Business Chakras Alchemy – with Tara Jackson

This summer I had the honour of working with Tara Jackson, founder of, as a client on her Business Chakras® Alchemy course with a small group of like-minded souls from around the world.

This 11 week self-guided course for empath entrepreneurs is Tara’s signature programme designed to help you clear the blocks that prevent you from creating the success and impact you desire. The next round starts on 4 October 2021.

Tara and I recently got together over Zoom (as you do these days!) for a short interview where I talk about my experience of the course and the benefits I experienced as a result, both during and after the course. (Hint: Lots of growth and transformation!)

Here is my testimonial:

If this course speaks to your soul and the colours bring you a sense of energy, excitement and curiosity, then I invite you to jump in 100%.

I was drawn to Tara’s Business Chakras Alchemy course through this element of colour. As a lightworker blessed with a multitude of energetic gifts, I always allow my soul and intuition to choose the courses I take, the challenges I join and the coaches I work with. From the first moment I met Tara I knew she was a like-minded soul, kindred spirit and fellow Starseed. I was curious about why she appeared in my life and how she could help me to grow, evolve and transform (or how I could help her). I experienced a 1-1 regression session and a 5 day challenge with Tara before hearing about the Business Chakras Alchemy course, by which time I knew it was 100% the right thing for me. 

Business Chakras Alchemy is a beautiful blend of visualisations, regressions, personal reflection and deep inner work. Delivered in an easy to consume format, the programme feels spacious, expansive and filled with love. I enjoyed the slow pace of the course which allows for plenty of time to journal, sit in meditation, reflect on your limiting beliefs and personal experiences and to integrate and embody this into your life and business.

I really enjoyed going deeper into each chakra which gave me a better understanding of my body as a whole and how I can use this energy to help me move forward in business and remove that feeling of ‘stuckness’ in some areas of my life. 

The colour bottles were the true revelation for me. I intuitively felt drawn to some and repelled by others, and I spent many hours reflecting on why specific colours brought up such intense feelings and what this might relate to in this life or past lifetimes. It was fascinating to see how the meaning of each colour bottle connected to where I was with specific business projects or personal life events. This helped me to uncover more layers and move closer to embodying the true essence of me in all my fullness and abundance. 

Business Chakras Alchemy has the potential to transform your life and business if you drop into your heart and allow yourself to be intuitively guided to your truth. 


I’ve always believed in the power of supporting other women, lightworkers and amazing souls who share their wisdom, knowledge and experience with the world with the aim of playing their small part in the rise in human consciousness. I am proud to be an affiliate for Tara’s Business Chakras Alchemy programme which means that if you sign up through any of my links below, I will receive a commission at no cost to you.

The 11-week course is £800 when you pay in full, or there is a payment plan offering of three payments of £280. The next round starts on 4 October 2021.

If you’re ready to jump straight in, here are the links: 

Sign up to Business Chakras Alchemy – PAY IN FULL £800

Sign up to Business Chakras Alchemy – PAY IN INSTALMENTS (3 X £280)

If you’re curious about how this might support you on your journey, I invite you to connect with Tara over on Instagram, check out her website and/or pop me a message for more information.

With love,

Lorraine xx

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