Create a better future

Standing in your truth and staying strong in a messy world Planet Earth has become a pretty crazy place to live in recent years and it’s probably fair to say that we’ll be seeing even more craziness in years to come. With this in mind, I’ve been thinking about the skills that we’d need between … Continue reading Create a better future

Why cheap is false economy and frugal is the way forward

It's not about cost, but about value for money. It's not about being cheap or mean. It's about buying the things you need but with the conscious decision to buy items that will last or that bring true value (and joy) to our lives. The same is true for food... Buy and eat food that delivers true value for money; more nutritional value for each pound or dollar you spend.

Meal prep Sunday: plant-based and packaging-free

Today, I thought I’d share something a little different; an insight into my meal prep Sunday and food shopping over the past few days.

Now, I don’t meal prep EVERY Sunday,  in fact, I’ve been pretty rubbish about planning in general lately which has led to rather too many simple meals of pasta in tomato sauce, or noodles with vegetables or yet another lentil curry.