5 important reasons why you should hire a copywriter for your website

If you’re planning to create a new website or give your existing site a makeover, hiring a professional, experienced copywriter is a great investment for you and your business. Your website is so much more than a simple storefront. It’s a multi-layered, ever-evolving part of your brand that has the potential to work for you … Continue reading 5 important reasons why you should hire a copywriter for your website

How to write creative copy that attracts and inspires

If you have a passion to inspire others, create personal transformation or raise the vibration of the planet, then at some point you'll need to learn how to write creative copy that attracts your ideal clients, builds an engaged audience and inspires people to take action. While you may wish to outsource some elements of … Continue reading How to write creative copy that attracts and inspires

Help for freelancers during Coronavirus

Fact: Your audience are sat at home right now looking at their phones! Not only are they spending more time online, but they’re also connecting more with other people via video call and messenger and local communities are joining together. Which means that people are potentially talking about you and your business services (or products). Throughout April I’m offering smaller, low cost pieces of copywriting and editing, so that I can help more freelancers to stay in business and come out the other side of Coronavirus unscathed.

What does a ghost-blogger do? (And how to hire one)

You will no doubt be familiar with a well known type of ghostwriting - the wordy talent behind many a famous celebrity’s autobiography.

But you may not realise that many business owners and brands outsource their blog creation to talented copywriters, or ‘ghost-bloggers’ in order to be consistent and visible in the online space.

Is website shame holding you back?

All that potential energy sitting stagnant. Sad. Waiting to be brought to life like an animated movie.

The only reason many of these ideas never came to fruition wasn’t because they weren’t good enough or right for my audience, but I was just too afraid to send people to my website.

Let your old website go (with love and light) and set up a new home that embraces every part of your unique essence, your gifts, your passion, your love and your energy.

You’ve got this fire burning in your belly

What if ...

... there was someone on hand who completely understood your business, supported your mission, could talk your language AND thought you were completely AWESOME? (because you are!)

And imagine...

... if that same person was your content creation angel 👼; someone who would consistently create engaging, innovative and interesting posts/blogs for your business every month so you could sit back and do the REAL, deep, core work you do with your clients?