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How To Build Meaningful Connections and Deeper Friendships

 If you desire a relationship, friendship or connection that is based on trust, openness and love, then there’s only one way to build and grow it into something deep, strong and magical.


This is when we are brave enough to open up and show the other person who we truly are, without any mask or projection of some ‘perfect’ image of who we believe the other person wants us to be! 

Vulnerability isn’t weakness. It’s a strength.

Vulnerability is showing other people that we’re brave enough to speak our truth, whether that’s something as simple as where we’d like to go on a date for dinner or something far more intense like sharing an intimate truth. 

I remember so many times (in my teens and 20s) when I just wanted to please other people by going along with what they wanted to do. But in giving in and going against my soul’s truth I felt a shift of energy within me that left me frustrated, sad or irritated! 

Now that I’m older, wiser and have done many years of ‘inner work’, reflecting on my habits and behaviours and understanding why we act (or react) in these ways, I have very clear boundaries about the kind of energy I allow into my life as well as the energy I bring to relationships of all kinds.

I truly value the deep relationships I have with friends and connections in both the physical and virtual worlds. Whenever we connect, I try to only bring honesty, openness, vulnerability, love and positive energy to the conversation and hold space for them to step into their true selves with courage.

How can you step deeper into your vulnerability today? 

Lorraine xx

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