3 ways to break out of a plateau

When you’re stuck at a plateau, getting to the next level isn’t as hard as you think.

Here are 3 ways to get out of a rut and take your growth in any area of life to the next level:⁠

1. Pattern Interrupt.

If you’ve been stuck at the same level for a while you need something to shift the energy blocks and kick start your motivation and enthusiasm.

There are a hundred different options here, but something that takes you out of your usual routine is important. E.g. Getting up super early to watch the sunrise. Having a sporty or active date with friends instead of going to bars or restaurants. Taking your work to a new location.

Remember, you only have to do this once to change the energy in a certain area of life. Once the energy has shifted, everything feels different and you’ll act differently – which of course will bring new results! ⁠

2. Consistency.

Making small changes every single day seems to be the most effective. Start with easy things that only take a few minutes – like making your bed, writing a short gratitude list, 5 minute meditation, reading 2-3 pages of a book.

You’ll soon feel more accomplished and proud of yourself which will lead to you taking on bigger changes or challenges – like daily 5km walks or runs, reading whole books, learning a new skill or cooking healthy food from scratch every day.⁠

3. Clarity.

Do you actually know what you want? Do you know how you want your life, love and business to look and feel? Without clarity, you’ll never have focus and will be scattered in your action taking.

If you’ve been stuck in a plateau for a while and never seem to make headway, get clear on your values and desires, then create goals, intentions and visions that are aligned to your values (your inner truth). ⁠

Save this blog for future motivation!

Lorraine xx⁠

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