Gratitude for the little things

What are you grateful for today? What little things made you smile?

What lights up your soul and fills you with joy?

Here are a few of mine …

❤️ Handwritten notes are a beautiful way to show love, gratitude and appreciation. I love finding a note slipped under my pillow from one of my daughters, or receiving an unexpected card from a friend. It’s the energy of gratitude manifested into physical form. 

❤️ Watching my pets sleep is an endless source of heartwarming enjoyment. Seeing my bunnies snuggled up together, rolled on their sides with noses twitching makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. And I have far too many photos of my cat sleeping in cute positions on the bed or the sofa! 

❤️ And then there are the unexpected things; random opportunities for amusement or deep joy. Like the time recently when I was walking along the promenade by the beach and the path was covered in dried seaweed pods. As I stepped on one it made a popping sound, just like bubble wrap! My walk then became a fun game to find the biggest, loudest pops! 

Small moments of wonder, magic and playful energy.

What’s filled your heart with joy over the last week?

Here are three tiny moments from my life recently that brought me so much pleasure and made me smile!

🌞 On a hot sunny walk I stopped to inhale the fragrant scent of a honeysuckle bloom (instead of stopping to photograph it!).

🌕️ The full moon last week looked so majestic as it rose over the horizon in a bright shade of pink.

😋 There’s a house near me with lots of raspberry bushes that have been growing through the fence. I always notice the big juicy ones but resist eating them! 

Life as seen through my eyes

❤️ Big fluffy bumblebees flying from one sweet pea flower to the next.

❤️ New baby Monstera leaves unfurling for the first time.

❤️ Watching planes take off and feeling the thrust through my body.

What’s one small thing that you noticed this week that brought a moment of happiness to your life? Share yours in the comments below.

Lorraine xx

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