How to start 2019 the right way

As one calendar year ends and another starts, it’s easy to get caught up in the buzz of setting new goals and intentions and celebrating our successes and achievements.

But what about the stuff that we drag along into the new year without realising?

The languages we say we’re going to learn but then don’t. The new career we say we’re going to move into but then don’t. The sports we say we want to try but then don’t. There’s all this silent negativity sitting on our shoulders, draining our energy and stopping us from creating the impact or lifestyle we truly dream of.

Every year, I say I will learn to play tennis and learn Italian. I’ve been saying this for at least four years now, possibly more. And how many words of Italian have I learnt? Zero. (Pizza Express menus don’t count!) How many times have I played tennis in the last four years? Once.

I hadn’t ever stopped to consider how carrying this baggage around with me was actually preventing me from living my best life. That was until I happened to watch this video by Chelsea Fagan of The Financial Diet, aptly titled: ‘15 Things to Cleanse Your Life of Now So They Don’t Follow You Into 2019’.

Chelsea suggests that we give ourselves permission to accept that those projects we keep putting off year after year simply aren’t going to happen. Instead, it’s time to let that energy go in order to create space to allow in more of the things that really light us up.

What will you give yourself permission to release before the end of 2018?

One other point that really stood out for me in Chelsea’s video was the things that fall to the bottom of your to-do list. These are the things that you keep putting off. It might be simple things like sending thank you notes, getting a dress altered or having shoes repaired. Or it could be something bigger like organising your accounting paperwork or booking the car in for an overdue service.

As you read this, you’ll know straight away which things always get pushed off your to-do list from one month to the next; seemingly unimportant yet sapping away quietly at your energy.

Chelsea suggests taking ONE of those things and getting it sorted before the end of the year. That way you get to waltz into 2019 with one less worry and stress on your shoulders. Sounds good right?

So, what is one thing you will commit to taking action on before the end of 2018?

Me? I’m booking a car valet because getting round to vacuuming my car just never happens! Starting the new year with a sparkly clean car and free from the assumptions that I’ll be a star tennis player and fluent Italian speaker in a few months is already allowing me to breathe a big sigh of relief.

What would allow you to start 2019 with a big weight off your shoulders?

Lorraine xx

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