Living a Sustainable Life on Your Terms

Plastic free. Zero waste. Sustainable living. Saying no to fast fashion and yes to pre-loved clothes. Wherever you currently stand on the journey to creating a more sustainable, planet-friendly lifestyle for you and your family, it’s fair to say that our world’s environmental problems have opened the floodgates to greenwashing – where large corporations make it seem like they’re doing the right thing, but in reality they’re simply employing clever (and expensive) marketing tactics to make us buy more of their products by appearing more environmentally friendly than they actually are. 

As consumers, we lead such busy lives that we often don’t take the time to look beyond the misleading marketing campaigns to understand the bigger picture. 

Take tree-planting for instance. It’s incredible that so many companies now ‘plant a tree’ for every purchase you make. But the harsh reality is that worldwide, we’re cutting down mature trees and whole sections of forests at such a fast rate that we may never catch up. Mature trees are an important part of the global warming equation because they take up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it in their branches, trunks, foliage and roots. When mature forests are cut down (like in logging industries and clearing space for cattle and soy production), their stored carbon is released in huge quantities which has a similar effect to the burning of fossil fuels. Ideally, we need to stop cutting down forests and trees at this dangerous rate, while continuing to plant a diverse selection of native trees. 

In a bid to swap plastic for paper or cardboard alternatives, we’ve ended up mass producing items that have a far shorter life and may also negatively affect the environment. Take paper straws for example. A few years ago, millions of people were propelled into action after seeing the distressing video of a beautiful large turtle with a plastic straw wedged deep inside its nose (proboscis). Paper alternatives quickly became popular but as they go soggy so quickly, they’re useless for more than one drink and may not be recyclable in your area. When you stop to consider the whole timeline involved in creating a paper straw – everything from the day the tree is planted to the day the straw lands in your drink – it’s possible that a couple of decades will have passed!

The answer lies not just in producing more environmentally friendly alternatives, but in switching our whole mindset away from consumerism and towards a more sustainable life – even if that isn’t pretty and colour co-ordinated. 

The sustainability and zero waste movements in the online space are very much geared towards consumerism and beauty. They’re designed to make us want to make our homes look just as fantastic as their images. Every day, thousands of photos are uploaded to sites like Pinterest and Instagram that reinforce an ideal that in order to be doing sustainability right, you have to buy a perfectly curated set of storage solutions, kitchen jars and stationery items. Now, there’s nothing wrong with buying new items to support your long-term goals to reduce waste, in fact as I write this, I’ve just upgraded my 4 year-old passata jars for larger 2kg Kilner jars and swapped my old plastic soap dispenser for a pretty amber glass one with a matt black pump. It now makes me smile every time I walk into the kitchen! But my point is, that you don’t have to buy new items or make sure everything is tastefully co-ordinated. 

True sustainability is perfect in its imperfections. 

Veganism is another area where many people feel that because they aren’t ready or willing to give up everything a vegan gives up, that perhaps it’s not worth trying. But remember: 

Anything done imperfectly has more impact than nothing done perfectly! 

As consumers, the future of the planet rests on our shoulders. How and where we spend our money is important. And it’s crucial that we spend our money in a way that feels aligned to our values. 

So many of us grow up adopting our parents’ beliefs and values as our own. Or maybe the beliefs and values of our culture, our country, our race. But you’re a free-thinking human being who has the ability to adapt and evolve and create a whole new life based on who you are today and who you want to become in the future. 

It’s time to reconnect to YOU. 

To sit and reflect on who you are, what you want and how you will make that happen. 

To consider your hopes and dreams, your beliefs and your values.

To live life on your terms.

And, most importantly, to stop judging others for their choices, even if they aren’t in alignment with yours. Each one of us is doing the best we can, in this moment, with the resources, knowledge and life experience we have. 


Lorraine xx

**This article was first published in The Jersey Life Magazine in the Late Summer 2022 edition.**


Create a better future

Standing in your truth and staying strong in a messy world

Planet Earth has become a pretty crazy place to live in recent years and it’s probably fair to say that we’ll be seeing even more craziness in years to come. With this in mind, I’ve been thinking about the skills that we’d need between us to pull together and keep our community running smoothly, providing everyone with food and shelter, emotional support and health care.

I’ve jokingly said to many people over the years that my dating profile should emphasise the need for a man who can grow vegetables, make a fire and build a home! A Patrick Dempsey lookalike who would come in from the garden with large handfuls of organic kale…. Hmm, I digress! 

In all seriousness, if we were thrust into a difficult global situation where normal life as we know it was to end, what would you do for yourself, your family and your community? How would you remain strong physically, emotionally and spiritually? What resources would you share? What would you grow, produce or create? Would your resilience stand up to significant stress? How would your personal values be challenged and would you be able to stand in your truth?

I’d like to think that I’d have plenty to offer and would be able to support many people using skills I’ve learned over my lifetime alongside my intuitive gifts of energy work, compassion and love. If the internet disappeared and my copywriting services were no longer needed, I’d definitely become the village ‘wise woman’ and cook, making meals from limited (plant-based) locally grown ingredients and keeping everyone healthy and well fed! What would you do?

While I’m 99% certain we’re not going to end up in a post-apocalyptic style world anytime soon, I do believe it’s worth reflecting on the ways in which we can live a more sustainable, nourishing and deeply satisfying life while simultaneously reducing our impact on the environment.

Here are 7 areas in which we can all play a role in creating a better future for ourselves, our community and our planet:

  • Growing your own produce

    If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, or at least a patio area or balcony, then growing vegetables and fruit is a no-brainer. You don’t have to become 100% self-sufficient (this is almost impossible), but learning to grow food successfully and harvest seeds without the use of harmful pesticides is a vitally important skill for human survival. We’re so far removed from our food at present, buying most items in packaging from supermarkets, and this needs to change. If you don’t live in accommodation with outside space, you can support local growers by buying from farm shops or individuals, or team up with friends and use an allotment space.

  • Taking care of your health

    If the recent pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that being fit and healthy is a priority (for physical and mental health) and that our medical ‘health care’ system is really a ‘sick care’ system and isn’t really that interested in supporting our wellness journey. If we were all more active outdoors every day, ate less processed food and more fresh produce, spent less time on our phones and computers, spent less time isolated indoors, cooked more meals from scratch, consumed less alcohol, drugs and cigarettes, and took steps to improve our relationships with people, money and nature, then we’d see a huge improvement in health markers across all demographics.

  • Using less fossil fuels and petrol

    With the rapidly rising costs in home fuel bills, food and petrol, we need to be practising mindful consumption while also thinking creatively and finding innovative solutions for the future. What if our government paid for every house to have solar panels fitted? How many jobs would that create and what would it mean to not rely on power from France? What about creating energy through wind and tidal power? We need to start taking action now not create a plan for improvements by 2030 or 2040! 

  • Re-using pre-loved items

    Up-cycling furniture, buying or swapping pre-loved clothes, finding innovative ways to use waste materials in the building process and creating a circular economy that considers a product and its packaging for its entire lifecycle. 

  • Up-skill yourself

    Learning new skills is great for your mental health, brilliant for your earning potential and could bring new opportunities you’ve never considered. What would you love to learn more about? Which physical skill would you love to perfect?

  • Find your tribe

Too many people are held back through lack of confidence and courage when they feel like no-one in their immediate circle understands them. Use the internet to find people who have the same goals, dreams, beliefs and values. Talk about the things you’re passionate about and trust that the right people will see and hear your message. 

  • Stop eating meat, animal products and using items made from animal skins

    Even if you’ve never considered a vegan lifestyle, our planet is at a crucial tipping point. (Watch anything by David Attenborough if you don’t believe me!) It is imperative that we all make changes to support the future of human life on Earth. Wouldn’t it be an absolute travesty if thousands of years of incredible human history were entirely wiped out due to one greedy generation who couldn’t give up chicken, steak and ice cream? A few billion people who cared more about their insatiable appetite for consumption than this incredible planet rich in billions of species of animal, insect and plant life…

Now is the time for action. 

While it might seem tragically overwhelming at times, we’re actually incredibly blessed to be living in this era. I’d love to see us all go down in history as the generation who saved the planet from global warming; the generation who struggled through immense chaos to bring forth a ‘new Earth’, where humans created and lived with nature rather than against it.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to know that in a thousand years, elephants and tigers were still roaming the lush plains of Africa, whales and turtles were swimming happily around clean oceans and the coral reefs had returned to their bright, beautiful colours?

Lorraine xx

*This article was first published in The Jersey Life magazine – Spring 2022 edition.

Time to Start Living The Good Life?

This article was written for The Jersey Life magazine and first published online on 13 January 2022.


Time. It appears to be ever present and yet it’s invisible. We have clocks and calendars to measure time in a linear fashion, and yet every passing day feels different to each of us. There are moments of panic, stress or grief when time stands still, and there are moments where the hours just disappear as we get lost in creative passions, a new romance or the simple pleasures of life. 

Time is a perception created in our own minds. All we ever have is this moment right now and it’s up to us what we make of it.

Pause for a moment and take a deep breath. And another. Close your eyes and place one hand on your heart.  Gift yourself the magic of simply BEing in the present moment. You are worthy of your most generous love and attention. 

Life in a global pandemic has gifted us opportunities to slow down, appreciate what we have (or who we have in our lives) and the chance to create a new lifestyle that feels like a better ‘fit’. A way of life that feels more aligned to our values, our hopes and our dreams. 

Perhaps Barbara and Tom had it right all along?

The famous British 1970s sitcom ‘The Good Life’ centred around a married couple who dreamed of living a sustainable lifestyle on their own small suburban plot of land but were inevitably faced with endless challenges and disasters and were frequently ridiculed by their wealthy materialistic neighbours, Margot and Jerry. 

In an era of rapid industrial growth, the average 1970s family life was changing due to new time-saving and labour-saving appliances and household items such as washing machines, kettles, vacuum cleaners, disposable nappies and teabags. Suddenly life was becoming easier – which only made Barbara and Tom’s lifestyle choices even more absurd. Why would you choose to make life more difficult for yourself when you had a choice?

I think the joke has been on us …

On an overheating planet with an endless list of hugely important environmental issues, the time has come for more and more of us to grow (at least some of) our own produce, find more sustainable alternatives to plastic and fossil fuels, to reduce our intake of processed foods, meat and dairy, and make the switch away from diesel and petrol fuelled cars. 

In the 70s and 80s we naively bought into the ‘need’ for this new way of life. The average person had no idea about the future impact of their choices on the planet. We became whores to materialism and happily overfilled our trolleys every trip to the supermarket – which of course saved us even more time as we swapped the greengrocer and the baker for the lure of buying everything under one roof. 

1970s humans didn’t know any better. But we do. 

We’re now armed with all the facts, statistics and information. We’ve watched David Attenborough’s documentaries, we’ve listened to Greta Thunberg, we’ve watched Seaspiracy, Cowspiracy, Gamechangers, The True Cost of Fast Fashion and Leonardo DiCaprio’s Before the Flood. We’ve given up plastic carrier bags and bought paper straws. But it’s not enough.

The Earth cannot feed almost 8 billion people and feed over 60 billion animals each year. Something has to change. 

We need unity.

And right now, there is separation, fear and division.

We’ve become a ‘them versus us’ society.

We are so judgemental and quick to label people that we’ve forgotten the true essence of human beings: that we’re all completely individual and unique. Our fingerprints, our irises, our personalities. All biochemically individual and beautifully unique. 

In Jersey, I believe we’re perfectly positioned to step up as a role model for the world. But only if we come together as one. Each playing our small role as part of a collective goal. 

We live on an island with a great climate and lots of green space for growing produce. We have the money, infrastructure and technology to make more homes solar powered. We have the potential for energy powered by wind and waves. We have land that can be used to create allotments and community gardens. We have a huge wealth of practical and creatively skilled islanders. It’s not beyond the scope of reality to suggest that we could become a sustainable island where everyone has the chance to eat locally grown, organic produce, lead an active, healthy lifestyle free from poverty and have access to first class medical care. 

It’s easy to romanticise the sustainable life, but to live 100% sustainably as an individual family in Jersey is difficult. Probably impossible. But if we never try because we believe it’s going to be impossible, then we’ll never get anywhere! 

The truth is, no-one wants to give up their comfortable life. But what does a comfortable life actually look like to you? And do you want to live just a comfortable life, or do you dream of wild adventures, excitement and constant expansion?

I think that this is why so many brilliant ideas never get off the ground – because we’re always looking at what we might lose and not what we will gain. We live in a society where the default mindset is to perceive that someone is always out to get us or make life difficult: the taxman, the ferry company, the slow cyclist in rush hour. But, just as time is a perception of the mind, so is this mindset that makes us cling on to what we know and to stay in our comfort zones. We’re greedy, impatient, selfish and self-centred.

It’s time to let go. 

To take a deep breath in and to let it out with a long, audible sigh.

Regardless of your viewpoint on the main topic du jour, it’s time for us to come together with less separation, fear and division. We need to find common ground instead of driving wedges, creating labels and putting people in boxes.

It’s time for love, compassion and kindness.

It’s time for us all to stand side by side with the shared goal of a more sustainable way of life that’s kinder to the planet, kinder to animals, helps bring people out of poverty and encourages everyone to be the happiest and healthiest version of themselves. 

Are you with me?

Lorraine xx

Intuitive copywriter, author and digital content creator

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lady in field looking at sunrise

Post-viral quantum leaps

Have you ever had an illness or injury that took you away from your normal life for a few weeks? And if so, did you feel a surge in energy, clarity and productivity at some point during your recovery? For the benefits of this blog, after my recent experience with Covid, I’m calling this phenomenon a post-viral quantum leap.

I had a similar experience during my healing process from a broken ankle back in the autumn of 2019, which you can read here.

As I’m sitting here today (December 2021) after a calm, productive and nourishing ‘CEO day’, I can feel a rush of endorphins – happy hormones – flooding my body as I take action, tune into my desires and values and start planning for 2022.

But first, let’s jump back in time to just over two weeks ago… 

I was feeling fulfilled in my work, happy and excited about Christmas approaching and to seeing my daughter again when she returned home from living abroad for the past 3 months.

In fact, I was so bubbly and excitable that I organised a small dinner party with three friends who I hadn’t seen properly for years (apart from the occasional Waitrose or garden centre chance meeting!). I spent the day cleaning the house, cooking a delicious plant-based curry and getting the lounge all cosy and filled with candles and fresh flowers.

It was a lovely evening and I went to bed feeling beautifully nourished, emotionally and physically. 

By Monday morning, (three days later), I had started to feel achey and cold. I have anaemia so feeling cold isn’t anything unusual for me, but this was different. The kind of cold that makes your bones shiver and hurts your skin when you touch a cold surface. Like sitting on the toilet seat or picking up a metal spoon. By mid-afternoon I was feeling positively feverish and was curled up on the sofa shivering in at least two blankets when my youngest daughter came home from work.

The next two days were a bit of a blur. My temperature soared to 102 degrees multiple times and all I can really remember is either sleeping or making still lemonade with fresh lemons at random times of the day or night! Even in my sickness I knew that the vitamin C was essential to my healing – plus nothing else tasted good! (Except the ONE solitary throat pastille I found at 4am in the kitchen junk drawer!)

Even with a raging fever, I remember having a lightbulb moment which I was clever enough to record in my phone notes!

I realised that the fever was a powerful lesson in letting go of control.

I knew that I couldn’t make myself feel better, so I simply had to let go of trying to create a different outcome.

It was time to sink into the pain and allow the waves of fever to wash over me.

This is a great reminder to all of us, in any challenging situation, not just an illness or injury …

You can’t control what happens to you, but you CAN control how you react to it.

When I tested positive for Covid on Wednesday morning (first on a home lateral flow test and later on a PCR test), it was no surprise. But while many people would be scared or upset by that diagnosis, I was actually very happy!

Why? Because ‘recovery from Covid illness’ gives you a free passport to travel to certain countries without vaccination. Yay to travel in spring 2022!!!

And secondly, and more importantly, a positive test means that my body is naturally creating antibodies to this virus – antibodies that will protect my health and boost my immunity for the long term. As I plan on reaching at least my 100th birthday, I’m very happy about this!

In my mind, I’d already decided Covid wasn’t going to make me really sick.

Apart from right at the very start of the pandemic outbreak in March 2019 when we had no idea what was happening, I’ve been pretty calm and unstressed about the whole thing. Of course, it’s disrupted my life in many ways, the same as it has for everyone.

And so, when I tested positive, I’d made up my mind that after 48 hours of fever, I’d be back to normal pretty quickly with just mild ‘cold like’ symptoms. Never underestimate the power of the mind!

And then I got a funny prickly sensation in my chest…

It was day 4 of symptoms and every time I leant forward I had a really strange prickly sensation in the top of my chest on the left, just below my collar bone and behind my ribs. Fear kicked in. Was Covid damaging my lungs?

As the sensation became more frequent, I got scared. I coughed up a lovely ball of phlegm (sorry!) and made the mistake of hitting Google! I made a GP appointment for the next week just in case. I found the emergency number for the Covid team.  I really managed to work myself up into a little ball of fear and suddenly worried that I had pneumonia and was going to be reallllllly sick!

All the worries and concerns spun around my mind for a few hours. What would my daughters do without me if the worst happened? How long would they be able to stay in this rented house? Would they have to give up the bunnies or the cat? All unwarranted concerns that came from a combination of fever and a fear of the unknown.

Thankfully, the next day the sensation had disappeared, and I hadn’t coughed up anything else! Phew!

Relief washed over me. “I’m still alive!”

Gratitude kicked in.

And a renewed sense of warrior spirit to get myself back to good health.

As my appetite returned a little and my Amazon supplement orders landed on the doorstep, I felt a renewed sense of vitality. I’ve always been passionate about personal health since I was a teenager, and even more so since first taking qualifications in fitness and nutrition at 23. I wasn’t eating much, but I made sure that every meal had a huge handful of lettuce or rocket or cooked broccoli. I made raw soups, more still lemonade, nutrient dense smoothies and ate simple,  home-cooked meals. And I drank so much water!

As one week turned to two (and I developed a cough and a blocked nose), I had to learn another important lesson:


I had to let go of trying to do everything. Of wanting to be in control. Of getting back to my copywriting work quickly. Of being fit and healthy again really fast.

I had to accept I was human.

A pretty awesome, intuitive human, but human nonetheless! #alwayskeepasenseofhumour

I realised that I had to let go of my attachment to being ‘perfect’ when it comes to health. I had to release the belief that I was a failure if I didn’t get well in a matter of days.

And the more I stopped and thought about this, the more I saw the parallels with running my own business. You might resonate with this too…

All too often we take a small action step and then get frustrated when positive results don’t come instantly. As the pattern repeats over and over again, we subconsciously start believing that we’re not good enough. That ‘success’ only happens to other people. That somehow we’re flawed, imperfect, a failure.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

We’re all divine souls having a human experience – and our individual challenges, highs and lows are what make this experience so magical. Even when it feels like life is falling apart. In fact, especially when life feels that way!

Whenever we go through struggles – individually and collectively – we have the opportunity to learn from those experiences and to emerge the other side with heightened awareness, increased resilience and a renewed sense of energy, enthusiasm and vitality.

Which brings me back to those post-viral quantum leaps…

Having an illness that knocked me off track actually blessed me with so many opportunities for growth and energetic healing.

It helped me to see that while some areas of my life felt ‘happy and fulfilling’, there’s actually so much more that I desire to achieve.

Covid kicked me out of my comfort zone, made me face my humanness and catapulted me into a whole new timeline.

I feel blessed with a whole new vision for the future and the clarity and focus to make it happen.

I’m going into December feeling supported…

While I was resting, I took some action steps that will support me to move into 2022 on track to achieve my goals. I ordered a beautiful ‘Mind and Money’ planner, signed up to a 2022 online planning retreat and started making appointments to meet up in person with some of my motivational, inspiring biz besties and dearest friends in January.

But I had to hit another ‘low’ first…

I watched a lot of movies, YouTube videos and house design programmes!

Hours and hours screen time.

And it didn’t take long for me to get stuck in that unproductive, low-vibe cycle where the more screen time you have, the more bored and unproductive you become!

I could literally feel my creativity slipping away.

And just as the sensation in my chest had brought up all kinds of health fears, this negative energy from too much ‘consuming’ brought up all the business and money fears.

What if I don’t get my creativity back? What if I never feel like writing again? What if I don’t get any new clients next month? What if I don’t get my course created and launched? What if, what if, what if?!

As I wrote in an Instagram post recently, thankfully, I know what my body is doing, and I know it’s only temporary. I know how to get out of that cycle and back into creativity mode.

But I remember how long it used to take me to get back in the zone 10 years ago. 

My top tip is to STOP the consuming cycle. There’s no point trying to create magic when you feel this way. Simply STOP consuming. Even if you just sit on the sofa bored, stepping away from the laptop, TV or smartphone is your first priority. Allow yourself some quiet time and see what comes up. 

You might feel drawn to tidy up the kitchen, play silly games with your pet or doodle on a scrap of paper. It really doesn’t matter what you do, the key is that you’re removing yourself from the consuming cycle. 

Spend a couple of days getting lots of sleep, eating healthy food and drinking lots of water. And allow your creativity mojo to slowly slip back into action. 

Before you know it you’ll have sparkly new ideas for 2022 and will enjoy creating things for your business with a renewed energy, focus and clarity.

I’d love to hear about your experiences of illness or injury.

Did you get similar lightbulb moments when you were stuck at home (or in hospital) away from your normal life? Did you feel a post-viral (post-injury) quantum leap? Do you feel as if you’ve jumped a whole timeline energetically? Are you a different person to who you were before illness or injury?

Pop your comments below or send me an email. I love to connect!

With love,

Lorraine xx

Ps. Please note this blog is written for entertainment and inspirational purposes only and is not intended to create debate about treatments for Covid or any related issues. All opinions are my own. 

lady gardening

Big dreams start with small, consistent action steps

Big dreams and goals can be a great source of motivation, inspiration and excitement. But NOT achieving them within your ideal timeline can be an enormous source of stress, anxiety, overwhelm and unhappiness.

How often do you read, watch or listen to inspiring content, get all fired up and set intentions, only to come crashing down to earth with a bump just weeks later?

Honestly, I’ve lost count of the  number of times I’ve been on this roundabout!

I have notebooks and journals filled with scribbles, ideas, plans, goals, calculations and spider diagrams. Any one of those ideas could have fundamentally been a huge success.

Now, I could talk about how the spontaneity, creativity and big-picture thinking  that dominates my astrological make-up simply doesn’t make me a good fit for sticking to a rigid plan or schedule, preferring instead to align to my feminine, cyclic nature and create with ease and flow when inspiration strikes.

And I could share how inner fears, self-sabotaging habits and old belief patterns can shatter dreams before they’ve even begun.

But this morning, while on a short walk after my journalling and home yoga session, I had one of those big a-ha moments that got me thinking not just about my own personal patterns of setting big goals and failing to achieve them, but how this is a fundamental issue for many of us, particularly in the online world of self-help, transformation and running an online business.

Before I share this thought with you, I want to say that ‘a-ha’ moments don’t actually come out of the blue. They’re always a culmination of experiences, thoughts, ideas, discussions, practice and failure. Most inventors throughout history didn’t just one day pull an idea out of the sky that changed the course of evolution or technology. Each and every one of them worked on ideas, processes and inventions over and over again. Tweaking, changing, adapting. Scrapping ideas and starting afresh. Trying. Failing. Trying. Failing. Over and over again.

As a business owner and entrepreneur, I’m well versed in the trying and failing cycle. In fact, I think my long term success is mostly due to the resilience I’ve built throughout this journey over the last 25 years. Sure, creativity, innovation, enthusiasm, curiosity and a never-ending quest for knowledge are important too. But failing, and learning from those mistakes, is the number one way to improve resilience and ultimately to succeed.

behind the scenes…

Over the weekend I watched ‘A seat at the table’ – a series of YouTube videos by Jack Harries, a young British filmmaker and climate activist. His series is beautifully filmed and edited and shares stories from around the world that left me both upset and angry that we’re still having the same climate change conversation and nothing has really changed!

I got this crazy idea that it would be great to start some kind of local, community project for the 100 or so homes close to me where everyone would be encouraged to ‘re-wild’ their outdoor space, planting more local species of bushes and plants, growing vegetables to share and setting up communal composting spaces for those who don’t have a garden.

I get these grand visions every once in a while, but more often than not, they stay in my mind, or at the very most shared with my journal or my daughters.

Now, about that a-ha moment…

As I was walking past all these houses this morning, I realised that before I could succeed at a huge project like re-wilding a whole estate of 100 houses, I needed to re-wild my own garden. And before I could do that, I needed to re-wild myself.

And that’s the point…

We get these incredible visions for the future but forget to look at what’s happening closer to home.

We get fired up about creating a six-figure business, making a million dollars by a certain age or having 10k months – but we’re not consistently creating much smaller amounts on a daily basis. Nor are we looking at our spending habits, our numbing-out with things that cost money, or our money mindset and financial stories carried from childhood.

We dream of getting fit or losing weight, having a specific body shape, shiny hair, flawless skin and a wardrobe filled with clothes that makes us feel amazing – but we’re not consistently taking the small steps every day to make those dreams become a reality. We’re not investing in our health and wellness.

And the same is true with the climate change issues. We all want the Earth’s temperature to NOT increase beyond 1.5 degrees celsius because we don’t want excessive wildfires, raging storms, enormous rises in sea levels or the polar ice caps to melt. We don’t want half the Earth’s surface to become uninhabitable with forced migration on a massive scale. We don’t want extreme shortages of food, water or space. And we definitely don’t want the fighting and death that would accompany all those issues.

In order for all those terrible outcomes to NOT happen, we ALL have to take DAILY steps to reduce our consumption of fossil fuels, meat and dairy, plastic, fast fashion, air travel and so much more…

And the fact that we’re not doing those things is the reason we’re still having the same climate change conversation, despite warnings as long ago as the early 1970s. Yes, we can blame governments and major corporations for not doing more sooner, but ultimately, if every single citizen of the world (particularly the developed world) consistently made changes to their daily life choices, then we’d be out of this mess much faster.

Helping you make changes and achieving the success you desire

Now, the main point of this blog was not to have a rant about climate change (although if it struck a chord, triggered you or inspired you to find out more, then that’s a good thing!), but to use it as just one example of how taking daily, consistent, regular action and small steps towards your goal is one fundamental factor for success.

The second factor, is that everything starts with YOU.

  • If you want to attract in the romantic partner of your dreams – you first have to love yourself more and treat yourself the way you desire to be treated.
  • If you want to change lives or change the world – you first have to make shifts and changes in your own life.
  • If you want to make a really big income – you first have to do whatever you need to do to consistently bring in a smaller amount of money.
  • If you dream of building an investment portfolio that brings in 5k a month in ‘passive income’ – you not only have to learn about investments but firstly you must make investments in yourself, your family or your home.

It all starts with you.

Love yourself.

Invest in yourself.

Treat yourself with love, kindness and respect.

Let go of everything that no longer serves you. Release. Surrender.

Trust. Have faith that once you start working on yourself, everything else will fall into place.

We get caught up in the pain of not achieving the big goals and are blind to what’s in front of us

We’re so invested in the big picture and stress out when we don’t make it, but remain oblivious to the fact that our success lies in mastering ourselves first.

Have you ever seen the movie ‘The 100 foot journey’? It’s a beautiful film starring Helen Mirren as the owner of a well-established French ‘haute cuisine’ restaurant (in France) that feels threatened when an Indian family move to town and set up a restaurant opposite hers. There’s a part in the movie where they talk about learning to make sauces to perfection first before progressing to work in the French Michelin-star kitchen. In essence, they’re saying that if you can’t make a great béchamel sauce, then you’ll never get to work with all the other ingredients. And that a great sauce really ‘makes’ the dish and the dining experience.

Using this as an analogy for everything else I’ve written about today, imagine that learning to create a perfect béchamel sauce is like learning to master yourself. Learning to love, nurture and nourish yourself every day, learning to treat yourself with compassion, create healthy boundaries and invest in your personal growth and ongoing learning or expansion.

You can’t jump straight to owning and running a Michelin star restaurant in France without first taking steps to learn about cooking, running a food business or learning French. Sure, you can take a leap of faith and move to France and buy an old building or take over an existing restaurant, but you’ll still have an inordinate amount of steps to take before succeeding in the way you visualised it.

(And it’s worth noting here that it’s always the journey that is far more enjoyable and rewarding than actually achieving the end goal.)

If you’re feeling frustrated about not yet achieving your big goals…

If you’re feeling frustrated, I get it!

I hear you. I see you. I feel you.

A wise coach recently said ‘frustration is a mixture of anger and sadness’. So if you’re feeling frustrated, reflect on what you feel sad and angry about.

Write it all down. Let it out.

It doesn’t matter if you feel stupid for thinking or saying those things, but trust me, opening up to your true feelings makes life suddenly feel far less stuck, overwhelming and heavy.

it’s time for you to take action…

  • Write down your big goal at the top of a piece of paper.
  • Consider how many times you’ve set similar goals and not achieved them.
  • Reflect on your daily life – what are you doing every day that is supportive of that goal?
  • What are you doing every day that is the opposite of achieving that goal?
  • Spend some time thinking about what emotions and blocks might lie beneath the surface level action (or non-action). Make a few notes and ask yourself questions. (I always find asking myself questions triggers a ‘download’ of channelled wisdom from somewhere deep within.)
  • Then move your body. Go for a walk, dance around the lounge, do some stretches, hop on your bike, do handstands…. or maybe take a shower or a bath, being in water helps this process too.
  • Come back to your notes after movement or later in the day or after a night’s sleep. What other thoughts have popped into your head? What else needs to come out now? What thoughts or ideas did you have? Any lightbulb moments?

As I said right at the start, big juicy dreams and goals are inspiring, motivating and exciting. But they have to be driven by internal, intrinsic factors rather than external ones.

I do believe 100% in the power of manifestation and the potency of visualising yourself as a future version of you living your dream life. But, that isn’t enough by itself.

get clear on:

  • Exactly what you want to achieve and WHY. What will it bring you? Why is that so important?
  • What are your primary motivating factors? Are you driven by what you see on social media or what others in your peer group are doing and having? Or are your goals entirely motivated by your inner desires. If you recognise that some of your desires are coming from outside influences (and clever marketing)
  • The connection between your BIG goal and your EVERYDAY LIFE. Are your everyday actions supporting or opposing the success of your dreams and goals?
  • Everything that’s blocking your path to success. Your own unique stories, experiences, habits and beliefs that prevent you from truly shining as the most brilliant version of you.

As for me, I’ve realised that the huge community project I thought of is a great idea – and if you want to take it and run with it in your area, please go ahead! But I can’t implement a big project like that until I’ve taken smaller steps to manage my own outdoor space. I want to grow my own vegetables, salad and berries, and create a much greener space around me with local species of plants. On a daily basis I need to take the time to nurture those plants and do all the boring or difficult jobs that come with having a vegetable garden.

Re-wilding myself means more stepping out of my comfort zone. I can’t say that I’ll always take action, but I know that the more often I do, the more it will become a daily habit and the more likely I will achieve my personal garden goals.

And who knows, one day I may just start that bigger project too!

Lorraine xx

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two women chatting

So you want to be a coach? 10 reasons why this could be your best move!

If you’ve been active in the online business space for the last 5-10 years, you’ll have witnessed a huge rise in the number and variety of coaches. Beyond fitness, nutrition and life coaches, we now have coaches for money mindset, wealth building, property management, relationships, sex, astrology, public speaking and so much more. If you want to learn how to do something better, there’s a coach out there for you.

But what if you’re the one who wants to become a coach?

Do you believe you have the skills, experience and passion to make it in the online space (or in the real world)?

As an intuitive copywriter and content creator for the past 5 years, I’ve had the privilege of working with some incredible women who make a living through coaching. I’ve also invested in my own personal growth by joining programmes, masterminds and working 1-1 with coaches. I’ve learnt so much from each of the coaches I’ve worked with and also from each of my clients.

Before switching into copywriting, I ran my own food coaching, personal training and massage therapy business for 20 years, so I’m well equipped to share my thoughts and loving guidance on coaching.

So, what is coaching?

Here’s one of the best definitions I found online:

“Put simply, coaching is a process that aims to improve performance and focuses on the ‘here and now’ rather than on the distant past or future. … Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.”


Being a coach is different from being a teacher or a mentor.

While there is much overlap, a coach will guide a person to find their own answers, whereas a teacher will share information and teach and a mentor will act as a guide or a role model.

Being a coach is also different from being a registered/licensed psychotherapist, counsellor or other mental health professions. The coaching industry itself is not regulated, which is both a positive and a negative.

On the positive side it means anyone can use the skills and experience they have, take a coaching certification, set up their own business and start working with clients immediately. On the negative side, an unregulated coaching business means coaches can essentially make their own rules, are accountable to no-one and in some cases can even be dangerous to their clients’ safety and wellbeing. And of course in any industry there will be those who use it as a ‘front’ to scam people out of a lot of money.

Everyone you meet in the coaching world will know someone who knows someone who’s been hurt financially or emotionally by a bad coach. Behind the scenes there are court cases and lawsuits and disgruntled students joining together in WhatsApp groups.

But I’m not here to talk about this negative side to the coaching world. I’m here to share all the ways that coaching can be a great career that brings you increased wealth, happiness and fulfilment.

10 Reasons Why Coaching could be your best career move!

      • Freedom

        Working for yourself gives you unparalleled freedom in terms of your daily commitments and life goals. If you want to spend all morning walking, practicing yoga, home schooling your children or cooking for your local food bank, you can! You’re free to create your own schedule, working at times that best suit you, your family, your commitments and your energy levels. No-one is stopping you from staying in bed til 11am, creating Reels and TikToks at 1am or living in a camper van by the beach! #youdoyouboo


      • Financial Freedom

        In a corporate 9-5 job, you’re limited to a certain pay ceiling. If you’re in a profession with clear pathways for progression, you may get the promotions and pay increases you deserve, but you’ll always be trading time for money. As a freelance coach you’re free to create an equal or higher income than you would ever make as an employee. (Please note: Higher salaries are not guaranteed and may take a while to build up. So always create a safety net before letting go of a regular salary. This section is about sharing the possibilities available to you as a freelance coach primarily in the online space.)


      • Improved mental health

        If you’re stuck in a job you hate where you feel your talents aren’t recognised, there’s no scope for promotion or the company culture is draining your life force every day, then stepping out on your own could be a great move. Of course, there’s a lot involved in working for yourself and it can be just as stressful never knowing when you’ll next receive a payment, but if your mental health is suffering, investigating a career as a coach (maybe alongside a less stressful part time job) might be worth your time and attention.


      • Following your passion and purpose

        As a coach running your own business you get to live the dream and follow your passion and purpose every single day! Of course, there are behind the scenes elements to being a freelancer or company owner that might not excite you, but every time you meet with a client or your own community, you’ll feel a sense of satisfaction, gratitude and love.


      • Improved connections

        Working for yourself brings you the beautiful opportunity of creating your own inner circle of trusted, inspirational peers. There’s no need to put yourself through the gut-wrenching anxiety of in-person networking events to meet people. Instead, you get to show up online from the comfort of your own sofa (PJs optional!), to make new connections, build relationships and create an empowering circle of incredible business owners all around you.


      • Using your innate gifts

        While there is much to learn about being a professional coach, a huge part of your work will be driven by your intuition, your sixth sense, your innate gifts. This is what makes you different. There may be a seemingly saturated coaching market but no-one else can offer the coaching you offer in the exact way you offer it. Remember, your differences and natural talents are a blessing.


      • Using your life experience

        Many people who get into coaching do so because they experienced specific challenges and learnt how to overcome them or change their lives in some way and really want to help others to do the same. Perhaps you got healthy, overcame an eating disorder, learnt to run marathons, or discovered the key to creating deep intimacy and fulfilling relationships after a decade of bad dates and failed romances. If people are always asking you how you did it, it’s probably time to share your experiences with the world. (And if you’re not ready to work as a coach yet, why not start a blog or a free community? Who knows where it might lead?)


      • Making a difference

        As a coach you get to make a difference to people’s lives. You offer a way forward, a kick start to transformation, a supportive pillar as your clients break, heal and grow. Never underestimate the power of changing even one person’s life. For every person who steps forward into their healing journey, there is a ripple effect of transformation all around them. The mum who raises her children differently once she’s let go of the pain. The woman who opens up to let her man truly see her, hold her and support her after healing the trauma of sexual abuse.  The man who gives up alcohol, heals his relationship with his father and shows up differently in his marriage.


      • Giving back

        Making a difference to individual lives is a wonderful feeling. But when you work for yourself and start making a really good income, you’re able to give back to your family, your community, your country, the planet. Whether it’s helping your parents pay off their mortgage, donating to charity or setting up your own charitable organisation, helping a third world country build schools, wells or hospitals, you’re able to use your additional time, money and connections to create impact.


      • Raising the standard of the coaching industry

        If you’ve got this far through my blog, I’m pretty sure you’re one of the good ones, with integrity, passion and love running through your DNA! The world needs more great coaches, and if you’ve been looking for a sign to take that next step, perhaps this is it!


OK! I’m in!! Where do I go from here?

From what I’ve seen over the last 20+ years in the online space, there are A LOT of coaching certification programmes available. These range from low cost weekend courses to 3-6 month courses and 2+ year professional, accredited courses.

If you’re in the corporate world, you may have had access to coaching  programmes funded by your employer. While these courses give you a recognised, valued qualification, you may not actually feel prepared to coach others. Coaches need to have been coached too; to have let down their walls, been cracked open and been given the opportunity to sit in their discomfort. Learning the theory is entirely different to dropping into your heart space and feeling your emotions.

Personally, I would avoid the cleverly marketed ‘be a coach in a day’ type of courses if you’re looking to build a career in coaching. These courses might be useful to get an idea of what’s involved in coaching – you may even learn a valuable technique or two – but they will not prepare you to hold space for a client and be able to handle a wide range of traumatic issues. Use these courses with caution and as more of a ‘taster’ session before investing in a more tailored coaching course based on your area of expertise or passion.

Learn from a Master Coach

If you’re looking to become a coach in the online space, it’s a good idea to learn from a Master Coach, someone who has been coaching individuals for many years with great success and who can demonstrate a proven track record and positive testimonials.

Note: Having a large social media following, a snazzy sales page and an expensive coaching certification programme does not necessarily equate to being a successful, professional coach with integrity who can help you get from A to B and start the business of your dreams. 

Planet Earth is seeing a surge in ‘awakening’ as well as an ever-increasing need for mental health support. It is for these main two reasons that I believe we need more experienced, compassionate coaches who can truly help people to transform their lives.

Let me introduce you to Shannon

I first met Shannon Conway, a US-based Master Coach a few months back through a mutual friend Tara Jackson, founder of Empathpreneurs. Shannon and I immediately felt that soul sister connection, sharing many of the same life values and personality traits. This is the kind of connection I love so deeply and one that is present with almost all the clients I work with as an intuitive copywriter, content creator and strategist.

Shannon has been training women to become coaches for 6 years and has been coaching individuals for 10 years. She’s run her coaching certification programme in various forms nine times with the tenth group beginning on 6 January 2022.

What makes Shannon’s coach training so special and unique is a combination of her integrity, wisdom and humour. She never takes more than 12 women on a course and the programme runs for 6 months with an optional in-person event near the end. Her coach training covers not just the fundamentals of safe and effective coaching, but the business essentials required for anyone stepping out into the business world for the first time.

New coaches will leave armed with the confidence and capabilities to launch their new business, while existing coaches will have the chance to deepen their skills, enhance their practice and grow their business and services to the next level.


I’m very proud to be able to support Shannon in the launch of her next round of Coach Training and hope that you’ve been inspired by this blog and are excited to learn more about Shannon’s programme. At the time of writing there are still spaces available. Is there a seat with your name on it?

Yes! Tell me more about Coach Training with Shannon

If you’d like to get in touch with me about intuitive copywriting or if you have questions about working with Shannon, please drop me an email or hop over to IG and slide into my DMs 😉

Lorraine xx


How are you?

How are you? Such a simple question but one we so often shy away from truly answering.

Certainly in Britain, we tend to respond with a quick, almost automatic, ‘I’m fine thank you’, before launching into things we’ve done, or things that are happening in our lives rather than addressing our real feelings.

I noticed this today, when I checked in with a friend who suffers with anxiety. I get in touch from time to time simply to ask how they’re doing and to allow them the chance to share as much or as little as they wish. At the end of their beautiful, honest reply, they asked me how I was.

It wasn’t until I was a few sentences in, writing about various things in my life that were going well, I realised I was writing about all the things I was DOing rather than how I was BEing.

This awareness is a key part of personal growth.

So, I admitted that while I was happy with so many things, there was still a sadness and longing that’s been walled up inside me for decades. It feels freeing when you actually admit how you feel to someone who you know cares about you and who can hold space without trying to fix or find a solution.

What’s even more beautiful is when someone truly sees you. Someone who sees beneath the words, the facial expressions, the body language. This was what happened to me recently on an amazing course called Listening to Life, led by Nicky Clinch.

Nicky has the most profound sense of intuition and perception and could see beneath my ‘happy’ exterior and my big smile and asked me more about that sadness. To feel seen and heard in this way is an experience I’ve rarely had in my life before.

My smile is genuine. I’m a happy person and I always see the positive or the opportunity in every situation. I have never felt like it’s a mask. But being in Nicky’s presence allowed me to be honest with myself that I still have healing to do on the ‘inner’ me. It allowed me to drop into my heart space and see myself with compassion and love.

ThIS experience led me to wonder…

Have I really felt like no-one would listen to me if I opened up?

Have I avoided deep conversation because I felt as if the other person couldn’t handle my truth?

Or is this all a story I’ve made up – possibly way back in childhood – to protect me from scary situations?

And if so, is it actually true that the people around me can’t handle my truth or is that just a story that’s protected me from being open to deeply intimate relationships? (Of all kinds, not just romantic.)

Are we all walking around, like wounded children in adult bodies, desperate to feel less alone, less sad, less angry?

While it would be amazing if everyone had access to high quality, professional coaching with trauma-informed coaches, (perhaps in 10 years time it will be possible!), in the meantime I’d like to make a suggestion….

First, that we all spend a little more time tapping into what’s really going on inside our bodies. To understand what we’re feeling, where we’re feeling it and how that affects the relationships we have with others.

For example, that knotted feeling you get in your gut every time you’re in a situation where you have to speak up – maybe in a meeting at work, a presentation at school or sharing a sensitive topic with family or friends who may have a different point of view. That horrible churning, stomach-wrenching pain might stem back from a time when you were 5 years old and had to speak in front of the class and everyone laughed at you. Or maybe you answered a question in maths class and it was wrong and the teacher belittled you. In that moment, 5 year old you made up a story that speaking up was scary and made you feel bad.

As the mind can’t distinguish between real and imagined events, every time you were in a similar situation after that, the brain brought up that memory and attached the two together. Now, as an adult, all you know is that you ‘have a fear of speaking in public’ or of sharing your truth with those closest to you. Your story has become your identity. The way you live your life is now driven, in part, by avoiding situations where that fear is going to come up.

Unfortunately, avoidance is never going to help us heal the trauma and move forward. Neither is numbing – where we use anything to shut out the pain. This could be alcohol, drugs, sex or gambling, but might also be excessive shopping, exercise, a strict diet, Netflix binges or any activity that distracts us from the inner pain.


Second, I would like to suggest that we all begin to listen to each other. Not simply hearing and formulating a response while the other is still speaking, but to truly listen. It’s not as easy as it sounds, particularly if your ‘story’ is being the person who fixes other people’s problems and is therefore needed, wanted and loved through the act of fixing.

Before we can ever feel safe enough to share our problems, however big or small, we need to feel safe in someone else’s presence. It need not even be someone you know well, but simply someone who allows you to feel safe, heard, seen.

Practice the art of listening every day.

Speak to the check out person at the supermarket, speak to the taxi driver, speak to your colleague at work, speak to your children. And then allow yourself to simply listen to their words without judgement or needing to fix or respond.

And the next time someone asks ‘How are you?’, you have the choice to stay small and stuck in your story with ‘I’m fine thanks’, or to be honest and open a new line of conversation and new possibilities.

Who knows where that might lead?

With love,

Lorraine xx


Disclaimer: **Please note, I am not a trained coach. Everything I write about has been gained from my own experiences of life or of being coached, either in group or 1-1 situations. If any of this resonates with you and you’re ready to start healing, please find a reputable coach with experience that relates to your personal trauma or issue.**

Business Chakras Alchemy – with Tara Jackson

This summer I had the honour of working with Tara Jackson, founder of, as a client on her Business Chakras® Alchemy course with a small group of like-minded souls from around the world.

This 11 week self-guided course for empath entrepreneurs is Tara’s signature programme designed to help you clear the blocks that prevent you from creating the success and impact you desire. The next round starts on 4 October 2021.

Tara and I recently got together over Zoom (as you do these days!) for a short interview where I talk about my experience of the course and the benefits I experienced as a result, both during and after the course. (Hint: Lots of growth and transformation!)

Here is my testimonial:

If this course speaks to your soul and the colours bring you a sense of energy, excitement and curiosity, then I invite you to jump in 100%.

I was drawn to Tara’s Business Chakras Alchemy course through this element of colour. As a lightworker blessed with a multitude of energetic gifts, I always allow my soul and intuition to choose the courses I take, the challenges I join and the coaches I work with. From the first moment I met Tara I knew she was a like-minded soul, kindred spirit and fellow Starseed. I was curious about why she appeared in my life and how she could help me to grow, evolve and transform (or how I could help her). I experienced a 1-1 regression session and a 5 day challenge with Tara before hearing about the Business Chakras Alchemy course, by which time I knew it was 100% the right thing for me. 

Business Chakras Alchemy is a beautiful blend of visualisations, regressions, personal reflection and deep inner work. Delivered in an easy to consume format, the programme feels spacious, expansive and filled with love. I enjoyed the slow pace of the course which allows for plenty of time to journal, sit in meditation, reflect on your limiting beliefs and personal experiences and to integrate and embody this into your life and business.

I really enjoyed going deeper into each chakra which gave me a better understanding of my body as a whole and how I can use this energy to help me move forward in business and remove that feeling of ‘stuckness’ in some areas of my life. 

The colour bottles were the true revelation for me. I intuitively felt drawn to some and repelled by others, and I spent many hours reflecting on why specific colours brought up such intense feelings and what this might relate to in this life or past lifetimes. It was fascinating to see how the meaning of each colour bottle connected to where I was with specific business projects or personal life events. This helped me to uncover more layers and move closer to embodying the true essence of me in all my fullness and abundance. 

Business Chakras Alchemy has the potential to transform your life and business if you drop into your heart and allow yourself to be intuitively guided to your truth. 


I’ve always believed in the power of supporting other women, lightworkers and amazing souls who share their wisdom, knowledge and experience with the world with the aim of playing their small part in the rise in human consciousness. I am proud to be an affiliate for Tara’s Business Chakras Alchemy programme which means that if you sign up through any of my links below, I will receive a commission at no cost to you.

The 11-week course is £800 when you pay in full, or there is a payment plan offering of three payments of £280. The next round starts on 4 October 2021.

If you’re ready to jump straight in, here are the links: 

Sign up to Business Chakras Alchemy – PAY IN FULL £800

Sign up to Business Chakras Alchemy – PAY IN INSTALMENTS (3 X £280)

If you’re curious about how this might support you on your journey, I invite you to connect with Tara over on Instagram, check out her website and/or pop me a message for more information.

With love,

Lorraine xx

When was the last time you celebrated YOU?

When was the last time you celebrated YOU?

And when was the last time you shared that celebration with others?

Not your children’s successes, your husband’s promotion or your friend’s fitness challenge, but YOUR OWN wins, achievements and Woop-Woop moments, however small and seemingly insignificant?

My guess is… not often enough!

The made up stories in our heads

One of the most important things I’ve learnt on my healing journey of growth and transformation over the last few years, is to notice and acknowledge the power we give the made up stories in our heads. Once we see the connection, we set ourselves up to begin releasing all the limiting beliefs, fears and negative behaviours around those stories that we’ve accumulated since childhood.

Let me share some examples which might resonate with you too…

During a recent visualisation/regression session with Tara at Empathpreneurs, I remembered occasions at school where I was proud of doing something well, but then quickly being told I was ‘square’ for being too clever or made to feel like I was bragging. Over time, I made up subconscious stories in my mind that sharing my success, feeling proud or being too clever meant that something negative would happen, and so I began to dim my sparkle to fit in.

Another part of the regression took me back to a hotel job when I was about 20 or 21 when I applied for a reception supervisor position and was lucky enough to secure the new role. Unfortunately, my outward expression of pride and joy was short-lived as the unsuccessful candidate – a receptionist colleague – was obviously disappointed and her attitude towards me and the job changed and ultimately she chose to move on. Of course, who’s to say I would have acted any differently, but the story my subconscious mind made up was that succeeding publicly meant being disliked (or liked less). Moral of the story? Be humble, stay small, don’t shout about your success.

Signs and synchronicity

Over the past couple of days, I’ve heard or read the words ‘celebrate yourself’ multiple times – which for me is always a little nudge from the Universe!

I realised that in life, love and business, I hold back a lot about sharing my successes, the things I’m proud of and my achievements. Subconsciously those made-up stories from early life are still showing up and preventing me from living fully in my joy and achieving in more amazing things. Even as I write this sentence, I can feel tension and fear build in my tummy. Will people think I’m bragging in this blog? Will I be liked less? Will someone unsubscribe or say something negative?

The trouble is, when we stay in this fear-based mindset, we literally create the energetic environment that attracts the one thing we don’t want!

In every moment, we have a choice. And my choice right now is to squash those fears and step into the light and share my truth. Every. Single. Day.

Because our vulnerability is our greatest strength. 

It’s so easy for me to share other people’s amazing wins and I love to do it frequently. There’s barely a day goes by when I don’t share someone’s post to my Instagram Stories or comment on their post with a huge ‘Congratulations’ and lots of emojis! I love lifting other people and will never stop spreading the love.

But at the same time, I need to celebrate me!

And I’d love you to join me in making a conscious effort to celebrate YOU and your wins throughout July. #CelebratingMe

(After all, the general consensus is that it only takes 21 days to form a new habit!) 

With today being the 1 July, it’s a perfect moment to start this new way of being; to actively choose to acknowledge our fears, expose our made-up stories and replace them with beautiful celebrations.

I want you to step into the energy of celebrating everything…

The new clients, the successful launch, the income milestone, the distance you ran, the weight you lifted in the gym, the day without alcohol, the day filled with self-care, the extra portions of vegetables, the stepping away from a toxic relationship, the day without junk food, the day you stepped out of your comfort zone and did something super scary…

Or the seemingly tiny things… the way you chose to not react to your toddler’s tantrum, your partner’s comment or someone’s Instagram ‘perfect’ life and instead chose LOVE in every moment.

Choosing love over fear always wins.

My commitment to celebrating ME

Every day throughout July over on Instagram, I’m going to share something I’m proud of and will be inviting you to do the same. Remember, this is about you celebrating yourself. It’s natural for us to see a celebratory post and either jump in and say ‘well done!’ or to scroll on past if it triggers one of those pesky made up stories in our heads!

Of course, I encourage you to continue supporting your friends, family and online connections, and definitely keep working on those fears, stories and limiting beliefs as they arise, but ultimately, this is a challenge that aims to inspire you to celebrate you!

I’d love you to comment on each of my Instagram posts (or IG Stories) with your celebration of the day so that you can get into the habit of sharing with others. If you’re really not up for publicly sharing, then at least begin a notebook page, numbered from 1-31 and write a few words for each day. Maybe after 31 days of writing you’ll notice the energy shift and will share your experience with me and the world!

We’ll be using the hashtag #CelebratingMe

If you choose to create your own posts as an extra way to celebrate yourself, please tag me @thesoulfulword and use our special celebratory hashtag #CelebratingMe.

Let’s see how much of an energy shift we can feel collectively over the next 31 days!

With love,

Lorraine xx



Focus on mindset, healing and personal growth to achieve greater creativity, abundance and flow

As a business owner, entrepreneur or freelancer, do you ever take time off work just for you? I don’t mean for family holidays, mastermind retreats or training courses, but time devoted specifically for you and your wellbeing?

Here’s the thing I’ve learnt over 20+ years of working for myself…

When you focus on your own mindset, personal growth, inner healing and transformational work as a priority, this produces a knock on effect that skyrockets your creativity, flow, productivity, sense of abundance and, ultimately, your ‘success’. 

Instead of striving, pushing, struggling and forcing things to happen in your business, you simply need to step back and focus on the foundations: you!

It’s like pulling back on an arrow to launch it forwards.

If your cup isn’t full (in business, life or relationships), how can you possibly ever give your best to someone else and create the impact, financial success or ripple effect you desire?

Why taking time out is so important

When you create space by stepping away from the hustle, switching off social media and letting go of to-do lists, you free yourself up emotionally, physically, energetically and spiritually to allow yourself to tune into your own inner wisdom.

It’s in those moments of stillness and calm in your home, or relaxed time in nature, or beneath the flow of water in the shower, that you gain the opportunity to truly listen to the answers that dwell within.

And while those short periods of quiet, connected time are perfect for receiving the words, thoughts or ideas you need in that moment, taking longer chunks of time away from your work will bring you incredible ‘downloads’ of information, concepts and designs for your business and personal growth.

take 3 days

3 days – just for you. No prior planning beyond ensuring that you’re comfortable, well nourished and in a place where you know your intuition will be strong and your creativity high. Perhaps somewhere away from home in a beautiful AirBnB by the sea or a log cabin an ancient forest, a camping trip in the countryside or a luxury spa hotel. Or simply just 3 days at home while other members of your family are away (or at least out all day!).

Over these three days you indulge in all the things that make you feel relaxed, uplifted, vibrant, alive and abundant. Connecting to nature and to your body are key.

Perhaps you dine in a Michelin star restaurant one lunchtime, or take your homemade salad to the beach. Perhaps you meet girlfriends for cocktails one evening, or book a massage therapist to come to treat you in your own home (or hotel room). Perhaps you book an outdoor adventure session, a group hike, a cooking class or go shopping for a pair of designer shoes.

You get the idea…

In between the treats, experiences and adventures, you simply take time to get quiet and tune into your inner voice; to remember the ancient wisdom inside and create the space for your own innate power and creativity to flow through you onto paper, into your computer or into artwork.

free flowing time and space

It always amazes me how much growth and transformation I feel when I simply stop rushing around trying to do allll the things, and instead focus on looking within.

Take this week for example…

I hadn’t planned to take a week off, just one day for my birthday on Tuesday, but here we are on Friday morning – still diving deep into my inner world, feeling huge transformational shifts and getting the best, most creative downloads from the Universe.

It all started with a free ‘Meet Your Soul Mate’ challenge from Monday hosted by expert love coach, Katie Phillips, founder of The School of Self Love.  I made a commitment to myself to get the most out of this challenge by showing up to all the live videos everyday, reading the worksheets and doing the tasks. I’ve lost count of the number of challenges I’ve signed up for in the last 8 years or so and then never completed!  But at some point in my journey, I realised that I had to actually do the work.

I had to dig deep, face my fears, confront my shadow and step into a higher, brighter version of myself – someone with better boundaries, more ease and flow, more abundance, more love, more opportunities.

On Tuesday, I enjoyed a gorgeous day for my birthday, filled with beach trips, a beautiful sunset, family and delicious food. Feeling high on this combination of warm sunshine, deep inner work and birthday celebrations, it simply ‘felt right’ to do more of the same on Wednesday and Thursday!

And this is what I meant when I said earlier: ‘No prior planning.’ Allowing your time to unfold in a way that feels good rather than trying to stick to a schedule. This is a very feminine way of working, of being, of doing – and it always feels so much more expansive, spacious and fruitful to create and live in this way. Yes, we need to take action in order to get things done, but doing them in a way that feels aligned to your heart, soul and deep intuitive, feminine knowing, is always a winner.

watch the magic unfold

This week has brought me some magical experiences that never would have happened if I’d had my head down in ‘work’ mode and not indulged in this space and time to focus on inner growth and transformation.

Over the course of the 5 day challenge, I’ve experienced numerous shifts around my own limiting beliefs, patterns and behaviours, peeling back more and more layers and uncovering more hidden truths. I’ve had beautiful conversations and numerous ‘nudges’ from the Universe!

The biggest breakthrough, however, was this morning. 

I suddenly felt even more clarity around who I am, my essence, my message and the books I’m writing and planning for the future. The words flowed, the energy was high to the point of fizzing in every cell, and I felt a sense of euphoria flood my body.

When we’re so caught up in the busy, overwhelming rush of everyday life in the modern world, we don’t even realise that this level of clarity, focus and creativity is even possible.

Just like when we eat and snack constantly we never feel that sense of hunger and therefore never appreciate food in the same way as that first meal on a rumbly tummy!

But I can’t take time off!

Some of you reading this may be thinking: ‘It’s alright for her, but I can’t take time off just like that!’, or ‘Who’s going to pay the bills next month if I don’t work for a week?’

But here’s the thing…

I’m not special or different from you. I don’t have a high income, a partner to share bills with, the opportunity to eat out in a Michelin star restaurant or rent an AirBnB.

But I do have one thing that maybe you don’t have (yet)…

Faith and trust.

I have complete and utter faith that in making my personal growth a priority, I gain transformational mindset shifts that uplevel my vibration and allow me to bring a new energy, focus and clarity to my work, life and potential relationships.

In essence, I’ve filled my own cup first and from that overflowing cup, I can give to others.

You have to believe in yourself

Remember the bow and arrow analogy from earlier?

What if taking time off was the equivalent of pulling the arrow back? It’s pulling backwards, creating tension and potentially about to launch you into the unknown. Which all sounds a bit scary. (And fears are what hold us back.)

But what’s also happening is a build up of energy – energy that’s going to be released into the world. And you get to choose whether it has a positive effect on you and others, or not.

As you release the arrow and it arcs into the sky, it’s a beautiful reminder of the possibilities ahead.

What if, instead of earning, say £500 each week, you suddenly made £2000 in one go?

The truth is, that most people are too afraid to step out of the struggle and into the land of opportunity. Most people feel safer earning a little bit of money regularly than taking a risk – which is why so many people stay in the relative security of a 9-5 job rather than following their heart and their passions.

Whoever you are, whatever ‘work’ you do, wherever you’re at in your life in terms of financial, romantic or lifestyle ‘success’, remember to keep in mind what I said at the start…

When you focus on your own mindset, personal growth, inner healing and transformational work as a priority, this produces a knock on effect that skyrockets your creativity, flow, productivity, sense of abundance and, ultimately, your ‘success’. 

I’d love to hear if you take some time out (maybe even over the weekend) to focus solely on your personal growth and mindset and what kinds of beautiful messages your soul brings you that will help you to take a huge step forward…

With love, Lorraine xx