Why journalling is a beautiful tool to uncover messages from spirit animals

Messages from your spirit animals, signs from the Universe, nudges from your inner wisdom – however you choose to see it, or label it, I believe that when we see the same thing repeatedly, there’s a hidden meaning for us to decode. Whether that’s a number combination (like 11 or 1111), a word or a phrase, an animal, insect or bird, or a random object, there’s an energy that’s trying to make itself seen; an energy that wants to grab our attention.

When these synchronicities happen, our task is to dig deeper into our minds and bodies to reveal their meaning.

Let me share an example that you may already be familiar with in your life: Many people who have lost a loved one may see a robin or a butterfly and sense that their loved one’s spirit or presence is close by. It can be comforting and bring back happy memories.

I’ve been seeing ‘angel numbers’ for a very long time, and one memory from about 15 years ago always sticks in my mind…

My daughters were young and I decided it would be a fun 1 January activity to create our own vision boards for the year ahead. We had lots of fun cutting up magazines and holiday brochures onto big colourful pieces of paper! I included a ‘747’ jumbo jet because dreamed of taking my children on an exotic holiday on a big plane. While the holiday never materialised, I started seeing 747 and 47 repeatedly, on number plates, till receipts, online purchases, the clock on my computer and so many other places.

4+7 =11 and 11 is classed as a ‘master number’ in numerology because it carries a powerful and unique vibration. Over the years, 47 and 747 have formed a special place in my heart; a gentle nudge that I’m on the right path.

Like yesterday, when I took a leap of faith and booked an adventure for 2023. Not only did my flights add up to £68.47, but all my reference numbers for flights and a hotel contained the number 47! It makes me smile every time – as if my angels are showering me with love for my actions or intentions.

It was a pink flamingo that prompted this blog!

This weekend, my eldest daughter was home from university for a couple of days, so we took the opportunity to visit Jersey Zoo (which is less of a zoo and more of a wildlife conservation organisation founded by Gerald Durrell) to see the new additions – two cute sloths and an adorable aardvark named Tafari!

My eldest daughter mentioned seeing the flamingos a couple of times but I didn’t think too much of it until we finally got to them near the end of our visit. It was a beautiful sunny day with a pure blue sky and trees in all shades of green, orange and yellow which cast reflections into the water around the flamingo pond. The flamingos’ feathers were incredible shades of creamy pink with flashes of hot pink and they seemed so serene, even balanced on one leg.

It got me thinking about resilience and how I do everything myself and rarely rely on anyone else! But those thoughts swiftly disappeared as we moved on to the next enclosure.

Later that evening, catching up with some of my favourite YouTube channels, I saw two images of flamingos: one on a lady’s t-shirt and one was a bright pink inflatable in a pond!

The next day, I was looking at travel insurance websites and one had a graphic of suitcases with a vivid cartoon flamingo in the middle! By this point I sensed that there was a message there for me somewhere hidden in the flamingo symbolism, but never got round to looking into it any further.

Just one day later and another flamingo appeared! This time, a whole flock on a YouTube music video! (It wasn’t a video I was sitting and watching, it was background music while I was working, so the fact I flicked onto that tab just at the moment that the flamingos appeared I felt to be pretty significant!)

It was at this point that I decided to dig a bit deeper to see what messages the flamingo might have for me…

I started with a little internet research looking for ‘animal symbolism’ and the flamingo. On spirit-animals.com, this paragraph stood out for me. (I always believe that we’re drawn to the words or sentences we most need at that moment.)

Flamingo symbolism may be letting you know that it is time for you to get out and socialize. Therefore it is time to have some fun in your life. Moreover, socializing will help let go of stressful situations and coming to terms with changes in your life. Correspondingly, this bird also brings new ideas and options that will come to you while immersing yourself in the company of others. It will also allow you to find balance and gratitude for what you have. It will give you a greater appreciation of those around you.” 

While in an article by ‘She Works in the Library’ on Medium, I loved the quote:

“For me, the saying, ‘be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons’, serves as a reminder to ‘let your light shine’.”

Reading these articles was the first step in the self-reflection, awareness and journalling exercise. 

I still needed to look deeper to uncover the specific meaning for me at this moment in time. So I began journalling with the following prompts:

  • What message does the flamingo have for me?
  • Why is it appearing now?

My journalling took me back to a powerful life experience in 2019 when I broke my left ankle and was literally balancing on one leg – just like a flamingo! I wrote a blog about this experience back in 2019 – ‘A grateful flamingo – an entrepreneur’s perspective after injury’ – which shares more of the impact this imposed period of rest had on my mindset and my business. (Hint: It’s all good!)

This time, my journalling took me down the route of relationships and how much I rely on myself and perhaps don’t allow others the space to support me in the way I deeply desire. As my friend Katie Phillips at The School of Self Love says (paraphrased from multiple trainings): “We stay stuck in the same painful situations over and over again because at some level they feel comfortable. We’re so used to them they’ve become ingrained in our being. It becomes ‘easy’ or normal to stay in a dysfunctional or toxic relationship or repeat patterns from our parent’s marriage. It’s easier to stay stuck than to look into our shadow side – the darkest parts of ourselves that we hide from the world and refuse to acknowledge. Only when you do the work and look inside can you begin to change your situation.”

As I came to the end of my journalling, I walked to the kitchen to grab some water and saw rainbow reflections across the walls. I refer to these as my ‘rainbow dragons’ – little splashes of vivid colour that remind me I’m on the right path; signs and synchronicity from the Universe.

I pondered how far I’ve come since breaking my ankle three years ago; how much I’ve grown and transformed energetically and how grateful I am for all that’s happened in between. All the amazing people I’ve met, all the clients I’ve worked with, the collaborations I’ve experienced and all the magical moments in my personal life with my friends and daughters.

And all this from a trip to the zoo and some recurring flamingo images!

Do you see the same animals, words, numbers or images frequently?

If so, it’s worth grabbing your journal and keeping track of them. Here are some journal prompts to support you on this journey:

Note: Always write down whatever words first come into your mind, Don’t edit or filter your thoughts. Even if it doesn’t make any sense, just write it down. At some point (maybe weeks later) it will all fall into place. 

  • What is it that you’re seeing regularly?
  • What were you doing or thinking just before it appeared?
  • How did seeing it make you feel?
  • What did you sense on an energetic level?
  • Do you remember when you first were aware of seeing this regularly?
  • What did you believe it meant back then?
  • Has your perception changed over that time?

Allow your writing to flow, adding in whatever questions spring to the forefront of your own mind.

Other useful journal prompts might be:

  • Do I feel safe talking about these experiences? If not, why not?
  • Do I feel that people will judge me for being ‘woo-woo’? If so, why does that bother me? What’s at the core of this judgement?
  • How do I want to explore this more deeply?
  • What am I feeling drawn to?
  • How would I love my life to look?
  • What needs to change in my life to get closer to this vision?
  • Who do I need to be and how do I need to act every day to make this vision a reality?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on signs and synchronicities from the Universe, angels or spirit guides and how these have shown up for you and prompted a shift in your mindset or a transformation in your life.

With love,

Lorraine xx

Ps. As I finished this blog I glanced up and saw the word count (before this Ps. message) was 1547! And then a draft saved at 5:37:47pm! I’ll take that as a sign to mean that this blog will reach the people it’s meant to reach. My work is done!


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