old stone wall in countryside in summer

The Stories Held Within Old Stones

Do you ever wonder about the stories old structures hold within? Imagine all the things they’ve seen and heard; the people who have touched them and the seasons they’ve weathered.

I love old dry stone walls. They’re so pretty, don’t you think? I imagine the people who collected the stones and built the walls. The stories they told of their families, love or travel as they measured, hammered or laid the stones in place. The jokes they shared as they ate their home made lunch; the way they leant against the wall after a hard week’s work.

I imagine the thousands of people who have walked past the walls, each on their own journey, chatting to their friends, making holiday plans with their partner or walking their dog. 

I imagine the seasons coming and going and the light changing. The early morning sunrise glow or the winter snowscape, covering the wall in fluffy snowflakes, dotted with the footprints of hungry robins searching for food in the cracks. 

Perhaps I simply have a vivid imagination, or perhaps we all possess a far deeper, greater connection to nature than we can ever comprehend. Perhaps these feelings of connection to an old stone wall (or to trees, or neolithic sites or old buildings) are just a tiny part of a HUGE picture that is way beyond our imagination. 

What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts….

Lorraine xx

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