Fire dancing on the beach where like-minded people gather to watch this wonderful talent

Curiosity, connection & confidence

You’re curious, always reading and learning new ways to get more out of life.

You’ve started to notice little things like repeating numbers, butterflies, feathers and birds and wonder whether there’s any significance to these sightings.

You’ve begun to realise there’s a connection between the moon and your energy, appetite, female cycle and your emotions.

The more you read, hear and learn, the more you realise you’re only just touching the surface.

The thought that there is so much more out there you have no idea about only pulls you in deeper.

Now you’ve seen, there’s no way you can un-see.

Now you’re awake, you’ll never sleep again.

You’re hungry to learn, curious to experiment and confident in the knowledge that you don’t have to follow anyone else’s path but your own.


Are you ready to fly high?

To share your journey, tell your story and connect with more like minded women?


Then my Writing Retreat in Corfu might be JUST the thing you need…


6 very special women in a beautiful, tranquil location.

6 days to write your story, plan your book and feel inspired, uplifted and supported by those around you.

I’ve created this space to give you all exactly what you need: time, space, safety and love.

No need to worry about ‘real life’. No need to do any cooking. No need to change any bed sheets.

Your focus is entirely, 100% on you.

Sounds good? Get all the details here.



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