New Moon in Aries: be courageous, have fun and take inspired action!

This time of year feels exceptionally potent, creative and energetic. We have a new moon in Aries which marks the start of a new astrological year, coinciding with the start of the Spring season – with more hours of sunshine and warmer temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere.

It’s also the start of the Persian New Year (Nowruz – meaning ‘new day’), a time of revival and renewal which is celebrated by millions of people across the world.

The start of a new 12-month new moon cycle is the perfect moment to wipe the slate clean, make wishes, set intentions and create a plan for the year ahead.

Aries is a fire sign 🔥 and is characterised by energies of curiosity, boldness, honesty, courage and drive. These energies are not limited to people born under the sign of Aries though; at this time of year, we can all tap into this energy to drive us forward and take steps towards achieving some of our biggest, boldest life goals.

If you’ve been feeling more inclined to rest and focus on deep inner work over the winter, then this burst of Aries energy and the potency of the new moon will give you the energetic boost you’ve been waiting for. It’s time to step into the limelight and shine as the brightest, boldest version of you!

Now is the time to focus on YOU

✔️ Write a list of your strengths, best qualities and characteristics. (If you’re really stuck, ask your friends to describe you in 3 words!)

✔️ What do you LOVE about yourself?

✔️ Does your personal style truly show who you really are on the inside? If not, what would you change?

Now is the perfect time to upgrade your wardrobe, restyle your hair or treat yourself to vibrant new accessories.

Or, if you have your own business, perhaps it feels like the right time to give your website a makeover so that it better portrays the magic you bring to the world.

What will you wish for on this new moon?

The new moon is the most powerful time of the month to tap into your dreams, desires and wishes.

✍️ What are your dreams for the 12 months ahead?

✍️ How do you desire your life to feel during this next year?

✍️ What do you wish for? For this week, this month, the next six months and the next year?

It’s important to be completely honest with yourself at this time. Don’t play small because you think your dreams have zero chance of becoming a reality!

Also, you have to believe in your dreams and have faith that they will manifest in your life when you least expect them.

Create a sacred space

On the eve of the new moon – or within 3 days either side of it – create a sacred space that feels relaxing, safe and comfortable so that you can connect to your inner voice with ease.

I love to light a candle, have fresh flowers and crystals close by and give myself lots of time to journal in a big A4 pad, while snuggled on the sofa with a soft velvet cushion on my lap. (And usually a cat asleep next to me!)

Oracle cards, or tarot, are a great way to connect to Source energy, divine light or channelled consciousness to reveal the nudges you need to hear from deep within your soul.

Setting intentions, planning and taking inspired action

Your intentions and action plan should be driven not by what you think you should be doing, but by the love, energy and pure desires that dance inside you, willing to be set free.

When you tap into your desires and set inspired action plans into motion, you’re bringing together both the creative feminine and the structured masculine energies to support you in manifesting the life, love or business you dream of.

Never be afraid to dream your wildest dreams, who knows where the journey might take you?

New Moon Meditation

To step away from the busyness of your day and into a calm, serene state of mind, I love to start my new moon rituals with a meditation. Below are two meditations you can try…

New Moon Meditation by Jessica Heslop – for the new moon at any time of year

New Moon in Aries (March 2023) Meditation by Alina Alive

With love,

Lorraine xx

Ps. What’s your big dream for the year ahead? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.💗

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