Want to take your health and wellness expertise into the corporate world to create impact, income and lasting transformation?

If you’re a health coach, medical professional, nutritionist, personal trainer or expert in areas such as resilience, mindfulness or wellbeing but NOT currently offering your services to corporate organisations, then you’re missing out!  In the last 5-10 years, the corporate world has shifted dramatically, now placing a far greater emphasis on employee health and wellbeing, … Continue reading Want to take your health and wellness expertise into the corporate world to create impact, income and lasting transformation?

3 Reasons why I never charge by the hour as a professional copywriter

Charging your clients an hourly rate as a copywriter only keeps you stuck - energetically and financially! When it comes to copywriting projects - like crafting website copy for a new brand, writing an ebook or creating a batch of social media captions - charging by the hour is NOT the way to go. WHY? … Continue reading 3 Reasons why I never charge by the hour as a professional copywriter

ChatGPT for Health Coaches – an essential tool for business growth?

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Fifty really simple ways to feel potent, excited and fabulous at 50!

With my 50th birthday just around the corner, I wanted to share fifty things I’ve learnt over the last 49 years that may inspire and motivate you to make changes that lead to feeling potent, excited and fabulous at 50! And so, in no particular order… Get clear on your personal core values and make … Continue reading Fifty really simple ways to feel potent, excited and fabulous at 50!

New Moon in Aries: be courageous, have fun and take inspired action!

This time of year feels exceptionally potent, creative and energetic. We have a new moon in Aries which marks the start of a new astrological year, coinciding with the start of the Spring season - with more hours of sunshine and warmer temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere. It's also the start of the Persian New … Continue reading New Moon in Aries: be courageous, have fun and take inspired action!

5 important reasons why you should hire a copywriter for your website

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Why journalling is a beautiful tool to uncover messages from spirit animals

Messages from your spirit animals, signs from the Universe, nudges from your inner wisdom - however you choose to see it, or label it, I believe that when we see the same thing repeatedly, there's a hidden meaning for us to decode. Whether that's a number combination (like 11 or 1111), a word or a … Continue reading Why journalling is a beautiful tool to uncover messages from spirit animals

How to repurpose old blogs to increase engagement and expand your brand

✨Be smart! Repurpose existing blog content!✨ If you're a business owner or personal brand who posts new blogs on your website every week, congratulations! But if you're more likely to go through phases of writing for a few weeks then barely touching your website for months, welcome to the club! Blogs (depending on their subject … Continue reading How to repurpose old blogs to increase engagement and expand your brand


Create a better future

Standing in your truth and staying strong in a messy world Planet Earth has become a pretty crazy place to live in recent years and it’s probably fair to say that we’ll be seeing even more craziness in years to come. With this in mind, I’ve been thinking about the skills that we’d need between … Continue reading Create a better future

lady gardening

Big dreams start with small, consistent action steps

Big dreams and goals can be a great source of motivation, inspiration and excitement. But NOT achieving them within your ideal timeline can be an enormous source of stress, anxiety, overwhelm and unhappiness. How often do you read, watch or listen to inspiring content, get all fired up and set intentions, only to come crashing … Continue reading Big dreams start with small, consistent action steps

two women chatting

So you want to be a coach? 10 reasons why this could be your best move!

If you've been active in the online business space for the last 5-10 years, you'll have witnessed a huge rise in the number and variety of coaches. Beyond fitness, nutrition and life coaches, we now have coaches for money mindset, wealth building, property management, relationships, sex, astrology, public speaking and so much more. If you … Continue reading So you want to be a coach? 10 reasons why this could be your best move!

How are you?

How are you? Such a simple question but one we so often shy away from truly answering. Certainly in Britain, we tend to respond with a quick, almost automatic, 'I'm fine thank you', before launching into things we've done, or things that are happening in our lives rather than addressing our real feelings. I noticed … Continue reading How are you?

When was the last time you celebrated YOU?

When was the last time you celebrated YOU? And when was the last time you shared that celebration with others? Not your children's successes, your husband's promotion or your friend's fitness challenge, but YOUR OWN wins, achievements and Woop-Woop moments, however small and seemingly insignificant? My guess is... not often enough! The made up stories … Continue reading When was the last time you celebrated YOU?

Focus on mindset, healing and personal growth to achieve greater creativity, abundance and flow

As a business owner, entrepreneur or freelancer, do you ever take time off work just for you? I don't mean for family holidays, mastermind retreats or training courses, but time devoted specifically for you and your wellbeing? Here's the thing I've learnt over 20+ years of working for myself... When you focus on your own … Continue reading Focus on mindset, healing and personal growth to achieve greater creativity, abundance and flow

sunset on beach

Space and Light – Simple Concepts For A Better Life

Laying in the garden feeling the warm June sunshine against my skin, I suddenly received one of those magical 'downloads' from the Universe in the form of two simple words... Space and light. In an instant, I saw the connection between space and light visually and energetically, why we're getting it all wrong, and how … Continue reading Space and Light – Simple Concepts For A Better Life

Creative Clarity + Intuitive Strategy 1-1 Sessions

**NEW** In addition to my intuitive copywriting and content creation services, I'm now offering a limited amount of 1-1 Creative Clarity + Intuitive Strategy Sessions. These are designed to help you see your own brilliance, understand your value and get you excited about the possibilities and opportunities available to you now and as you grow … Continue reading Creative Clarity + Intuitive Strategy 1-1 Sessions

Past Life Regression – Messages From The Past To Shape The Future

Have you ever tried a past life regression session? It's something I've wanted to do for over 25 years as I've always felt a strong connection to past lives, people and places. When Tara Jackson, founder of Empathpreneurs appeared in my life through a circle of amazing female writers recently, I knew this was the … Continue reading Past Life Regression – Messages From The Past To Shape The Future

Perspectives on 2020 – A story of courage, vulnerability and love

Exactly one year ago today, an amazing man decided he was ready to step into his vulnerability and tell the ‘intriguing’ blonde just how much he liked her. Little did she know that he would turn out to be her twin flame; a fellow Starseed with matching soul chart planetary alignments… This is a story … Continue reading Perspectives on 2020 – A story of courage, vulnerability and love

How to write creative copy that attracts and inspires

If you have a passion to inspire others, create personal transformation or raise the vibration of the planet, then at some point you'll need to learn how to write creative copy that attracts your ideal clients, builds an engaged audience and inspires people to take action. While you may wish to outsource some elements of … Continue reading How to write creative copy that attracts and inspires

Why is this so hard? A story about vulnerability and strength.

Sometimes you climb all the way to the top of one mountain only to find the next peak is even higher with more difficult terrain. And at that point, even with the beautiful sunrise view from the summit, you start thinking ‘Ugh! Why is this so hard? And is it ever going to get any … Continue reading Why is this so hard? A story about vulnerability and strength.

A lesson in listening to your intuition

Sinking into your self. Following your heart. Listening to your intuition. When was the last time you truly did something JUST for you? Something unexpected, spontaneous and entirely driven by a desire to simply do that thing just because it’s what you felt in the moment? I feel these desires all the time. Sometimes they’re … Continue reading A lesson in listening to your intuition

How to surrender to the flow and ignite your inner voice

Have you ever wondered why it's so difficult to anchor your thoughts for long enough to turn them into words that connect with your reader? In this blog I'm sharing my recent experiences along with some tips to help you surrender to the flow of your intuition and ignite your inner voice, so that you … Continue reading How to surrender to the flow and ignite your inner voice

Help for freelancers during Coronavirus

Fact: Your audience are sat at home right now looking at their phones! Not only are they spending more time online, but they’re also connecting more with other people via video call and messenger and local communities are joining together. Which means that people are potentially talking about you and your business services (or products). Throughout April I’m offering smaller, low cost pieces of copywriting and editing, so that I can help more freelancers to stay in business and come out the other side of Coronavirus unscathed.

Stay present in times of stress and anxiety

In these difficult and uncertain times of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, there is only one thing we can do to feel less anxious and stressed: Stay Present. I’ll admit, things got to me over the weekend. And I’m pretty sure I won’t be the only one feeling this way…

How to edit your life for increased happiness. White flowers in vase on wooden side table next to white covered bed.

How to edit your life for increased happiness

When life is weighing us down with physical clutter it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, exhausted, burnt out and ready to quit. It’s time to stop cluttering our lives and instead enjoying more freedom and joy. I believe that now is the time to take drastic action...

Why cheap is false economy and frugal is the way forward

It's not about cost, but about value for money. It's not about being cheap or mean. It's about buying the things you need but with the conscious decision to buy items that will last or that bring true value (and joy) to our lives. The same is true for food... Buy and eat food that delivers true value for money; more nutritional value for each pound or dollar you spend.

climate change blog - the soulful word

Climate change protests – how not to be a dick on social media

We’re running out of time. Yet each time there’s a protest by Extinction Rebellion, thousands of people take to social media to leave negative comments, criticise each protestor’s lifestyle and, in many cases, deliberately write nasty, abusive words that make the rest of us scream on the inside with utter despair. If you’re one of … Continue reading Climate change protests – how not to be a dick on social media

A grateful flamingo – an entrepreneur’s perspective after injury

As an entrepreneur, having your life change in one small slip on a wet pavement could be enough to send you swimming head first into a deep sea of stress and anxiety....

There simply wasn’t space in my head to accommodate stress and healing at the same time.

I instinctively knew that getting better was my priority.

Yet, how many times in running a small business do we forget to prioritise our physical and mental health?

Celebrating and Supporting Women

This year's theme focuses on Balance - with the sentiment being that 'a balanced world is a better world'.

Balance is something we're all trying to achieve but somehow often falling short.

Today, I want to let you know that even if you haven't reached a particular goal or dream in your life or business, it's ok!

What does a ghost-blogger do? (And how to hire one)

You will no doubt be familiar with a well known type of ghostwriting - the wordy talent behind many a famous celebrity’s autobiography.

But you may not realise that many business owners and brands outsource their blog creation to talented copywriters, or ‘ghost-bloggers’ in order to be consistent and visible in the online space.

Healing the heart space is scary

Healing the heart space is one of the scariest things we can do.

I know.

Because right now I’m scared.

Scared to open up and be vulnerable in a way I’ve never been before. I know my coach is going to ask me questions that will be uncomfortable - painful even. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

But if I don’t do it I will stay here.


Forever in a place of ‘not quite enough’

Why thrift shopping makes me feel good

At the end of 2018 I decided that 2019 would be my ‘no buy year’ - in terms of shop-bought clothes. I’d become disillusioned with the fast fashion industry, sickened by the greed of consumerism and watched one too many documentaries to be able to un-see the pain and suffering that goes on in countries on the other side of the world. We’re all human beings and no-one should have to endure that kind of lifestyle and insane poverty and hardship just for a cheap $5 t-shirt.

Do you need a content strategy?

As business owners and entrepreneurs, part of our daily work includes raising our visibility, building relationships with potential clients and collaborators and increasing our credibility amongst our audience....According to HubSpot, 78% of people watch online videos every day and by 2020, online videos will make up more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic (Source: Cisco).

How to start 2019 the right way

As one calendar year ends and another starts, it’s easy to get caught up in the buzz of setting new goals and intentions and celebrating our successes and achievements.

But what about the stuff that we drag along into the new year without realising?

What will you give yourself permission to release before the end of 2018?

How can I be the best version of myself?

How can I be the best version of myself?

Is that a question you've asked yourself lately?

Or ever?

We spend far too much of our time worrying about living up to other people's expectations without pausing for a while to consider our own.

Full Moon – A time to forgive and move forward

If you look up into the sky tonight you’ll see the full moon illuminating the world around you.

Each full moon is the right moment to deal with difficult emotions, and you'll soon find that working on forgiveness will help to bring you inner peace.

Forgive others, but don’t forget to forgive yourself too.

The Power of Human Connection

Over the last three years my life (and business) has changed dramatically because of one thing:

Human Connection.

When you open up and allow other women into your life and feel confident and secure in who you are, then amazing things really do happen.

The message I'm sharing with you today is that building relationships on a solid foundation of integrity, kindness and love is vitally important for our health and our businesses.

You don’t need to fix yourself

Instead of always trying to fix things, realise you deserve better.

Stop waiting for change. Make the change. Be the change.

You don't need to FIX yourself. You are beautiful, loved and special just the way you are.

Profile photo of Lorraine Pannetier outside by palm tree holding a cup of tea and wearing a grey jumper and smiling at the camera.

The Connection between Gratitude and Creativity

Living, writing and creating in Jersey is a breath of fresh air.

Too many of us simply take our island and our beautiful surroundings (and many other amazing things in our lives) for granted.

Our island’s natural beauty and heritage is not a separate entity. It’s interwoven into every piece of creative artwork and lives on forever through each one of us.

Meal prep Sunday: plant-based and packaging-free

Today, I thought I’d share something a little different; an insight into my meal prep Sunday and food shopping over the past few days.

Now, I don’t meal prep EVERY Sunday,  in fact, I’ve been pretty rubbish about planning in general lately which has led to rather too many simple meals of pasta in tomato sauce, or noodles with vegetables or yet another lentil curry.

Don’t give up on your dreams

When did you stop following your dreams? I know you had dreams, desires, goals. Maybe even just a knowing feeling that somewhere in life there would be more than this. You settled for less than you deserved. Less than you were meant to be. Less than you dreamed of.

But then, out of the blue came one of those lightbulb moments. A realisation. A feeling. A sensation.

5 Steps To Simplify Your Life

It’s a true fact that we’ve all got too much stuff!

It’s time we stopped collecting, consuming and drowning in possessions.

It’s time to make our lives more simple, more rewarding and more healthy - for our own well-being and for the health of our planet.

It’s Time to STOP Playing Small

It’s taken me a really long time to realise that the answers were inside of me all along.

But I played small.

I didn’t shout about all the gifts I could offer the world.

I was doing the very opposite of EXPANDING.

I was shrinking.

And it had to stop.

Living your Truth in Life and Business

Frequently we feel guilty for NOT feeling fulfilled when clearly we have so much more than others - like a roof over our heads, a healthy bank balance, happy children and a regular, well paid job.

The secret to living your truth in both life and business, is to always come back to your inner truth and core values.

Think about what really lights you up - the things that give you a giant warm, fuzzy heart or butterflies in your stomach - and then do more of that!

What does Freedom mean to you?

On Instagram, the hashtag #freedomlifestyle has over 145,000 posts but is dwarfed by #laptoplifestyle with 1.2 million posts! A sure sign that more and more people are looking for an existence with meaning; a lifestyle that allows them more time to do the things they are passionate about and less time simply working to pay the bills.
Are there any areas where you feel you don’t have the freedom you desire?

If so, what could you change?

How could you make today different?

The Art of Resilience

Do you crumble at the first sign of difficulty, or do you dig deep, stand strong and tap into every ounce of wisdom, strength and courage?

The art of resilience grows from looking at situations from a different perspective. Resilient people will reflect on the problem and what it’s trying to teach them.


5 Top Tips to Build Resilience

How to Slow Down and Align to your Inner Truth

The best thing I ever did to tune into my inner voice and align to my core values happened purely by chance.

I hadn’t planned on taking time out to reflect or listen to my inner voice. I hadn’t considered completely switching business direction and I definitely hadn’t figured I’d take two months off ‘work’....

Where can you schedule some time to do something just for you?

How can you slow down and begin to listen to your inner voice?

Why Creativity is the Key to Saving Our Planet

When you were a child, did you used to enjoy making things just for the fun of it? Wasn’t it relaxing to just sit and make stuff?

And then our whole lives became about consuming rather than creating.

It’s time for us to wake up and realise that we all carry the light within; the light that will save us and our planet from darkness.

And once you stop consuming so much, you re-awaken your creativity.

New Moon Wishes, Intentions and Goals

You might think that manifesting on a moon phase is a load of spiritual woo-woo, but if you’ve never tried, you might just be surprised to see what happens when you align your actions with the cyclic power of nature.

Living with the rhythms of nature and the moon phases will allow you to feel more in tune with your own body; more aligned to your inner voice and true desires.

Stop eating (and buying) so much!

If constantly consuming social media reduces our creativity, then does constantly consuming food reduce our ability to tune into our own bodies and understand what we really need?

We’re so used to having the ability to eat at any time of day or night...But do we really need to consume as much food as we’re led to believe?

The True Cost of Fast Fashion

If our world has got to the point where a 23 year old woman in Bangladesh has to give up her daughter just so we can have cheap clothing, then something has gone seriously wrong.

And I, for one, don’t want to be part of the problem.

In the west, we have choices and a voice. Not everyone is so lucky.

How do you consume social media?

While the enormous benefits of technology continue to enhance our modern lives and make communication instant and effortless, there is a darker side that can swallow our souls and drain our creativity, leaving us feeling empty and more alone than ever.

I think it’s the word CONSUME that’s important here. We live in a consumer-led world where almost everything is available 24/7. We’ve become impatient, greedy, needy and always searching for the next fix.

If you stop consuming, you give yourself the opportunity to create; to be innovative, adventurous and excited.

Busyness v. Stillness

Once upon a time I was a mother of two little children, rushing around from one activity to the next, surrounded by a sea of plastic toys and answering hundreds of random questions every day.

I was always busy, always thinking, always moving. I never stopped. A ‘mummy drink’ of Bacardi and coke and a generous portion of reality TV simply numbed the senses but didn’t really allow me to switch off.

My body, mind and soul were constantly swept up in a tornado of ‘doing’ and ‘stuff’.

Fast forward a few years and in contrast to busyness, I now enjoy stillness.

The change did not happen overnight. It’s been a long process of aligning to my inner truths and core values; a journey of learning to understand and love the real me on the inside.

Green smoothie and pile of coloured notebooks. The top book has 'Do small things with great love' on the front.

Curious how a 30 day challenge might impact your life?

I’ll start with this… It’s not WHAT you do, it’s WHY you do it. It’s less about the destination and more about the journey. It’s not the fact that after 30 days you will have read 10 books, quit your social media habit or given up alcohol, it’s the PROCESS of changing your habits and … Continue reading Curious how a 30 day challenge might impact your life?

Are you being kind to yourself?

Dieting, high intensity exercise and getting up at 4am to journal or do yoga might feel like self care, but if you're doing it because you feel you should rather than from a place of love and nourishment, then you're setting yourself up for overwhelm, exhaustion and loneliness.

Balancing online overwhelm for introverts

As an online small business owner with a wonderfully visible woo-woo side and a heavy dose of introverted characteristics, I’m frequently asked how I balance the overwhelm of social media and the energy of ‘putting myself out there’ on a daily basis with the delicate aspect of self-care, family boundaries and energy levels.

Is website shame holding you back?

All that potential energy sitting stagnant. Sad. Waiting to be brought to life like an animated movie.

The only reason many of these ideas never came to fruition wasn’t because they weren’t good enough or right for my audience, but I was just too afraid to send people to my website.

Let your old website go (with love and light) and set up a new home that embraces every part of your unique essence, your gifts, your passion, your love and your energy.

When wisdom overtakes competition

If you’ve jumped from the real world into the online entrepreneurial space and suddenly feel like you’re back in your teens or twenties, competing to be the brightest star around, then I feel your pain. In a sea of digitally enhanced images and unfathomable job titles, it’s easy to feel lost, uneasy and not good enough.

You’ve got this fire burning in your belly

What if ...

... there was someone on hand who completely understood your business, supported your mission, could talk your language AND thought you were completely AWESOME? (because you are!)

And imagine...

... if that same person was your content creation angel 👼; someone who would consistently create engaging, innovative and interesting posts/blogs for your business every month so you could sit back and do the REAL, deep, core work you do with your clients?

Growing Roots

Putting down roots is about more than buying a house or starting a family. Having roots is a connection to Mother Earth and to ourselves.

Is someone standing on YOUR podium?

If you don’t try to live the life of your dreams someone else will.

Someone else will be there, shining bright, on your podium.

What makes your light shine brightly inside?

What lights your soul and brings about that sparkle that others notice in you?

What to do when creativity leaves the building

Creativity flows when you’re in alignment to your inner values and desires. What does that mean in real life? Well, when you’re being true to who you really are, that’s when your authentic voice shines through. Your words are warmer, you attract your ideal clients with ease and you come across as honest and real.