#2020 Vision: Unbound Perspectives From A Year Like No Other


It was an honour and a privilege to have my piece of writing chosen to be part of this amazing curated book by Nicola Humber and her team at The Unbound Press.

In this book, myself and 20 other writers share our perspectives and reflections on 2020 in various different forms, from poetry to morning pages to stories. It’s an emotional, heartfelt read as each author shares their emotions from a challenging year. It’s a book rich in vulnerability, love and personal transformation.

Official blurb:

Following the end of an epic year of unbinding, #2020VISION is a time capsule like no other; filled with stories and wisdom to be captured in time.

Curated by The Unbound Press, the soul-led publishing imprint for the unbound writer and led by Nicola Humber (author, founder, and literary spell-caster), #2020VISION captures 20 different and magical perspectives from the year 2020.

#2020VISION invites the reader to experience each author’s wisdom, learnings and heart-warming stories. 

“One thing that’s for sure is that we cannot NOT have been changed by the events of 2020,” says Nicola. “Most of us likely connected with new or forgotten aspects of ourselves or adapted to change we could never have imagined. What better way to capture that moment in time than by way of this incredible collection of real-life stories!”

The year 2020 was one where many had time to weave and birth stories, and so this book captures 20 unique perspectives on life through the pandemic. Designed to give hope and to share wisdom and learnings, #2020VISION may open your eyes to other possibilities or perspectives you had never even considered.


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