Ten big-hearted dreams for the next 10 years

As I inch ever closer to my 50th birthday this week, I wanted to take some time to create a list of big-hearted, soul-led dreams and desires for the next ten years.

Without something to aim for, look forward to and grow towards, we can easily end up just plodding along from one day to the next, never feeling a great sense of excitement or accomplishment. In that state, it’s easy to feel like life is a chore; that we’re ‘stuck’ in a specific area of our lives with no light at the end of the tunnel.

But if you’ve known me for any length of time, you’ll know that I can put a positive spin on anything and rarely stay stuck in a negative mindset or a funk for very long! So, this blog is most definitely an exciting one that gave me butterflies and tingles as I wrote it!

Before I dive into my list, I’d love to hear one of your big dreams for the next 5-10 years. Jot it down on a piece of paper or in your phone notes now, and share it with me in the comments at the end of the blog.

Ok, here we go (in no particular order)…

  1. Live for at least a month each year in a different country. Bonus points for having to learn a new language! Top dream locations at the moment are: France, Italy and the South Pacific (hello hut on the beach with no wifi!). After spending 6 weeks house sitting in Spain earlier this year, I’m definitely hooked on long term non-touristy travel options! Ever since I first spent a year in France at 18, I’ve always loved being abroad and stepping out of my comfort zone in terms of language and communication.
  2. Write and publish 3 books (including the one I still haven’t quite finished!)
  3. Visit Africa (and go on safari) and the Himalayas (What can I say – I’m a Sagittarius rising and Sagittarius moon – travel, adventure and exploration are in my stardust DNA!)
  4. Study astrology, astrocartography and herbal medicine (I’ll never stop learning! It’s part of who I am). I’m also halfway through this amazing Video Editing course (affiliate link).
  5. Hike with friends in Snowdonia, the Dolomites and the Corfu Trail.
  6. Stay committed to weight training 2x per week consistently (always allowing for rest periods and holidays. #trainsmart)
  7. Create a wonderful life with my soulmate, complete with large organic vegetable garden and orchard.
  8. Play tennis regularly, significantly improve my fitness and agility and join a tennis club.
  9. Be a more confident swimmer so that wherever I travel I can jump in crystal clear lakes and go snorkelling.
  10. Continue writing and creating content that activates and inspires others to transform or take action.

(Still one of my favourite memes ever! 🤣)

Look forward with curiosity and reflect with celebration

In addition to setting these big-hearted goals, dreams and life vision for the next 10 years, I will also be spending time this week looking back and reflecting on the last 10 years to celebrate all my achievements, however big or small.

This last decade has been challenging and transformative in ways I didn’t expect – with health issues, perimenopausal body changes, a global pandemic, a trauma bond relationship and a narcissist or two! All have helped me become the person I am today, so I’m grateful for all those things, however difficult they were at the time.

I’ve had so many friends and clients over the years who are absolutely thriving in their 50s, 60s and 70s that it’s always made me excited to get to this point in life. I’m looking forward to more energy, more freedom, more fun and even deeper intimacy and love.

Birthdays are the perfect time to pause to reflect, celebrate, dream and visualise.

So tell me, what’s ONE thing you’re dreaming of for the next decade and ONE thing you’re celebrating from the last ten years?

Pop your thoughts in the comments below – and who knows, maybe one day we’ll cross paths at a remote airport on our way to fulfil a lifelong desire.

With love,

Lorraine xx

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