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Space and Light – Simple Concepts For A Better Life

Laying in the garden feeling the warm June sunshine against my skin, I suddenly received one of those magical ‘downloads’ from the Universe in the form of two simple words…

Space and light.

In an instant, I saw the connection between space and light visually and energetically, why we’re getting it all wrong, and how we can make changes to bring in more ease, flow, abundance, love and joy.

I’ve always been drawn to beautifully designed architectural spaces, stunning landscape photography and brilliant graphic design. In fact, I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve researched ways to study architecture, photography or design over the years, only to realise that it’s not another qualification I need, but simply to share my unique thoughts, perspective and concepts with the world through the magic of writing.

This blog focuses on the power of creating more of the right kind of space in our lives to allow the light (i.e. energy, positivity, abundance and love) to flow in and through without being blocked.

How are space, light, energy and flow connected?

Architects and interior designers create spaces that evoke powerful feelings within us: comfort, love, safety, peace, rejuvenation or joy. Photographers capture scenes that can make us feel connected to nature, love and compassion for other humans or a desire to travel, explore and experience new cultures. Graphic designers create branding, packaging and adverts that reconnect us to childhood, motivate us to buy or inspire us to change an aspect of our lifestyle.

One powerful thread that runs through all these examples is the use of space and light to create flow and tap into our energy – the feeling, sensing energy that often bypasses the conscious mind.

In a building, an uncluttered, well-designed space feels energetically uplifting, whereas entering a cluttered family home or being in an overgrown, junk-filled garden would probably leave us feeling drained, low or irritated.

If we get stuck in traffic we may find our mood change, our stress levels rise and some may be prone to anger or ‘road rage’. This is in stark contrast to the relaxed sense of enjoyment we get from the freedom of the open road in good weather with no cars around for miles!

When our desk is messy or our computer is cluttered digitally and its performance is slow, it’s easy to get frustrated, but when we take time to clear away the dirty tea cups, organise our computer files or upgrade our technology, suddenly the energy shifts and our creativity and productivity is heightened.

Applying this concept of creating space to allow light to flow through is fundamental to enjoying a calmer, happier and more fulfilling life and a more successful, abundant business. 

In our modern lifestyle, we typically have a lot of things going on all the time – whether physically in our lives, emotionally in our minds or energetically in our subconscious. In order to move forward and leave our limiting beliefs, negative behaviours and ‘stuckness’ behind, we have to start using this concept of creating space to allow the light to flow through and bring forth the love, abundance and opportunities we desire.

I believe that there are three main areas where we can benefit from spending time decluttering in order to feel a healthier flow of energy:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Digital

Physical decluttering is probably the easiest to understand and something we’ve all done from time to time and have noticed the energetic benefits. Physically clearing space may involve tidying areas of your home or garden, redecorating, getting rid of unwanted items, having a spring clean, rearranging furniture or worktop counter space and bringing in items instead that you love, value and feel good energetically when you use them or view them.

Emotional decluttering is perhaps the area most of us shy away from. It involves us having to dig deep, get up close and personal with our fears and step into our courage and vulnerability. Endings are usually painful, but are always followed by a new beginning or a rebirth of some kind. This is a huge area of personal growth and transformation that can’t be covered here in a couple of paragraphs. But if you are feeling stuck in old patterns and desperately want a life that looks or feels different, I invite you to explore this in more detail, finding the concepts, coaches and organisations that most resonate with you right now.

Digital decluttering can be the most time consuming given the amount of files, apps and data we all store these days! Honesty is really important here: how is your digital behaviour stopping you from living your dream life? If you’re addicted to social media, spend hours messaging unavailable people or simply can’t give up Candy Crush, it’s time to acknowledge your behaviour and make changes that involve deleting apps or taking a digital detox. (Be firm with yourself. You can do this!) Other easy changes involve unsubscribing from Facebook groups, turning off notifications to social media apps, unsubscribing from email newsletters and removing time-wasting apps from your phone.

I recently shared my thoughts around creating space physically, emotionally and digitally in a live Instagram chat with Josie of Worry-Free which you can listen to here.

I invite you to take some time to journal around the areas I mentioned above, and have added some questions and prompts below to guide you into further exploration:

  • Which areas of your life or business currently feel stuck, difficult or challenging? (E.g. financial issues, health problems, relationship struggles.)
  • What have you already done about these issues? And did you stick to your changes or slip back? Why?
  • What one thing could you do today to take a small step towards solving these challenges? (E.g. contact a credit card company, book a GP appointment or speak to a nutritionist, have an honest chat with your partner.)
  • Looking at each area of your life in turn (e.g. career, love, health, money), create a vision for how you’d like it to feel. Spend lots of time on this, perhaps over a few days, and create a full vision of how your dream life looks and feels. (E.g. When I’m with my man, I feel alive and vibrant, loved and respected, adored and safe….) If you’re not keen on writing by hand, you can also create audio notes or film yourself speaking your desires aloud. Sharing your visualisation with others takes it to the next level, but will help you to take action, stay committed and create the positive outcome you desire far quicker.

By letting go of whatever is holding us back, staying clear in our desires and taking regular action in moving forwards, we make it easy for the Universe to deliver our dreams to us quickly.

I’d love to hear how this feels for you and invite you to share one of your desires below.

With love,

Lorraine xx

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