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Deliberately, consciously and intentionally choosing how I use my energy

After a hugely transformational year in 2020, I’m going into 2021 with a level of clarity I’ve not felt for a while.

It was the word ‘deliberately’ I saw on an innocent Instagram story that got me started…

More than a lightbulb moment, this was like a New Year’s Eve firework display! My body got excited, my mind sped up, I felt tingles all over and couldn’t write my thoughts down fast enough!

(When I feel this way I know that it’s an important download I can’t ignore.)

I realised that I wanted, needed, desired even, to be far more deliberate about what I do, how I spend my time and how I use and share my energy.

The online dictionary definition of ‘deliberate’ is: ‘Done consciously and intentionally.’ I knew in that instant that this was to be my theme for this year (or word, if you like).

To deliberately, consciously and intentionally choose how I use my energy. And to do that with grace, gratitude and devotion.

(Hey, I’m a writer, I can’t have just one word!)

It got me thinking about all the times I’ve said I’m going to prioritise my self-care but in reality I’m multi tasking…. Like taking a bath and watching a self-improvement video, or reading a book but constantly picking up my phone to message or reply to someone special, watching a movie and playing on Pinterest on my phone. You get the idea…

In that moment, everything became clear.

It always amazes me how we never realise how stuck we are until we get that thunderbolt of clarity.

In the few days since this new energy took over, I’ve chosen to consciously focus on ONE thing at a time. And while I don’t always succeed, on the whole I’ve managed it well, feel like I have 50% more hours in the day and also feel more happy with what I’ve achieved, more contented, and maybe even a little smug!

Even seemingly small things, like taking the time to call someone, send an audio message or write a letter rather than going back and forth with instant messaging or email can make such a difference in terms of focused versus scattered energy.

I’ve noticed already that when I’m deliberate with my intention and consciously commit to one thing at a time, I feel more calm and centred.

Of course, I’ll be taking this beautiful new energy into my intuitive copywriting business too.

After working with an incredible long-term client in 2020, I’ve realised exactly the type of work that most lights me up, whilst also bringing the most value and impact into the world.

I’ve explored deeper into that magical crossover between my clients’ passion and expertise and mine, and how bringing the two together consciously and collaboratively results in the creation of a truly transformational gift.

I’ll be sharing more about this in another blog, but in the meantime, if you’d like to deliberately create meaningful content with purpose in 2021 and would love a little of my intuitive copywriting magic thrown into the mix, drop me an email or DM on social media.

Lorraine xx

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