The Power of Human Connection

Over the last three years my life (and business) has changed dramatically because of one thing: Human Connection. When you open up and allow other women into your life and feel confident and secure in who you are, then amazing things really do happen. The message I'm sharing with you today is that building relationships on a solid foundation of integrity, kindness and love is vitally important for our health and our businesses.

You don’t need to fix yourself

Instead of always trying to fix things, realise you deserve better. Stop waiting for change. Make the change. Be the change. You don't need to FIX yourself. You are beautiful, loved and special just the way you are.

Stop eating (and buying) so much!

If constantly consuming social media reduces our creativity, then does constantly consuming food reduce our ability to tune into our own bodies and understand what we really need? We’re so used to having the ability to eat at any time of day or night...But do we really need to consume as much food as we’re led to believe?