Focus on mindset, healing and personal growth to achieve greater creativity, abundance and flow

As a business owner, entrepreneur or freelancer, do you ever take time off work just for you? I don't mean for family holidays, mastermind retreats or training courses, but time devoted specifically for you and your wellbeing? Here's the thing I've learnt over 20+ years of working for myself... When you focus on your own … Continue reading Focus on mindset, healing and personal growth to achieve greater creativity, abundance and flow

Do you need a content strategy?

As business owners and entrepreneurs, part of our daily work includes raising our visibility, building relationships with potential clients and collaborators and increasing our credibility amongst our audience....According to HubSpot, 78% of people watch online videos every day and by 2020, online videos will make up more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic (Source: Cisco).

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The Connection between Gratitude and Creativity

Living, writing and creating in Jersey is a breath of fresh air. Too many of us simply take our island and our beautiful surroundings (and many other amazing things in our lives) for granted. Our island’s natural beauty and heritage is not a separate entity. It’s interwoven into every piece of creative artwork and lives on forever through each one of us.

Meal prep Sunday: plant-based and packaging-free

Today, I thought I’d share something a little different; an insight into my meal prep Sunday and food shopping over the past few days. Now, I don’t meal prep EVERY Sunday,  in fact, I’ve been pretty rubbish about planning in general lately which has led to rather too many simple meals of pasta in tomato sauce, or noodles with vegetables or yet another lentil curry.

5 Steps To Simplify Your Life

It’s a true fact that we’ve all got too much stuff! It’s time we stopped collecting, consuming and drowning in possessions. It’s time to make our lives more simple, more rewarding and more healthy - for our own well-being and for the health of our planet.

It’s Time to STOP Playing Small

It’s taken me a really long time to realise that the answers were inside of me all along. But I played small. I didn’t shout about all the gifts I could offer the world. I was doing the very opposite of EXPANDING. I was shrinking. And it had to stop.

What does Freedom mean to you?

On Instagram, the hashtag #freedomlifestyle has over 145,000 posts but is dwarfed by #laptoplifestyle with 1.2 million posts! A sure sign that more and more people are looking for an existence with meaning; a lifestyle that allows them more time to do the things they are passionate about and less time simply working to pay the bills. Are there any areas where you feel you don’t have the freedom you desire? If so, what could you change? How could you make today different?

Why Creativity is the Key to Saving Our Planet

When you were a child, did you used to enjoy making things just for the fun of it? Wasn’t it relaxing to just sit and make stuff? And then our whole lives became about consuming rather than creating. It’s time for us to wake up and realise that we all carry the light within; the light that will save us and our planet from darkness. And once you stop consuming so much, you re-awaken your creativity.

The True Cost of Fast Fashion

If our world has got to the point where a 23 year old woman in Bangladesh has to give up her daughter just so we can have cheap clothing, then something has gone seriously wrong. And I, for one, don’t want to be part of the problem. In the west, we have choices and a voice. Not everyone is so lucky.

How do you consume social media?

While the enormous benefits of technology continue to enhance our modern lives and make communication instant and effortless, there is a darker side that can swallow our souls and drain our creativity, leaving us feeling empty and more alone than ever. I think it’s the word CONSUME that’s important here. We live in a consumer-led world where almost everything is available 24/7. We’ve become impatient, greedy, needy and always searching for the next fix. If you stop consuming, you give yourself the opportunity to create; to be innovative, adventurous and excited.