Sweet Treats


Ridiculously healthy and simple to make. Sweet Treats e-book instant digital download jam-packed with recipes, tips and nutritional information for optimum health on a plant-based diet.


Following on from the success of Eat More Plants, I created Sweet Treats as a way to inspire and encourage people to choose natural versions of their current favourites using real food ingredients rather than items with long lists of chemicals.

This e-book not only contains recipes for delicious morning smoothies, decadent frozen desserts and super speedy snacks, but also discusses things like mindful eating, why boxed cereal isn’t healthy and the good old fruit sugar debate.

Plus, there’s also information about store cupboard basics, gadgets and health benefits of certain foods.

Together with Eat More Plants, you’ll have everything you need to transition to a 100% whole food, plant-based diet that will benefit your health and the environment.

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