Feeling invisible in the online space?

Do you ever feel like you’re just not being seen or heard?

Or perhaps that you’re not being noticed in the online business space despite the incredible work you do?

How would you like to feel? How would you love to be noticed?

I want my creativity to flow freely like the ocean. I want my voice to be as loud as crashing waves. I want to people to follow my footprints in the sand.

If you have a wealth of experience, wisdom and love to share with the world but you feel like you can’t get any traction with social media, then try changing tactics.

Write a book! Well, an eBook to be precise…

eBooks are a great way to pour everything you have into a tangible product that you can sell to create income and impact.

Once they’re created you can sell them hundreds, or even thousands, of times – changing lives and boosting your bank balance without any extra work!

I love creating eBooks – for me and for my clients. In fact, I love them so much that I even created a course to teach others how to Create, Design & Sell eBooks.

“Why do I need a course to teach me how to write eBooks?” I hear you ask…

Well, like many things in life, we can always try new things without any expert guidance, but we may make mistakes or simply spend way too much time or money in the process.

If you’d never cooked before, would you know how to make fresh pasta? Would you know which flour to buy, how to make the dough and where to buy a pasta machine? Would you know how to cook it, serve it or how to make fresh pesto?

Of course, if you’ve spent years watching cookery programmes, you’d probably have a good idea, but that doesn’t guarantee great results. You’d have the basic understanding but not the nuances of handling the pasta that an Italian Nonna or a Michelin star chef would have.

This month, I invite you to step out of your comfort zone and start writing and creating your very first eBook! 🏝️

My course takes you through all the essential stages including:

Getting clarity on your idea, who it’s for and why they want it; book layout, design and front cover; promotion, launching, marketing and selling. Plus, templates and easy tutorial!

Read all the details about the course here.

Lorraine xx

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