Launch Mode Survival Guide


The Launch Mode Survival Guide – The entrepreneur’s guide to launching a new course or service without stress or burnout!


The Launch Mode Survival Guide is for entrepreneurs and small business owners launching new services or courses and who don’t want to end up stressed and burnt out.

I wrote The Launch Mode Survival Kit back in 2016 because I saw so many entrepreneurs get super stressed during the launch of a new product, service or course and wanted to share my knowledge of healthy eating, lifestyle, management, self-care and self-love and much more.

This guide takes you through a six week launch and offers strategies for healthy eating, bulk cooking, time management, boosting energy, getting help and delegating tasks, self care and much more. Also includes 9 recipes (with photos) for delicious plant-based dishes such as Mexican bean chilli, Moroccan chick pea stew, chocolate delight breakfast smoothie and bliss balls.

The Launch Mode Survival Guide will help you to maximise energy, boost your launch and stay happy and healthy.

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