How to repurpose old blogs to increase engagement and expand your brand

Be smart! Repurpose existing blog content!

If you’re a business owner or personal brand who posts new blogs on your website every week, congratulations!

But if you’re more likely to go through phases of writing for a few weeks then barely touching your website for months, welcome to the club!

Blogs (depending on their subject matter) can be a great form of evergreen content; pieces of work that provide information, inspiration, education and entertainment for years to come.

What’s evergreen content?

Creating evergreen content is a brilliant tool for longevity in your business. Sure, you can hop over to short-form video based platforms like TikTok or Instagram Reels and get thousands of views, but that content is soon lost amongst millions of daily uploads.

Evergreen content is like creating a legacy; sharing your wisdom and expertise in a way that will benefit people for generations to come.

How to repurpose old or low-performing blogs

If you don’t have the time, energy or motivation to write and create new blog posts, here’s a smart way to repurpose existing content to increase engagement, build a connection with your audience and attract new clients and paying customers:

Start with an existing blog

Find an existing blog that isn’t getting many views each month but that contains evergreen content; information and ideas that will inspire and empower people at any time of the year, across the world.

Add interesting and engaging new sections

Read it through 2-3 times and highlight all the best bits and discard any pieces that are no longer relevant.

Think about what you could add to the blog that’s current and interesting. For example: the latest stats, opinions, testimonials, your clients’ experience or your own experiences and learning. Do some research and collate everything in one place.

use keywords

Spend around an hour crafting a new blog, making sure to include the main keywords that people might search for in your industry.

SEO tools

Once you start to type your new blog into the website, don’t forget to make use of SEO tools (like Yoast for WordPress), to ensure that your readability scores and your overall blog SEO is good.

Use the heading tags (H1 H2 H3 etc.) to break your text up into easily readable and scannable sections, making the blog reading experience pleasurable for your audience. (This also helps you rank higher in search engines as the bots can see it’s a proper blog, not simply a word stuffing exercise or spam!)

Choosing a high performing title

Take your time creating a great new title. If the original blog didn’t perform well, it could be because of the title (or maybe you simply didn’t share it or tell people about your blog!). I love to use the Headline Analyzer tool by This handy app gives a headline score and uses a traffic light system as well as helpful hints to write a more powerful, attention-grabbing title.

Add new images

Add a new blog banner image (use the ALT tags too) and add an extra photo, diagram or infographic within the blog where appropriate.

share your blog everywhere!

Press PUBLISH and then share your sparkly new blog with your social media audience, your email list and your community.

Let’s co-create magic!

If this all sounds like far too much effort or you prefer to spend your time on income generating activities and supporting your 1-1 clients, then let me help you!

Together we can create empowering, engaging and entertaining blogs that help you to build your reputation and credibility in the online space, build a larger audience and attract more ideal clients and customers.

Get in touch today via email and let’s chat.

With love,

Lorraine xx

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