Creative Clarity + Intuitive Strategy 1-1 Sessions

**NEW** In addition to my intuitive copywriting and content creation services, I’m now offering a limited amount of 1-1 Creative Clarity + Intuitive Strategy Sessions.

These are designed to help you see your own brilliance, understand your value and get you excited about the possibilities and opportunities available to you now and as you grow your business.

Sessions are 90 minutes in duration and include a follow-up PDF document that helps you take those all important next steps on your transformational business journey. 

Ancient wisdom and intuitive gifts meet business strategy and mentorship

With so many of my new clients, online business connections and ‘real life’ friends setting up their own businesses or freelance work, it’s fairly obvious to each and every one of them (and to me!) that I have a wealth of knowledge about working in the online space, including:

  • How to spread your message and mission with integrity and authenticity.
  • Which platforms and apps will best suit you at the early stages of your business (and which you should not waste money on now!).
  • The endless opportunities and possibilities for creating evergreen content, building an engaged audience and getting your messaging just right to attract your ‘dream’ clients and customers.
  • Pricing, market positioning and money mindset /transformational inner work.
  • Social media – everything from planning and creating content to scheduling, building relationships, photography, imagery, graphics, hashtags and more…
  • Using Canva to create beautiful graphics and Later to schedule your social media content
  • Building an email list, creating a ‘free gift’ to attract subscribers and creating automated email nurture sequences (funnels) to up-sell clients into paid programmes, 1-1 sessions or products.
  • How to create evergreen content and why it’s important.
  • Designing gorgeous PDF branded documents for courses, 1-1 client reports, admin (e.g. invoices, contracts), free gifts and e-books to sell.
  • And so much more..!

Think of me as your big sister / business mentor / psychic goddess who is here to sprinkle a little magic and sparkle on your journey; someone who truly sees you, hears you, understands your struggles and really, really wants you to succeed! 

The origins of an idea…

‘A’ came to me as a copywriting client for website content but it became clear very quickly that she had no idea of the potential of her ‘big dream’ and was completely stuck in taking any of her plans forward. It was a classic case of ‘playing small’ and following the path she believed she had to take to fit in in the online space. We completely shattered all those illusions, came up with numerous different ideas and paths for her to follow and allowed her to go off for a few weeks to let the information and ideas to percolate before she invested any more time, money and energy in her business. I wanted her to have complete clarity and feel that what she was doing felt aligned to her big dream and financial goals.

‘B’ came to me as a fellow Starseed connection and we simply got to know each other over a Zoom chat. What became apparent really quickly for her was that I was sitting on so much gold that she’d never even considered. She felt she was at a crossroads in her personal life and in her job and had a few ideas but no real clarity. Using my natural intuitive gifts and wealth of ancient wisdom, I instantly sensed that she was really holding herself back and had so much beautiful experience to share with the world. Through our Zoom chats, I helped her find clarity, focus and to truly believe that all these options were real, concrete possibilities. In essence, I gave her the confidence to step forward into the next level version of herself. (And she told me that I should definitely be offering this as a paid service! – So here I am!!)

‘C’ is a friend who was just starting out on a holistic career a few years back. On our beachfront walks as she shared all the skills she was learning on various courses and with her first ‘guinea pig’ clients, I could sense the incredible potential she had to help so many people to transform their lives after trauma. I shared so many of the possibilities available to her in the online space at that time and over the years it’s been beautiful to watch her rise up and create some serious magic in the world.

Everything you need to know

These sessions will bring you clarity, confidence, calm and creativity – giving you permission to step into the next-level version of you and gain tremendous excitement around the possibilities, potential and opportunities.  Everything we discuss will be funnelled into a beautiful strategy that feels aligned to your values and will support your big, juicy dreams and goals. 

What you’ll receive:

  • 1-1 session of 90 minutes (please allow at least 2 hours so you have time to journal and reflect after your session)
  • Follow-up PDF document that will include a summary of points we’ve discussed, an outline of the possibilities and the action steps you can take, and any other information that I believe will support you as you move forward.
  • Exclusive option to invest in further 1-1 sessions (60 mins).

The energetic exchange for these sessions is £350, payable in advance.

To book your session, please pop me an email and I’ll send you the next available dates/times and payment details. Thank you!

I’m excited to support, guide and inspire you on the next stage of your journey. 

With love,

Lorraine xx

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