I meditated every day for a year (and a half!)

 I meditated every day for a year (and a half!).

(An extract from the book I’m currently writing called ‘Raising Wild Birds’ – a book about choosing love over fear and learning to live in alignment with your truth.)

“Throughout my entire adult life, meditation has always been sitting on the periphery. It’s something I tried occasionally and while I was never consistent in any practice, I always held this inner knowing that meditation would be a key factor in my ‘success’ – whatever that looked like. 

Like many people, I felt some kind of resistance to meditation. I couldn’t put this into words, but made excuses about not having time (oh the irony!) or that it was just a bit ‘too slow’ for my fast-paced life in my 20s and early 30s. I loved weight training, short bursts of cardio and cliff walks. I had young children and an active lifestyle. Sitting still for 20 minutes just wasn’t going to happen! 

And it wasn’t just the physical blocks, my mind ran at 100mph. No, in fact, probably even faster than that! As a Gemini sun with a mercurial mind (Gemini is ruled by quick-witted Mercury), my mind never stopped either. It wasn’t an anxious mind, but simply a curious and creative one that loved learning and felt completely bored just watching TV! 

Decades later, I still have that same witty, creative and curious mind, but regular, daily meditation (and other practices that I will share later in the book) has brought me a sense of calm stability, clarity and focus.

I still think of multiple ideas every day, am still passionate about learning and frequently end up down rabbit holes researching something new, but it all has a more grounded energy.

Gone is the scatty, easily burnt out energy of my youth. In its place is a serene, action-taking, gentle energy that fuels me closer and closer to my dreams and desires.”


How do you feel about meditation? Have you tried? Is it a regular part of your day?

Share your thoughts with me, I’d love to hear your experiences with meditation.

Lorraine xx

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