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Now is the time to show up as the hero of your own story

The Storyteller card reminds us to be the hero of our own story; to show up as our true selves in all our wild, messy beauty. 

In every oracle card, number pattern or synchronicity you see, the Universe is giving you a gentle nudge to reassure you that you’re on the right path, or to trigger a transformation that will allow you to seek out a better situation.

As I pulled this card earlier today, I felt a deep wave of appreciation for the journey I’ve been on over the past few years. 

Time often doesn’t feel linear and there are occasions where we want to show up vibrantly in the world, and others where we crave quietness, solitude and gentle inner work. 

Perhaps you’ll resonate with my story…

Back in 2016 and 2017 I was drawn to a deeper exploration of the spiritual realms and spent many a warm summer’s night sat under the stars and full moon contemplating my connection to other galaxies and pondering my place here on earth. 

At times I felt somewhat disconnected from this human life, and yet this spiritual journey brought me some incredible connections with women around the world who were also on a personal journey of awakening. 

All the inner work I did around this time enabled me to channel love, energy and light into the social media space and allow others to feel like they fitted in too; that their thoughts and fears were valid and real. 

This spiritual work gave me the confidence and inner knowing that it was the perfect time to follow my heart and start copywriting for other like-minded business owners. Within a very short space of time I realised that my natural intuitive gift was a big part of my work and how I made others feel. 

And then, in a heartbeat, my life changed. 

A combination of events including losing my beautiful, lunar-loving, feline soulmate Bumble and having to move house and work through some stressful financial issues led me to a new perspective.

I felt a deep desire to create a more grounded and solid base in my life; to build a better foundation from which I could truly thrive.

By focusing on financial stability and security, I naturally called in a more earthy energy.  

After a while, I finally felt like I belonged on Earth again, and not on some faraway planet where beings communicated with love and light language.

In tuning into this energy I began to notice the dark cloud of financial anxiety and stress slowly lift and move away. At the start of 2019, I made the decision to create new, long term money habits and over the year these habits snowballed into something beyond my wildest dreams. 

What started out as a subtle shift in mindset became a quantum leap in terms of personal growth. 

With these new, strong foundations in place, I knew at the end of 2019 that it was time to start working on a different part of my life; a part that would drive me to share my vulnerability, accept help and, ultimately, to call more love into my world. 

I believe that everything happens in cycles.

As women we’re cyclical beings, our bodies dancing in tune with the moon’s powerful energy and our emotions waxing and waning with our own female cycles. 

In order to get the best out of ourselves, we all need the support, guidance and love of people who’ve walked the path before us. 

Over the past few months I’m so grateful to have found some wonderful women who are helping me to step up as the best version of myself; to truly stand in my wild feminine energy.

Firstly, a shoutout to Katie Phillips, whose love and magical energy are allowing me to believe that my wildest dreams really can come true and creating space for my inner wild child to feel safe enough to come out to play. 

Secondly, to Emma Gaywood for keeping me connected to my inner wisdom and spiritual energy and supporting my personal growth through beautiful meditations and crystal energy. 

Thirdly, to Cora Darlington for helping me to see that anything is possible and that huge shifts can happen virtually overnight when you relax and truly believe… 

And finally, love and gratitude for an amazing soul, Helen Packham, whose recent confession about ‘highlighting’ which, in her own words is ‘when your business necessitates that you show up, but your content isn’t reflecting what’s actually going on right now’, was the trigger for my writing today.

Just as Helen shares in her article (which you can read here) it’s important for us all to be honest about what’s really going on in our lives so that we can get the support we need or help others along the way.

Sometimes, in sharing our struggles we help other people to join the dots and feel like they’re just a little bit less alone. 

My message for you in today’s story for you is this…

It’s ok to show up as the real you in all your messy beauty and wild, crazy thoughts. 

It’s also ok to keep things private, as long as you ask for help and connect to those who can offer support, love and connection. 

Remember that you are the hero of your own story.

So practice self-love first, be honest about what you need, show up as the real you and let your vulnerability out – because asking for help when you don’t need it is even more powerful. 

Lorraine xx

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