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The winning formula for heart-centred entrepreneurs on a new moon

Did I ever think I’d one day be sitting in my garden writing an article about aligning with your inner truth and wishing on a new moon?  Not for one second!

But life does that.

We evolve and we grow. We succeed and we fail. We make mistakes and have incredible triumphs. We learn, we connect and we find out who we really are.

You probably think you know who you are. But, do you really?

Have you delved deep inside your heart and mind and asked yourself what you really, truly want? What lights you up? What makes you happy? And what gives you that heady sense of love and passion?

If you haven’t, then the upcoming new moon is a great place to start. The new moon is the time to make wishes and set intentions for the month and year ahead. Write out your wishes on a piece of paper and then burn them (safely) so the tiny particles drift up to the Universe for your dreams to come true.

If that sounds too romantic or overly simplistic for you, hold on one second…

You see, as a human race and a planet, our moon is intricately attached to every part of our existence. But over generations we’ve pushed that lunar wisdom away and focused on things like science, technology, industry and pharmacy. While that’s all great for the progression of civilisation, it also means we’ve lost touch with our inner guidance system.

This inner wisdom, feminine energy or universal guidance (whatever you prefer to call it) lives with us all.

We just have to find it, then bring it out to play. Loving and nurturing it as you would a new kitten or puppy.

If you’re reading this from the perspective of a heart-centred entrepreneur, you might well be familiar with phrases like getting visible, speaking your truth or showing up as the real you.  But if you’ve been struggling with building an engaged following and creating income, then the reason could be a lack of alignment and connection.

Let me explain.

The only surefire way to get an engaged audience, a steady and increasing stream of new clients and the life of freedom and wealth you dream of, is to align your lifestyle with your values, connect to who you really are and then share that in words written, or spoken, from the heart. 

This gives you the ability to radiate your truth and to be seen as brilliant as you were born to be.

Aligning your lifestyle and values means you live, breathe, eat and sleep your truth, every single day. Connecting to who you really are means looking inwards, embracing with the light and the dark within you and learning to love yourself and find inner peace.

Once you feel that shift in alignment and connection, it’s far easier to find the right words.

Marry that with structure, systems and strategy and you’re on to a winning formula.

Lorraine xx

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I’m currently learning all about the moon from Yasmin Boland’s beautiful book Moonology. You can check out her website here for more details about new moon timings and energy.

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