And long tail keywords like: how to write better, how to make money as a writer or what is a copywriter?

Think about all the things you’ve ever searched for in Google….

That time you wanted to know how tall Aquaman is in real life, whether chocolate cake can be made calorie-free or how to get red wine stains out of carpet.

Your potential clients and customers are searching for information and solutions right now. The chance of them finding you and your business ranges from pretty small to ‘OMG I’m ranking on page 1 of Google!’.

Whether you decide to spend hours researching your company’s keywords or not is up to you, but when you’re writing blogs and articles for the internet do include words, phrases and sentences that you know people will be searching for. (Try it in your next blog and watch your stats increase!)

Let’s leave tech for a bit and look at …

How to write in a voice that aligns to your brand

This is where things get exciting for me!

I’m all about alignment, messaging and storytelling.

How to write in a way that captures your reader’s thoughts, worries and dreams and ensures that your words resonate deep in their heart.

Because when you make your reader feel stuff, that’s when the magic happens!

They want to know more about you, your brand, how you solved your problems (which means you can solve theirs too) and how they can work with you, buy your products or subscribe to your services.

Have you ever come across someone online for the very first time and just thought ‘YES!’, this person gets me!

He/she/they understand exactly why I’m struggling and what I need to make life better.

So, while this isn’t one of my usual ‘woo-woo’, earth-friendly, animal-loving, entrepreneurial blogs, it is shooting the arrow right into the heart of ‘Help! Why isn’t my blog performing well and what can I do to make it better?’

I understand where you’re struggling because I’ve struggled there too. I’ve found solutions that I’m sharing with you today so you too can up your blogging game and get noticed! (And more sales, obvs.)

Write consistently

Ok, I’ll admit, this is where I’m a bit ‘poop emoji’.

I get bursts of imagination and creativity and churn out blog after blog followed by weeks of client-focused work and a need to relax on the sofa with my fluffy bunnies hopping round, or a cat asleep on my lap, watching YouTube videos about tiny homes… (and probably best I don’t admit my latest time-drain – TikTok!)

Last November (2018), I decided to blog every day for a month and my website stats increased dramatically. Creating more content = more shares, a higher ranking on search engines and a greater possibility of ‘going viral’.

Weekly blogs are ideal but monthly blogs aren’t really enough.

My top tips?

  • Create a library of content.
  • Commit to posting new blogs on a set day each week.
  • Use a scheduling tool to upload your blogs to save time.
  • Batch create content to maintain focus and maximise your time.
  • Give old blogs a makeover with updated content and a new title and repost them.

Use photos in your blog

Depending on your theme and content, adding one or two photos related to your blog (in addition to the cover photo) can greatly improve your reader’s enjoyment and how much time they spend on your site. 

However, overdoing the photos (especially large file sizes) will lead to an infuriatingly slow loading blog and your reader will simply get bored and click on to something else.

(Let’s be honest, we’re all a little too impatient online these days!)

Lorraine Pannetier copywriter and ghost blogger

Add ALT tags to images

Ok, back to the technical stuff! 

An ALT tag should describe your image and helps ‘screen readers’ create a better experience for the visually impaired.

It’s also used in SEO to check that the image relates to the text around it. Your ALT text is a great place for your keywords and phrases, but don’t over do it (keyword stuffing) or you’ll be seen as spammy.

In the wise words of Yoast.com, ‘When choosing alt text, focus on creating useful, information-rich content that uses keywords appropriately and is in context of the content of the page.’

Using Yoast for WordPress

Yoast is a clever little plugin that I should have added to my website wayyyy sooner! If you haven’t added it yet, I suggest you hop over to your WordPress site pretty quickly and install it. (It’s free!)

Yoast helps you to improve the readability and SEO ranking of your blog and is incredibly user friendly with a traffic light system to help you see instantly where you can improve your writing. 

It also guides you to add snippets of text (a meta description) that your potential readers will see when they find you from an internet search. This catchy little pocket of 50-160 characters has the potential to make you seem more attractive and click-able. Just like the perfect online dating profile!

Backlinks, Internal links and CTAs

When someone stays to read your  whole blog, that’s great.

But ideally you’d like them to hang around and read a second blog, or a third…

… or check out your ‘work with me’ page or view your retails products.

You might even want them to sign up to your email newsletter or join a waiting list for your sparkly new launch that’s ‘coming soon!’. 

It’s important to make it CLEAR to your reader what they should do next before clicking off your page and onto another site. 

In the online business world this is known as a call-to-action and can come at the end of a page – although it’s great to add a sprinkling of internal links or backlinks throughout.

(Promoting other people’s work is not only a lovely thing to do for them, it also helps you in the long run as others will notice your generosity and share your awesomeness too!)

For example:

  • Find out more about X here.
  • Sign up to my monthly newsletter or grab this freebie. (Sometimes on a pop-up)
  • Enjoyed this blog? Then you’ll love this one!
  • Need a copywriter? Check out all the ways we can work together.
  • What are your thoughts? Comment below…

You may have noticed how I snuck in a couple of internal links to the list above. These are simple hyperlinks to other pages on your website. For example, to other blogs, to an About Page or even to your social media platforms if you’re aiming to get more people following you there. 

Backlinks are very similar. These are used when your blog link is shared from outside of your website (i.e. from your social media channels), or from a third party – one of your raving fans perhaps! Collaborating with other online businesses and brands is a great way to have your work featured on other sites with backlinks directing people to your content. 

Phew! We’re done!

How was it for you?

Did you learn something new? If so, I’d love to read your comments…

I’m most definitely not an expert in SEO, unlike the amazing SEO Sleuth Natalie Alleblas , and my blog has not yet reached the dizzy heights created by the incredible lifestyle and parenting blogger Vicki Psarias, founder of Honest Mum (and author, vlogger, film director and all round lovely person).


I write from the heart, with love, compassion, empathy and a fundamental urge to teach and share all the information I’ve accrued over the past forty-something years.

My blog may not be reaching millions of people every month (yet!) but I’m going to put it out there and say that this blog will be my new highest performing blog on my website! (For now, anyway.)

Whether it ever outperforms ‘How to lose the baby weight’– a blog I wrote for Mummyology.co.uk back in 2012 – remains to be seen! 

For now, I’ll leave you with this…

The best way to write better blogs that attract more of the right clients is to write consistently, sharing value in a way that resonates with your audience and using a few technical tips, tricks and tools to make your blog work harder for you. 

A bit like investing money – once you know what to do with it, you can build wealth with less effort and spend more time with the people you love and doing the things that light you up – and less time at a J.O.B.

And if you’d like ME to write YOUR blogs…

All you need to do is hop over to my Work With Me page and find out about my ghost-blogging, article-writing services that enable you to outsource the very thing that may be stressing you out and bringing on grey hairs! 

With regular, well-written blogs on your website you can supercharge your viewing stats and build a bigger audience of ideal clients who love what you do and are excited to be your cheerleaders.

Lorraine xx

Why cheap is false economy and frugal is the way forward

We’ve all been there: standing in the kitchen with a split bin bag dripping smelly liquid and dropping rubbish and food waste all over the floor…

It’s not pretty. 

And it costs us precious time in clearing up the mess.

It’s no different with cheap toilet paper, socks and sticky tape; invariably we use twice as much or need to replace the item twice as fast.

Today’s society has become wasteful. We buy endless amounts of cheap ‘stuff’ with no regard to how we’ll dispose of it when we’re done. 

Frugality is different. 

It’s not about being cheap or mean. It’s about buying the things you need but with the conscious decision to buy items that will last or that bring true value to our lives.

It’s not about cost, but about value for money.

If you’ve got a favourite item of clothing that you wear hundreds of times a year – maybe a pair of jeans, a jacket or a trusty pair of boots – you can work out your average cost per wear

If one of those items cost £100 and you wear it a hundred times, thats £1 per wear. 

Compare that to the cheap Christmas novelty jumper that was a bargain at £9.99 but you only wore it once – that’s almost £10 for that one wear. The cheap jumper is ten times more expensive per wear than the designer jeans or cashmere jumper. 

Plus, the novelty jumper will inevitably get passed on to charity in January while the high quality clothes can be resold, giving you money back on what were already great value items. 

If you’re looking to do something to help climate change and the environment, changing how you buy your clothes is a great place to start. Buy less, buy better quality, buy pre-loved items and look after the items you own.

Now let’s look at this from the perspective of the food we eat…

Cheap food is big business. For many supermarkets, frozen food stores and fast food chains this is their main selling point. Not good nutrition or delicious tasting meals, just cheap food. 

And we bought into it.

We got lazy and started buying ready meals, packets of pre-chopped vegetables and somewhere along the way we decided we needed to eat on the run in our cars, on the way to work or at our desks. Hey, there was even a time we apparently needed a coffee to get round the supermarket!

We forgot how to cook, budget and run a home in the way our parents, grandparents and great grandparents did.

Home cooking in 2020 needs a makeover!

And that starts with us switching our mindset from cost to value.

And in order to get better value from the food you eat you need to start looking at the payback on your health and well-being. 

This is about both the short term and long term benefits for you and your family. 

If you’re struggling with low energy, poor sleep, bad skin, excess weight (or severely underweight), mood swings and irritability, constant headaches or migraines, joint pain, auto immune disease, heart disease, high cholesterol or many other common 21st century conditions, then switching your diet to one rich in whole foods, with more vegetables and fruit, more essential fats, more beans and lentils, less meat and dairy, less sugar, salt, saturated fat and alcohol, will improve your symptoms, improve your quality of life, potentially extend your lifespan and reduce the money you’ll inevitably need to spend on health care costs down the line. 

What if I could show you how to save money on your food costs AND eat more healthily?

(Scroll straight to the bottom if you want to skip the money part and jump straight to plant-based cooking ideas.)

I promise you it isn’t difficult, but it may take time to adapt depending on how much time and effort you’re willing to commit and how quickly you embrace new ways of living. 

(Oh, and you’ll also produce less waste, use less resources from fossil fuels and plastic and help the environment too! Sounds good, right?)

Note: You don’t need to make all the changes in one go. See what feels best to you and your family. Remember, you can try new habits for 30, 60 or 90 days to see if they feel good. You always have a choice and are free to re-introduce old habits and luxuries any time you wish. 

Here are my household financial top tips to get you started:

  • Start by assessing where you are now in terms of weekly / monthly spend. Check your receipts, bank or credit card statements or track your cash spend over the month. If you don’t know where you are today, then you won’t appreciate quite how much you could save. And if, like many people, you have credit card debts, a mortgage, children approaching university age or have dreams of a round the world trip or retiring early, then every penny you save today can help you save or the future you want. 
  • Look at how much food waste and packaging you create each week. Unless you’ve been living off grid in the rainforest for the last three years you’ll be aware that the oceans are choking on our plastic waste and planet Earth is heating up from a rise in CO2 emissions caused by many aspects of human life including transport, power, agriculture and deforestation. Making a decision to produce less waste starts with your personal mindset and being aware of the consequences of your decisions.
  • Look at your overall monthly and annual income and expenditure. Whether you’re a single parent family on a low income or a wealthy family with two professional, full time working parents, three children, two dogs and a nanny – or anywhere in between – there are always ways you can make savings and leave more cash for the things that are really important to you. Your mindset around money and the things you value in life is more important than your actual income. This blog isn’t the place for a complete financial makeover, but the things I’ve found most important are (a) Tracking your money – both money IN and money OUT. (b) Creating a budget. Start with all your essential expenses (your home and utilities) and then look at what you currently spend on food, leisure, entertainment, clothes, subscriptions, gym memberships etc. Use a notebook or a spreadsheet, whichever you prefer. Where can you make savings? Remember that every penny saved now counts towards freedom and security in the future. What are you willing to sacrifice? Again, this isn’t about depriving yourself of any luxuries, but about deciding which habits are unnecessary and not bringing you joy or value. Write down all the ways you can cut down your expenses. 
  • From these exercises, create a budget. How much are you willing (or able) to spend on food each week? Trimming £50 a week off the average UK family’s food shop is so easy you’d hardly notice any difference on your plate. And that £50 a week is a whopping £2600 a year! That money could be used to pay extra off your mortgage so you can retire years earlier than planned. Or it could be saved for your child’s future to enable them to get through university debt free. Or maybe you would love to have a cleaner, a weekend trip away for your birthday and a massage every month? The choice is yours. And those big dreams can happen easily with a little short term planning. 

Now you know where you stand financially, and are committed to making a difference to your health and lifestyle, let’s look at the shopping, food prep and cooking:

  • Weekly Meal Planning. If you’re a brilliant home cook who can always whizz meals together in minutes from seemingly random ingredients, then you can skip this step. If you’re not, then taking some time to plan family meals for the week will save you time, energy and money, not to mention less food waste. Remember to plan all your meals and snacks, not just dinners. Use a spread sheet, a notebook or an app then create a shopping list. (Just remember to take the list to the supermarket with you!)
  • Food preparation. When we bring food home from the supermarket, most of us simply pop it all in the cupboards and fridge as quickly as possible (before proceeding to eat all the treats within 24 hours!) But a little preparation here can again save you time and give you the best possible chance of eating the healthy snacks rather than the crisps or biscuits. For example, fruit and veg that needs to go into morning smoothies can be chopped up and stored in the fridge or freezer in portion sized containers or reusable bags. Slice carrots, cucumber and pepper into snack sized strips for the next day. If you’re using the oven to cook dinner, add in a tray of chopped vegetables to roast for tomorrow’s lunch. Think about all the ways a little effort today can help you tomorrow. 
  • Batch cooking. We used to think that multitasking was a badge of honour but now we know that batching our time and activities actually brings us increased productivity and a calmer mind. Laundry day wasn’t quite such a silly idea for our grandmothers after all! When it comes to batch cooking, this is a great way to keep your health and weight loss goals on track as well as saving energy in the home. Think about the meals you eat frequently and those which can be easily frozen in portion sizes (or family sized containers if you know you’ll be reheating it all in one go). Curry, chilli, bolognese, pasta sauces, lasagne, shepherd’s pie and casseroles all lend themselves well to being frozen and reheated. *Interesting fact – freezers are more efficient when they’re filled up. (I only learnt this recently!)*

There’s one HUGE area we haven’t covered yet when it comes to saving money and increasing the amount of nutrients in your diet: Plant-based food.

With so much in the press every day about climate change, animal agriculture and vegan diets, you’d be forgiven for being utterly confused about what to eat and why. 

FACT: Animal agriculture does play a part in global warming due to methane emissions of the animals (i.e. cow burps), deforestation (Cutting down trees to make land for grazing or for growing crops such as soy to feed the animals. Less trees = more CO2 in the atmosphere.), transport emissions (export of meat to other countries and in different stages of its processing) and, as a side note, animal agriculture uses a lot more water than growing plants for human consumption. Water shortage will be a massive problem across the whole world in the future so its well worth changing our habits today for a better world tomorrow. 

FACT: There is more than adequate protein available in a plant-based (vegan) diet so long as you eat a variety of whole foods (i.e. not toast and pasta every day) and eat adequate calories. The protein argument simply isn’t viable for the vast majority of the population.

FACT: A plant-based diet will save you money. Comparing a home cooked diet containing meat versus a home cooked diet without meat. We’re not including takeaway treats and packaged ready meals in this statement because the same can be true for both vegan and omnivorous diets. 

FACT: Switching to a plant-based diet means you’ll naturally eat more vegetables, more fruit, more whole grains and more beans and lentils than on a standard western diet. Therefore your daily intake of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants will increase and your body will become healthier at cellular level. 

So, where do we start with a plant-based diet if we want to save money and improve our health? The two main factors are:

  • Education. Use all the resources available to you to find recipes, and learn how to cook and prepare simple plant-based dishes. Pinterest and Instagram are great visual sources for recipes and food presentation. YouTube is brilliant if you’re a beginner level home cook. TEDx talks are great for learning about climate change and diet choices. Cookery books are widely (and cheaply) available at libraries, 2nd hand stores and charity book events. Plus you can download many direct to your iPad or Kindle. 
  • Practice. Whatever we want to achieve in life, we all start out at that beginner level. Olympic sprinters started out as babies learning to walk. Billionaires started out as school children eager to learn. Mountain climbers started with hill hikes. So stop worrying about how little you can do and start learning, practicing and, most importantly, failing! I’ve cooked from scratch almost every day of my life since I was a teenager and yet I still occasionally burn food, make bean burgers that fall apart and forget to put baking powder in cakes. We’re all human but what sets the winners apart from the losers is that resilience and determination to keep trying after failure. Anyone can cook, I promise you. And anyone can successfully switch to a plant-based diet and make it work for them. 

What are the cheapest food sources that deliver the most nutritional value?

(Hint: These are the ones you need to eat most of the time, even if you still eat meat, dairy and sweet treats a few times a week. Remember, it’s what you do 80% of the time that is the most important.)

  • Beans and lentils
  • Whole grains
  • Root vegetables
  • Leafy green vegetables
  • Brightly coloured vegetables
  • Berries
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Water (filtered tap water)

Fruit and vegetables are cheapest (and most tasty) when they’re grown locally and are in season.

Of course, it’s not always possible in some areas and climates to have an abundant supply of fresh produce all year round, which is where preserving, freezing and food prep comes into play. For example: 

  • Grow lots of tomatoes every summer that you turn into tomato sauce to use on pasta dishes or in curries, stews and bolognese.
  • Pick lots of local apples at the end of summer and turn them into apple chutney or apple compote for use over the winter.
  • Pick lots of local berries in the summer and freeze for smoothies and breakfast dishes or turn into jam.
  • Buy lots of brown speckled ripe bananas, peel, chop and freeze in containers or reusable bags to use in smoothies. Overripe bananas are also great in banana bread or cake that can also be frozen in slices. 

If I haven’t yet managed to persuade you to give a plant-based diet a try (for at least 30 days) then maybe these meal planning ideas will get your taste buds tingling!

Breakfast Ideas:

  • Porridge with chopped banana, crushed toasted hazelnuts and dark chocolate chips.
  • Overnight oats with blueberries, chia seeds and coconut yogurt.
  • Banana pancakes with maple syrup and raspberries
  • Scrambled tofu with roasted tomatoes and mushrooms
  • Avocado on toast with sea salt and chilli flakes
  • Power smoothie with pineapple, spinach, avocado, banana, dates and almonds.
  • Fruit salad and carrot cake energy balls (yes, really!)

Lunch and dinner ideas:

  • Black bean chilli with brown rice and guacamole.
  • Chick pea, spinach and potato korma with basmati rice.
  • Vegetable and cashew nut stir fry with noodles.
  • Lentil shepherd’s pie with sweet potato topping.
  • Mediterranean butter bean and tomato stew with quinoa.
  • Moroccan couscous with almonds, apricots and spiced tofu.
  • Tagliatelle with a creamy coconut, squash and rosemary sauce.

Snack ideas:

  • Homemade hummus and carrot sticks.
  • Homemade avocado dip and toasted pitta bread.
  • Homemade sea salt kale chips.
  • Rice cakes with peanut butter and banana.
  • Fresh fruit and/or nuts and seeds
  • Homemade trail mix
  • Chocolate smoothie with banana, cinnamon, cacao, dates and almond milk.

For over 50 pages of plant-based recipes, store cupboard basics, nutrition information and more, grab yourself a copy of my Eat More Plants e-book for just £15, available as an instant download. 

Click here to buy your copy of EAT MORE PLANTS today. 

Eat More Plants e-book (digital download) by Lorraine Pannetier
climate change blog - the soulful word

Climate change protests – how not to be a dick on social media

We’re running out of time.

Yet each time there’s a protest by Extinction Rebellion, thousands of people take to social media to leave negative comments, criticise each protestor’s lifestyle and, in many cases, deliberately write nasty, abusive words that make the rest of us scream on the inside with utter despair.

If you’re one of those commenters, you’re missing the point.


The whole idea of any protest is to raise awareness and create change.

And in order to do that, protests must disrupt either governments, businesses or the public.

David Attenborough wouldn’t have created mass awareness about global warming and environmental issues without the help of the BBC and a huge team of scientists and digital crew.

Greenpeace wouldn’t have created mass awareness of the atrocities of whaling without their demonstrations back in the 1980s.

Animal rights groups wouldn’t have created mass awareness of testing on animals and barbaric fur farms without breaking in and releasing thousands of beagles, mink and rabbits.

While not every one of us desires to be (or even needs to be) a front line activist, these protests, events and online campaigns do motivate us – as both individuals and large corporations – to make changes.

As a vegetarian teenager back in the 80s, I was deeply saddened to find out about animal testing and instantly made the switch to The Body Shop’s products – a company at the forefront of the cruelty-free movement thirty years ago.

Extinction Rebellion are no different. They’re simply trying to make us aware of a global issue that will, in a very short period of time, affect every single one of us alive.

Climate change.

Of course, being stuck in traffic or late for work is an inconvenience, but it’s a tiny drop in the ocean to how life might be if we run out of food and water.

  • Fancy living in a war zone or an overpopulated town with mass looting?
  • Or how about a country with mass inflation where a loaf of bread costs £100?
  • Or losing your home to rising sea levels and having to flee inland as a refugee?

No. Me neither.

refugee crisis and climate change - the soulful word
Photo credit @unsplash

And remember… if you’re able to read this on a smartphone from the luxury of your own home on a comfy sofa with a glass of wine, you’re one of the privileged few.

For now anyway.

Each person who takes part in a protest has their own reasons for doing so. We can’t all take part, just as we aren’t all willing to give up our cars or stop eating meat.

So herein lies the issue.

We’ve become an incredibly intolerant society jumping on the bandwagon and leaving vitriolic comments on social media posts that are simply highlighting events designed to help humanity as a whole.

I’ve read so many comments today where people feel they have the right to suggest that each protestor probably still uses a gas-guzzling 4×4 vehicle or takes a plane on holiday each year.

This kind of attitude implies that only the ‘purest’ of citizens have a right to protest for change.

How ridiculously twisted is that?

None of us are perfect.

And that’s ok.

Because in terms of climate change, that would mean we’d all have to live off grid, grow our own food, walk everywhere and eschew computers and wifi.

Hey, we’d even have to all live off lentil soup (because yes, someone did actually throw that one into a Facebook comments thread today!).

Assuming we could even harvest that many lentils from our small piece of land that is.

I digress.

The point is, the bullying and trolling on social media is disgusting and disgraceful.

And it has to stop.

If you have time to make negative comments about climate change issues when other people are actually trying to help you to live a better life in the future, then you really need to find a new hobby to keep you busy.

Devil, idle hands. Just sayin’.

Currently, we all have a choice.

We can choose to eat less meat, take part in beach cleans, use a bike instead of a car or refuse to buy items in plastic.

We can choose to write blogs, make videos, start eco-friendly companies or speak in schools about the issues currently facing planet Earth.

Many choose to actively take part in protests, even if it means risking arrest or the abuse of those who disagree.

In the western world we’re lucky to live in a democracy where free speech is allowed. Not everyone has that choice to speak up for what they believe in.

So before you leave another ill-informed, abusive or even sarcastic comment, ask yourself this:

Am I contributing to this discussion in a way that is positive, polite and constructive?

Remember that it’s easy to pick on minority groups and those whose beliefs differ from ours.

It’s easy to sit behind a computer screen and fire off loaded words.

But that doesn’t make it right.

Will you do the right thing today?

climate change stand together - the soulful word
Photo credit @unsplash

Fancy reading more about environmental issues? You might like this blog ‘The True Cost of Fast Fashion’.

A grateful flamingo – an entrepreneur’s perspective after injury

As an entrepreneur, having your life change in one small slip on a wet pavement could be enough to send you swimming head first into a deep sea of stress and anxiety.

I remember sitting in a hotel room the day after I broke my ankle worrying about how I’d get home; how I’d navigate the hotel reception area, the airport, the plane, the taxi ride home. Worrying about how I wouldn’t be able to drive to visit clients nor earn enough money to pay my bills.

But once I was home (airport special assistance are amazing – highly recommended!), those big fears vanished beneath a wave of logistical planning and hours of rest and relaxation.

There simply wasn’t space in my head to accommodate stress and healing at the same time.

I instinctively knew that getting better was my priority.

Yet, how many times in running a small business do we forget to prioritise our physical and mental health?

Being given the opportunity to step back and see things from a new perspective was an unexpected gift.

One for which I’ll be forever grateful.

Of course, it’s easy to say that it would be great if I hadn’t broken my ankle, but then I would still have been procrastinating about various projects and I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to experience so much kindness and love.

And I definitely wouldn’t have got round to researching charity walking challenges for 2020 – which I’m even more driven to take part in now! #bringontherehab

So, if you’re reading this as a fit and healthy but overwhelmed entrepreneur, my advice is simple:

Take time out away from the noise.

Meditate. Breathe. Spend time in nature.

Ask for help.

Take on a cleaner, a VA, an accountant, a web designer, a copywriter, or someone to cook healthy food. Wherever you need help in your life or business, don’t be afraid to reach out and pay for expert help and support.

I put off getting a cleaner for the last 15 years.

I kept thinking that I couldn’t afford it, or that I wouldn’t like having someone in my house.

But then my ankle injury forced me to think differently. And once my friend’s cleaner came to join me, I realised how much pressure it took off of me and how much it reduced the stress and arguments I would have had with my teenage daughter.

I’m free to rest and recuperate and my daughter only has to do the day to day cleaning up after meals which frees her up to spend more time on college work.

Win-win-win I think!


Lorraine Pannetier | Intuitive Copywriter | The Soulful Word

If you’re currently injured, or have a friend or relative with a broken bone, here are ten things I’ve learned in the last four weeks that might make you smile or prompt you to help a friend in need (especially if they’re not fond of asking for help):

  • Healing bones is tiring. You’ll sleep and rest far more than you thought possible. If you try to do too much your body will soon tell you to slow down! (In fact, it was probably giving you signs before you broke your ankle that you ignored…)


  • Asking for help is fundamental to recovery. When you’ve broken your ankle and are hobbling around on crutches there are so many things you can’t do. You basically become a flamingo – and I’ve never seen a flamingo make a cup of tea or pick up their child’s shoes from the floor. For a few weeks you’ll need someone to cook, clean and bring you drinks. Plus, you’ll need lifts to hospital appointments and someone willing to push you around in a wheelchair.


  • You’ll become very good at single-legged squats. When you’re not allowed to put any weight on the injured leg for 6 weeks, sitting down on the toilet or pushing up from a low step involves using every ounce of strength and balance from the good leg.


  • Shimmying up and down the stairs becomes a new game – one that thankfully strengthens your upper arms (bye bye batwings) and allows you to dust the skirting board or between the bannisters. (Trust me, when you’re down at that level you notice everything!)


  • Old backpacks and aprons that were sitting in that ‘declutter’ box in the hallway suddenly have a new lease of life. After all, how else are you going to get from the kitchen to the lounge with your sandwiches and water bottle? And that backpack will be your saving grace when it comes to taking your phone, charger, medication and other personal items up the stairs to bed each night.


  • You’ll soon become a pro at injecting your tummy with blood thinning medication (vital to stop blood clots in your immobile leg). Honestly, it’s scary when the nurse first tells you what you have to do, but like any challenge, once you’re over that first hurdle it becomes easier than you ever imagined and you wonder why you were so worried in the first place!


  • You’ll become truly grateful for Amazon grocery shopping and local food delivery services. If you live alone, or with children who are too young to go shopping by themselves, having food delivered to your door is a life saver (although you’ll need help unpacking too!). If you don’t have anyone to cook for you then definitely take advantage of cooked meal-prep services that cater for all diets and tastes.


  • Patience is a virtue – and one you’ll develop pretty quickly. The art of only doing what’s important will become a new skill to add to your ever growing list of talents. With all your body’s energy being channelled into healing that broken bone, there will be very little left for physical or creative pursuits. So pop those book-writing, course-creating, decluttering goals to one side and focus on your healing.


  • There are a whole host of health and medical services in place to help you through this period. From shower chairs to hospital transport to airport special assistance, the infrastructure and services are there specifically for these moments when you simply can’t do it alone. If you’re a single parent, on a low income or live alone, make sure you ask for help. Don’t let pride get the better of you!


  • You’ll receive kindness, compassion and help in unexpected places, from family, friends and strangers. Accept those hands that keep you steady, the food that keeps you nourished and the flowers that brighten your day.


I want to take a moment to thank everyone who’s played a part in this broken bone journey so far…

The staff at Thai Edge restaurant, Leeds, who gave me water and a chair after I slipped over and helped me (and paid for) a taxi to hospital.

The taxi driver who held my hand as I struggled to hop into the car.

All the medical staff at Leeds General Infirmary A&E.

The amazing team at Premier Inn, Leeds Whitehall – especially Ryan for going out of his way to help us.

The staff at Jet2 customer services online and at the airport.

The friendly and compassionate Special Assistance Team at Leeds Bradford (Yorkshire) airport and Jersey airport.

All the medical staff, nurses and operating teams at Jersey hospital.

Anne from Jersey Occupational Therapy services.

Marta for keeping my house clean and tidy (and Joanna for sharing her with me!).

My mum for sending me a beautiful hand made card.

Plus, my amazing friends who’ve taken me to hospital appointments, pushed me round in a wheelchair, done my food shopping, collected my daughter, bought pet supplies, brought me flowers and made me cups of tea. Annette, Emily, Tracey, Jayne, Fiona, Polly, Chantelle. I’m so grateful for all your help, love and kindness.

A huuuuuuge shout out to my 16 year old daughter who has had to completely change her lifestyle to cook and clean for me every day and is getting a crash course in how to run a house… Thank you 💗

And a massive thank you to my wonderful 18 year old daughter who was with me when it happened… thank you for looking after me at hospital, taking photos of my deformed, swollen ankle and pushing me around in a very awkward wheelchair. Thank you for going to buy me cheap black leggings that I could cut to fit over my plaster cast! 💗

And finally, to all my Facebook friends who’ve sent me lovely messages (and Tina for the special gift) – you’re all amazing and I’m so grateful we’ve connected over the magic that is the internet.

Lorraine xx



Eat more plants for a happy, healthy life

Just as it’s important to build strong foundations to create a healthy business, so we need to build strong foundations, or pillars, for our personal health.

These health pillars relate to our physical health in both mind and body, and can also relate to spiritual and financial health.

Eating a diet rich in organic fruit and vegetables is great, but if at the same time you’re living unhealthy practices in mental health, spiralling into debt or stuck in a toxic relationship, then you aren’t going to achieve the vibrant health and vitality you dream of.

Food is not the enemy, but equally it isn’t the saviour. Clean food won’t instantly transform your life nor make the fat, inflammation or disease formed from years of destructive self talk disappear over night.

It’s time to think about food as just one part of a happy, energetic, harmonious life.

I’ve long held the mantra (and the hashtag) ‘Eat More Plants’, in fact, it was even the title of my very first recipe e-book back in 2015 as well as the name of the cooking class I taught at a local college.

To me, the essence of eating more plant-based foods revolves around nourishing your body at a cellular level, being more connected to nature and the seasons and filling your plate with a rainbow of foods created the way nature intended.

A whole food, plant based lifestyle means that we naturally consume far less processed and man-made foods (including junk food and snacks) as well as less sugar, less salt and less saturated fat than the standard British or American diet.

Eating this way means that you have to get back in the kitchen to wash, prepare and cook ingredients – which for many people is the one thing that sends them running straight back to the supermarket for ready meals or sauces in jars.

But one of the most important things I’ve realised over the years is that once you slow down and make time for home cooking, the more connected you feel to the food you eat and the greater the satisfaction in eating. This connection is heightened by more family meals around the table, children helping you cook and prepare food or even going foraging together or creating your own veggie patch in the garden.

It’s like a positive version of a catch 22. The more you slow down, the more relaxed and happy you feel and the lower the chance of stress eating, bingeing or grabbing that chocolate bar or bag of crisps from the petrol station or corner shop.

You’ve switched from running around at warp speed, unsuccessfully multi-tasking in every aspect of your life (we all know that when you try to spin too many plates they invariably fall and smash spectacularly at your feet), to slowing down to a pace where you have time to breathe.

To stop and smell the metaphorical roses.

To just be in the present moment.

To take that evening walk. To visit the friend. To take grandma out for Sunday tea.


After a few months, your body catches up with your mind. You realise your sleep is better; no more staring at the ceiling at 3am or waking up with a feeling of dread hanging over you. Your body moves more freely; you sign up to the gym or a local exercise class or dip your toes in the sea. Your skin is brighter with less need for a mask of heavy make up – freeing up more time in the morning for reading, writing or creative passions. Your clothes fit better and you feel a sense of confidence return; perhaps you will join the dance class or dating site after all….

Eating (and enjoying) a plant-based lifestyle isn’t just about you though. It evokes a wider sense of community: a desire to meet other people following the same path, to share information and recipes or to swap home grown produce.

Helping the planet reverse the impact of catastrophic climate change is another crucial benefit of eating more plant based food and less meat, fish and dairy. If you’re interested in the statistics, just ask Google (or Ecosia – the eco-friendly search engine which plants trees as you search).

While switching your diet overnight is generally pretty difficult (particularly if you have a partner and children eating in the same house), there are many simple ways you can tip the balance in favour of plants. 

Here are some of my favourite top tips to help you to Eat More Plants:

  • Switch the balance of your current family favourites in favour of plants. Take out half the mince and add a can of brown lentils to a lasagne, shepherd’s pie or bolognese. Take out half the chicken or fish from a curry or stir fry and add more vegetables. Try courgette noodles instead of pasta with a home made tomato sauce blended with roasted vegetables (try carrots, onion, garlic, red pepper and tomatoes with fresh basil). Swap cheese sprinkled on hot dishes for toasted pine nuts or broken pieces of cashew nuts.
  • Try eating meat free one day a week. Or one meal a day every day. There are probably lots of meals you already enjoy that are either vegetarian or could be easily switched to plant based. Easy choices are pasta with tomato sauce, lentil or chick pea curry, mushroom risotto and bean chilli with potato wedges. There’s a global movement based around meat-free or meatless Monday – simply search for the hashtag across social media.
  • Learn something new. Learning is a huge part of human life. We’re constantly learning, growing and evolving in relationships, work, sport and creative pursuits. Learning how to cook, trying new recipes, joining an evening cooking class, watching a documentary, listening to podcasts, buying a book…. there are billions of bite sized pieces of information out there created by passionate, knowledgeable and artistic people.
  • Share information and resources. Once you’ve learnt something new, share it. Lend a book, write a blog, share a meal, comment on a social media post. If you have friends already embracing a plant-based (or vegan) lifestyle, ask them a few questions, invite them to eat with you, share their information with others if they’re running a plant-based food business or website.
  • As Brené Brown would probably say, ‘dare greatly’. Be confident and courageous and try something new in the kitchen. What’s the worst that could happen? If the food tastes really bad or you burn it it’ll end up in the bin and you’ll eat something else. But chances are, it’ll be edible – and better than that, it could be totally delicious! Explore, experiment and enjoy your new food adventures.

If you’d like to buy my two original plant-based recipe e-books, click here for more details.

Lorraine xx

Celebrating and Supporting Women

Unless you’ve unplugged from social media this week, or are enjoying a relaxing internet-free break on a tropical island (lucky you), chances are you’ve noticed that today (Friday 8 March) is International Women’s Day.

This year’s theme focuses on Balance – with the sentiment being that ‘a balanced world is a better world’.

Balance is something we’re all trying to achieve but somehow often falling short.

Today, I want to let you know that even if you haven’t reached a particular goal or dream in your life or business, it’s ok!

You’re not a failure for having failed, you’re amazing for having even tried.

In honour of International Women’s Day, I want to support and promote some of the amazing women who’ve crossed my path in the last twelve months.

All of these women inspire me to be a better version of myself than I was yesterday.

So, a huge thank you to each and every one of you. You’re making more of a difference in the world than you could ever have dreamed of.

Lorraine xx

(As they say on reality TV: ‘In no particular order…’)

Celebrating International Women's Day


Maeve is a real-life guardian angel; an effervescent Soul Coach who radiates love and warmth. While we’ve yet to meet in person, our video calls feel like we’ve known each other for lifetimes (and perhaps we have!). Maeve has had such an incredible journey to arrive at this point today where she uses her decades of professional and personal experience to guide clients and retreat guests to a place of personal stillness and joy. Maeve is hosting a beautiful retreat in the rolling countryside of Northern Ireland this summer and for a few lucky people it will be exactly what they’ve dreamed of for so long.


Jules is one of the kindest souls on the planet. Her sales coaching work evolves from her deeply held belief that selling is really based on Human Conversation. Jules believes that many of the life skills we possess are sales skills in disguise and that we shouldn’t be afraid to promote our skills, talents, experience and natural gifts with the world. When it comes to action-taking, Jules definitely wins the top award! In the past year she’s spoken at a TEDx event, started a podcast, launched a course, written an Amazon best selling book and been invited to teach and speak all around the UK and in the USA – making her a truly international sales coach. I’m so proud of her unrelenting determination to succeed and to make a difference to small businesses and personal lives.


Tina is one of those unassuming, humble people who really has NO idea how incredible she is and how much of a difference she’s making to young adults in the UK. Tina’s work in schools and the private sector help young people to gain vital skills needed to progress into the workplace. But, more importantly than that, she helps young people to believe in themselves – something that’s absolutely vital for long term emotional and physical health. Tina, I’ve said it before but you truly are amazing. Keep up the great work! xx


When I heard Katie speak at an event last summer, her words touched my heart. To go on a personal journey is one thing, but to be able to share that journey with others in a way that encourages transformation and spreads love is truly beautiful. I’m hoping to work with Katie over the next few months so that I can bloom and grow beyond my wildest dreams – and I know in my heart that Katie’s love and support will be the perfect catalyst for change.


You may not have heard of Shelley yet, but I guarantee that this little ray of sunshine will be bursting into your world very soon! I first met Shelley a couple of years ago and have watched her evolve into the confident Relationship Coach that she is now. If you’ve been struggling with finding your true, authentic self or are stuck in relationship hell, then her coaching will enable you to find your way and transform into the person you were meant to be. Go follow her now before she’s famous!


Helen runs a highly successful and engaging Facebook group called The Courageous Leaders Club – which beautifully sums up everything Helen is about: courage, leadership and collaboration. Helen sets a great example every day in how to successfully run a business from a place of authenticity and vulnerability. Her ability to openly share the messy challenges that affect most of us on a weekly basis means that she builds a safe, supportive place where everyone feels comfortable in being real. The online space definitely needs more people like Helen!


I listened to Nicola speak at Helen Packham’s Entrepreneurial Leaders Live event last summer and was blown away by her energy, love and passion for making a difference in people’s lives. Nicola helps people to build their self-worth and resilience so that they can see, attract and take advantage of all the possibilities that come their way. Nicola’s mantra – ‘This is me’ – and her work as a Life Coach enable people to feel happy in their skin and enjoy the journey through behaviour and mindset change.


Sandy is a gifted, talented artist and interior designer who is quite simply one of the loveliest people I’ve ever met. She supported me endlessly in my previous work in nutrition and food coaching and now it’s my turn to share her skills and talents with the world. If I had the money and the dream house with blank, white walls, I would have no hesitation in flying Sandy over from Australia to give my home a splash of her beautiful artwork and her laid back beach-vibe style. Sandy has created a dream art and design studio where she welcomes people for special events and workshops. If you live on the Gold Coast (lucky you!), do try to attend her events. For everyone else, take a look at Sandy’s relaxing website and online shop.


Kay is a beautiful soul, inside and out and chatting to her is guaranteed to brighten your day! Kay is a talented storyteller with a gift for helping brands to find the message that forms the essence of the services they provide and to share that message with the world. I relate so much to Kay as a like-minded, curious, language lover with a passion for helping other women leverage their authenticity and shine brightly.


Emma is a Spiritual Guide who channels messages and energy from divine sources and is guaranteed to always hit the proverbial nail on the head! I couldn’t believe quite how accurate her reading was for me back in December when I asked a question about writing my book. Emma and I have bonded over a love of cats and spirituality and I’m so grateful to have Emma in my life. I’m excited for her next online gathering later in March.


What does a ghost-blogger do? (And how to hire one)

Feeling stuck in your business and Need to create more content than you have the time, patience or creativity for?

Then read on to find out how a ghost blogger (or ghost writer) can help you take your business to the next level…

You will no doubt be familiar with a well known type of ghostwriting – the wordy talent behind many a famous celebrity’s autobiography.

But you may not realise that many business owners and brands outsource their blog creation to talented copywriters, or ‘ghost-bloggers’ in order to be consistent and visible in the online space.

Of course, it’s easy to think that this is cheating; that the company you love to follow is in some way being inauthentic by not physically writing the words you enjoy reading.

In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

Experienced copywriters, ghostwriters and ghost-bloggers work closely with businesses, brands or individuals in order to help them achieve their goals. They get inside the mind and heart of the business owner and their audience so that every word (or blank space) is there for a reason.

The ghostwriter has no agenda of his own; he simply uses his intuitive and learned skills to create content that attracts ideal clients, nurtures relationships, drives sales and helps to boost a company’s bottom line.

If you’re a small business owner, emerging brand or charity project founder, there’s a high chance that you’ve spent a long time doing everything yourself – from website set up to social media promotion to meeting with clients, plus all the behind the scenes work involved in admin, accounts, PR and business strategy.

And that can get exhausting!

(Especially if you’re running a home, looking after kids and working a paid job at the same time.)

At some point you’ve probably considered outsourcing one aspect of your business to a third party – or at least looked into hiring a cleaner, child care or meal delivery – so that you have more free time to dedicate to the parts of your business that light you up most.

So, what’s the difference between paying a professional to create your website, design a logo, run your accounts or set up complicated tech stuff and paying a ghostwriter to create your blogs?

Answer: No difference at all!

It all comes down to your personal areas of expertise, your business strategy, the time you have available and the money you’re willing to invest.

If hiring a copywriter or ghost-blogger sounds like an appealing prospect right now then ask around for recommendations and don’t be afraid to ask to see examples of their work or written testimonials. Remember, of course, that many people who hire a ghostwriter may not be willing to admit to it, which means the writer won’t be able to share examples created for those clients who prefer to remain anonymous.

Try to schedule in an informal chat with the potential ghostwriter/copywriter of your choice so that you (and they) can instantly get a feel for whether the relationship feels uplifting, positive and filled with magical potential.

To help you get inside the mind of a copywriter and ghost-blogger (aka me!), I’ve created a short behind the scenes sneak peek into my life. I hope you enjoy reading and if you have any questions, please do pop me an email.

Lorraine xx

A behind the scenes sneak peek into the life of a copywriter and ghost-blogger…

Jane* and I finally meet on a video call after many months of building a relationship across social media (we originally met in a private Facebook group run by a spiritual coach we both admire and respect). On the call, it feels as if we’ve known each other for ever; we chat like old friends and realise there are so many similarities in our core values (such as integrity, honesty and compassion) and in our desire to create a bigger impact in the world. We’ve shared many of the same life and business struggles and know that this is our time to shine even brighter than before; to be light workers and advocates of change.

It’s during conversations like this that we both know we’ve found ‘the one’; the person that enables us to co-create magic.

After all, a writer needs a subject with a story just as the client needs help to get their message into the world.

It’s a beautiful union of talent, passion and a deep desire to make a difference.

After an initial get-to-know-each-other chat, I ask Jane my favourite question…

‘What lights you up?’

As she shares her dreams, I do more than simply watch and listen. I begin to feel things. I intuitively sense which parts of her story and which words she uses are the ones that are the most important to her and her audience. I get butterflies in my tummy – a sign that I know we’re on the cusp of co-creating something unique, beautiful and special.

Using this incredible energy, we go on to discuss her business goals, her aims for this project, her ideal clients and all the specific details that help me build a bigger picture of Brand Jane and her audience.

Rather than being a typical ‘sales call’, Jane already knows in her heart that she wants to work together and collaborate on her juicy new project. There is no awkward ‘well it’ll cost this much’ and ‘I can’t afford that right now’; instead we both instinctively know that by harnessing our combined energy we end up with something far greater than 1+1=2.

The call is followed up with a confirmation email and a ‘contract’ that clearly explains my services, boundaries and pricing as well as the information Jane needs to provide before I can begin writing.

The writing and editing process itself is a magical journey that I’ll save for another blog. But for now, I hope that this little insight into ghost-blogging and copywriting has triggered a little thought process in your mind…

*Name changed to protect the innocent!

Lorraine Pannetier Intuitive Copywriter

Lorraine Pannetier is an Intuitive Copywriter, Content Creator and Ghost-Blogger based on the sunny island of Jersey – a tiny piece of paradise surrounded by sandy beaches, rocky coastline, palm trees and castles.

Lorraine uses her intuitive gifts and word-whispering talents to help soul-led small businesses, heart-centred entrepreneurs, project leaders and individuals to project their passion into the world and achieve the impact they desire.

Details of all writing services can be found at thesoulfulword.com/work-with-me


Healing the heart space is scary

Healing the heart space is one of the scariest things we can do.

I know.

Because right now I’m scared.

Scared to open up and be vulnerable in a way I’ve never been before. I know my coach is going to ask me questions that will be uncomfortable – painful even. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

But if I don’t do it I will stay here.


Forever in a place of ‘not quite enough’; a silent haunting that weaves its way through all aspects of life.

When I think about how I’ll feel once we start our coaching journey together I breathe a huge sign of relief. A full, long breath that forces my shoulders to relax and allows my heart to open a little wider.

My eyes begin to well up with tears.

I know that my coach will trigger emotions from deep within me that I have to deal with in order to move forward, rise to the next level and achieve all of my life’s goals and desires.

You see, having an open heart isn’t just about being an animal lover, a kind, compassionate human being or a loving, tactile parent. Having an open heart is about being able to dig really deep into the darkest parts of your soul and to allow those fears to surface; to shine such a bright light on them that they no longer haunt your every thought.

I’m ready to do the inner work and feel the love of the Universe radiate from deep within me. I’m ready to be courageous even through times of fear and uncertainty. I’m ready to choose vulnerable and feminine each time my masculine ego kicks in to take me back to where I’ve always been.

After all, as Albert Einstein said: ‘We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

However cliché it may sound, it’s time for me to step outside of my comfort zone.

I cannot evolve if I stay where it’s comfortable and safe.

It’s time to take a risk and know that the Universe is always there to support me.

If I’m feeling this way, chances are that you might feel this way too.

You KNOW you’re ready to step up your game in life, love or business but there are always excuses…

And when a coach (or friend, lover, parent or child) calls you out on your excuses, it’s as if you have an out of body experience where you can hear the words spewing from your mouth but in your heart you know they’re not true.

That’s why people trigger us when they call us out on our bullsh*t! We sometimes take it to heart as a negative judgement or harsh criticism because, ultimately, the truth hurts.

Now is the time to take that hurt and turn it into something that can bloom and grow into the life and love you’ve always dreamed of.

I’m ready.

I have faith that the Universe will support me every step of the way.

All it takes is that first step.

To commit.

To set the intention.

To say ‘YES, I’m ready!’

(At this point the Universe will probably throw its head back, laugh out loud and say ‘about time too!’)

I’m scared, but I’m ready.

Are you?

Lorraine xx

May 2021 update! Over two years since writing this post and I’m so grateful to myself for taking the time to do the inner work and to ask for (and invest energetically and financially in) the support I needed in peeling back the layers, exposing the wounds and beginning to heal.

If you’re reading this now and have only just begun your healing journey and it feels really tough, please don’t give up! Every day, in some small way, you’ll be making a difference to your future and all those small changes really do add up.

Yes it’s scary. Yes it can sometimes be very painful and lead to tears, tantrums and difficult conversations. But ultimately, you’re giving yourself the greatest gift by investing in yourself, doing the inner work needed to heal and transform and to show up in the world as the brightest, most luminous and happy version of you.

*Exciting news!* I’m now in the process of writing my book ‘Raising Wild Birds’, which will cover many aspects of personal growth and healing, weaving together my personal stories with intuitive guidance to help people connect to their inner truth, follow their heart and start living a wildly fulfilling life. My book will be published with The Unbound Press early in 2022. Stay connected with me on Instagram if you’re interested in grabbing a copy!

Want to read more? I was so delighted to be part of an amazing curated book called #2020Vision – Unbound Perspectives From A Year Like No Other which was released in February 2021. It’s a collection of short stories, diary extracts and poems from (awesome!) female writers sharing their perspectives and experiences of 2020. Some are happy, some are sad, some are traumatic, some are romantic, but all share beautiful insights, lightbulb moments and opportunities for growth that would not have been achieved to the same degree without the global pandemic.

Buy your paperback copy or Kindle/e-reader version here:

Why thrift shopping makes me feel good

At the end of 2018 I decided that 2019 would be my ‘no buy year’ – in terms of shop-bought clothes. I’d become disillusioned with the fast fashion industry, sickened by the greed of consumerism and watched one too many documentaries to be able to un-see the pain and suffering that goes on in countries on the other side of the world.

We’re all human beings and no-one should have to endure that kind of lifestyle and insane poverty and hardship just for a cheap $5 t-shirt.

Over recent years I’ve bought less and less items of clothing and tried to emphasise quality over quantity. Add to that a penchant for decluttering on a frequent basis and by December 2018 I was pretty much down to a minimal wardrobe, with only a handful of items I wore on a daily basis. It became a bit of an ongoing joke that I only had one ‘going out’ jumper and one pair of jeans – and when they finally wore thin and split around the inner thighs, it was time to invest.

I made a list of my ideal capsule wardrobe and decided that during my ‘no buy year’ I’d acquire clothes only through swapping with friends, buying locally at thrift stores (charity shops) or buying second-hand from online apps like Depop, except for a small list of items such as bras, pants and a specific brand of jeans that fit perfectly. (Second hand jeans might work well on a 21 year old Instagram model, but finding the right slim fitting, flattering pair on a curvy, 45 year-old body with a little too much muffin top, was never going to be easy!) 

Other than those few items, everything else needed to be sourced away from all the usual high street stores – which made our first few visits to town rather interesting … I ended up in the library and vegan cafe instead.

After effortlessly getting through January without buying anything except a pair of well made, Italian brown leather gloves from a ‘designer’ second hand store I found near my mum’s house,  it was time to step away from the fears and judgements I was holding on to and approach thrift shopping with a fresh new perspective.

At the start of February my teenage daughter and I headed to a large, local charity shop with a budget of £50. Having watched many YouTube videos beforehand, I was armed with top tips like checking labels for materials, looking at seams and carefully inspecting for any damage. Plus, my Pinterest boards were bulging with variations of all my favourite clothing styles, colours and materials. It was time to shop…

Here are a few things that have made me feel good about ‘pre-loved’ clothes shopping and why I’m already hooked:

  • Most charity shops are run by volunteers and they’re really friendly. When your shopping trip begins with smiles and hellos, it brightens the whole experience (fashion stores take note!).
  • When surrounded by an eclectic selection of clothes, you find yourself tuning into the fabrics and textures that most appeal to you, rather than being lured into buying this season’s latest trend. Shopping soon becomes about aligning to your core desires rather than being persuaded into buying an outfit you’d never previously imagined wearing (and we’ve all had plenty of those in our wardrobes, right?).
  • Second hand clothes in charity shops cost a fraction of their original RRP and when you take your time looking carefully, you’ll uncover some absolute bargains. Only today I found a Guess designer denim jacket for just £12 – original price would have been around £125! I’ve seen plenty of cashmere jumpers too and bought one gorgeous indigo blue linen shirt, again for about a tenth of its shop-bought price.
  • Brand new items with labels attached are also frequently found – which give you a real buzz when they’re exactly what you were looking for.

While it’s amazing to find new clothes that you can love for many years to come, ultimately the biggest high of pre-loved clothes shopping comes from knowing that the action you’re taking is helping to reduce the environmental impact of fast-fashion manufacturing methods all around the world.

We may not have to wash in polluted water or inhale toxic fumes from factories, but other people -human souls just like you and me – are living in inhumane, unsanitary conditions and I don’t want to contribute to that any more.

Will you join me in reducing your consumption of fast fashion?

Lorraine xx

If you’d like to learn more about the impact of the fashion industry on the environment, watch these online documentaries: The True Cost and River Blue.

Do you need a content strategy?

What is a content strategy and do you need one?

As business owners and entrepreneurs, part of our daily work includes raising our visibility, building relationships with potential clients and collaborators and increasing our credibility amongst our audience.

In the online space there are four main ways in which we can do this:

  • Written content: blogs, articles, social media posts and engaging with online conversations.
  • Video content: Facebook live videos, Instagram video, video stories, YouTube, LinkedIn …
  • Audio content: podcasts, radio interviews, online interviews.
  • Visual content: Instagram, Pinterest, other social media channels

When it comes to creating content for your business, you probably naturally favour one of those over the other three; it’s the one that comes the most easily to you and the one you enjoy the most. Equally, you’ll also have a preferred type of content that you use for education and personal growth or entertainment.

Personally, I love consuming written content. I love to read well written articles, books and inspiring blogs, but statistics show us that video content is being consumed at a record level (thanks mainly to smartphones). According to HubSpot, 78% of people watch online videos every day and by 2020, online videos will make up more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic (Source: Cisco).

When it comes to podcasts, listeners are apparently loyal, affluent and educated, with 45% of monthly podcast listeners having a household income over $75k. Almost half of podcast listeners tune in at home, with 22% listening while driving. Smartphones have overtaken computers and tablets as the preferred device for listening to podcasts. (Source: podcastinsights.com)

So what do these statistics mean for your business and the type of content you produce?

There are two ways to look at this…

Firstly, you could stick with your main style of content creation and do it REALLY well so that you become known as the expert in your industry and naturally attract ideal clients who really love what you do and how you do it. (And engaged, ideal clients buy…simples!)

Secondly, you could diversify your content creation so that you cover at least two of the four main types of content: video, aural, photographic or written. So if you currently stick to writing, perhaps it’s time to add in some video; or if you’re all over photographic content then perhaps it’s time to add more written content in the form of guest blogging. Of course, there are numerous combinations possible and each has to not only appeal to your audience, but also be exciting and energising for you to produce (because as a business owner you’ll be producing a lot of content and it’s very time consuming!).

do you need a content strategy

Which leads us on to Content Strategy…

A content strategy is, in essence, a plan of the type of content you’re going to produce alongside a schedule or calendar. For example, you might decide to create one blog or video a week, one social media post every day and send an email to your list once a month. Within that schedule you can then define certain topics or themes for specific dates that coincide with the types of content your audience will be searching for: e.g. January is often about weight loss, while the school summer holidays might lead to a spike in searches for how to entertain bored children!

But before you create a content strategy you must be clear on your audience, your message, your services and your brand’s vision and goals for the year ahead as well as having clarity on everything your brand stands for so that all content remains in alignment. If you’re still in the early stages of your business and haven’t got all this sorted yet, then make that your priority. Once everything is clear you’ll find that creativity flows more easily and attracting the right audience will happen organically.

The benefits of creating (and sticking to) a content strategy are:

  • The content is more likely to stay true to your brand image, values and goals.
  • Regular content will create more engagement from your audience (and higher engagement = higher sales).
  • As your visibility and credibility increase, you’ll become known as an expert in your field which may open up new and exciting opportunities.
  • Regular content can be tracked and statistics analysed in order to create an even more focused strategy for business growth and increased sales.
  • Focusing on one platform for a sustained period can help you to understand whether it’s bringing you the engagement and customers you desire, or whether it’s better to switch platform (or content type).

What are your plans for 2019? Have you got a strategy and content calendar all planned out? Or do you prefer to ebb and flow with your feminine energy? Or perhaps it all feels too overwhelming and you’d rather stay snuggled underneath your duvet with warm, homemade banana loaf and a cup of tea?!

As for me… I’m putting together my vision and goals for 2019 and breaking that down into smaller chunks for content planning. I’ve been back in my happy place for the last three months creating lots of blogs and I really love writing pieces that inspire others to make changes in their life or business. However, after researching stats on video and audio consumption, I know that in order to keep up with the fast-growing world of online content, I have to diversify.

Whether that will be behind a camera or a microphone, you’ll just have to wait and see!

Lorraine xx


Photo credit: Jakob Owens @Unplash


Create a business that feels aligned to your heart and soul

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Having been a business owner since the late 1990s I can now look back and see the strategies and mindset shifts I had to put in place, and the action I had to take consistently, in order to feel like everything was aligned to my core values.

 And of course, it had to light me up every single day! 

There’s so much I could share about how I’ve ended up where I am today, but for now, I’m keeping it to some simple action steps and tips YOU can take to make sure you have your most successful, productive, abundant and happy year yet!

❤️ Listen to your gut. Sometimes in life, love and business, we make decisions that we feel aren’t quite right, but we can’t see another way so we take them anyway. If you get that feeling that something is a little ‘off’ or gives you a funny feeling in the pit of your stomach, hold off for a few days (or at least a few hours) before you take action. Always listen to your intuition – it’s usually right!

❤️ Don’t sell out to companies and products you don’t believe in. If you’re offered the chance to represent a brand or product but it really doesn’t sit well with you, then feel confident in saying ‘no’ and walking away – however much money it may be worth! Ditto goes for working with clients who really don’t fit your niche or those who will end up costing you lots of time, stress and grey hairs. It’s your company, you are free to choose who you work with and who you don’t.

❤️ Create a secure financial situation for yourself. Easier said than done for many of us, I know! If you’ve come out of a well paid job and have savings worth six to twelve months of your previous salary, then that’s a great place to start. However, if, like me, you started out as a small business charging clients on an hourly basis, then you may simply not have had the ability to save any decent amount, nor have high limits on credit cards. My top tip is to start saving at least 10% of your gross income (if your living costs enable you to save 20% to 30% that’s even better!) and put it into an account where you can’t access it easily. Once you feel financially secure and stable, you’re MORE LIKELY to take action that is aligned to your heart, soul and core values.

❤️ Take some time out to plan ahead with YOUR DREAMS and goals in mind. It’s easy to get swept up in financial planning or social media marketing strategies (both of which are needed too), but it’s also important to take time on a regular basis to look at whether your business is still headed in the way you wish, or whether changes need to be made. I made the biggest strides ahead in my business after I took two months off to tune back in to my feminine energy, spend time in nature and read, write and create things with no pressure to sell or promote my business.

I’d love to hear what lights you up, makes you feel ‘in tune’ with the Universe and what’s really important to you in your business.

Lorraine xx

How to start 2019 the right way

As one calendar year ends and another starts, it’s easy to get caught up in the buzz of setting new goals and intentions and celebrating our successes and achievements.

But what about the stuff that we drag along into the new year without realising?

The languages we say we’re going to learn but then don’t. The new career we say we’re going to move into but then don’t. The sports we say we want to try but then don’t. There’s all this silent negativity sitting on our shoulders, draining our energy and stopping us from creating the impact or lifestyle we truly dream of.

Every year, I say I will learn to play tennis and learn Italian. I’ve been saying this for at least four years now, possibly more. And how many words of Italian have I learnt? Zero. (Pizza Express menus don’t count!) How many times have I played tennis in the last four years? Once.

I hadn’t ever stopped to consider how carrying this baggage around with me was actually preventing me from living my best life. That was until I happened to watch this video by Chelsea Fagan of The Financial Diet, aptly titled: ‘15 Things to Cleanse Your Life of Now So They Don’t Follow You Into 2019’.

Chelsea suggests that we give ourselves permission to accept that those projects we keep putting off year after year simply aren’t going to happen. Instead, it’s time to let that energy go in order to create space to allow in more of the things that really light us up.

What will you give yourself permission to release before the end of 2018?

One other point that really stood out for me in Chelsea’s video was the things that fall to the bottom of your to-do list. These are the things that you keep putting off. It might be simple things like sending thank you notes, getting a dress altered or having shoes repaired. Or it could be something bigger like organising your accounting paperwork or booking the car in for an overdue service.

As you read this, you’ll know straight away which things always get pushed off your to-do list from one month to the next; seemingly unimportant yet sapping away quietly at your energy.

Chelsea suggests taking ONE of those things and getting it sorted before the end of the year. That way you get to waltz into 2019 with one less worry and stress on your shoulders. Sounds good right?

So, what is one thing you will commit to taking action on before the end of 2018?

Me? I’m booking a car valet because getting round to vacuuming my car just never happens! Starting the new year with a sparkly clean car and free from the assumptions that I’ll be a star tennis player and fluent Italian speaker in a few months is already allowing me to breathe a big sigh of relief.

What would allow you to start 2019 with a big weight off your shoulders?

Lorraine xx

How can I be the best version of myself?

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How can I be the best version of myself?

Is that a question you’ve asked yourself lately?

Or ever?

We spend far too much of our time worrying about living up to other people’s expectations without pausing for a while to consider our own.

What values do you hold in high regard?

What traits do you most admire in others?

How can you spend more time living and breathing as the best version of yourself?

As a small-business owner (or heart-centred entrepreneur, as I like to say) I used to spend far too much time trying to create services and packages that would appeal to all different kinds of potential customers. If someone suggested a different angle I hadn’t thought of, I’d add that too. And I got tired. Exhausted. Burnt out.

As the old saying goes, I was trying to please all of the people, all of the time and winding up not pleasing anyone! Least of all myself.

Something had to change.

Through various twists and turns, challenges and plot twists, meetings with inspiring thought leaders and taking the time to tune into what was really important to me (aka core values), my life slowly began to sparkle.

It felt feel really good. Great, in fact.

It was as if all the magic I’d believed in as a child had landed in my lap. 

It wasn’t luck though, or even hard work.

The magic appeared because I’d become aligned to my inner voice and started to truly understand that it wasn’t what I did in my work (and personal life) that was important, but how and why I did it.

Asking myself the question: ‘How can I be the best version of myself today?’ soon became a daily habit.

For many months, I wrote down my thoughts, used oracle cards and my favourite rose quartz crystals, and allowed my inner voice to guide me.

You see, it wasn’t about creating a new e-book about a certain topic, or putting out a special priced offer on a new course, what really mattered was the passion at the core of everything I touched with my love and energy.

I realised that helping other people to shine brilliantly – to be the best version of themselves – was the really important thing to me.

This was (and still is) my why.

It didn’t matter whether I helped people gain business clarity during a quick 20 minute video call or supported them by writing their website copy, sent a quick ‘how are you feeling today?’ message or offered a short training session in their Facebook group.

How I delivered each of those things – from a place of love, compassion, kindness, empathy, experience and integrity – was integral to my personal fulfilment and, ultimately, more business success.

When you begin each day by thinking about how you can be the best version of yourself, you remove the need for expectation. You’re not expecting other people to act or talk in a certain way, you’re focused on how you can be better.

Once expectation is out of the way, it’s far easier to live from a place of love.

There’s no longer any need to act from fear, sadness or anger.

Whether you’re a business owner or not, we all make thousands of choices every single day. Choose the things that are in alignment to your core values, your inner voice, your ‘why’, and together we can create a ripple effect that makes every home, every school, every workplace and every community a more nourishing place to be.

How can you be the best version of yourself today?

Lorraine xx

Are you a passionate heart-centred entrepreneur interested in finding out how I can help you to shine brilliantly? Then hop on over to my Work with Me page to find out more. 

Full Moon – A time to forgive and move forward

If you look up into the sky on a full moon, you’ll notice it illuminating the world around you.

You may also notice how your energy has been supercharged over the 3-7 days in the build up to the full moon – physically or emotionally – and the night of the full moon is the perfect time to tune into your spiritual energy and put the lunar magic to good use.

Each full moon is the right moment to deal with difficult emotions, and you’ll soon find that working on forgiveness will help to bring you inner peace.

Each full moon is in the opposite sign to wherever the sun lies at that moment. For example, in September, when the sun is in Virgo, the full moon will be in the opposite sign of Pisces. Depending on your personal astrological birth chart, some full moons will be more powerful for you, highlighting the areas you really need to pay attention to. Depending on how important this lesson is for you, you may feel a gentle nudge or a huge kick in the backside! People from the past could show up in your life or things may ‘appear’ to go wrong, forcing you to take action.

Forgive others, but don’t forget to forgive yourself too.

Human beings aren’t perfect and we all make mistakes and bad choices.

But we must remember that even those bad choices can be the right ones at that particular moment and to look back, not with regret but with forgiveness and love.

Take the time to consider how you’re listening to others.

Could you be a better listener?

The full moon is also the perfect moment to put down our smart phones and laptops and explore what’s happening around us. Spend more time talking to people, visiting local events, spending time outdoors, socialising, asking questions….

With every full moon, it’s a good idea to write a gratitude list. This helps us to tune into what’s really important to us and keeps us on our path to achieving our goals and dreams. If you wish you can burn your gratitude list (safely) afterwards, or keep it in a moon journal to refer back to in the future.

What (or who) are you grateful for today?

Lorraine xx


Moon Rituals:

My Full Moon ritual is a simple one. I light a candle and work through forgiveness and gratitude in a special journal. I love writing down my thoughts as I find this is the best way for me to access my inner voice. I usually pull three oracle cards and write down my interpretation of these in relation to where I’m at and where I want to be. I’ve always got my rose quartz crystal with me throughout and I hold it while I’m working through my forgiveness and gratitude journalling.

I refer to my favourite lunar book, Moonology, which goes into more depth about moon rituals for specific star signs and ascendants.

What does your moon ritual look like?

The Power of Human Connection

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Over the last three years my life (and business) has changed dramatically because of one thing:

Human Connection.

I’m not really sure if I’m an introverted extrovert or an extroverted introvert (and I hate labels anyway) but to be able to spend a high percentage of my time safely tucked away in my own home, free from the draining energy of crowds, toxic office culture and negative energy vampires means that I’m a happier, calmer and more creative person than ever before.

But, of course, it’s not particularly helpful to be at home alone when running your own small business, so I’ve found a way to form genuine connections and true friendships with incredible women across the globe.

Setting up one or two video calls each week with women who inspire and motivate me (and vice versa) is the perfect way to boost social connection and engage in powerful human conversations.

And human conversation is the key to successful sales according to my good friend Jules White, a British sales coach, motivational TEDx speaker, author of Live It, Love It, Sell It and podcast host of The Human Conversation. (She’s a busy girl!)

In her book, Jules talks about the role of empathy in sales conversations and how to create strong relationships built on integrity:

‘The beauty of relationships is they last longer than a single transaction, so by conducting yourself with integrity and empathy rather than focusing on ‘winning’ you’re likely to generate future business. Your client will come back to you when they need you, and they’ll recommend you to others. That’s the real win. This is human selling and human connection.’

I love Jules’ approach but I’m also acutely aware that many women will shy away from creating these deep connections because they feel threatened by other women. 

Why is that?

Some might say it’s a link back to ancestral times such as the Salem witch trials when women were forced to expose other women as witches in order to protect themselves and their families. Others might say it’s just in our biological nature or that it’s simply learned habits from the culture we live in today.


Every week I hear stories in the online space of women copying other women’s work, branding, images or words, women tearing others down or using people to get to the top. Not only is it stressful for those incredible, hard-working women who’ve worked so hard to elevate their small business into the online space to help others, but it’s very sad for those women who believe that using and abusing really is the only way to get what they want. (Hint: It’s not!)

When women support each other, incredible things happen.

Yesterday, I had a deep conversation with Georgia Varjas, a motivational speaker, writer and mentor living in Spain, about why women feel threatened by other women. We covered all sorts of angles from confidence and insecurities to labelling and judgment. Georgia reminded me of a quote she used during her amazing talk at Helen Packham’s Entrepreneurial Leaders Live event in Brighton in June:

The tongue has no bones, yet it is strong enough to break a heart.’ (Anon)

Georgia very generously invited me into her creative process and book writing journey and shared her ideas for the theme, chapters and messages within and from our conversation we both went away feeling inspired, motivated and filled with creativity.

When you open up and allow other women into your life and feel confident and secure in who you are, then amazing things really do happen.

In addition to these social connections and genuine friendships being so powerful when it comes to raising your profile and supporting your business passions in the online space, it’s important to remember that relationships are a form of self-love and nourishment and have a profound impact on our health.

Robert Waldinger, director of the Harvard Study of Adult Development, says, ‘The surprising finding is that our relationships and how happy we are in our relationships has a powerful influence on our health … Taking care of your body is important, but tending to your relationships is a form of self-care too. That, I think, is the revelation.’

The message I’m sharing with you today is that building relationships on a solid foundation of integrity, kindness and love is vitally important for our health and our businesses.

I know that I couldn’t be where I am today without the love and support of so many incredible women. And I’m so grateful to each and every one of them.

Are you taking the time to build relationships?

I’d love to know…

Lorraine xx

If you’re interested in anything or anyone I’ve mentioned above, here are the links:

Live It Love It, Sell It – book by Jules White

Jules White – Facebook group- ‘Live It Love It Sell It with Jules White’

Georgia Varjas ‘Slipping and Sliding on the Glass Ceiling’ – live talk from Entrepreneurial Leaders Live, June 2018

Georgia Varjas – Facebook Page ‘Step Up and Stand Out’

Helen Packham, leadership & Business Coach, TEDx speaker and creator of Entrepreneurial Leaders Live events

The Harvard Study of Adult Development

You don’t need to fix yourself

Instead of always trying to fix things, realise you deserve better.

Stop waiting for change. Make the change. Be the change.

You don’t need to FIX yourself. You are beautiful, loved and special just the way you are.

But you know something doesn’t feel right. Something is missing.

You blame your body.

You blame the food you eat.

You blame someone else for making you feel this way.

You blame the weather.

You blame a friend.

You blame the money.

You blame anyone or anything else for your feelings.


I used to do this. It was always someone else’s fault.

And then one day I woke up.

Well, it was more of a gradual awakening really.

I realised that I have complete and total responsibility for my own well-being. If I feel frustrated, sad, lonely, irritated, self-conscious, un-loved and un-special, then only I have the power to change that.

Every moment of every day, we have a choice.

And sometimes we’ll make the wrong choices – we are human after all.

I believe that even the wrong choices are the right ones because they give us a greater learning curve or send us on a journey to help us learn a specific lesson.

After all, we’ve all dated that guy we really shouldn’t have dated. We knew it wouldn’t work. We knew we’d get hurt. But we did it anyway.

And in dating the wrong guy it helped us reinforce exactly who the RIGHT guy is.

We’ve all done this with food too. Spent a whole holiday eating and drinking all the things we know our bodies can’t handle. But we’re ‘on holiday’, ‘life’s too short’, ‘everyone else does it so why shouldn’t I?’… Falling off the wagon can be a useful path too in learning exactly what does make our bodies feel really GOOD.

Remember that time you did that clean eating plan for a month? Remember how good you felt? Remember that time you had a personal trainer for six months and got the toned, fit body you dreamed of?

Take all those experiences and think about the times you felt REALLY GOOD in your life.

(And guess what? Some of those times when you were loving life may not have been your skinniest or when you were eating the ‘right’ food. It might have been when you just let go, embraced who you were and allowed experiences and love to take over!)

Grab some paper and a pen (or use your phone if you prefer) and write down:

1. The times in your life when you felt happiest. Include as much detail as possible. Where were you living, how old were you, what made you feel so happy/loved/special? What was your daily routine like? What kind of food did you eat? Did you do daily exercise? Were you learning a new skill? Who were you with? Try to bring the images to life with smells, colours, songs and words.

2. Now write down all the things that are good in your life NOW. Like a gratitude list if you like. All the things that make you happy and feel great.

3. What does your daily routine look like at the moment? Is that something that’s making you happy? Or is it causing you stress and fatigue? Write down all the good points of your daily routine; all the stuff you want to keep.

4. Now think about how you want to FEEL every day. Loved, nourished, special? Write a list of at least 10 words that describe how you wish to feel.

5. Next to each of those words, write down ways in which you can ensure that feeling happens every, single day. (Write in the present tense as if you’re already doing it)

E.g. I want to feel loved: I treat myself lovingly. I buy myself flowers. I wear my favourite colours. I wrap myself up in a warm blanket on the sofa. I spend time with my pets.

The final step is, of course, to take some action!

Ensure you treat yourself well every day so that you always feel loved/ special/ happy/ nourished/ appreciated …

Making a simple switch from a slice of toast and an instant coffee to making a fresh fruit smoothie or preparing a pretty oat bowl the night before will make so much difference to the start of your day.

Find the things that work for you, that fit in to your lifestyle/budget/family/values and that make you feel AMAZING!

Have a wonderful day!

Lorraine xx

Profile photo of Lorraine Pannetier outside by palm tree holding a cup of tea and wearing a grey jumper and smiling at the camera.

The Connection between Gratitude and Creativity


Living, writing and creating in Jersey is a breath of fresh air.

From the rugged north coast to the palm trees of the south, the waves of the wild west to the glowing eastern sunrise, there’s something unique and special about every angle of our tiny island.

Our landscape is an endless source of inspiration for local creative artists, many of whom have successfully created products that are sought after worldwide for customers wanting to take a little of Jersey’s essence into their homes. Even if you’ve never heard of the island of Jersey, chances are you’ve tasted a Jersey Royal or can spot a Jersey cow!


Photo by George Hiles on Unsplash

When I first came to Jersey twenty years ago as a young personal trainer, nutrition consultant and massage therapist, I soon discovered a whole circle of incredible healers and practitioners whose magic hands were capable of transforming energy levels, health and well-being.

I intuitively felt safe, supported and inspired by their wealth of knowledge and experience and immersed myself in many kinds of treatments such as reflexology, chiropractic, cranio-sacral therapy and crystal healing.

Investing in our body’s health should really be a no-brainer.

Except we live in a world where obesity and chronic illness are prevalent in developed countries while malnutrition and preventable disease run rife in the third world. So, looking beyond diet, exercise and disease control, what else can we do to make our human bodies run more efficiently and enjoy happier lives?

Well, I believe that part of the secret lies here in Jersey.

Spending time being active outdoors in nature and breathing in our fresh, unpolluted air is one way to boost our health and spirit. However, there is one important thing that needs to be added here…


Too many of us simply take our island and our beautiful surroundings (and many other amazing things in our lives) for granted.

When was the last time you found yourself stuck in traffic along The Avenue? Probably fairly frequently if you’re a rush-hour commuter. But did you take the time to notice the millpond-like sea in St Aubin’s bay, to watch the palm trees fluttering gently in the breeze or to look up and see a flock of birds or a ‘kiss’ of aeroplane trails in the sky?

two women sat on a bench in Jersey overlooking the sea on a beautiful summer's day

Simple pleasures – Noirmont point, overlooking Portelet Bay, Jersey

Being thankful for our island’s natural beauty is a prerequisite for a more joy-filled existence.

We will all experience problems, challenges and pain in our lives, but how we choose to react to those situations will be far more positive when we begin to live every day from a place of love, kindness and gratitude.


As a writer and creative entrepreneur based in Jersey, I’m grateful every day for the inspiration I find in our island and how that translates into beautiful words for my clients.

Whenever my creativity gets stuck or my energy feels stagnant, a short walk in nature, a trip to the sea or some time in the company of animals reawakens my passions and stimulates my creative juices.

Here are my top tips to living life from a place of gratitude:

  • Keep a gratitude diary. Write down at least three things you’re grateful for every day and how they make you feel. Need some inspiration? Read on…


  • Take a few moments every morning to look out of your bedroom window. Notice the trees and flowers, the clouds, the sky, the sunrise and the birds. Watch how the seasons change the colours and textures.


  • Close your eyes in the shower and feel the warmth of the water trickling over your body. Whilst appreciating the availability of running water, heating, fluffy towels and clean clothes, think about your big dreams or life goals. What would you like to achieve? Where would you love to travel to? What legacy would you like to leave behind? Thinking about these things daily and taking small action steps towards achieving them is far easier when the rest of your day is rooted in gratitude.


  • Do kind things for others. It doesn’t have to be a grand or expensive gesture, but perhaps something as simple as cooking a meal for an elderly neighbour, bringing fresh fruit into work to support your colleague’s health goals, passing on a good book or donating unwanted clothes or household items to charity.


  • Spend more quality time with your children, family or friends without the distraction of smart phones. Listen to elderly relatives’ stories and pass on their wisdom and history to the younger generation.


Our island’s natural beauty and heritage is not a separate entity. It’s interwoven into every piece of creative artwork and lives on forever through each one of us.

Lorraine xx

A Love Note to Jersey – First published in The Jersey Life Magazine May 2018


Fliquet beach, Jersey


7 Simple Steps YOU can take TODAY to ensure life on planet Earth thrives beyond 2030

I am soooo happy to see that yesterday’s blog about meal prepping without plastic packaging was such a big hit with my audience! It hit the same level as The True Cost of Fast Fashion and Busyness v. Stillness which tells me one AMAZING thing about you….

That you’re looking for ways to help the environment, you’re compassionate and you’re craving ways to find inner peace in a crazy, messed-up world.

And if you’re taking the time to read blogs like this (thank you so much from the bottom of my heart) then chances are, you’re looking for ways to take action!

This makes me feel an incredible wave of excitement and a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart.

The more of us who are making small, daily changes really are the ones who will change the world; reversing climate change and environmental damage and balancing wealth between nations so no-one dies of starvation while others are throwing billions of tonnes of food away each year. (Because that’s the naked truth right now.)

I’ve been lucky enough to make changes slowly and gradually, which as we all know is generally the way to make new lifestyle habits stick.

But right now we don’t have that luxury.

Recent reports state we may have as little as twelve years to reverse some of the damage to our planet to allow nature to replenish and repopulate itself.

Twelve years.

Scary right?

So, what can you do to be part of the change?

  • Read, listen, watch, learn. Research the facts, follow people across social media who are taking action, making a difference and sharing their knowledge and love with the world.
  • Learnt something new? Found a great article? Watched a good documentary? SHARE IT! It only takes a click or two on social media and instantly it falls into the laps of hundreds of people. Creating a ripple effect is easy.
  • Stop buying food produce wrapped in plastic. Sure, the avocados may not be as ripe, but once you get into the habit of doing it every few days, soon you’ll find a routine where you always have ripe avocados at home!
  • Ditto for pre-chopped vegetables and fruit in plastic. Yes, it’s a time saver but making time to prepare and cook your own meals from scratch will help you find that inner peace you’ve been craving. It teaches patience and allows us quiet time in the kitchen to reconnect to our food.
  • Think before you buy, anything! Clothes, shoes, technology, take-out food, toys, make-up and toiletries…. Stop and consider (a) if you really need this item, (b) if this item brings you joy and makes you feel really, truly happy on the inside (rather than simply keeping up with the Jones’s or following a trend), (c) how you might dispose of it (or its packaging) when you no longer have a use for it, and (d) by buying this item, are you taking away from another dream? I.e. by spending money here and now on this item, will it stop you achieving another goal (like buying a house, travelling, saving for retirement, fixing the house, seeing the dentist etc.).
  • Following on from the above point, is there a way you can buy or acquire a pre-loved version of this item? Clothes and household items are easily available second-hand and often will be more unique and save you money. (Win-win for achieving those financial dreams!)
  • Join in with a community project. We’re all passionate about different things and some will tug at your heart more than others. Follow your heart and make a difference in your community. Beach clean ups, cooking for a homeless charity, supporting a screening of a documentary about refugees, giving your time as a volunteer…. or even starting up your own local project or awareness campaign. The choices are endless. But stop sitting around talking about it and just do it!

When you take consistent action on these seven steps, then not only will you feel more contentment and peace in your life, but you’ll have helped others and you’ll know that, even when the results are not yet visible, you’ll have made more than a dent in planet Earth’s recovery.

If we all come together to make a difference, collectively we can make our grandchildren’s future a far more exciting prospect.

Are you with me?

Lorraine xx

Meal prep Sunday: plant-based and packaging-free

Today, I thought I’d share something a little different; an insight into my meal prep Sunday and food shopping over the past few days.

Now, I don’t meal prep EVERY Sunday,  in fact, I’ve been pretty rubbish about planning in general lately which has led to rather too many simple meals of pasta in tomato sauce, or noodles with vegetables or yet another lentil curry. (Nothing wrong with lentil curry but it can get a bit monotonous!)

Now Jersey has not one but TWO package free / zero waste shops to enhance our sustainable lifestyle goals, I decided now was the time to put my money where my mouth is and buy ONLY package free (or recyclable/compostable materials) ingredients and cook or prepare meals and snacks in advance.

On Friday, I went out armed with my mesh food bags and canvas shoppers to our great new cooperative initiative – SCOOP – based at Vermont Farm in St Peter. They stock a selection of seasonal, organic vegetables plus a whole host of dried ingredients to scoop straight out into your own jars or containers. We came away with some beautiful cooking apples, a giant bag of dark green kale, cashew nuts, almonds, broccoli, toasted coconut and dried mango (which won’t last long in our house!). I also treated myself to a new bamboo toothbrush (ahem – I may have had my last one for over a year) and some Who Gives a Crap toilet paper. All excellent value for money and you can walk away with that sweet smile of smugness plastered across your face!

My daughter and I then headed off to one of our friendliest farm shops on the island, Lucas Bros on La Haule hill, St Aubin. Here you can get the most delicious fresh flat leafed parsley (I literally eat it by the handful) as well as beautiful locally grown lettuce, fresh tomatoes of all varieties, giant mushrooms and so much more. We stocked up on lots of our favourite ingredients -like avocados, cucumber and ripe bananas – and my daughter is always astonished by how cheap it is compared to buying the same items in packaging in the supermarket.

First stop on Saturday afternoon – a local health food store (Barannes) for raw, organic apple cider vinegar and almond butter. Both in glass jars – check!

Then I headed off to Mini Mall, a fantastic new shop in the centre of St Helier, Jersey, where you can take your own jars and stock up on all your dried goods, plus olive oil, teas, spices and more. Oh, and they stock the most delicious raw vegan and gluten free treats from Wild Health. I couldn’t make up my mind so came away with a mint-matcha-chocolate slice and a chocolate-raspberry torte. I’ve sliced each one into three pieces and frozen the leftovers to share with my teenage daughters. (But only if I don’t eat it all before they find out!) *cue evil laugh*

In Mini Mall I bought chia seeds, cacao powder, cacao nibs, hazelnuts and organic ground cinnamon – yummy! It works out so much cheaper buying everything this way, plus, you’re helping to save the planet from unnecessary single use plastic and packaging. Win-win. They also have strong paper bags should you ever be passing by without your own jars.

Today (Sunday) I’ve been to Rondels’ farm shop in Trinity for more ripe bananas (did I mention they’re my favourite food?), frozen fruit, some other veggies – including a giant 2.5lb sweet potato – and more avocados. The only items that had to be in a plastic bag (because I’ve run out of containers – they seem to enter the void known as ‘school’ and never return…) were the frozen berries, but I reuse the bags as many times as possible for covering food in the fridge. (Note to self, buy more large Kilner jars.)

With all the shopping out of the way, I started my Sunday morning with 500ml water, a small glass of water with apple cider vinegar, then a freshly made apple and ginger shot which boosts immunity and warms you up on a cold day. This was followed by a giant blood-boosting juice of the organic kale and carrots from Scoop, fresh parsley, a little apple, fresh lemon juice and a giant raw beetroot. Dee-lish-uss!


Our main breakfast was a chocolate-oat smoothie bowl topped with toasted coconut, almond butter  and cacao nibs – a nutrient rich start to the day.

Smoothie recipe: almonds, chia seeds, water, vanilla powder, ripe bananas, maca powder, ground flaxseed, cacao powder and medjool dates. Place all ingredients in a high speed blender and whizz until smooth and creamy. I made a thick smoothie with less water than I would if I was going to drink it. Pour the smoothie over the oats (gluten free) and top with fruit and toppings of your choice.


Lunch: A fresh bowl of raw salad ingredients with stuffed vine leaves (bought from Waitrose in a tin = recyclable) and a home made tahini dip.


Then I started with all the food prep for the week ahead.

I haven’t made a specific meal plan, but I have made a selection of individual ingredients that my daughter can use for school lunches and I can eat at home for lunch to save precious writing time.

(Note: While I’m completely plant-based, my daughters do eat some meat, fish and eggs, though primarily it’s when they’re out with friends or with their dad. However, on this occasion I bought some skinless chicken breasts – straight into my own glass container – from the friendly couple who run The Country Butcher at Rondel’s Farm Shop so that my eldest daughter has a little more protein in her school lunches. I rarely cook meat for my kids at all so this is a rare occurrence!)

Here’s what I’ve been busy making, chopping and cooking all afternoon (is it bedtime yet?!):

  • Apple compote (stewed apple) – a great addition to breakfast dishes, as an ingredient in healthy muffins or to use as apple crumble… yum! Peel and chop cooking apples straight into a saucepan. Add a little water (about half a cup for 3-4 small cooking apples), and your choice of spices. I added cloves, star anise, ground mixed spice and cardamon seeds. However, a dash of cinnamon works perfectly well if that’s all you have. I don’t tend to sweeten my cooking apples but feel free to add a little maple syrup or agave if desired.
  • Cacao energy balls – a perfect mid morning snack for busy teenagers or an after dinner treat if you have a sweet tooth. They’re also great as a post-workout snack alongside a ripe banana. In a food processor add gluten free oats, chia seeds, cashew nuts (or any nut of your choice), cacao nibs, ground flaxseed and cacao powder. Blitz until it’s a coarse consistency but not a powder. Add soaked medjool dates and coconut oil and blitz until it starts coming away from the sides and can be easily rolled into balls. Roll the mixture into balls and store in the fridge or freezer in a container. I made about 15 balls which should keep us going for a few days!
  • Brown rice and bulgur wheat – staples for a plant-based diet, I made these in bulk and separated into portion sizes so that my 17 year old can easily put together her own lunches (dream on, mummy!). Cook until al dente, then rinse in cold water, drain and store in the fridge immediately. *Note, bulgur wheat is not gluten free. 
  • Sweet ’n’ spicy roasted sweet potato cubes – another family favourite, I roasted peeled, cubed sweet potato in a little olive oil, sea salt, smoked paprika, turmeric, chilli flakes and cinnamon. Once cooked, allow to cool and store in the fridge in a sealed container.
  • Roasted pumpkin and courgette – the last of the Halloween pumpkin has now been cooked!! I peeled and cubed the pumpkin and chopped the courgette into chunks and popped them in a roasting dish together with sea salt, black pepper and a tiny bit of olive oil. Again, once cooked, allow to cool and store in the fridge in a sealed container.
  • Dehydrated pineapple slices – Am I the only one who buys pineapples with good intentions and then watches them slowly become overripe…?!! This one needed eating asap so I peeled, sliced finely and dehydrated in the oven on about 50 degrees celsius for a few hours. (While I was cooking the roasted vegetables I sat these in the top oven which gets slightly warm from the main oven anyway. Then I returned them to the lower heat once the oven had cooled down.) I never manage to make these as dry as the ones in the shops but they’re so yummy (and so small) that they generally last all of about 4 minutes anyway….
  • Chopped red bell peppers and organic carrots – washed, sliced and ready to use in salads or as a snack.
  • Soaked almonds – soaking in water ready for tomorrow morning’s almond milk (because I’m trying not to buy cartons of milk anymore as they’re not recyclable …)

Plus, for those of you not yet on a plant-based or vegan diet, you probably need time to transition. So here’s what I did with the chicken and eggs… (and I’m not even going to crack a joke… *groan*)

I roasted the chicken breasts in turmeric, sea salt and black pepper, then sliced into lunchbox chunks and popped half in the freezer and half in the fridge in a large Kilner jar. I hard-boiled two of the eggs and saved the others for omelette or cakes. (Just for the kids…) If you want more meal-prep inspiration for meat and fish based dishes, just search on YouTube as there are soooo many vloggers and fitness experts who share their tasty, healthy recipes. 

Hopefully you’re exhausted (but inspired) just by reading this… and I’m now off for a long soak in the bath with candles! 

I’ll leave you with a couple of questions to get you on track with meal prep and planning.

  • How could you be more organised this week and plan ahead to give yourself more time?
  • What meals or snacks could you prepare in advance? Even making a slow cooker casserole is a great way to free up the early evening when everyone is tired and hungry after a busy day.
  • Have you got any local sustainable shops near you? If you’re not sure, your challenge this week is to do some research.

If you live in Jersey, do pop in to the shops I’ve named above and tell them they were featured in a local blog. They’ll be really happy! Or share your photos on Instagram and tag me @lorrainepannetiercreative or @bowlsofsoul. I’d love to see your take on meal prep. 

Have a wonderful, slow, relaxing Sunday evening,

Lorraine xx


Cacao energy balls sprinkled with toasted coconut… just because 😉

Don’t give up on your dreams

When did you stop following your dreams?

I know you had dreams, desires, goals. Maybe even just a knowing feeling that somewhere in life there would be more than this. But, at some point you gave up. You settled for less than you deserved. Less than you were meant to be. Less than you dreamed of.

Why did you do that?

Because the fight got too hard. It was easier to live a quiet, simple life. It was easier to stay in the job you hated. It was easier to let the kids eat oven-ready dinners. It was easier to just throw on the same jumper and jeans. It was easier to go for the natural look. It was easier to live with someone who made you feel rubbish than to put yourself back in the dating pool. It was easier to keep driving the old car that kept breaking down. It was easier to rely on your husband for money. It was easier to book the family holiday to the same place every year where the kids would be safe and entertained.

But what happened when you stopped fighting and just lived the easy life?

You resented the job you were in. Your kids didn’t thrive as much as they might have on home cooked, real food. You felt frumpy and plain and maybe invisible too. Your self-esteem took a nose dive. You didn’t trade in the car for a more reliable one. You didn’t have any need to take a risk. You didn’t travel to places that really lit up your heart.

Did that feel good?

I’m guessing not. While you were in that phase (or maybe still are) you switched off your dreams and goals buttons and forgot all about them. At least, you thought you had. But deep inside there was always this gnawing feeling that you weren’t quite in the right place or living the life that was right for you. Sometimes these feelings disappeared for months at a time. Maybe you embraced a new partner, a new baby, a new house, a new job, wonderful friends, dieting breakthroughs and fabulous new clothes. It wasn’t all bad. Hey, from the outside your life even looked great.

But then, out of the blue came one of those lightbulb moments. A realisation. A feeling. A sensation.

You began to feel fired up; that warmth in your belly and tingly pins and needles down your limbs. Your mind raced as you pieced together a few more parts of the puzzle. Yes! I can do this! This is for me! Why didn’t I see it before? And then, like a shooting star that fizzles before your eyes, the fears are back and your dreams are lost.

You pick yourself up and fall back again.

And again. And again. But just like a baby learning to walk, you have to keep trying. You really do. If you don’t try to live the life of your dreams someone else will. Someone else will be there, shining bright, on your podium. It’s your step. It may be a big one, but you have to climb it and stand on top and take your rightful place in the world.

Because, as a wise person once said, you were born for greatness. You were born to shine brightly. You were born to be you.

Don’t ever let anyone else tell you you can’t do something.

You can achieve anything you put your mind to. What would really make you happy? What makes your light shine brightly inside? What lights your soul and brings about that sparkle that others notice in you?

We make the mistake of believing dreams and goals have to be BIG with expensive material items; flashy cars, big houses, jewellery, clothes, a jet set lifestyle. But really, what lights you up might be something relatively small: spending your evenings knitting and creating gorgeous baby shawls, looking after your animals at home or spending an hour interruption-free with your children every evening working on their homework and inspiring them to take up extra learning in non-academic areas, in things that light up their little souls.

If this is you, somewhere between rock bottom and totally motivated but not sure where to start, then take a tip from all the amazing entrepreneurs out there who are making it big, succeeding in their personal and business goals and living their dream life – and not being ashamed to hide how fabulous that looks.

  • Prioritise self-care – Whether it’s regular beauty appointments or simply exercising, taking a shower and popping on some make up, just do the stuff that makes you feel good. The things that make you feel feminine and ready to kick some ass.
  • Start every morning with journaling and gratitude. Write down the things you are grateful for. The things that light up your life. The things you love about yourself. The things (or people) you’re proud of. (Note: include yourself in the ‘proud of’ category!)
  • Create a vision and set goals. Make a vision board, use Pinterest, change your laptop screen saver, stick a picture to the fridge door…. Keep your goal visual and in your space every single day. 
  • Don’t be afraid to go left when others go right; to NOT be a sheep. Follow your dreams, your goals, your beliefs and your values. If you want to set up your own business, homeschool or your kids, stop drinking alcohol or travel the world for a year, find a way to make it happen regardless of what everyone around you might say or how society makes you feel.
  • Take action. While the Law of Attraction is a powerful force, you still have to take consistent action to achieve your goals and your dream life. After all, if you want to win the lottery, you have to buy a ticket! Make the time to do your research, learning, networking, saving money or whatever it is that you need to do to get that little bit closer every single day.


If you could go to bed every night knowing you were closer than you were yesterday, wouldn’t that feel amazing?


Lorraine xx


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5 Steps To Simplify Your Life

It’s a true fact that we’ve all got too much stuff!

  • We have too much stuff in our homes that we’re constantly moving around from room to room, from small box to big box, from one pile to another.
  • We have too much stuff in our minds that leaves us feeling overwhelmed, drained and unable to think clearly or truly relax.
  • We have too many tabs open on our laptops, too many unopened emails and constant digital overload.

It’s time we stopped collecting, consuming and drowning in possessions.

It’s time to make our lives more simple, more rewarding and more healthy – for our own well-being and for the health of our planet.

Here are 5 easy steps to bringing more ease and flow to your life …

Step 1 – Decide how you want your life to look.

I realised many years ago that I didn’t want to spend every evening sat watching television. I needed to find activities that stimulated my mind and my creativity. I slowly replaced my previous TV favourites with a combination of learning new skills (tech stuff, graphic design, an Open University degree, courses in sales, money mindset and more…) and eventually sold the television set! (You don’t have to be that extreme, but it worked for me!) Looking back, all I did was to swap the things I didn’t want in my life for the things that made me happy. Now I get to spend all my time doing the things I love and in turn, I’ve been able to create a business that helps other people and together, we’re part of a ripple effect that’s slowly changing the world. What could your life look like if you made simple changes every day?

Step 2 – Declutter your home

Whenever we think of decluttering, we tend to visualise a garage or wardrobe filled with junk and objects we’d long forgotten about and we feel a sudden sense of dread about the enormity of the job. Which is probably why we put it off for so many months (or even years) and why DIY shops sell so many storage boxes! But there’s so much more to the decluttering process than simply reorganising possessions into neatly labelled boxes. There’s a lovely little book called The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo which shows us how to sort our belongings by type instead of by area. (E.g. clothes, books, stationery and paper items). Kondo believes we should hold each item and ask ourselves whether it brings us joy. Of course, there are some essential exceptions to this, but on the whole, we should be surrounded by possessions that we love or that make us happy or our lives easier in some way. When we reduce the amount of clutter around us we feel a sense of lightness and renewed energy. This is particularly true of the things we notice every day, like the clothes piled up on the exercise bike in the spare room, the kitchen cupboard that is so fill something falls out and smashes or makes a mess every time we open it, the boxes in the corner of the bedroom that were meant to be sorted when you moved in … a year ago.

Step 3 – Digital declutter and detox

If you run your own business you’ll know what I mean about having multiple tabs and documents open all the time, endless pings of notifications and an inbox with unread emails in their thousands. Even if you’re not a business owner, chances are a lot of your world now revolves around technology – everything from controlling your heating to planning your holiday, reading a book or keeping in touch with friends. It’s healthy to schedule plenty of time away from your devices as it will bring you better sleep, a calmer mind and better posture. Check your emails just once or twice a day instead of responding to every notification; ditto for Facebook and other social media. Have a strict no-phones rule at the dinner table and try to charge your devices away from the bedroom. Once you remove the temptation you’ll soon realise how much you don’t need to grab your phone the minute you wake up!

Step 4 – Think about food waste

So while we’re busy over-consuming on a daily basis, we often fail to consider the amount of food that gets wasted every year in our homes. From food scraps leftover when we’re full up (because we cooked too much) to bendy carrots and mouldy lemons or packets of unused dried food or spices that’s sat at the back of the cupboard for years! There’s a healthy balance somewhere in between being overstocked and understocked. No-one wants bare cupboards, but equally, having a fridge and freezer so overstuffed is often a recipe for stress and the quickest way to get a family ordering a take-away because the cooking choices are overwhelming. Plan your meals ahead of time and take a shopping list to the supermarket to ensure you’re not buying stuff you don’t need. Also, run a quick audit of your fridge before you go out so you don’t double up on items that perish quickly. Use up slightly-past-their-best produce in dishes such as curry, casserole or pasta sauces.

Step 5 – Gratitude

In fact, this really should be step one because we’re all guilty of forgetting how much we value the simple things in life. Starting now, write a short gratitude note every day to allow yourself time to reflect on what’s really important in your life and the things that light you up. You may choose to start a gratitude journal, write little notes and fold them in a jar or perhaps you want to share them with the world on an Instagram page. It doesn’t matter how or where you write them, what matters is the intention behind every word. The more you approach life from a place of gratitude, the more you’ll realise that you don’t need things to make you happy.

How will you begin simplifying your life today?

Lorraine xx


It’s Time to STOP Playing Small

It’s taken me a really long time to realise that the answers were inside of me all along.

But I played small.

I didn’t shout about all the gifts I could offer the world.

I wrapped up my self-worth in qualifications, relationships and (if I’m honest) my kids.

I always knew that I had knowledge that would benefit others but it would frustrate me when they wouldn’t buy my stuff.

Of course, many people did work with me, how else would I have remained in business for so many years….

But they didn’t flock to me in their hundreds.

They didn’t throw their credit cards at me.

They didn’t flow to me with ease.


Because I made it easy for them not to!

I discounted my offers before they’d even asked the price.

I posted adverts in FB just once or twice, not consistently.

I threw money at FB post boosting without any clue what I was doing (actually FB ads is still on my to-do list to learn properly!)

And….I was living a life of struggle.

Not enough money to pay bills in full and on time.

Not enough money for holidays, meals out, new clothes and shoes.

Not enough money to eat an abundance of healthy food, nor supplements to help my health issues.

In fact, my nutrition business became about helping people to eat on a very small budget.

I was doing the very opposite of EXPANDING.

I was shrinking.

And it had to stop.

Ironically, I’d been doing all the ‘right’ things for years.

Positive mindset, learning about money blocks, staying away from energy vampires…

But it wasn’t enough.

I had to look INSIDE ME.

Angel cards and moon rituals helped me to RECONNECT to me. To the spirit deep inside me that had been crying to get out for so long.

I talked to her. I cried. I journalled. I had lightbulb moments.

And then I had a dream…

A dream that confirmed what the angel cards had been telling me repeatedly:

‘Your life purpose involves reading, editing, writing or selling spiritual books.’


There it was.

I’d spent 21 years writing all my own content for my nutrition and fitness business. 21 years of being published in magazines, speaking on the radio, running a local magazine, writing nutrition programmes, creating recipe e-books and, of course, typing thousands of words every week across social media platforms.

I knew how to write! I even had qualifications in English language, literature and creative writing.

I loved to write…. even engaging with other people’s posts I’d always write the longest responses (sometimes more is more, honest!).

So why was I holding back? Why wasn’t I using these skills to help others? What could I offer the world? How could I best serve my purpose?

Suddenly everything became clear. The kind of clarity that makes you wonder how you could ever have NOT seen this before!

And of course, once you SEE, you cannot un-see.

The Soulful Word was born.

No more procrastinating and playing small.

No more keeping my talents hidden from the world.

No more struggle and scarcity.

It was time to help other women shine brilliantly by helping them get their passion, mission and dreams into words so they could share their gifts with the world and create the impact they longed for. 

In helping others, I shine brighter myself.

So, if you’re struggling, ask yourself ‘how can I best serve?’

Then listen carefully to what your inner feminine wisdom tells you.

Don’t shut her out.

Don’t block her voice any longer.

She wants to be heard.

Then take those words, combine them with your natural, intuitive gifts (and all those qualifications and courses you’ve taken over the years) and share your amazing energy with the world.

Stand up proud.

Look everyone in the eye.

And shout from the rooftops with love and integrity.

Girl, you’ve got this!

Lorraine xx


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Living your Truth in Life and Business

Our planet is in a mess, and so are we.

Every day we see images of war torn countries, extreme weather conditions and the visible impact of human destruction: oceans filled with plastic, rainforests stripped bare and animals hunted to the point of extinction.

It hurts.

Just as the damage to our planet runs deep, so do the wounds that break our hearts.

If you’re a compassionate human being or an empath with heightened sensitivities, you’ve probably reached the point where you know that you have to do something to make a change; that you can no longer simply sit back and let someone else sort everything out. 

It’s these small changes that help us to move forward and, collectively, will really make a difference.

So, at a time when you may well be choosing to buy less plastic packaging, opt for secondhand clothes and furniture or switch to natural toiletries and cleaning products, I want to ask you to stop for a moment and take a breath.

A deep, slow breath in…. and out.

Then ask yourself this question…

What makes me feel really good inside?

The things that make us feel good stem from the choices we make that are aligned to, or in tune with, our core values. The things that make us feel bad, icky or angry are usually the things that are the polar opposites to our values (or trigger a reaction to make us take a moment of self-reflection).

In the same way as our planet has come so far from the natural, unspoilt world it was just a few hundred years ago, we too veer off course and find ourselves living a life that sometimes feels a bit wrong.

It may look like a perfectly happy, normal life to others, but on the inside we aren’t feeling fulfilled.

And frequently we feel guilty for not feeling fulfilled when clearly we have so much more than others – like a roof over our heads, a healthy bank balance, happy children and a regular, well paid job.

The same can be true in business. We may have left the security of a corporate role to set up our own small business from home and yet it isn’t paying off with the freedom and joy we expected.

Or perhaps our business is thriving but we feel like it isn’t making us truly happy; like it’s gone off track and become something we had never expected. 

In both life and business, we can easily end up living a life that pleases other people (or our customers) and forget about what really lights us up. What makes us feel good inside?

The secret to living your truth in both life and business, is to always come back to your inner truth and core values.

Think about what really lights you up – the things that give you a giant warm, fuzzy heart or butterflies in your stomach – and then do more of that!

Every time things start to feel difficult, perhaps with money problems, arguments with loved ones or frequent illness, take an honest look at what’s been going on in your life and how you may have strayed from your true path and values.

It’s not a bad thing to veer off course, if anything it can actually be helpful in giving us clarity around the things that really matter. It’s the same with following a healthy eating plan – you don’t realise how much your previous unhealthy diet was making you sick until you slip off track and resume your old habits. Each time you revert to the fresh, whole food, healthy diet you feel great again.

Time and time again we repeat this pattern and each time our commitment grows stronger.

If you feel like your business, personal life, relationships or health have gone off track, take some time today to consider what really matters to you and how you will take action to get back on course to living a life aligned to your inner truth.

Lorraine xx

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What does Freedom mean to you?

The theme of FREEDOM has come up so many times for me recently that I’m taking it as a nudge from the Universe to write about it today!

In the online business space we hear (or read) the word freedom a lot…

  • Freedom from financial stress.
  • Freedom from insecurities and fears.
  • Freedom from feeling stuck with no clients.
  • Freedom from tech gremlins.
  • Freedom from the corporate lifestyle.

And, if you’re anything like me, you’re probably feeling a desire to break free from the consumerism culture that dominates our modern world.

Perhaps you’re thinking about how you can celebrate Christmas without the endless amounts of plastic packaging and buying presents just because you feel you should.

Or maybe you’re trying to step away from negativity and toxicity to give you the space and freedom needed to connect with more people who hold the same values as you in terms of authenticity, integrity, honesty, love and compassion.

So what does freedom mean to you in your life?

On Instagram, the hashtag #freedomlifestyle has over 145,000 posts but is dwarfed by #laptoplifestyle with 1.2 million posts! A sure sign that more and more people are looking for an existence with meaning; a lifestyle that allows them more time to do the things they are passionate about and less time simply working to pay the bills.

Do you feel you have enough freedom in your life?

Time to grab a notepad and allow your thoughts to spill out onto paper…

Do you have time freedom to do all the activities, sports, hobbies and courses you’d love to do?

Do you have financial freedom to live the lifestyle you desire, or to travel on wild adventures?

Do you have health freedom to live every day to the full, free from pain or illness?

Do you have voice freedom to speak up and share your truth or stand up for what you believe in?

Do you have spiritual freedom to just be yourself; to be comfortable in your own skin and shine brilliantly as who you really are?

Are there any areas where you feel you don’t have the freedom you desire?

If so, what could you change?

How could you make today different?

Remember, you are the only one with the power to change your life. External events may test us or take us to deep, dark places, but ultimately, you are the only one who can shift your mindset and live the life that makes you truly contented and filled with joy.

I’d love to hear what freedom means to you.

Do hit reply and share your thoughts, I personally respond to every email I receive.

Lorraine xx


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The Art of Resilience

‘It is worth remembering that the time of greatest gain in terms of wisdom and inner strength is often that of greatest difficulty.’

How resilient are you?

Do you crumble at the first sign of difficulty, or do you dig deep, stand strong and tap into every ounce of wisdom, strength and courage?

The art of resilience grows from looking at situations from a different perspective. Resilient people will reflect on the problem and what it’s trying to teach them.

Instead of simply wishing to get through the tough times, they actively find ways to thrive.

Today, I have a question for you…

Rather than wait for the next challenge to appear in your life, why not work on building resilience now?

Just as you wouldn’t start a 500 mile car journey without checking your car was working properly, filling up with fuel and ensuring you had all the supplies you needed en route, why would you go through life, relationships or running your own business without gaining all the essential tools required to enhance your inner strength and capabilities?

5 Top Tips for Building Resilience

  • Live each day with gratitude. It’s a well known fact that happy people are healthier. But what makes people happy in the first place? Rather than being ‘made’ happy by external events, happy people start with a positive mindset; they understand that happiness truly does come from within. If this doesn’t come naturally to you, start by writing a short gratitude list every day. Every morning when you wake, or every evening before bed, write down three things you feel grateful for. Start small with obvious things if you struggle: children, pets, a secure home, and build up to including small things that happened in your life, or opportunities that arose that gave you a warm, fuzzy heart. When you recognise that you’re noticing (and feeling thankful for) the small things every day, that’s when you’re truly living with an attitude of gratitude.
  • Extend your learning. Education and learning should not be confined to our school and college years. The most resilient people understand that learning is for life – whether that’s in the form of qualifications and training or simply the personal growth that comes from falling down and getting back up again; for feeling the fear and doing it anyway. Learning new skills that develop emotional intelligence enhance our sense of empowerment, inner strength and courage.
  • Play and have fun! Playing just for the fun of it isn’t limited to childhood. Breaking out of our daily routine to play simple games or have a little creative fun boosts our physical health and mental wellbeing. Add in some regular laughter and joy with friends, family or community and you have a recipe for resilience success.
  • Build relationships through kindness. Acting from a place of compassion, thoughtfulness and warmth is the best way to build strong, nourishing relationships. Step away from expecting anything in return and instead give your time, love and energy to others selflessly. It’s not about being a martyr or a doormat, it’s about being the best version of you. Be kind, come from a place of love and integrity and build your own web of supportive relationships and connections.
  • Boost your physical health. In addition to building emotional health as mentioned above, it’s important we keep our physical health in good condition. Having a strong body boosts our physical recovery through times of illness and stress. When we fail to look after our physical body, we may find that we keep getting knocked down again and again after every setback. Start by getting regular physical exercise – including cardiovascular activity and strength training – as well as plenty of time in fresh air and nature to boost overall wellbeing. Relaxation and sleep are essential too, so do schedule plenty of time for self-care. Adding meditation and yoga to your life will also enhance your physical and emotional health.

Are you building resilience on a daily basis?

If not, what can you do today to boost your inner strength?

Lorraine xx

How to Slow Down and Align to your Inner Truth

The best thing I ever did to tune into my inner voice and align to my core values happened purely by chance.

I hadn’t planned on taking time out to reflect or listen to my inner voice. I hadn’t considered completely switching business direction and I definitely hadn’t figured I’d take two months off ‘work’.

Sometimes a problem, illness or challenge shows up and we’re forced to retreat or back away from real life. Initially we might feel resistance and resent our problems. We blame the problem for stopping us working, earning money or living our normal life.

But then, something strange happens.

As we retreat, or take time out, we rediscover the things we’d forgotten make us happy or we find new things that light us up in ways we’d never expected.

Being sick or recovering from injury may bring the opportunity to read books, watch inspirational TED talks or take an online course. It could be the turning point in finding your true happiness.

Having difficult financial problems may bring the opportunity to figure out what really makes you happy and what ‘stuff’ you really need to bring joy into your life. It might be the perfect moment to let go of possessions, buying habits or fears that were holding you back and making your money situation worse.

Feeling burnt out or exhausted may bring the opportunity to slow down, tune into your body, improve your health and build a strong support system through healthy diet, exercise, meditation or yoga.

When I took a couple of months away from work and the online space back in the summer of 2016, I hadn’t planned to take that time off.

I simply took one day to sit in the shade of my big palm tree in the garden and read a book, with my cat purring contentedly by my side.

Then I took another day, and another.

At first I felt really guilty that I wasn’t posting content in Facebook groups or writing to my email list or actively working to make money. But I could feel that the reading (and writing) I was doing were deeply nourishing my soul.

I remember reading The Celestine Prophecy again that summer, a book I’d first read almost twenty years ago. (Highly recommended if you’re feeling a bit stuck with life!) There were so many parts of that book that helped me to see where I was feeling stuck, stagnant, heavy and uninspired. The words helped me to reflect on my own life and work and illuminate the areas that needed change.

But like I said at the beginning, I’d never planned for all this to happen and I believe that’s the best way. It shows us how much capacity we have for personal growth and discovery and how important it is to just take that first step.

And most of the time, that first step involves  s l o w i n g  d o w n.

Too many of us are guilty of buying more, doing more or consuming more when what we really need is to stop and listen to the voice INSIDE, rather than the constant excess of external noise.

The important lesson to learn is that we should all take regular time out before we get to the point of burn out, exhaustion, physical illness or total apathy for life and work.

Where can you schedule some time to do something just for you?

How can you slow down and begin to listen to your inner voice?

Because, I promise you, that once you begin to slow down and create space, the answers will appear. Every single time.

Lorraine xx

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Why Creativity is the Key to Saving Our Planet

When you were a child, did you used to enjoy making things just for the fun of it?

Did you find yourself lost in time building Lego houses, drawing pictures or creating collages with random scraps of material, buttons and ribbon? Perhaps you used to knit, crochet or sew, collect flowers for your flower press or make geometric patterns with a Spirograph?

Wasn’t it relaxing to just sit and make stuff?

And then…. we grew up. Our studies got serious, our jobs and social lives took hold and then we settled down with a mortgage, a puppy and a couple of children. Or at least some variation of that!

Suddenly we had no time or inclination to sit and create. The only time we read a whole book from front to back was on holiday by the pool. And then technology came along and swiped even more of our time away with videos and games we never even knew we needed.

Our whole lives became about consuming rather than creating.

We found ourselves on a treadmill of constant consumption. And it drained our energy, our life force, our innovation and our creativity.

In some strange way it’s as if we needed to get to this point today; a world in which Black Friday shopping madness, ocean plastic garbage patches and the highest rates of obesity and depression ever recorded are the norm.

It’s time for us to wake up and realise that we all carry the light within; the light that will save us and our planet from darkness.

“It’s only one straw. Said 8 billion people.”

Together, we are the catalyst for change.

United, we are the ripple effect.

Change begins inside you. It starts small. One less cheap t-shirt, one less plastic bottle, one less car on the road.

But just as most people fail in food diets because they focus on what’s being removed from their lives – the things they’re no longer ‘allowed’ – it’s important that we switch our mindsets away from scarcity and lack. Instead, we must focus on abundance, ease and flow.

And the easiest way to switch your mindset is by starting with gratitude.

Feeling grateful for all the small things naturally steers you away from over-consuming – in any form.

And once you stop consuming so much, you re-awaken your creativity.

You’re drawn to pottering in the garden, buying a set of paints or dusting off the old camera.

You feel an urge to declutter your wardrobe, take up hiking or start a vegan diet.

You’re inclined to spend time outdoors with your children or joining them in art and craft fun.

What have you felt drawn to?

I’ve noticed a big shift in our consciousness since 2012 – although I wasn’t aware of what was happening at the time. So many people I meet in person and through the online space have been on a journey of awakening. We’ve quit corporate jobs, taken our children out of mainstream schools, started our own businesses and begun a path of creativity and innovation. We’ve not been afraid to step out and show our unique gifts, talents and lifestyles to the world.

Perhaps you feel like you’ve been riding the same wave too?

It’s a wave of love, honesty, integrity and authenticity.

It’s a wave of connection, community, collaboration and compassion.

It’s a wave of self-awareness, reflection, personal growth and alignment.

I may not be a surfer chick, or even a water baby, but I’m riding this wave all the way!

I’m actively swapping my consumption for creation. I’ve got out the sewing machine, I’m digging out the knitting needles and I’m keen to try making a macrame wall hanging. (My godmother once taught me macrame knotting with the cords attached to her spiral staircase back in the late 1970s – how hard could it be now?!)

I feel a deep desire to create, from a place of love and meaning, every single day and I’d love to know if you feel the same?

Lorraine xx

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New Moon Wishes, Intentions and Goals

When the new moon comes round every month, it’s the perfect time to tune into your wishes and desires, set goals and intentions and then sit back and watch the Universe use its magic.

You might think that manifesting on a moon phase is a load of spiritual woo-woo, but if you’ve never tried, you might just be surprised to see what happens when you align your actions with the cyclic power of nature.

I always knew that I had more late night energy and a bigger appetite around the full moon, but I’d never even contemplated why that might be. Until a few years ago when I started following people online who used oracle (or tarot) cards and talked about the influence of the moon. I was hooked!

I started reading more spiritual books and began to use the oracle cards myself. Before long I was writing new moon wish lists and burning them in the fireplace with my cat always by my side, curiously watching the flames.

It wasn’t long before I realised the dreams and intentions I was setting were coming true. Of course, you can’t simply wish to win the lottery or have a brand new Mercedes, and you can’t make wishes to change other people or attract them to you if the universe has other ideas. But you can (and should) wish for a feeling…

Your wishes must always start with you. Ask yourself: How do I want to feel?

If you’re craving a new lover, then think about how you want to feel in a new relationship. What qualities and values will you bring to the relationship and how will your new partner’s traits work in synergy with yours? What do you want this relationship to look like and how will that make you feel? So, for example, instead of wishing for that hot guy in the coffee shop, wish for a man with whom you feel safe, loved, special and sensual. See the difference?

Before you make your wishes spend some time relaxing, listen to an online guided meditation and light a candle. (There are more advanced New Moon manifestation rituals available online should you want to take it to the next level. Links at the bottom of the blog.)

When you’re ready to start writing, start with a gratitude list. Tuning into gratitude was a complete life changer for me. I was able to shift my mindset away from scarcity and lack and into abundance and flow. It’s a proven fact that people who think more positively generally tend to be happier and more content with life. If you find it hard to think of anything you’re grateful for, start with the obvious things: a roof over your head, heating, hot water, electricity, wifi, food in the cupboards, money in your purse, family, friends, a job… Then each time you write a gratitude list (which you can do every day if you wish, not just on a new moon) get a little more specific. Think about why you’re grateful for those things. Add in little things that happened that day or the previous day: ‘I’m so grateful for the daisies my daughter picked from the garden yesterday. As she handed them to me my heart filled with love and fuzziness.’

After you’ve written all your wishes and a gratitude list, you can either burn the list (to send the wishes up to the universe and release attachment to them), or simply keep them in a journal to refer back to months later. The most important part is to release any expectations and not constantly ask the Universe ‘where’s my wish?’!

Wish, then let it go. Just like you might on your birthday candles or a dandelion clock in summer.

Living with the rhythms of nature and the moon phases will allow you to feel more in tune with your own body; more aligned to your inner voice and true desires.

It’s time to stop living the life that society thinks you should live, and start living for you.

New Moon blessings,

Lorraine xx


My favourite New Moon resources:

Yasmin Boland’s Moonology – I refer to sections of her beautiful book every two weeks, but you can find daily updates here at moonology.com.

Brittney Carmichael – Brittney was one of my first online spiritual go-to gurus and I love her attitude to life and manifestation and all things woo-woo! Read her New Moon in Scorpio blog here.

Leah Cherry Kent – Leah is a beautiful, soft, kind, spiritual soul who is the perfect fit for women wanting more sacred femininity and reflection in their lives. Leah and I met through the online space and I love her Intuitive Moon Rituals Guidebook, it’s simply stunning!

Stop eating (and buying) so much!

If constantly consuming social media reduces our creativity, then does constantly consuming food reduce our ability to tune into our own bodies and understand what we really need?

Marketing and advertising have incredible power in our modern world. The images we see every day on advertisements seep into our minds so that when we’re ready to buy, certain brands or products are our first choice. Advertising (and culture) drives our purchasing habits. When you throw in a little perceived obsolescence, suddenly we’re buying, consuming and eating 24/7. For the younger generation, that’s all they’ve ever known.

We’re so used to having the ability to eat at any time of day or night – thanks mainly to fridges and freezers – that the idea of not eating for a few hours draws many people into stockpiling food ‘just in case’.

But do we really need to consume as much food as we’re led to believe?

You and I both know the answer to that one, yet we continue consuming.

While I was writing some notes for this blog, the word GREED kept popping into my head and spilling out onto paper.

Greed can be defined as an intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth, power, or food; a desire to possess more than one needs.

What images does greed bring up for you?

I think back to the times I’ve watched people in buffet restaurants pile up their plates with mountains of food and stuff their faces. It made me feel sick so many times but it’s only now I realise that it wasn’t actually about the food or some strange phobia of watching people eat.

The nausea I felt was a nudge from the universe to keep me heading in this direction; a sign that I was following the right path.

It’s a journey that has brought me to this place, today, in an era of consumerism and massive environmental issues, so that I can share my knowledge and experiences with others and play a small part in creating change.

In hindsight, it’s no surprise that I was drawn to vegetarianism in my early teens and that I’ve since stopped eating meat, dairy, processed foods, gluten, refined sugar and alcohol. It’s a lifestyle of physical, emotional and spiritual health that awakens my soul with every breath.

If you feel you’re ready to jump off the consumerism train and live a lifestyle that will benefit your personal health and the future of our planet, here are some simple steps to begin incorporating into your life:

  • Practice moderation and self-restraint. Before you buy (or eat) anything, ask yourself, ‘Do I really need this? Will this benefit my life in some way? How will I dispose of the packaging or the product after use?’
  • Reduce your consumption of meat. There is plenty of scientific research that can show you how processed meats play a part in cancer. Plus, in terms of environmental effects, every kilo of beef produced requires over 15,000 litres of water compared to 1600 litres for 1kg of cereals and just over 300 litres for 1kg vegetables. We could eradicate mass starvation and water shortage simply by producing less meat and growing more plant-based produce (and sharing it more equally).
  • Reduce your consumption of dairy produce. Casein, the main protein in milk, has been linked to cancer. The China Study by Dr T. Colin Campbell is a great book to read to educate yourself about meat, dairy and plant-based diets. In addition to the worrying aspect of disease, there’s a compassionate element to reducing your dairy intake. Millions of male baby calves are taken from their mothers at just a few hours old and slaughtered. The reason? To keep the cow producing milk. These calves are born and bred with the sole purpose of keeping mum constantly lactating to fuel the modern world’s desire for milk, cheese and cheap chocolate. I wish I’d had access to this knowledge thirty years ago as I know I would have bypassed the whole vegetarian part of my life and switched straight to a vegan diet. Plus, there are so many dairy-free alternatives now. I remember a time when soy milk tasted pretty bad and soy yogurts were packed with sugar and had a strange consistency. Now you can even get vegan Ben & Jerry’s ice cream – what’s not to love?!
  • Learn to cook. Seriously. Stop using the ‘I can’t cook’ or ‘I don’t have time’ excuses! Get in the kitchen and learn how to peel and chop vegetables. Learn how to soak and cook beans and lentils. Learn how to create incredible salad dressings and vibrant pasta sauces. Learn how to make sweet treats with oats, dates and cacao powder to reduce your need for processed cookies and cakes. Get a recipe book, sign up for a course, join an online group – just do something every day to boost your skills. Plus, being able to put a meal together with basic plant-based ingredients will boost your health and your bank balance!
  • Eat mindfully and share food with others. Put down your phone, turn off the TV, eat dinner with family or friends and share stories over dinner. Have a glass of water with your meals instead of fizzy drinks or alcohol. (Pure, fresh pressed fruit or vegetable juice is great too, especially if you have low iron levels or are under eighteen.) Chew your food well and put down your cutlery between every few mouthfuls. Who else remembers their grandma saying you should ‘chew your food twenty times’? She was probably right….

I’d love to know where are you on your food journey right now…

Does greed make your stomach flip?

Does consumerism make you want to put your credit card away and go for a walk in nature instead?

Are you ready to step sideways and forge your own path ahead?

Get in touch and let me know!

Lorraine xx

What lights the fire in your belly?

Ever since I wrote yesterday’s blog about the True Cost of Fast Fashion, my mind has been darting back and forth to all the occasions throughout my life when I’ve felt a gut-wrenching desire to do something to help; to make a difference to the suffering of others.

I vividly remember the plight of the Vietnamese refugee children in the early 1980s and wondering what it would be like to adopt a baby sister. I remember feeling so touched by the stories post-Chernobyl and cried so many tears over the starving children in Ethiopia. I remember watching GreenPeace demonstrations on television that protested against whaling and secretly wished I could be brave enough to stand up for what I believed in.

But I was a good girl. I obeyed the rules and kept my thoughts and feelings inside. I was too afraid to upset or offend anyone. To this day I’ve never stood on a picket line or protested with placards but I have found my voice.

I now realise that you don’t have to make the loudest noise to make the most difference.

My natural word whispering gift is the one that I can best use to inspire, inform, educate and motivate others. I feel incredibly privileged to be able to share my thoughts with the world and am always humbled by your touching comments.

All across the globe, inspirational people are quietly standing up for the things that mean the most to them. These people have a passion and commit every day to making a difference.

Some do it just for themselves, while others do it for their family, their community, their country, their planet. Some do it for humans, others do it for animals.

But the thing they all have in common is a fire in their belly that keeps burning throughout every challenge, every setback, every fear. 

If you want to make a difference in the world, or to somebody’s life, (or even to your own) it all starts with you turning your thoughts into action.

Take that first step, and the next, and the next.

Never give up.

The consistency of taking heart-led, soul-driven daily action will bring about the change you desire.

So whether you’re considering switching to a plant-based lifestyle, reducing the amount of plastic you use, homeschooling your children, decluttering your home, saving animals, refugees or the environment, writing a book or setting up your own small business, climbing a mountain or taking on a new challenge – just take that ONE first step today.

I’d love to know, what lights the fire burning in your belly?

Lorraine xx

The True Cost of Fast Fashion

For Shima and Nadia,

Last night, armed with a bowl of homemade pumpkin and sweet potato curry, a warm blanket and my fluffy house bunny hopping around, I sat down to watch The True Cost documentary by Andrew Morgan about fast fashion and its effects on the environment and human suffering.

Having seen the trailer beforehand, I knew it was going to be difficult viewing in places, but I hadn’t anticipated being so touched by one particular story: the life of a young woman named Shima and her daughter Nadia.

If our world has got to the point where a 23 year old woman in Bangladesh has to give up her daughter just so we can have cheap clothing, then something has gone seriously wrong.

And I, for one, don’t want to be part of the problem.

In the west, we have choices and a voice. Not everyone is so lucky.

Have you ever been to your boss to ask for a pay rise? If so, you were probably asked a few questions about why you thought you should be paid more and then went on to negotiate the exact sum. Worse case scenario, your boss would have said ‘no’ and that would have been the end of it.

In Bangladesh, by contrast, when Shima and her fellow union workers asked for a pay increase they were locked inside the garment factory and physically beaten. All for asking for just a few dollars more a month to be able to live with dignity.

Many of these workers (85% female) are working long shifts, day after day, in poor, crowded conditions for less than US$150 a month. Of course, you can argue that living costs are lower in other parts of the world, and that’s true, but when other human lives are paying such an enormous cost and living in suffering for our short-term pleasure (how much joy does that £5.99 t-shirt bring you anyway?), then the system is seriously broken.

While we as individuals may not be able to change the world, together we can make a difference.

  • The first step is education and awareness. Watch documentaries like The True Cost (and other environmental movies such as Cowspiracy, A Plastic Ocean and Before The Flood) to learn more about the bigger picture. It’s so easy to think that this one plastic bottle or this one cheap t-shirt won’t have a negative effect, or to believe that your positive contribution won’t make a difference because millions of others are still trashing the planet, but it’s not true. Every little step we can take makes us part of the bigger picture and part of the change.
  • Every time you learn something new, share it! Talk to your family, friends and colleagues. Share a photo on social media, write a blog, post a video or organise an event to bring your community together. Spreading awareness is vital and will make you part of the catalyst for change.
  • Vote with your money. The plastic problem has now been headline news for some time and we’re all becoming more aware and (slowly) changing our daily habits. However, the true cost of fast fashion isn’t such a widely acknowledged problem. In the western world we simply want more and more stuff at a cheaper cost. And somewhere in the supply chain, something has to give. For fast fashion, it’s the lives and suffering of garment factory workers. In order to drive down costs factory bosses have to skip vital health and safety precautions, putting lives in danger every single day. (The Rana Plaza building collapse in Dhaka in April 2013 killed 1,134 workers.)
  • Change your mindset. We’ve become a throwaway culture due to the marketing practices of the last fifty or so years that brought us both planned and perceived obsolescence. For the younger generations, that’s all we’ve ever known. Things break, we replace them. In the past we used to repair goods and clothing and pass furniture down through generations – now it’s a quick trip to the shops and we have something brand new. But what do we do with all our old stuff? The vast majority simply gets thrown into landfill and as it takes hundreds or even thousands of years to break down, it’s still sitting somewhere on the planet, even if you can’t see it. Perceived obsolescence makes consumers believe that they need an updated version of a product, even though theirs works perfectly well – e.g. cars, smartphones, computers and fast fashion. Before you buy anything new, consider how you may dispose of it after use and whether there’s an alternative that’s better for the planet (even if that means spending a little more money).
  • Support people and organisations who are striving to make a difference. Seek out local environmentalists and activists who are organising events and either share the details with others to reach a bigger audience, or go along in person and meet like-minded people. Buy from organisations who share the same ethics and values as you: companies that are reducing packaging, supporting fair trade and workers’ rights and lowering their carbon footprint.
  • Before you buy any more clothes or shoes, empty everything from your wardrobe (including coats, accessories and bags) and take an honest look at everything you have. Donate things you no longer wear, repair anything you love that needs fixing, and cut up old, stained shirts into squares to use as cleaning cloths. Reduce the amount of clothes you have and then only buy specific items chosen on purpose to be part of your new capsule wardrobe. Don’t forget to look in charity shops or buy second hand or organise swap parties with friends.

You can buy The True Cost on iTunes for just £5.99 or visit truecostmovie.com.

Lorraine xx

How do you consume social media?

In the last twenty years our lifestyle habits have changed beyond recognition. Gone are the days of large bulky television sets with metal aerials and manual buttons or chatting to your friends after school in a cold hallway with a bulky telephone and stretchy, coiled cable twirled around your fingers!

Instead, we stream music and movies via cloud services and communicate via video and photo messaging apps on tiny devices more powerful than we ever imagined possible.

While the enormous benefits of technology continue to enhance our modern lives and make communication instant and effortless, there is a darker side that can swallow our souls and drain our creativity, leaving us feeling empty and more alone than ever.

While I was in England recently, I did a little bit of research into people’s social media habits on public transport. (Ok, yes, I was a little bit nosey!) It happened purely by chance as I was sat behind a young girl on a bus. I noticed in just a few seconds that every picture that came up on her Instagram feed was of young, glamorous women, many in semi-naked, sexual poses and all wearing a lot of make up and sporting the essential pout. As the mother of teenage daughters, I instantly felt a sense of sadness that so many young women need to feel validated by portraying themselves in this way. Their self-esteem is boosted with Likes and Followers – but, just like an Instagram post, this feeling of elation is short lived.

It was this experience that led me to ask the question:

How do you consume social media?

If I’m totally honest, I think that if I was a young woman today, I’d probably consume social media in exactly the same way. In my late teens I was confident yet insecure, dressed for sex appeal but hated parts of my body. With the benefit of hindsight I can see how my behaviour, lifestyle, actions and beliefs all stemmed from that insecurity.

If you’re a woman over about 35, you’ll probably feel lucky that you grew up in an era pre-social media, where you weren’t bombarded with unrealistic images every few seconds; an era where you just simply hung out in pubs and clubs with your friends and chatted to people face to face.

But back to the question… how do you consume social media?

For many millions of people, their smartphone is the first thing they look at in the morning and the last thing they look at before bed. Couples and families are messaging each other from different parts of the house (or even next to each other in bed!) and commuters are plugged into their devices while shoppers walk down the high street sending text messages. Even drivers risk their lives using mobile phones while they’re on the road (if that’s you, please stop!).

I think it’s the word CONSUME that’s important here. We live in a consumer-led world where almost everything is available 24/7. We’ve become impatient, greedy, needy and always searching for the next fix.

When we consume constantly, we aren’t giving ourselves the chance to think and form our own opinions; we simply regurgitate what we’ve heard, read or seen.

If you stop consuming, you give yourself the opportunity to create; to be innovative, adventurous and excited.

When I made the decision to stop watching the news, reading newspapers and mindlessly consuming junk TV, something amazing happened…

My creativity skyrocketed!

Suddenly I could hear my inner voice and felt more aligned to my core truth and values.

I rediscovered all the things that fuelled my creativity as a child. I realised I had a whole unique set of gifts and talents that I’d never used before or had kept locked away for years.

I actively sought out the things, places and people that made me happy and in doing so, I became happier and happier. The need for instant gratification on social media waned as did the desire to watch mainstream television.

As a teenager, if I’d missed out on watching the programme that everyone was talking about I’d have felt left out and different. But now, I revel in the fact that I create the life that I want to live. I don’t mind being different because what I’m doing lights me up.

If you dream of living a different life, start by looking at how you consume social media and mainstream television, radio and press.

  • Do you use social media for more than 2-3 hours a day?
  • If you use social media for business, do you have a specific boundary between creating content and consuming? (FYI: Action taking helps you grow your business, not simply consuming more and more content.)
  • Do you watch television simply because it’s there and because you always have done?
  • How do you feel about switching your phone apps and notifications off for a day?
  • Do you charge your phone or other devices in the bedroom and use them when you wake up and before you sleep?

Switching your lifestyle is not something most people can do overnight, however, it is possible to make one switch at a time until you get to a point where you feel that your creative mojo is back in the building!

  • If you’re a sensitive empath, cutting out news bulletins and papers with horrific headlines from your life will make a massive difference to your energy levels. (I never realised how much I was affected my whole life until I stopped for 6 weeks. Even now I can still remember major news events of the 1980s that have stuck with me for life.)
  • Cutting down on blue screen usage before bed improves your sleep pattern and relaxation – so stop using your laptop or phone an hour before bed (at least) and charge it outside the bedroom if possible.
  • Switch an hour of evening television for an hour of your favourite creative or sporty activity. Or go for a walk, meet friends, do some gardening or declutter a cupboard in the house.
  • Set yourself time limits for scrolling social media or answering emails. As soon as you realise that you’re deep inside a video loop of cute kittens, kitchen gadgets or random people doing silly pranks, it’s time to step away from the phone!
  • Call friends and family instead of using messaging apps. It gives you time to focus your love and energy on that one person instead of multi tasking between tabs. Wouldn’t you rather feel special too?
  • Have a ban on smart phones at the dinner table – kids AND parents! Talk to each other….

If you’ve been feeling like you need to boost your creativity, energy and happiness, then maybe today is the day to ask yourself the question:

How do I consume social media?

Lorraine xx

Busyness v. Stillness

Once upon a time I was a mother of two little children, rushing around from one activity to the next, surrounded by a sea of plastic toys and answering hundreds of random questions every day.

I was always busy, always thinking, always moving. I never stopped. A ‘mummy drink’ of Bacardi and coke and a generous portion of reality TV simply numbed the senses but didn’t really allow me to switch off.

I got irritated really easily, kicked toys, drove too fast and ate a lot of chocolate.

My body, mind and soul were constantly swept up in a tornado of ‘doing’ and ‘stuff’.

Fast forward a few years and in contrast to busyness, I now enjoy stillness.

The change did not happen overnight. It’s been a long process of aligning to my inner truths and core values; a journey of learning to understand and love the real me on the inside.

Because, the truth is this…

Sometimes we just get swept up with life. The boyfriend, the house, the wedding, the baby, the nursery, the toys, the school, the activities, the jobs, the money, the food, the shopping, the socialising. The endless accumulation of stuff to do and stuff to own. We find ourselves constantly irritated by minor things and filling the void with food, alcohol, caffeine, sugar or substances. (Because stuff does not equal contentment.)

I realised I had enough stuff in my life. In fact, I had too much. All this stuff was drowning my spirit and making me stressed and overwhelmed.

There wasn’t one point at which I suddenly said ‘that’s enough!’, it was a gradual process; a mirror of the process it took to get there. The layers piled on and now they needed peeling off again.

When I moved from a bungalow in 2013 I had ten years of stuff in the loft to clear out. Every painting and drawing the girls had ever made, every pair of shoes they’d ever worn, every outfit, every toy, every blanket, every photo … plus there were boxes of mine and my ex-husband’s that we’d not looked at since the late 90s! Emptying the loft took longer than emptying the actual main living space. (Although, carrying boxes down a ladder every day for three weeks is great for your legs and bum! #silverlinings)

In the last five years what’s changed the most is the realisation that I need stillness, calm, peace and time to reflect every day. Not just once a week for an hour between other activities, I need it EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

When I’m out with friends, networking or at an event, I love being with people. I love listening to their stories and finding out what lights them up and fuels their creative passion. When I’m with my children I love to listen to their stories of school, work, social media and friendships and understand what makes them tick as they grow into amazing young adults. And when I’m by myself I love to just BE. To look up at the clouds and watch the trees swaying in the wind, to spend quiet time with a purring cat on my lap or watching my bunnies wash their faces or eat daisies – stem first (it’s the cutest thing!).

As a small business owner I’ve tried making schedules and timetables and plans but I’ve realised that they don’t work for me because they don’t allow for time to just be. This precious time (and precious moments with children, partners and pets or in nature) can’t be allocated within a spreadsheet. Sometimes you have to seize the moment or the opportunity when it presents itself. If you’re trying to stick to a schedule then you’ll always feel like you failed, even if you actually took time off to do something that made you feel great.

So, what really changed over the last five to ten years? How did I get from overwhelmed, rushing, stressed out mummy to calm, serene business owner?

  • I switched my mindset. I read The Gratitude Diaries, Eat Pray Love, Big Magic and countless other books that helped me to live life from a place of gratitude, not scarcity. I wrote daily gratitude lists and made more time to enjoy the simple things in life. 
  • I cut drama and negativity out of my life. I stopped watching the news, daytime TV, reading newspapers and reading the negative comments across social media. I actually sold my TV too! Now I watch just the documentaries, movies or programmes that I choose, online, at my preferred time.
  • I began decluttering. I realised that simply tidying the stuff from one room to another or rearranging it into yet more plastic storage boxes simply wasn’t working! The stagnant energy was still sitting there. Slowly, I’ve reduced our possessions to perhaps a tenth of what we had back in 2013. I’m working on creating a capsule wardrobe where I love everything in it and every item fits me well and makes me feel great. This stops that ‘I have nothing to wear’ scenario and reduces the stress of washing mountains or packing for holidays.
  • I stopped trying to make everything fit and just tuned in to ME. I realised that I was happiest when I wasn’t constantly trying to be something that I wasn’t. I shared more of the real me online which attracted more of my ‘tribe’. Now with an amazing, extended group of like-minded people all around me, I feel supported, respected and loved. And the best part is that I get to make others feel good too! #connectionsandcommunity
  • I switched back to a mainly vegetarian diet somewhere around 2012 … and then tried four months as a raw vegan before ending up at a 95% plant-based diet that suited me and my family really well. In the last year I’ve committed to a completely plant-based lifestyle and the last pieces all fell into place. Love, compassion, peace, kindness, stillness, nature, lunar cycles and Mother Earth – it all fits together like a beautiful hand made wooden puzzle.
  • Plus (and you may not like these!), I stopped drinking diet coke, rarely drink alcohol and never drink black tea or coffee. Before switching to a plant-based diet I’d also stopped eating over-processed milk chocolate bars (like the ones in purple wrappers) and switched to dairy-free dark chocolate instead. So, basically, cut the caffeine, sugar and alcohol and you’ll feel much less stressed! Eating a healthy, vegetable and fruit rich diet with primarily home cooked foods will support and nourish your body.

So that’s me, now it’s over to you…

  • What can you do today to bring more stillness, calm and joy into your life?
  • What can you do today to reduce the amount of stress and overwhelm you feel? Where do you need to be honest with yourself? What difficult conversations do you need to have? Where do you need support?
  • What can you do today to connect with people that will lift you up, support your goals and make you feel great? How can you make other people feel loved, respected and heard?


Lorraine xx

Samhain, Halloween and A Time To Reflect

For thousands of years, cultures from all around the world with nature at their core have celebrated the seasons and the cyclic pattern of the year.

In the Northern hemisphere at this time (from sunset on 31 October to 1 November) we celebrate Halloween, or Samhain, (pronounced ‘sow-en’), an ancient Celtic fire festival to honour and remember our ancestors.

Today, you may well feel triggered by the consumerism of 21st century Halloween, or irritated by the endless stream of plastic ‘stuff’ on display in every shop in every town, while at the same time feeling drawn more and more to Mother Earth, with a desire to retreat inwards, physically and emotionally.

If so, you’re not alone.

Samhain is a firm nod from Mother Nature that winter is on its way; a time for all beings, plants and animals, to draw their energy inwards to prepare for winter. As night-time frosts start to kill off vegetation, the leaves fall from the trees and the days get shorter, Samhain represents the end of a season.

Endings are the perfect moment to pause and reflect.

Spending time to reflect on the past year helps us to move forward with love and gratitude and to let go of the fears and blocks that may still be holding us back from shining our brightest light.

  • What have you achieved this year and how did each milestone make you feel?
  • What challenges have you faced and how did you overcome them?
  • What adventures have you had and how did they inspire you?
  • What connections or friendships have you made (or lost) and how has your ‘crowd’ made you stronger?

As you spend some time today thinking about the past year, allow your thoughts to tumble out into personal writing, artwork or a mood board. Paint, draw, sculpt, sing, write, create…  whatever feels best to you.

If you’re a small business owner, this is a great time to focus on what you’ve achieved in your business this year and the problems you’ve encountered and overcome.

  • What are you most proud of in your business and why?
  • How have you helped others – either through your services or through networking and support?
  • What has your business allowed you to do for you, your family or your community?
  • What strengths have appeared this year that perhaps you didn’t realise you had?
  • Where have you struggled and where might you ask for support in the coming year?
  • What have you let go of that no longer serves you? And how good does it feel?

Could you turn these thoughts, wins, struggles and losses into a Manifesto for the year ahead?

Sending you Samhain blessings and autumn love,

Lorraine xx

If the song of my heart ceases to play, can I survive the silence?

‘If the song of my heart ceases to play, can I survive the silence?’

– Shonda Rhimes

When you suddenly realise you’ve lost the joy in your life, the silence can be deafening.

You pause for a while, looking in on your life from above, like an out-of-body experience. You barely recognise who you’ve become.


Where did the vibrant young woman go? What happened to her dreams?

Where was the laughter, the music, the giggling, the song?

Where was the dancing in the rain and the wind-swept hair?


When was the last time you felt excitement, like the fizzing magnetism of a first date kiss?

When was the last time you felt truly fulfilled – your heart overflowing like marshmallows and whipped cream piled high on a steaming mug of hot chocolate?

When was the last time you didn’t get through a whole week on autopilot? Numb to the simple pleasures of life and a slave to something you can’t even put into words.


When you’re broken and burnt out, or just feeling totally empty, there IS a way to find the magic again.

You see, the magic is LOVE.

Always has been, always will be.

The secret to turning your life around isn’t really a secret at all.

It’s about living each moment with love – in its simplest form.

Play. Laugh. Write. Run. Paint. Stretch. Sleep. Create. Give. Cook. Share. Sing. Dance.

Indulge your soul for 15 minutes a day doing something that brings you pure joy.

Fifteen minutes.      900 seconds.       1% of your day.

Everyone can find 15 minutes…

  •   The more you do the things that light you up, the more creative and enthusiastic you’ll feel about other projects in life.
  •   The more you follow you heart, the more you’ll attract the right people and opportunities in to your life to help you reach your personal or business goals.
  •   The more you tune in and listen to the whispers of your soul, the more aligned you’ll feel and life will begin to flow effortlessly.


As Shonda Rhimes says, in her TED talk My year of saying yes to everything:

‘The more I play, the happier I am and the happier my kids are.

I said YES to less work and more play and somehow I still run my world.’

A note to my 10-year-younger self

Dear 35-year-old-Lorraine,

Never stop. 

Never stop doing the things that make you happy.

Never stop going to the gym and lifting those heavy weights you love. In the future there may be health challenges you never expected and your dedication will be tested.  It may feel hopeless. You may be in pain, tired or sick. But even if you lose your way you will always be able to get back on track, however difficult it may seem. Never stop being strong, fit and confident.

Never stop looking after yourself. All those little things you do now – the baths, the body scrubs, the pretty nail polish, the eyelash tints – never stop doing them. There will be times when money and time have an impact on what you can do, but there are always ways to take care of your body so you feel pretty, attractive and sexy. Never stop rubbing body butter into your womanly curves and curling your long blonde hair.

Never stop eating fruit and vegetables every day. You love how they make you feel and how your skin glows and your eyes sparkle. You love feeling energetic, vibrant and calm. In the future, health and financial issues could change everything in a heartbeat. You might be forced to make choices you never imagined. Keep eating your leafy greens and lots of fruit so you stay mentally and physically strong to face these challenges. Never stop making healthy food a priority.

Never stop wearing clothes, underwear and jewellery that make you feel sensual, feminine and happy. You’ve loved fashion your whole life and it doesn’t have to stop. Declutter regularly and keep only the things you truly love. Be wise and ethical with fashion purchases. Remember – less is more. If you feel like life has wrapped you up in a dark grey blanket, stay strong. You will unwrap yourself, like a butterfly from a chrysalis, and grow more beautiful, more wise and more sensual. Never stop being the best version of you.

Never stop wearing heels. Right now you walk tall and elegantly in those heels and you love how they make you feel. You’re a goddess in your heels, sparkling bright and leaving a trail of glitter wherever you go. There’s a time and a place for ballet pumps, sandals and trainers, of course, but do keep wearing heels at least once a week. If your feet or back muscles start getting sore, don’t throw out the shoes, just do more specific exercises and stretches and get lots of massage or chiropractic care. Never stop walking tall with a smile on your face.

Never stop visiting your chiropractor! Throughout your twenties and early thirties you’ve put your physical health and body first and this will pay off. But as your children demand more time from you, and a rising cost of living squeezes every penny out of your purse, don’t ever stop scheduling those appointments at least every 6 months. Focus on the benefits and the pain free living, not the cost of the session. Never stop caring for your body.

Never stop playing. Silly games with your kids, messing around with pets, laughing outrageously with friends and honing your wit in the online space – it’s all play and it’s all great for your health and well-being. Life will get tough. You will face challenges. But through it all you must retain a sense of humour and a strong faith that everything will work out in the way the Universe intended. Every struggle teaches a lesson – however hard or unfair it may seem at the time  – and through that learning you’ll come out the other side stronger and wiser. Never lose your childlike wonder, sense of play and curiosity.

Never stop meeting new people and creating new connections and friendships – especially with people who make you a better person. Always surround yourself with high-vibe, creative, energetic people and those who make you feel good. When things get difficult you might feel like you’d rather stay indoors and cancel engagements, but this is the worst thing you can do. Sure, you’ll enjoy a sense of peace and calm far more as you get older but you must never stop meeting new people and stepping into situations where you might feel a little out of your depth. If you don’t step out of your comfort zone you’ll never find the magic.

Never stop dreaming. You know you’ve always been destined to do things a little differently and as you get older and wiser your dreams will be even more important to your well-being and personal growth. Without dreams you can’t set goals. Without goals you can’t set a plan. And without a plan you can’t move forward or measure success. Dream big, Lorraine, the Universe has you held tightly in its warm embrace and will never let you fall (although it sometimes giggles by dangling you by a thread over a precipice in the darkness!). Never stop imagining all the incredible possibilities and never stop trusting your ability to make those dreams come true.

Never stop Lorraine.

However difficult life can feel at times, you have all the answers inside you. All it takes is the patience to look inwards and figure things out. And I promise, that in between all the challenges there will be an endless stream of happiness, success, abundance, laughter and love that will replenish your soul and fill every cell in your being with brilliant white light.

Never stop being you. And one day, you might look back and realise I was right.




Every time I commit 100%, energy shifts and transformation begins…

Every time I commit 100% to something, energy shifts, changes happen, transformation begins and life changes … 


There’s a massive difference in energy when we decide to jump in completely, versus dipping our toes in here and there.

If you really want to declutter your home but keep putting it off until tomorrow (and we all know tomorrow never comes), then you’ll forever be feeling that constant energy drain that comes when you feel you should be sorting your wardrobe, deep cleaning the kitchen or moving that pile of paperwork off the dinner table.

If you really want to get fitter, stronger and leaner but after an initial 3 week burst of three-times-a-week gym sessions or early morning runs you slowly run out of physical and mental energy, then you’re always left feeling not-quite-good-enough and revert back to your comfort zone.

Some people believe that others who can achieve consistent success have some kind of genetic super-power that makes them never lose focus and stay on track through all kinds of challenges. Others might say those high achievers have an inbuilt stubbornness and extra helping of willpower.

But I don’t believe that’s true.

When I reflect back on my own experiences I find it easy to pull out all the failures.  All the diets that lasted just a few days, all the fitness plans written and never accomplished, all the beauty routines that disappeared long before the tubs of creams and lotions…

It’s really easy to remember our failures. It’s even easier to tell ourselves that we’re simply not someone who achieves their goals or that we don’t have enough willpower.

For just a few moments, I’d love you to think about all the things you’ve planned, started and never finished. They may not be health and fitness orientated but perhaps projects around the home, learning a language or keeping your car filled up with petrol all the time (I still can’t manage this one!!).

(If you have some paper or a notebook nearby, do feel free to write this down as it’s a really useful and motivating exercise.)

Now, switch it around and look at all the things you have achieved, stuck to or completed.

I’ll share some of mine…

Back in 2013 I decided to stop drinking diet coke (other brands are available!). I’d gradually realised it made my skin itch and as someone who is very intuitive with her body, I knew it wasn’t doing my health any favours. So after a night out with a friend I decided that was it. My last diet coke. Ever. Admittedly there were moments later that summer where I could easily have given in and tasted that first, ice cold, fizzy sip… but I stuck to my gut instinct. A few weeks became months and suddenly I found myself able to say ‘I haven’t had a diet coke for a year’. That was almost 5 years ago and I can honestly say that not only do I not miss it (sparkling water with ice, fresh lime and mint is far more refreshing), but I also feel better for not drinking it.

When my children were little I spent a lot of time with other mums who complained about how much time home cooking took or how they resorted to oven-ready meals like fish fingers, beans and chips. Somehow, I knew that it felt different to me. Sure, there were plenty of busy days, fish finger days and let’s-go-out-for-dinner days, but in my heart I knew that cooking fresh meals with real ingredients gave me far more than good nutrition. It gave me peace of mind that I was nourishing my children in the best way I could, with love and care. The more I realised the importance of home-cooking to me, slowly my life evolved in ways I’d never imagined. I began to run cooking sessions in people’s homes, got a ‘healthy family food’ recipe column in our local newspaper, ran a cooking project for young mums with a local charity and became an adult education tutor for healthy cooking at college. I remember calculating one day that I must have prepped and cooked more than 25,000 family meals in my lifetime!

In more recent years as my spiritual awakening seemed to speed up, I realised that watching television news reports was a massive drain on my energy. Since childhood I’d seen more than my fair share of plane crash or car accident images and these haunted me frequently. I think, like many of us, that 9/11 was a turning point. I know something shifted in my mind that day, sitting breastfeeding my newborn baby wondering what kind of world I’d brought her into. It took a few more years before that final lightbulb moment. It happened slowly though…. Our television broke and as it was almost the school summer holidays I just didn’t replace it. We played more outside and I enjoyed the time to read or do things around the home rather than mindlessly flick through the channels. When I finally bought a new TV some weeks later and reverted to old habits, I felt a massive, instant, crushing negativity, sadness and drain wash through every cell in my body. I knew at that point I had to protect my energy (and my sanity!). From that day forward I haven’t watched any more daytime TV or a complete news report. In fact, I sold our TV over 2 years ago and it’s the best thing I ever did! If something important is happening then I choose when and where I want to watch it on some form of social media or online news channel. As a positive side effect, I’ve used that time to watch motivating TED talks, read, study and take my business to a whole new level.

The point I want to make here is that the things we really want to commit to are the same things that resonate with us deep inside our hearts.

The things we just know we want to change.

It’s not about starting a new diet or exercise plan because we feel we should be slimmer or achieve some kind of stereotypical ideal body shape, it’s about changing an aspect of our health and lifestyle because the consequences of not doing it far outweigh our desire to live in the comfort zone.

Starting a 30 day challenge can be a great way to kick start you into action.

An opportunity to open your mind and body to new possibilities. Along the way you’ll get those lightbulb moments that tug deep at your heart strings.

For me, switching to a plant-based diet opened up a whole new world about the plastic problems in the environment and the effects of the meat and dairy industry on global warming, together with a desire to learn more about zero waste and minimalism. What started out as a love of animals and a health boost to help my auto-immune condition slowly became a way of life that introduced me to new people, places, experiences and tastes I’d never otherwise have experienced.

The most exciting part of a challenge is not getting to the end and reaching an arbitrary goal, but the journey you undertake and all the discoveries and awakenings you have along the way.

You’ll notice new opportunities, connections and friendships that fill your life with a richness and joy you’d  never previously imagined.

Ready to commit to a daily practice now?

Join my 30 Day Plant-Based Challenge and see where the adventure takes you…

For more details and sign up form, click here: 30 Day Plant-Based Challenge

Doors open Friday 15 June (2)

Green smoothie and pile of coloured notebooks. The top book has 'Do small things with great love' on the front.

Curious how a 30 day challenge might impact your life?

I’ll start with this…

It’s not WHAT you do, it’s WHY you do it.

It’s less about the destination and more about the journey.

It’s not the fact that after 30 days you will have read 10 books, quit your social media habit or given up alcohol, it’s the PROCESS of changing your habits and committing to a new daily habit that’s the REAL GOLD in these types of challenges.

As Rebecca Campbell (author and speaker) says in her new online course Work Your Light, it’s all about a ‘daily devotional practice’. 

When I heard Rebecca say those three words I had one of those lightbulb moments; a glimpse of realisation and a reflection onto my own behaviour.

In that instant I realised that many of the challenges I’d started and never finished were because I’d begun them in the wrong state of mind. I’d been focusing on an outcome instead of the process. My emotions were tied into achieving the goal rather than how that daily devotional practice would give me so much more.

For an easy illustration we can look at a weight loss example. Let’s say our goal is to lose 4 kg in a month. We attach everything to that outcome and think about how we’ll feel when we’re 4kg lighter. Suddenly every minute of our day seems to pivot on that number and we often leave ourselves feeling deprived, guilty or a failure.

The important part of an optimum health programme is not about achieving an arbitrary numerical goal, but in the daily process of eating healthier food, exercising, moving more around our desks, focusing on loving ourselves more and nourishing our bodies. When we take a few small components of that and make them new everyday habits, then it all starts to fall into place.

With that in mind, I’m committing to a daily process that will help me achieve my goals AND share my passion and wisdom with others.

I’ve begun to create a series of 30 day challenges where you can choose the specific things you change, add or subtract, but the common thread that connects every person and every challenge is that daily commitment and devotional practice.

And once you (and I) have successfully changed our behaviour and habits for 30 days, then we’ll be inspired to take things to the next level or try something new.

For me, life is about curiosity and learning, expansion and growth.

And 30 day challenges fit that philosophy beautifully.

Lorraine xx

The first 30 day challenge is around plant-based eating and begins 1 July 2018.

Doors open Friday 15th June. For more details, follow me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thesoulfulword/

Are you being kind to yourself?

You’re a kind person.

An animal lover. A good listener. A supportive friend. A coach who wants everyone to live their best life.  A healthy eating ambassador. A plastic-avoider.


Are you being kind to yourself?

You're a kind person...BUTare you being kind to yourself_

You think you’ve got your self-care regime sorted. You exercise regularly. You get your nails done every month. You’ve set up a weekly home delivery for food shopping. You’ve outsourced admin jobs or cleaning.

In the grand scheme of things, you feel like you’re being kind to yourself, so…

  • Why do you feel tired, anxious and lonely?
  • Why do you pick at food all day long or reach for sugary snacks, chocolate or coffee?
  • Why are you snapping at your kids, partner or feeling irritable for no real reason?

From the outside, other people would say that you have your sh*t together. Hey, they might even say you have a ‘perfect’ life or ask ‘how do you do it all?’

But the reality is, you feel overwhelmed and are definitely NOT being kind to yourself. 

You see, things like:

  • Dieting, eating zero carbs, avoiding sugar or juice detoxes
  • High intensity exercise classes, heavy weights workouts or long runs
  • Watching box sets on Netflix for hours
  • Studying for another qualification
  • Getting up at 4am to journal, meditate, do yoga and walk for 2 miles

…might FEEL like self-care, but when you’re doing them because you feel you should, or because someone else told you to, or because you never think you’re doing enough, or …. well, you get the idea, then they simply ADD to your STRESS.

All of the above list absolutely CAN be great self care activities. But they must come from a positive, happy heart-space. Daily activities that come from love, not from fear.

Here are my top lifestyle swaps to go from stressed to blessed:

  • Instead of dieting, deprivation, guilt, shame and ‘never being quite enough’, switch to nourishment for body mind and soul. Ask yourself, ‘how do I want to feel today?’ If it’s healthy, vibrant, alert, agile and bouncy – then feed yourself natural, whole foods, home cooked meals and perhaps a fresh vegetable juice. If you want to feel loved, nurtured and like you’re being wrapped in a big blanket, then perhaps it’s time to eat the bowl of pasta, the slice of cake or the piece of chocolate – whatever makes you feel special and content.
  • Instead of extreme exercise after a day of work or parenting (or both), perhaps your body is crying out for a hot bath with candles, or date night and sex with your partner.
  • Instead of watching TV endlessly to numb the pain or silence the noise in your head, or studying for yet another certification because you never believe you’re good enough, simply take your body out into nature. Stand with your feet on the ground and ask yourself, ‘what do I really need?’ You are absolutely enough already AND you have all the answers inside. You just need to tune in to listen.
  • Instead of getting up super early or staying up really late just to get things done, take a step back and think about your true priorities and your natural cycle. If you’re not a morning person then however much you force yourself to wake before 6am, chances are you’ll resent it and the positive energy won’t flow effortlessly. What is really important to you? Do that first. Then take plenty of me-time in between all the non-negotiable stuff. The rest of it? Let it go…. (Trust me, Elsa was right!)

Your challenge for today is to do at least ONE thing that is kind for yourself; kind to your body, mind and soul.

Do come over to my Facebook Page – The Soulful Word and tell me how you are being kind to yourself today.

Me? I just ate that big bowl of spaghetti for lunch. It was like a big warm cuddle for my insides on a cold, snowy day!


With love, light and carbs,

Lorraine xx

A Love Letter to my Dream Client

A love letter to my dream client (read on, it might be you!)…

Hey beautiful, I have to take a moment to tell you how much I admire you.

I love your passion for your work, your heart-centred approach and the way you do everything with complete integrity and grace.

I love your curiosity and dedication to learning and personal growth. Watching you step out of your comfort zone to follow your soul’s desire is one of life’s most beautiful things. It’s up there with mountain peaks at sunrise, rosy-cheeked babies dressed in fleece bodysuits and ducklings in a line trying to keep up with mum.

It gives me goosebumps when I hear you tell your story; the journey of highs and lows, spiritual awakening and massive transformation that has brought you to where you are today.

It’s an honour and a privilege to be able to listen to you and watch you grow, but being able to play a small part in your life is truly amazing.

I believe in you and all your unique gifts and talents you have to offer. You’re such an inspiration to so many people and I’m blown away by the work you’ve already achieved and the incredible words of praise and transformation your clients write about you.

I’m so excited to get started on writing your website copy, e-book and social media and look forward to watching you shine even more brilliantly.

With love,

Lorraine xx

Ps. Do you resonate with the term Lightworker? Are you an intuitive, heart-led, empathic soul who would love to create an income by using your own natural gifts, wisdom and experience? And do you also feel overwhelmed by the noise in the online space and wonder how you can ever stand out and be seen, recognised and paid by your dream clients? Then you’ll love my free guide: The Lightworker’s Guide to Showing Up Online with Conscious Intention and Love.

Pps. Want to find out more about working with me? Click here for all the info!

Balancing online overwhelm for introverts

As an online small business owner with a wonderfully visible woo-woo side and a heavy dose of introverted characteristics, I’m frequently asked how I balance the overwhelm of social media and the energy of ‘putting myself out there’ on a daily basis with the delicate aspect of self-care, family boundaries and energy levels.

Firstly, I will say that it hasn’t been easy!

As someone who comes from a face to face business background, the initial lure of social media, websites and the internet was incredibly enticing, fun and a gave me a massive learning curve.

But that came at a cost: addiction!

It’s so easy to get hooked on to online coaches and Facebook groups and feel like the people you meet are your new best friend and saviour and that their magic, golden ticket will solve all your problems.  Before you know it you’re sucked deeper and deeper into a tangled web of poorly qualified ‘experts’ and ‘coaches’, handing over hundreds of dollars for services you never knew existed just six months earlier and falling prey to narcissistic sales strategies.

Rather than becoming the next ‘six figure leader’ you’re left with crumbling self-esteem, a clunky website that doesn’t really reflect who you are and a bad taste in your mouth from being the victim of trolls, money-grabbers and an unregulated, and sometimes downright nasty, online industry.

Except it doesn’t have to be that way.

Every week I hear these kind of horror stories from women who have an incredible gift to share with the world but have been burned by their experiences. They’re wondering whether they even want to continue.

  • Should I go back to the safety of a regular job?
  • What if I show who I really am? Will anyone like me?
  • Do I even want to be online 24/7?

And it makes me really sad to think that women (and some enlightened men) are pushing their dreams, talents and special unique qualities aside because they just can’t figure out how they fit in to the online space.

As I recalled my journey to one of these beautiful women today, I realised how my online lifestyle has changed in recent months and how grateful I am for the truly life-changing experiences I’ve had and the amazing women with whom I’ve formed incredible connections.

If you’re currently feeling stuck, unsure of which direction to take or feel like you’re drowning under the pressure of balancing your personal life with small business financial pressures and raising your visibility online, then my top tips might just offer you the lifebelt you need to pull yourself out of the water and see the horizon again.

  • If you feel like you need time out, then take time out. Turn off the screen, go for a walk, take a long weekend off, even take a holiday. Just step away from what you feel you should be doing and tune in to what you really want to do. What lights you up? What makes you feel creative and inspired?


  • When it all gets too much, ask yourself this: ‘If I could completely re-start my business again, what would I do differently? How would I do it differently? Why?’ Spending some time thinking about (and journalling) around this will often give rise to a whole cacophony of new ideas and inspiration.


  • Remove yourself from most of the Facebook groups you hang out in and remain only in the ones where you feel a genuine connection to the leader and the people in it. Some groups have an amazing vibe and others are a breeding ground for negativity and constant in-your-face selling and promotion.


  • Have a healthy balance of Facebook groups in terms of those that you’re in for personal development and meeting like-minded souls and those who teach you the skills you need to achieve your business goals and to network with other small-business professionals.


  • Join a paid membership group (or two). Joining a membership group instantly raises the energy within the group because everyone wants to be there and is making an investment in their business or self-development. Depending on your personal goals, I would suggest one paid membership for business goals, strategy or support and one for personal development, soul journey and sisterhood.


  • Take the time (online) to form genuine connections and relationships. I can honestly say that some of the women I’ve met online have become some of my closet confidantes and give the best hugs in real life! I know I would never meet this many vibrant, passionate, spiritual, like-minded women locally who just ‘get’ me. When we meet in person all around the world it’s such a different relationship to having a social group of girlfriends (often from school, college or work) with whom you have next to nothing in common. There’s none of the jealousy, insecurity or worrying about what to wear, how to split the bill or whether anyone will tease you for not drinking alcohol. Meeting like-minded souls just feels ‘right’; there’s no other way to describe it. And it’s a beautiful experience.


  • In your personal, family and home life, set some really firm boundaries. Create opportunities to give those you love 100% of your attention. No one wants to be pushed aside for a mobile phone, and no-one’s business is more important than life, love and laughter. Ditto for the teenagers and partners in your life. Ensure everyone takes time to put their devices down, step away from the computer and create real life experiences together.


And finally, the biggest and most exciting, life-changing switch for me came about by sharing more of my unique essence; more of the things that really light me up and make me feel connected, grounded and complete. I realised that the kind of people I wanted in my life were like-minded souls who were passionate, curious, interested in exploring their spiritual side, compassionate animal lovers and people who were always ready to learn and grow.

In order to attract those people, I had to step outside my comfort zone, knowing that my message was bigger than my fears. I had to show up as who I really was deep inside and have trust and faith that the right people would appear and those who weren’t would walk on by.

It was about releasing the expectation of who I thought I should be and just being me.

If I can inspire one woman every day to share more of her brilliant inner light, then that makes me one very happy, very lucky and very content girl.

online introvert_

Photo credit: Nathan Boadle @ Unsplash


Lorraine is a magical blend of intuitive feminine energy and creative, word-whispering talent. Her skills for writing go far beyond the basics of grammar and professional copywriting and enable her to deeply understand her clients’ unique essence and special talents so that she can help them to shine more brilliantly across their website and social media. In uncovering their hidden truths and sparkly gems, Lorraine not only creates beautiful content but also boosts her clients’ confidence, enabling them to step up, become more visible and attract their tribe in a way that creates a greater impact and a lasting legacy.

Social media links:

Facebook Page – The Soulful Word 

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Want to connect or find out more about my work?


Your About Page and Love at First Sight

Are you ready for your readers to start crushing on you? ❤︎

You know that feeling when you click on an About Page and instantly you’re drawn in.

You’re excited, enthusiastic, inspired, motivated and feel like this person could be your new BFF, mentor or a super-cool collaborator. The design, the photos, the colours, the words and, most importantly, how the website makes you FEEL.

You lovingly begin to stalk this person across social media, liking their posts, signing up to their email list, joining their group and maybe even reaching out with a personal message.

Just like with love at first sight, you knew within a few seconds of connecting that you needed the energy of this person in your life; that they made you feel like a better version of yourself.

weaving a beautiful about page

What if your About Page made others feel this way?

What if there was a way to tell your story in an innovative way that beautifully weaved your talents, services, personality, core values and unique brand essence with your reader’s world?

Well there is!

It’s time to stop playing safe. Time to let go of stiff, boring, ‘professional’ copy and industry jargon.

It’s time for you to take this love affair beyond first base. Time to strip off, reveal your truest self and create a deep relationship that shines, sparkles and changes you both. Forever. 

If you and your reader were a couple, you’d be the ones lighting up the room as soon as you walked in.

Let me write your About Page to speak to your audience in a way that’s more relevant, engaging and helps you to create the impact you desire.


  • 60 minute Zoom call to to learn more about your business, ideal client, goals for the year ahead, your personality and unique essence that makes you, you.
  • Copywriting for your About Page + two rounds of editing.
  • Suggestions for layout, design and images to enhance the storytelling power of the copy.

If you’re ready to rock your online business, create genuine relationships and build a new love affair with your audience, then now is the time to give the most important, and magical, part of your website a well-deserved makeover.

About Page Makeover £500 – Book your session now!

I can’t wait to help you shine brilliantly!

Lorraine xx

Read more about me and why my clients love my writing here.

Is website shame holding you back?

As the end of another year approaches, you’re filled with ideas for an online course, a new group programme, an e-book or some other collection of your inspired energy, talents and experience.

You spend hours doodling, writing, drawing, thinking, planning.

In your heart, you know it’s exactly what people will love. Exactly what your kind of people will love.

But then your head jumps into the conversation uninvited:

But what about your website, that thing you keep trying to ignore?

Do you really want to send people there?

They’ll never work with you if they read your website first!

I used to be like that. I heard those words in my mind. I let them shout louder and louder.

I’ve lost count of the number of notebooks I’ve filled with genius plans and programmes. My hard drive filled with files of half-finished plans, projections and designs.

All that potential energy sitting stagnant. Sad. Waiting to be brought to life like an animated movie.

The only reason many of these ideas never came to fruition wasn’t because they weren’t good enough or right for my audience, but I was just too afraid to send people to my website.

It wasn’t always that way of course. When I first had it designed and set up by a professional, I loved it! I sent everyone there all the time and my stats were pretty good. Some blogs had thousands of views.

But like all of us (and especially those of us in the whole-hearted, feminine energy, entrepreneurial online space), I evolved.

I outgrew my website. And the anxiety, shame and fear crept in.

Making small changes, little tweaks or adding new style blogs just wasn’t enough. It was only sticking the proverbial plaster over the leaking pipe.

It was time for a new home.

An online space that held my dreams and made them sparkle.

From the minute I set foot inside that new space, everything changed.

It’s easy to look back and say, ‘I should have done it sooner’, but, you know, life isn’t really linear. There is a right moment for everything and it doesn’t necessarily sit neatly into a schedule or calendar.

We all need the time, space and energy to grow and evolve. To learn, to experiment, to succeed, to fail, to have fun and to be inspired.

What was right for you once may not be right for you now.

Let your old website go (with love and light) and set up a new home that embraces every part of your unique essence, your gifts, your passion, your love and your energy.

When you share that with the world you’ll attract your tribe effortlessly. Every new person you connect to will light you up in ways you’d never dreamed possible.

My passion is human connection. My art is weaving word whispering magic into your website.

If you’re a heart-centred entrepreneur, earth angel, spiritual goddess or woman on a divine feminine mission, I can help you to bring more of your unique essence into your copy so you shine brilliantly, attract the kind of people you adore spending time with and create the impact and legacy you desire.

Website copywriting and content creation packages available now from £1500.

Send me an email beetrootbrownie@gmail.com to schedule a virtual chat (coffee and chocolate optional!)

Lorraine xx

When wisdom overtakes competition

Three young women in their early twenties with tiny sparkly black dresses, high heels and long lashes caked in mascara stand over the cloakroom sinks, reapplying their baby pink lip gloss in the mirror for at least the tenth time, scanning each other’s outward appearance for any sign of weakness to be exploited.

Her bum’s bigger than mine, I bet she doesn’t work out. My boobs look better than hers. Her hair is so long, she must have extensions. I’m gonna get that cute guy with the bright blue eyes before she does; he won’t fancy her anyway.

And so it continues, every Friday and Saturday night in bars and nightclubs around the country. Young women competing for men’s attention and tearing each other down in the process.

I remember those years. They were exhausting! No matter how much you noticed other women’s supposed flaws, you still never felt quite slim enough, pretty enough, sexy enough or on-trend-enough.

The whole thing was D R A I N I N G.

And we were totally missing the best part of our lives.

Youth. Natural beauty. Freedom.

Thankfully, there comes a time in most women’s lives when wisdom overtakes competition.

We begin to realise that lifting each other up is a far more pleasurable and peaceful way to live.

American actress Amy Adams once told Vanity Fair that she has no interest in competing with her female peers, and says: “I get excited for people when I know I should be competitive. I’d say in an audition, ‘I don’t think I’m right for this, but you know who you should get?’”

It’s this kind of support, trust and feminine energy that enables us all to feel more empowered and, ultimately, to achieve our individual goals.

Attending Rebecca Campbell’s Rise Sister Rise event in October 2016 changed the direction of my life and showed me the ONE thing I’d been searching for since my late teens…


That feeling of knowing other women have your back.

That other women can support you in your personal and business life.

That other women can pick up on subtle, intuitive signs and guide you on your journey of personal growth and development.

That other women will lift you up when you’re feeling down.

That other women have gifts similar to yours, yet we’re all unique. Embracing our differences and similarities is a beautiful thing.

And, of course, sisterhood is not a one way street. The more you support, uplift and empower other women, the better you feel.

Elevating other women benefits everyone.

If you’ve jumped from the real world into the online entrepreneurial space and suddenly feel like you’re back in your teens or twenties, competing to be the brightest star around, then I feel your pain. In a sea of digitally enhanced images and unfathomable job titles, it’s easy to feel lost, uneasy and not good enough.

But before you run off back to shore and wrap yourself in your favourite cosy towel, I invite you to take a deep breath, close your eyes and remember … 

Remember why you’re here.

Remember what you want to do.

Remember who you want to serve.

You are a woman. Powerful and strong. Your innate feminine wisdom, gut instinct and intuition is the key to unlocking your present and your future. When you’re tuned in to who you really are at a deep level, that’s when life feels aligned and everything flows with ease. You don’t feel stuck any more. You can aim high because you know you have the power to achieve your greatest dreams.

And with the support of your sisters around the world, this will truly be a magical journey (unicorns optional!).

Lorraine xx

Ready to shine brilliantly? Check out another quick read here.



You’ve got this fire burning in your belly

You’ve got this fire BURNING in your belly …

🔥  a desire to make a difference

🔥  a message that needs to be heard

🔥  a truth that must be told

But, the reality is, as much as you LOVE what you do, you spend a lot of the time overwhelmed by all the ‘stuff’ you feel you need to do on social media to promote your business, build an engaged tribe and be seen as the expert in your field.

What if …

… there was someone on hand who completely understood your business, supported your mission, could talk your language AND thought you were completely AWESOME? (because you are!)

And imagine…

… if that same person was your content creation angel 👼; someone who would consistently create engaging, innovative and interesting blogs and articles for your business every month so you could sit back and do the REAL, deep, core work you do with your clients?

🔥🔥🔥 How much brighter, stronger and hotter would your fire burn in 6 months time if you had a bigger audience, an engaged tribe of people who ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ your energy, pay 💰💰💰 for your products or services and 😃😃😃 tell everyone how happy they are?

If you have a passionate, clear message, an existing biz and a soul-driven purpose but are lacking time, energy or skills to create consistent, high quality content, then working with me could take you to the next level – a place where you feel abundant, relaxed and filled with vitality and enthusiasm to continue to rise.

Click here for package prices for blogs, articles and website copy.

Ready to crackle and sparkle? Let’s chat!

Lorraine xx

Growing Roots

If I say the word Roots, what’s the first thing that springs to mind?

Trees and forests?

Buying a house?

Starting a family?

Or, perhaps, must book a hair colour appointment?!

In an era where millions of people are physically displaced from their homes through war or weather extremes and millions more feel a sense of drifting, loneliness or isolation, it’s time to talk about connection. In particular, our connection to nature, ourselves and the Universe.

You see, putting down roots is about more than buying a house or starting a family. Having roots is a connection to Mother Earth and to ourselves.

You can only start to truly connect when you realise that numbing the emptiness is futile.

A great new haircut or that first cocktail on a Friday night certainly makes you feel good, but it’s a temporary high. A series of picture perfect temporary highs might make your life seem pretty perfect to your Facebook followers. It may even make you think you’ve got this happy life thing sussed.

But when you’re brave enough to stop and look inwards, you realise there’s a gaping BIG h o l e.

A hole that will never be filled, until you stand on the edge and jump right in.

When I was 21 I thought I had my life figured out. I’d done well at school, been abroad for a year and got a good job with prospects. I was engaged to a lovely man who I lived with in a little three bedroom house with a garden, garage and two gorgeous cats. We had a great group of friends, an active social life and regular holidays to the beautiful Greek islands.

But there was something missing.

I was literally 99% on target to tick everything off that imaginary life wish list we all write when we’re teenagers (you know the one, married by 25, two children by 30…) but I carried a sense of longing and loneliness that I couldn’t describe, name or really feel into.

Until one day someone (far older, wiser and more in tune with her feminine nature) said to me: ‘If it doesn’t feel right, it’s ok. If it’s not what you want, you don’t have to do this.’

Her intuition was spot on. She felt something rising in me and put it into the words I was unable, or un-ready, to say.  In essence, she guided me to tune in to my innate wisdom, my gut instinct, my divine feminine energy. Without her light around me I would never have had the strength to go through the inevitable heartbreak and change in situation that followed.

Looking back, this was one of the big turning points in my life.

Suddenly I wasn’t just following the ‘good girl’ path expected of me and started following my heart.

Opportunities opened up for me the more I tuned in to who I really was and what I really wanted. A redundancy payment led me to retrain in nutrition, fitness and health and within a few years I had moved country, met a new man and had two beautiful daughters. (So my wish list did come true anyway!)

Connecting to our inner selves is an ongoing adventure where sometimes we’ll sit on a mountain top together admiring a beautiful sunrise, and other times we’ll be crying ourselves to sleep, hitting the pillow and shouting ‘Why me, why now, why this?’.

Connecting is not something we just do once, like setting up a broadband service or booking our annual holiday.

Understanding who we really are on the inside doesn’t just take work, it takes a willingness to open up; to be vulnerable, raw, messy and ready to receive.

When there’s a lot going on in our lives and the world around us that makes us feel like the ground is being pulled from underneath us, and that life will never be the same again (that’s actually a good thing, trust me!), this is the perfect time to tune in, reconnect and grow our roots.

Before you can put down roots, you have to trust in yourself first. Trust that your intuitive guidance system will take you to the experiences, places and emotions that you most need to move forward.

  • Trust that whatever you’re faced with, you can, and will, get through it.
  • Trust that your emotions are leading you to uncover more of who you really are.
  • Trust that the solutions will always appear, as long as you keep believing in yourself.

To connect with nature is a great way to begin reconnecting with yourself and trusting your intuition.

  • Walk barefoot on the grass or along a sandy beach.
  • Lay under the stars on a clear night.
  • Walk in the forest and listen to the sounds of the leaves and branches dancing in the breeze.
  • Eat fresh, ripe fruit with your hands and allow yourself to get messy! (Mango is great for this.)
  • Swim in the ocean.
  • Spend time with your pets; feel the unconditional love vibrating back at you and filing your heart with warm fuzziness.
  • Watch a sunrise or sunset.
  • Grow flowers or vegetables.
  • Climb a mountain (or at least a big hill with a view at the top).

As I write this blog from an olive tree covered mountainside on the Greek island of Corfu, I notice the way the trees have grown and thrived over many decades and am reminded that the beauty and strength of nature is in each and every one of us.

Our Western culture has led us to believe that we and nature are separate.

But we’re not.

We and nature are all one and the same energy.

  • So why do we say trees, flowers and sunsets are beautiful, but women of a certain shape and size are not?
  • Why do we say that we need to protect our animals, our oceans and our rainforests but we don’t seem to be doing enough to protect our children against a future of online bullying, shaming, grooming and self-esteem destruction?
  • Why do we say we want to live in a happier world and then spend our time watching sensationalised news reports, reading magazines filled with body-shaming tips masquerading as beauty or fashion tips, or trolling social media to have arguments with people we’ve never even met?

If you do one thing today to reconnect to your inner self and grow more roots, make sure it begins with love and compassion.

Do small things with big love.

In a volatile, ever-changing world, where we’re powerless to control so many things, the ONE thing we all have to take responsibility for is to create our own roots through reconnecting to our inner selves and showing up from a place of truth and alignment to who we really are.


I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Lorraine xx

Is someone standing on YOUR podium?

When did you decide to stop following your dreams?

I know you had dreams, desires, goals. Maybe even just a knowing feeling that somewhere in life there would be more than this. But, at some point you gave up. You settled for less than you deserved. Less than you were meant to be. Less than you dreamed of.

Why did you do that?

Because the fight got too hard. It was easier to live a quiet, simple life. It was easier to stay in the job you hated. It was easier to let the kids eat oven-ready dinners. It was easier to just throw on the same jumper and jeans. It was easier to go for the natural look. It was easier to live with someone who made you feel rubbish than to put yourself back in the dating pool. It was easier to keep driving the old car that kept breaking down. It was easier to rely on your husband for money. It was easier to book the family holiday to the same place every year where the kids would be safe and entertained.

But what happened when you stopped fighting and just lived the easy life?

You resented the job you were in. Your kids didn’t thrive as much as they might have on home cooked, real food. You felt frumpy and plain and maybe invisible too. Your self-esteem took a nose dive. You didn’t trade in the car for a more reliable one. You didn’t have any need to take a risk. You didn’t travel to places that really lit up your heart.

Did that feel good?

I’m guessing not. Although while you were in that phase (or maybe still are) you switched off your dreams and goals buttons and forgot about them. At least, you thought you had. But deep inside there was always this gnawing feeling that you weren’t quite in the right place or living the life that was right for you. Sometimes these feelings disappeared for months at a time. Maybe you embraced a new partner, a new baby, a new house, a new job, wonderful friends, dieting breakthroughs and fabulous new clothes. It wasn’t all bad. Hey, from the outside your life even looked great.

But then, out of the blue came one of those lightbulb moments. A realisation. A feeling. A sensation.

You began to feel fired up; that warmth in your belly and tingly pins and needles down your limbs. Your mind raced as you pieced together a few more parts of the puzzle. Yes! I can do this! This is for me! Why didn’t I see it before? And then, like a shooting star that fizzles before your eyes, the fears are back and your dreams are lost.

You pick yourself up and soon fall back again. And again. And again. But just like a baby learning to walk, you have to keep trying. You really do.

If you don’t try to live the life of your dreams someone else will.

Someone else will be there, shining bright, on your podium.

It’s your step.

It may be a big one, but you have to stretch up and stand on top and take your rightful place in the world.

Because honey, you were born for greatness.

You were born to shine brightly.

You were born to be you.

Don’t ever let anyone else tell you you can’t do something. You can achieve anything you put your mind to. What would really make you happy?

What makes your light shine brightly inside?

What lights your soul and brings about that sparkle that others notice in you?

Lorraine xx


Lorraine Pannetier is an intuitive copywriter and content creator who helps heart-centred entrepreneurs, Earth angels and goddess warriors to shine brilliantly through carefully crafted copy that embraces their unique essence so they attract their tribe, increase credibility and feel confident showing up as the amazing women they were born to be.

What to do when creativity leaves the building

When creativity disappears and leaves you lost for ideas, it sucks!


Waves of frustration wash over you.

‘Why can everyone else put out loads of new content all the time and I’m stuck?’

Every day you try new tactics, but your mind just becomes overfilled and overwhelmed.

There’s that lingering sense of ‘I’m not good enough’.

‘Why can’t it just be easy?’


It’s in these moments you either give up or become fiercely determined to succeed.


Frustration is replaced with a new commitment.

Overwhelm is swapped for a shiny new schedule.

Deflation morphs into creation.


You leap into your new plan filled with all the energy of a space shuttle launch.

But just as rocket fuel quickly burns away, so does your dedication.

You’re back where you started.


So what’s going so wrong?

What needs to change?


Here are my top 3 tips to bring creativity back into your life:

  • Creativity flows when you’re in alignment to your inner values and desires. What does that mean in real life? Well, when you’re being true to who you really are, that’s when your authentic voice shines through. Your words are warmer, you attract your ideal clients with ease and you come across as honest and real. Humans are naturally wired to sniff out truth or deception and those who are more intuitive (i.e. regularly have that ‘gut feeling’ or instinct about people or situations) can pick up on this in seconds. So figure out what you really believe in and then stand up for that. Be bold. Be courageous. Be you.
  • Creativity is drowned by overwhelm. When you’re trying to do everything by yourself you simply have too many tabs open in your brain. What are the basic tasks needed to run your business successfully? What tasks could you delegate? What tasks can only you do? Do you have a schedule to stick to? How could your family help around the house? Could you get a cleaner? Do you waste time being reactive to social media? There are so many things that we all do every single day and it’s very easy to get overwhelmed. Start by scheduling 1 hour a day just for you. This can be in 2 x 30 minute blocks or 3 x 20 minutes if you prefer. This hour is for anything you desire that isn’t connected to your business or creativity. So, read a book, go for a walk, sort your wardrobe, meet a friend for coffee and cake (cake makes everything better), watch a TEDx talk or take a candlelit bath. Then for all the other ‘tasks’ in your life (business and personal), just write down the 3 most important things and get them done first.
  • Creativity is all about connection. In the online space it’s vitally important we connect with people every single day. Whether it’s through your own posts, engaging in groups or paid memberships, simply showing up, being visible, sharing your knowledge, being known as the expert in your field or offering support and inspiration, it’s all connection. It doesn’t matter whether your preferred medium is video, audio, photographic or written – use whichever one most lights you up and the one that is most applicable to the tribe you wish to attract. Then show up every single day.


If a relaxing writing retreat sounds like the perfect antidote to your creative struggles, check out my Corfu Writing Retreat (October 2017).


Lorraine xx

Two women laying on the floor covered in flower petals

The winning formula for heart-centred entrepreneurs on a new moon

Did I ever think I’d one day be sitting in my garden writing an article about aligning with your inner truth and wishing on a new moon?  Not for one second!

But life does that.

We evolve and we grow. We succeed and we fail. We make mistakes and have incredible triumphs. We learn, we connect and we find out who we really are.

You probably think you know who you are. But, do you really?

Have you delved deep inside your heart and mind and asked yourself what you really, truly want? What lights you up? What makes you happy? And what gives you that heady sense of love and passion?

If you haven’t, then the upcoming new moon is a great place to start. The new moon is the time to make wishes and set intentions for the month and year ahead. Write out your wishes on a piece of paper and then burn them (safely) so the tiny particles drift up to the Universe for your dreams to come true.

If that sounds too romantic or overly simplistic for you, hold on one second…

You see, as a human race and a planet, our moon is intricately attached to every part of our existence. But over generations we’ve pushed that lunar wisdom away and focused on things like science, technology, industry and pharmacy. While that’s all great for the progression of civilisation, it also means we’ve lost touch with our inner guidance system.

This inner wisdom, feminine energy or universal guidance (whatever you prefer to call it) lives with us all.

We just have to find it, then bring it out to play. Loving and nurturing it as you would a new kitten or puppy.

If you’re reading this from the perspective of a heart-centred entrepreneur, you might well be familiar with phrases like getting visible, speaking your truth or showing up as the real you.  But if you’ve been struggling with building an engaged following and creating income, then the reason could be a lack of alignment and connection.

Let me explain.

The only surefire way to get an engaged audience, a steady and increasing stream of new clients and the life of freedom and wealth you dream of, is to align your lifestyle with your values, connect to who you really are and then share that in words written, or spoken, from the heart. 

This gives you the ability to radiate your truth and to be seen as brilliant as you were born to be.

Aligning your lifestyle and values means you live, breathe, eat and sleep your truth, every single day. Connecting to who you really are means looking inwards, embracing with the light and the dark within you and learning to love yourself and find inner peace.

Once you feel that shift in alignment and connection, it’s far easier to find the right words.

Marry that with structure, systems and strategy and you’re on to a winning formula.

Lorraine xx

Feel like you’re aligned and connected but still struggling with creative writing and content creation? Then grab your free copy of my Boost Your Creative Writing Superpowers guide.