Using social media to create meaningful connections

In social media marketing, we’re told that we have to make our posts grab someone’s attention within the first 3 seconds. ⁠

But what if we’ve got it totally the wrong way round?

Perhaps we’ve become accustomed to scrolling fast on our mobile phones. ⁠

Are you even ‘seeing’ the posts you’re jumping through on Instagram? ⁠

Do you scan past 50 or more images before seeing one you want to pause on for more than a nanosecond?⁠

What if we all slowed down?

Instead of scrolling continuously, what if you went slowly through just 10 posts, taking a few moments to view the image in detail and then a minute or two reading the caption. ⁠

And then, as you’ve spent more time engaging with that person’s post, you’ll be more likely to leave a positive, thoughtful comment. ⁠

This is a much more beautiful and rewarding energy to play with. ⁠

🥰 You feel good. They feel good.🥰⁠

You’re more likely to share the post with others, having a ripple effect on even more people. ⁠

What do you think?⁠

Instagram may have made huge changes to its platform which many people don’t like (i.e. it’s become more like TikTok instead of an image based platform which was its USP at the start) but I still believe that it can be used well for human connection and building long-lasting relationships and friendships.⁠

So, even if the algorithm doesn’t like it as much, I’m going to be over on Instagram sharing thoughtfully chosen images and inspired long form captions for all the people who want to slow down and create a meaningful life.

Are you with me?⁠

Lorraine xx⁠

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