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You are an energetic match for everything in your life

You are an energetic match for everything in your life

Everything in your life is a certain way because you made it that way.

Your relationships, your financial situation, your home, your health, your body, your children, your business. Everything you attract into your life, good or bad, is there because energetically you were a match on the same vibrational level.

Now, that might instantly rub some of you up the wrong way.

I know I used to get triggered around money all the time. I was instantly defensive. I’d make excuses. I’d blame other people – my ex husband, my kids, my clients (the ones that didn’t pay on time anyway!). And yes, sometimes there were genuine reasons that put me into a rubbish situation with money. A late paying client = a direct debit payment bouncing = bank charges. Or, ex husband not paying maintenance on the agreed date = a weekend of struggling to buy food and getting creative with lentils (trust me, I can do awesome things with lentils!).

But, the point I want to make here is that while on the surface it looks like all those excuses were the genuine fault of someone else, I was attracting that negative energy around money from my clients, my ex-husband and the bank. And for whatever reason, it’s taken a really long time to get to this lightbulb moment.

I’ve been really good at manifesting lots of good stuff. Amazing stuff even. I can call the good stuff in all the time.

I have two amazing daughters. I live on a beautiful, safe, wealthy island filled with incredible people. I have lovely clients. I have lived in some lovely houses. I have amazing pets. I have a car, a mobile phone, furniture, a computer, internet access, food, clothes, shoes. I have a small circle of close friends. I have met some wonderful people over the last 20 years here who have inspired, supported, loved and taught me and enabled me to become the woman I am today. I connect with new women all the time; my tribe, my sisters, my support network. And it feels so, so good.

But being able to attract good stuff into my life is not the whole picture. I’ve not been letting go of the negative vibes around money. It’s not that I think money or wealth is bad, not at all. Some of the loveliest, kindest, most generous people I’ve ever met have been multi millionaires. It’s not that I even think making money is hard. I can sit at my computer, create an e-book, a ladies’ lunch event or some online course content, release it into the world and people buy it. Simple, right?

Of course, I’ve also been guilty of getting so caught up in trying to learn everything about selling and running a business and spending more time learning, reading, watching videos and commenting and not enough actual time creating my own content and putting it out into the world.

So, this morning after being inspired by a recent video from Amanda Frances, The Spiritual Bad-Ass Boss Lady, I sat down to think and write, and something finally clicked!

Amanda talked about having an energetic minimum; what we settle for is what we get. She explained it something like this: for some people, always paying all their bills on time is their standard, they’ll never let anything slip. Other people will pay the mortgage but pay other bills late. While some will ignore bills for long enough that they end up with foreclosure, serious debt and even homelessness.

So I looked inward at where my energetic minimum was. And I realised I’ve let it go way lower than I would ever have believed is acceptable.

The Universe has now put me in a position where I have to move house. The Universe wants to show me that I have not been paying attention. I’ve not been an energetic match for this house. I was at the start, but I let my financial vibration slip.

Believe me, I’ve been working hard for years on money mindset, manifesting and the Law of Attraction and I spend hours every single week on personal growth and development. I’m doing the work. I thought the Universe would be meeting me half way.

And of course, the Universe IS meeting me halfway. It delivers everything I desire, all the time. It even came 95% close to delivering my Mr Big recently, but that’s a story for another time.

What this situation is showing me (again) is that I have to change my energy and beliefs around money. Somewhere I’m blocking the flow of abundance to me and it’s not for a lack of desire or a lack of trying.  I need to let go of old beliefs, habits and negative money energy.

I need to be an energetic match for everything I desire to bring into my life so that my family and I can live the lifestyle we deserve without struggle, without pain, without fear. I need to truly believe in the value of who I am, what I offer other people and the services and love I provide on a daily basis. I must truly, deeply believe that I deserve to be abundantly rewarded for everything I share and put into the world. I need to release all those old money fears and let go. Surrender. Be real. Be vulnerable. Be me.

Amanda Frances suggests we stop to ask ourselves this:

What in you believes it’s so hard or that you’re not worthy?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Lorraine xxYou are an energetic match for everything in your life

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