A note to my 10-year-younger self

Dear 35-year-old-Lorraine,

Never stop. 

Never stop doing the things that make you happy.

Never stop going to the gym and lifting those heavy weights you love. In the future there may be health challenges you never expected and your dedication will be tested.  It may feel hopeless. You may be in pain, tired or sick. But even if you lose your way you will always be able to get back on track, however difficult it may seem. Never stop being strong, fit and confident.

Never stop looking after yourself. All those little things you do now – the baths, the body scrubs, the pretty nail polish, the eyelash tints – never stop doing them. There will be times when money and time have an impact on what you can do, but there are always ways to take care of your body so you feel pretty, attractive and sexy. Never stop rubbing body butter into your womanly curves and curling your long blonde hair.

Never stop eating fruit and vegetables every day. You love how they make you feel and how your skin glows and your eyes sparkle. You love feeling energetic, vibrant and calm. In the future, health and financial issues could change everything in a heartbeat. You might be forced to make choices you never imagined. Keep eating your leafy greens and lots of fruit so you stay mentally and physically strong to face these challenges. Never stop making healthy food a priority.

Never stop wearing clothes, underwear and jewellery that make you feel sensual, feminine and happy. You’ve loved fashion your whole life and it doesn’t have to stop. Declutter regularly and keep only the things you truly love. Be wise and ethical with fashion purchases. Remember – less is more. If you feel like life has wrapped you up in a dark grey blanket, stay strong. You will unwrap yourself, like a butterfly from a chrysalis, and grow more beautiful, more wise and more sensual. Never stop being the best version of you.

Never stop wearing heels. Right now you walk tall and elegantly in those heels and you love how they make you feel. You’re a goddess in your heels, sparkling bright and leaving a trail of glitter wherever you go. There’s a time and a place for ballet pumps, sandals and trainers, of course, but do keep wearing heels at least once a week. If your feet or back muscles start getting sore, don’t throw out the shoes, just do more specific exercises and stretches and get lots of massage or chiropractic care. Never stop walking tall with a smile on your face.

Never stop visiting your chiropractor! Throughout your twenties and early thirties you’ve put your physical health and body first and this will pay off. But as your children demand more time from you, and a rising cost of living squeezes every penny out of your purse, don’t ever stop scheduling those appointments at least every 6 months. Focus on the benefits and the pain free living, not the cost of the session. Never stop caring for your body.

Never stop playing. Silly games with your kids, messing around with pets, laughing outrageously with friends and honing your wit in the online space – it’s all play and it’s all great for your health and well-being. Life will get tough. You will face challenges. But through it all you must retain a sense of humour and a strong faith that everything will work out in the way the Universe intended. Every struggle teaches a lesson – however hard or unfair it may seem at the time  – and through that learning you’ll come out the other side stronger and wiser. Never lose your childlike wonder, sense of play and curiosity.

Never stop meeting new people and creating new connections and friendships – especially with people who make you a better person. Always surround yourself with high-vibe, creative, energetic people and those who make you feel good. When things get difficult you might feel like you’d rather stay indoors and cancel engagements, but this is the worst thing you can do. Sure, you’ll enjoy a sense of peace and calm far more as you get older but you must never stop meeting new people and stepping into situations where you might feel a little out of your depth. If you don’t step out of your comfort zone you’ll never find the magic.

Never stop dreaming. You know you’ve always been destined to do things a little differently and as you get older and wiser your dreams will be even more important to your well-being and personal growth. Without dreams you can’t set goals. Without goals you can’t set a plan. And without a plan you can’t move forward or measure success. Dream big, Lorraine, the Universe has you held tightly in its warm embrace and will never let you fall (although it sometimes giggles by dangling you by a thread over a precipice in the darkness!). Never stop imagining all the incredible possibilities and never stop trusting your ability to make those dreams come true.

Never stop Lorraine.

However difficult life can feel at times, you have all the answers inside you. All it takes is the patience to look inwards and figure things out. And I promise, that in between all the challenges there will be an endless stream of happiness, success, abundance, laughter and love that will replenish your soul and fill every cell in your being with brilliant white light.

Never stop being you. And one day, you might look back and realise I was right.




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