Creative Clarity + Intuitive Strategy 1-1 Sessions

**NEW** In addition to my intuitive copywriting and content creation services, I'm now offering a limited amount of 1-1 Creative Clarity + Intuitive Strategy Sessions. These are designed to help you see your own brilliance, understand your value and get you excited about the possibilities and opportunities available to you now and as you grow … Continue reading Creative Clarity + Intuitive Strategy 1-1 Sessions

A grateful flamingo – an entrepreneur’s perspective after injury

As an entrepreneur, having your life change in one small slip on a wet pavement could be enough to send you swimming head first into a deep sea of stress and anxiety....

There simply wasn’t space in my head to accommodate stress and healing at the same time.

I instinctively knew that getting better was my priority.

Yet, how many times in running a small business do we forget to prioritise our physical and mental health?

5 Motivation Tips for Creative Entrepreneurs

Are you a self-employed business owner returning to work after the long summer holidays?
Whether you’ve taken a month or two off to spend time with family and travel abroad, or have been mainly at home dipping your toes in your business all summer, chances are you're ready to get your head back in the game and start creating new projects and opportunities. Read my top 5 motivation and productivity tips for creative entrepreneurs.

What does a ghost-blogger do? (And how to hire one)

You will no doubt be familiar with a well known type of ghostwriting - the wordy talent behind many a famous celebrity’s autobiography.

But you may not realise that many business owners and brands outsource their blog creation to talented copywriters, or ‘ghost-bloggers’ in order to be consistent and visible in the online space.