Past Life Regression – Messages From The Past To Shape The Future

Have you ever tried a past life regression session? It’s something I’ve wanted to do for over 25 years as I’ve always felt a strong connection to past lives, people and places. When Tara Jackson, founder of Empathpreneurs appeared in my life through a circle of amazing female writers recently, I knew this was the Universe nudging me to uncover messages from the past to help create my future.

I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of past lives – perhaps you have too? I remember as a 19 year old that cooking and exploring with new herbs, spices and ingredients came so naturally to me that I always joked I’d been a chef in a past life! And then there were all the times I flew to Greece and felt totally at home – as if this place was already in my heart and I just had to open up and feel it again…

Travelling back in time…

And so, it came as no surprise that in my session with Tara, a past life visualisation came through from Ancient Greece. White pillars, stone and sandy, dry scenery. The heat of the sun against my skin. I looked down and saw tanned feet in leather sandals and the hemline of a long natural coloured gown hanging just above my ankles. I was aware I had a brown beard, so must have been a man in my 30s or 40s. I felt relaxed as I looked out towards the sea before two friends from my ‘circle’ of like minded thought leaders came to join me for a discussion.

As I travelled deeper into that lifetime, I was stood at the lectern in the centre of a circular outdoor theatre, looking down at ancient Greek letters carved into stone. Lots of people were listening to me as I spoke and I felt a sense of being respected for my work; my thoughts and perspectives turned into words to share with the people.

Bringing a new perspective to the world isn’t always easy or safe

The next lifetime I visited was more recent, perhaps 1790s based on the knee length trousers and jacket I was wearing and a subsequent bit of internet research! Sat at an old sloped writing desk with a quill and inkwell in a dark room lit only by one small oil lamp, on the first or second floor of an inner city building, I was aware of a deep fear inside me. I knew that at any moment I’d hear footsteps clomping up the wooden stairs of angry men who wanted to kill me.

Somehow, I managed to escape into a forest (somewhere in northern Europe) where I met my guide who was tall and wore a long, dark red cloak, and insisted on telling me that I couldn’t keep on pissing people off for sharing my truth. I only heard the words ‘you can’t keep’ over and over again, but the underlying sense of the message was definitely one of stop it to stay alive! Later, meeting myself as a young man just before my execution was a painful moment and one where the tears started falling. As I held him tightly and let him know he was loved, I knew that he deserved me bringing his strength and boldness into this lifetime; to make a difference and share my truth in an era where it’s safe for me to do so.

Messages from the past to shape the future

The contrast of these two experiences was beautiful to see: the revered writer/speaker of Ancient Greece who had the opportunity to share his learnings, and the wild, untameable young writer whose passion and determination shone through to the end, even when those around tried to silence him for his beliefs or difference of perspective.

I feel I’ve been blessed with a renewed sense of inner strength and resilience as I work on this next stage of my life – bringing my book Raising Wild Birds into the world while I grow my business to reach a larger audience and create the impact I know is possible and needed.

Skeptical about past life regression?

Regardless of whether you believe in past lives or not, entering into a meditative or hypnotic state to connect to your inner wisdom is an fascinating journey where you can ‘hear’, ‘see’ or ‘feel’ messages (from Source/God/intuition) that will help you in your present life. Over the past few years I’ve used various guided meditations to visit my Akashic records, to attempt to astral travel and to visit past lives and they always gift me messages of some kind – not always in words, but often in a feeling. Doing these before I sleep brings me the opportunity to clear out the clutter in my mind and wake up with a renewed sense of clarity, balance and focus.

I’d love to hear whether you do anything similar? Do you use guided meditations or visualisations to connect with the past, the future, faraway galaxies or parallel universes? I feel so immensely lucky to be able to live in a time where we not only have easy access to so much information but that we can also connect with like-minded souls on the other side of the planet.

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With love,

Lorraine xx

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