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Small inspired action steps

There’s a long (and messy) period of personal growth between realising we’re not happy or healthy where we are and making regular, daily, committed changes to creating a life that feels like a better fit. 

A huge gap between feeling STUCK and feeling ALIGNED.

All we can ever do, wherever we are, is take ONE SMALL INSPIRED ACTION STEP in the right direction.

Maybe you dream of a whole new career direction but feel stuck in your job because you have bills to pay and children to feed. 

Maybe your heart is tugging you towards being self-sufficient; growing your own vegetables and fruit instead of buying lots of items in plastic packaging each week.

Maybe you’re a young person wanting to get out of a bad life situation and have no idea where to start because no-one in your family has ever been brave enough to do that before.


Want to learn a language? Download an app and take your first lesson.

Want to move country? Start researching the immigration process.

Want a new career in a new field? Research the qualifications required or search out role models and read about their story or find some mutual connections through LinkedIn and reach out with your questions. 

Want to grow a vegetable garden? Start with a couple of pots of potatoes or a fruit tree.

Want to switch your buying habits away from plastic packaging? Find local farm shops and check them out to see which ones suit you and your budget/location best. 

Want to get out of a bad situation (debt, bad/abusive relationship, poverty etc.) – get help. Ask a trusted friend, a helpline or an organisation for help and guidance. 

JUST ONE STEP. That’s all it takes to set a whole new life into action!

You’ve got this!

Lorraine xx

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