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Curious how a 30 day challenge might impact your life?

I’ll start with this…

It’s not WHAT you do, it’s WHY you do it.

It’s less about the destination and more about the journey.

It’s not the fact that after 30 days you will have read 10 books, quit your social media habit or given up alcohol, it’s the PROCESS of changing your habits and committing to a new daily habit that’s the REAL GOLD in these types of challenges.

As Rebecca Campbell (author and speaker) says in her new online course Work Your Light, it’s all about a ‘daily devotional practice’. 

When I heard Rebecca say those three words I had one of those lightbulb moments; a glimpse of realisation and a reflection onto my own behaviour.

In that instant I realised that many of the challenges I’d started and never finished were because I’d begun them in the wrong state of mind. I’d been focusing on an outcome instead of the process. My emotions were tied into achieving the goal rather than how that daily devotional practice would give me so much more.

For an easy illustration we can look at a weight loss example. Let’s say our goal is to lose 4 kg in a month. We attach everything to that outcome and think about how we’ll feel when we’re 4kg lighter. Suddenly every minute of our day seems to pivot on that number and we often leave ourselves feeling deprived, guilty or a failure.

The important part of an optimum health programme is not about achieving an arbitrary numerical goal, but in the daily process of eating healthier food, exercising, moving more around our desks, focusing on loving ourselves more and nourishing our bodies. When we take a few small components of that and make them new everyday habits, then it all starts to fall into place.

With that in mind, I’m committing to a daily process that will help me achieve my goals AND share my passion and wisdom with others.

I’ve begun to create a series of 30 day challenges where you can choose the specific things you change, add or subtract, but the common thread that connects every person and every challenge is that daily commitment and devotional practice.

And once you (and I) have successfully changed our behaviour and habits for 30 days, then we’ll be inspired to take things to the next level or try something new.

For me, life is about curiosity and learning, expansion and growth.

And 30 day challenges fit that philosophy beautifully.

Lorraine xx

The first 30 day challenge is around plant-based eating and begins 1 July 2018.

Doors open Friday 15th June. For more details, follow me on Facebook:

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