Make simple changes to daily habits for great results

Being dedicated to small daily habits brings BIG results in all areas of life.⁠

It’s never just about eating more vegetables, moving your body or meditation! It’s an energy shift that goes way beyond the new everyday action.⁠

For example: Eating a healthier diet isn’t just about feeling more energetic, being less bloated or achieving a desired weight. Consistently choosing to eat well reinforces the fact that you’re choosing YOU. It’s the decision to make YOU a priority. And that has a ripple effect across other areas of your life. ⁠

Suddenly, you’re able to put yourself first at work, in your health and personal life, with friendships and relationships, and in the bedroom. ⁠

So when you gradually make more and more of these small everyday shifts, just imagine the incredible potential you have to completely change your life! It’s like compound interest, the more you add to it, the bigger and better it gets! ⁠

Don’t limit your magical potential by setting limited goals like losing 10lbs or cutting out junk food. Focus instead on being consistent with small changes – like a regular morning or bedtime routine, limiting time on social media, writing 500 words every day for your book, gratitude journalling or walking an extra 1000 steps. ⁠

It really doesn’t matter what the change is, it’s the energy that shifts when you commit to being a better version of YOU every single day.⁠

Lorraine xx⁠

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