Eat More Plants


The original version of Eat More Plants – my signature nutrition and lifestyle book – was written in March 2016. I decided to give it a little refresh and a new intro for 2019, updating the cover and all the links, but the recipes and photos remain the same. After all, if it ain’t broke…

This e-book was a culmination of decades of nutrition work with clients and self-discovery; a lifestyle I created for myself and my family so that we could live with optimum vitality and clarity.

I believe that food fuels more than just our bodies; it’s a way to connect to nature and people around us in a way that boosts creativity, compassion and connection.

Eat More Plants is filled with over 50 pages of recipes, cooking tips and store-cupboard basics and is perfect for anyone wanting to add more plant-based meals and snacks to their diet while simultaneously reducing meat, dairy, sugar and processed food intake.

Grab your copy today for just £15.


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