A lesson in listening to your intuition

Sinking into your self.

Following your heart.

Listening to your intuition.

When was the last time you truly did something JUST for you?

Something unexpected, spontaneous and entirely driven by a desire to simply do that thing just because it’s what you felt in the moment?

I feel these desires all the time.

Sometimes they’re full on and noisy – you can’t miss them when the voice in your head is literally shouting: ‘Go to the beach’, ‘Read a book’, ‘Turn the music up loud and sing along’.

Other times they’re small, fun things that make me smile: kicking a pile of autumn leaves as high as I can, drawing a word or a shape in the sand, making a paper aeroplane, arranging fruit or vegetables in the kitchen into erotic shapes (oh come on, I know you’ve thought of that too!).

And then occasionally, like this morning as Storm Alex raged outside, my soul gently suggests that I stay in bed; to appreciate the warmth and cosiness of my surroundings.

While I appreciate not everyone has the choice to take a duvet day, what’s important here is the tuning into what your body, mind and soul truly need.

It might be that you’ve set yourself a goal of going to the gym four times a week after work, but tonight what you’d really love is to snuggle up on the sofa with a big furry throw and Love Actually.

It’s not about being lazy or avoiding adulting.

It’s about listening to your inner voice.

Because she really wants to be heard.

This morning, as I snuggled in bed, hugged by pillows and cushions, with the beautiful purring of Luna curled up alongside me, pressed against my leg, I was aware of the deliciousness of the moment. Of what seemed like indulgence but was in fact a pure example of tuning into your true self.

What followed, in the two hours I stayed warm and cosy, was a rush of creativity, a desire to look inwards and a few big realisations.

With yesterday being a full moon, I grabbed my copy of Moonology and began writing a forgiveness list, followed by a gratitude list.  This activity is all about letting go of negative energy that fills our cells and replacing it with lighter, higher vibration energy.

This exercise led me on to some more personal journalling and those beautiful breakthroughs that help us to see how far we’ve come.

Who knew you could get so much out of a duvet day?!

My little piece of wisdom for you today is this:

Tuning into your desires and listening to your inner voice is not a pretty, fluffy little add-on for  a better life. It’s a fundamental part of who you are and the amazing light you’re here to share with the world.

From this moment forward, make a promise to yourself that next time you feel drawn to do something that you know is coming from deep within, don’t shut it out with logical reasoning or step in with a fear-based excuse.

In the words of Nike – Just do it!

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Lorraine xx

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